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  1. Before the Thunder: Spoilers and Speculation

    I agree that the show is leaving the door open, but I seriously doubt it’s the same Earth as Supergirl. Supergirl’s Earth is overrun with alien refugees. I find it hard to believe that they’ve all avoided Freeland. If they reveal that aliens do live in Freeland, I’ll eat my hat. I hope it turns out that on Black Lightning’s Earth the other DC superheroes are just characters in a comic book. Then when the inevitable crossover happens there can be some comedic interactions as the Flash, Arrow and Supergirl have to prove that they’re real people.
  2. Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I wonder if the ‘good-bye’ scene might take place on LoT? Sara and Ray have said their good-byes to Arrow characters but the scenes all took place on LoT. I’d love to see Iris (who almost never crosses over) or Joe stop by LoT.
  3. S01.E01: The Resurrection

    Please God, no.
  4. S01.E01: The Resurrection

    Could have sworn that “The Hood” was the first major vigilante on Earth 1, and The Flash (and other metas) were the first super powered people on Earth 1, so I think it’s just an Easter Egg. Or it’s social commentary about how Black Lightning was a vigilante for years but the general populace only took notice of vigilantes/super powered people once it hit white communities. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen this mentioned: I was doing a rewatch and I noticed that when Black Lightning fought the 100 Gang his goggles were clear. When he came face to face with his daughters he hit a button and the goggles became opaque. I thought that was a nice touch.
  5. Someone asked Candice about this at the DC in D.C. panel on Monday. She agreed that it would be an interesting story to tell but implied that there weren’t many POC on the writing staff so the current writers don’t know how to tell that story in an authentic way. They’re not like the Arrow writers, attempting to write a BLM episode with a white writing staff. Hopefully Black Lightening will continue to be successful and it will encourage this writing team to hire more POC and tell this type of story.
  6. S04.E10: The Trial of The Flash

    Taking response to the Lightning Rod thread. Kara’s blouse caught on fire too. I’m sensing a pattern here.
  7. S03.E10: Legion of Superheroes

    I thought the scene where J’onn pretends to be Kara was hilarious but it bothered me when Lena pushed her way into the apartment. I recently had the flu and everyone avoided me. I could see Lena stopping by to check on Kara but she wouldn’t walk into the apartment and make herself comfortable because she’d risk getting sick. Then again I’m not sure why I’m expecting the show to prioritize normal human behavior over plot at this point. It also made me a little sad for Lena. Her friend was in a coma and no one was able to tell her. I haven’t read spoilers or anything but I feel like they’re setting it up so that when Lena finds out Kara is Supergirl she’s going to go evil. I don’t want Lena to be evil but I don’t think the writers will be able to resist the cliche. I honestly won’t blame Lena at that point because she has major trust issues. She’s going to be hurt when she finds out everyone and their brother knows but Kara didn’t let Lena in on the secret, despite being her best friend. Lena is still touchy about her last name and finding out that neither Supergirl nor Kara (being one in the same) trusts her will probably cause her to embrace the Luthor way. I’m just curious how many seasons that will take.
  8. S03.E10: Legion of Superheroes

    When Irma said that Mon-El taught them about past Earth culture I thought someone was going to question whether or not Mon-El actually gave them the correct information. He could have told them that Shakespeare only wrote five plays and that Romeo and Juliet is a beautiful love story with a happy ending and the Legion wouldn’t be the wiser. In that final fight I don’t think Reign was even trying. She could have easily ripped apart the prisoners (who for some unknown reason were trying to fight her rather than run to freedom) but she just knocked them down. And supposedly she’d gone to the prison to punish the prisoners and guards.
  9. S05.E07: Together or Not at All

    Deke was covering his own ass more than anything. If it ever came out that he knew Daisy he would have ended up like Tess. He basically threw her to the wolves and said ‘I assume you’ll find your way out.’ I didn’t know guns still had bayonets all the way up to the Korean War. Who knew AoS could be so educational?
  10. S05.E07: Together or Not at All

    When the characters were planning their escape and Deke showed them a way out and then he volunteered to go first, I groaned. I thought he was going to screw them over again. Then everyone objected and forced Deke to come up last. I was so grateful. Maybe it’s the shows I watch but I’m not used to characters being pragmatic and learning from their mistakes. It was nice to see it here. Glad I wasn’t the only one who found that funny. I spent four seasons wishing his character would die and it finally happens on a completely different show. I’m now much more interested in Kasius. Not just because he’s snapped but I also love evil couples (see also: this season of the Flash).
  11. They did kind of acknowledge it last season in the episode where Barry lost his memories. Barry asked Wally how they knew each other and Wally said that they were brothers. Then Barry looked at his hands, presumably to double check his skin color. If there aren’t many writers of color on staff then it’s probably best they stay away from the topic.
  12. Before the Thunder: Spoilers and Speculation

    Sneak peak #1 Sneak peak #2
  13. S05.E06: Fun & Games

    I’m glad someone else recognized him. I wasn’t sure because I didn’t recognize his normal voice and it was hard to tell underneath the blue makeup. I’d like to see more of Simcoe in Space. The crossover I never knew I wanted. This season would be great for binge watching. It started off slow but now that the story has started moving each time an episode ends I want to find out immediately what will happen next.
  14. Relationships: Speed Dating

    From the “Don’t Run” thread: I feel like the writers are setting up Clifford and his wife as a villainous contrast to Barry and Iris. I’m sure that the final fight will come down to Barry and Clifford. But I think along the way they’re going to attempt to show how both men need their wives’ support. That’s why Iris has repeatedly said “we’re the Flash” and Clifford has said that he couldn’t complete his master plan without his wife’s help. If that is the plan I hope the writers can pull it off while still letting the women keep their agency.
  15. S04.E09: Don't Run

    I’m taking my respond to the relationship thread.