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  1. I knew something would happen to Auntie the minute she told Jen and Khalil they could stay. I do not understand why she opened the door for the assasin. If a stranger knocks on my door and I’m not expecting anyone, I’m not letting them in. I wish they would have confirmed if she was dead or not. It looks like Tobias might be close to figuring out Black Lightning’s identity. I’m glad the show lets characters be smart.
  2. S04.E07: Hell No, Dolly!

    Last season there were two references to Zari being a cat. In “Daddy Dahrkest” when Zari was attempting to bond with young Nora at the mental institution, Zari said she had a former roommate who believed she was a cat. Then in “Necromancing the Stone” after Zari had been attacked by Sara, Mick mentioned that she looked like a cat in the dryer. So I guess the writers decided to stop with references and just turn her into a cat. I’m happy Charlie has here shapeshifting powers back, but I’m curious what reason they’ll give for her staying in Amaya’s body. ETA: Do we know that Constantine made the choice to save Des of his own free will? When he spoke with Marie Laveau she told him to save Des. Could she have put him under a spell?
  3. Sneak peak: I feel like this will be like the Supernatural episode “Changing Channels” on crack.
  4. Gambi wanted to be found right? Jefferson mentioned that it was out of character for Gambi to leave the drone’s tracking signal on. So it seems like Gambi was trying to find a way to let Jefferson know he was alive, either consciously or unconsciously. And where did Khalil get that convertible from? Anissa watching Girlfriends felt meta, but I guess it’s better than her watching Living Single.
  5. S04.E06: Tender Is The Nate

    I lost it at ‘yardstick’. It was great hearing their terrible American accents. Mona grew on me this episode. I would have never thought to put Mona, Ava, and Nora together, but Legends excels in mixing up their character interactions. I love how Ava and Nora were essentially trying to top each other for worst past. That’s not a contest you want to win. I noticed Mick called Nate ‘ugly’ instead of ‘pretty’ at the end of the episode and I don’t know if that means anything but like others have said the final scene feels like a goodbye.
  6. S04.E07: Rather the Fallen Angel

    I believe in the comics Manchester Black has the Union Jack tattooed on his chest, so this is an improvement. I wonder if the machine he attached to J’onn also gives him his comic superpowers? I spent the whole episode waiting for the reveal that Tom was working with the CoL to coerce James to blow up Not-Ellis Island. Glad that wasn’t what happened and I wish they’d made a bigger deal about the fact that James was actually able to change someone’s mind.
  7. Nate has his Citizen Steel “superhero outfit” and up until now he was wearing it on every promo poster. I find it interesting that they’ve transitioned him to regular clothing, but are still using a picture of Zari in a superhero outfit she wore once last season as part of the crossover.
  8. Is Stephen watching the Iron Bowl? I think I’m one of three people in Alabama who doesn’t watch that game. So many people were unhappy with how lame Flashpoint was, this seems like a silly question. I think there are plenty of people excited about the crossover (especially with Superman joining in), they just don’t post here. Personally, I’m still going to watch, I’m just not excited like I was in years past.
  9. S04.E05: Tagumo Attacks!!!

    I couldn’t figure out what was bothering me about the Mona character, but this is it. Just did a rewatch and the Charlie/Zari tension is...something. Last thing I need is another crackship but here we are. Also, since when is it common knowledge that Ava is a clone? Last season Ray indicated that he was going to erase Gary’s memory of the trip to the future, so I thought Ray and Sara were the only ones who knew the truth. When did this change?
  10. It’s about all of this. This story is crazy but I’m interested. I liked that Anaya’s father was deaf. It had no purpose in the storyline (at this point), it was just an inclusion of someone different. It was good thinking for Anissa to put the tracker in her boot, I wish more characters were that smart. I used to work with the guy who played the father that rear ended Lynn. Really weird to see someone you know on TV.
  11. Supergirl dies in the Crisis too, right? I’m not sure why The Flash thought it was a good idea to tease a storyline that ends with the main character dying. It’d either be a really depressing series finale or Barry would come back and negate all the previous drama. Back to this year’s crossover: I didn’t see this until I watched a reaction video - Alex’s military outfit has the black Superman symbol on the shoulder. Not sure why Superman would need an army.
  12. Since they cast the Monitor for this year’s crossover (and I believe he has an option to appear on all four shows) I think they’re setting up Crisis on Infinite Earths, or at least an Arrowverse version of it. The Flash has indicated that the Crisis is scheduled to happen in 2024, but with Nora screwing up the timeline, that could change. And a crossover like that should have a broader focus. I hope.
  13. Unless there’s Kryptonite in those cells, Kara should be able to break out pretty easily right?
  14. The Flash in the Media

    I know (and I love that picture) but I meant from the party. It’s not a big deal.
  15. I love that Maisie keeps changing her hair. Pictures of the cast from The Flash 100 episodes celebration