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  1. S08.E02: The Morning After

    When Kathy Bates leaned in to look at or hack at the snakes, I had this sudden urge to hear her say, "Now that's an oogy mess" ala Annie Wilkes. YES!!! Thank you. I couldn't place who he kept reminding me of, excellent call. I wasn't a Dynasty fan back in the day but damn I've enjoyed Joan Collins in her role here. She's good! Was good. She'll still be good? Lets hope. I keep thinking Jonathan Rhys Meyers would've been a good choice for Langdon here. I just love Evan Peters. Kid's got charisma.
  2. Yay for Shin! I was thrilled with his win. I would've been happy for Zucaroh too. They really put on an amazing show. Using a limber child for a jump rope has got to count for something in this country. Can't believe the season is over, went by so darn quick and that's not bec I ffw'd a metric ton of useless rabble or maybe it is...
  3. You're right! His shirt was flapping in the wind and he was trying to keep it closed!
  4. I need Shin Lim to win the whole kitandkaboodle. Nothing else will do but that Courtney could walk away with it.
  5. He did? Gosh, I'm might have to rewatch that. I totally missed it. Lol. Did not miss Tarik and "Keep your paws to yourself & downtrodden" Hazel last night.
  6. I was glad Ximena took him down a peg or three. He had it coming in spades. As a poster mentioned above, he's still not even divorced from his first wife. Dumbass, you don't get points for "honesty" for doing what you should've done from the get go. She was your second choice. Period. From Mass here and I ain't never heard Connecticut referred to as C.T. Its just always...Connecticut or Connettakit as I pronounce it. He doesn't love that DARCY is here, he loves the free refills! Bwahahahaha. And excellent reference. Those babe's from The Office were said with much hostility and quite apropos for Jesse and Darcy. I haven't heard the term BJ used this much since I was a kid at the local pool eons ago in the locker room learning from an older girl what a BJ was. I knew the second that he copped to it he was taking the easy way out. Michael, get back online, find somebody else.
  7. Is Kareeny supposed to ask permission to share food with her family?
  8. Omg...this woman...what she doesn't know!!! Friggin Ricky...
  9. He's barking at her like she's a dog. What a ginormous ass!
  10. Wtf is wrong with him? He's got a problem sharing food with new family? I mean, it'd one thing if they were constantly eating you out of house and home but geez.
  11. My gawd, why is he waddling like he's got a full diaper???
  12. My God, he is desperate to trail her to America. Why would he cop to something he didn't do!? Dayum! I knew he was lying.
  13. Jon was lugging around a pink baby bag along with the cutest baby Lucy.
  14. I love the tender Roni and the Roni is so right!