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  1. I was happy to see the follow up to the couple's wedding too but it made me wonder, if they continue to do that, how long does it take to produce one show? 3 different weddings then waiting for the couple to have theirs. The only "Four Weddings" thing that I'll miss in this show is not seeing any super duper low low budget weddings for their consideration. Thinking of the Four Weddings where the couple served pizza and bottled soda at their reception.
  2. I guess that's what happens when all that red dye sinks in past the cranium. I'd never in any way belittle a woman's miscarriage, its a horrendous thing but Ross lost his baby too. He's working like a dog since she can't possibly be bringing in any money. He's tried talking to her and she Shuts. Him. Down. What is he supposed to do? What does she want from him? Mother Chantal chanting and waving the hair pieces around was one of the most disturbing things I've seen on tv. Like, ever. The Spanish speaking American harvesters were gone. Who was she bellowing to anyways? Was it supposed to be a victory screech? Messed up people.
  3. Oh! That smirk of hers is maddening! It’s the knowing smirk of someone who knows they effed up but thinks if they play dumb, innocent and cute all will be forgiven and forgotten. David’s sobs ring true, pathetic but true. Yet he’s another driving me batty with all his boo-hooing and self pity. Please Anfisa, when Jorge is found to be the dad, please keep to your word and leave him. He will be incapable of doing any better for you.
  4. Interesting how the internet connection for Nicole’s call to her dad was nice and clear. I thought Azan’s internet was spotty at best.
  5. All I know is I can't get that frickin' ginormous strawberry out of my head, Good Lord!!! It did seem novel back then having the twin's play Carrie together though.
  6. S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    I still cringe every time I see the scene where he finds her 'spanx' and she gets all embarrassed. She is one of my fave actresses and its good to see her back. Walkabout is a term I will forever associate with one John Locke in what was a magnificient hour of television.
  7. What the hell is a Tobo? Is he like the Tattoo of Fantasy Thailand? And I just wanna scream every time I hear him say to Annie, "I'm doing my best". Its maddening. I tend to think the May is the "Shield Wall" for Azan. Nicole can't get all grab happy with him if he's holding May. Makes me ill when she gazes at him all adoring like. Blechhh.
  8. ^^^ I am so wonderfully stunned and tickled over that accurate representation of Azan and Nicole, I just don't have the words.
  9. Nicole was way too subdued when faced with the wedding being called off, shockingly so. Azan didn't seem too torn up about it either but that's to be expected. David and Annie, what a complete shitshow. moving from one dump to another and David completely unwilling to do ANYTHING to help their situation other than wait to be bailed out by other people. It's been several months already and their situation keeps worsening. I'm so glad his sister gave a tough love no to his request for money. It's sad to see anybody struggling but its infuriating he keeps bumbling about waiting for the fates to swoop in and save him. If they're so bad why doesn't he try for public assistance? Oh right, he probably is in major arrears for child support and can't go that route. There but for the grace of God go I is all I can say.
  10. All Episodes Talk: Run, Dude, Run!

    Savage this season! I love it! Such a big part of the fun for us anyways. I can't imagine what the actual couples think of it when their show airs.
  11. S04.E02 Episode 2 2018.06.24

    Amen! I don't mind slow paced deliberate story telling but without the sexy heat and flash of attraction ala 1st season of "The Affair" it is just about boring people with complicated lives. I think that's my problem with this show, its just so snoozy overall. Run nice PTSD guy. Please run. You don't wanna get into any of that.
  12. S13.E05: Auditions 5 2018.06.26

    Any thoughts on how the illusionist popped up between Heidi and Tyra on that platform surrounded by frisbee'd chosen random people? That was a good trick.
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    It was a verbital agreement ya Judgeship!
  14. Ah yes, another wedding show to feed my reality wedding tv addiction. I'm not married, don't plan on getting married but I do so enjoy watching others plan and execute and moan and groan over the details. I haven't caught the most recent ep but the it was quite refreshing to watch the first two couples who clearly are partners in this endeavor vs Bridezilla's who browbeat the "love of their life".
  15. S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    I was so sad that Bob didn't make it. Once again, Samwise Gamgee to the rescue. I binged both seasons this weekend. I was a pig. All the hype this show gets is so well deserved. I love the 80's references and the cast. I wanna go to an old fashioned arcade again. I want that bag of Cheetos the Arcade guy was eating. I loved hearing Steve's big hair styling tips. For the love of God I loved hearing Olivia Newton John's "Twist of Fate" at the Snow Ball. Its still one of my all time favorite 80's songs. Since I'm new here, has it ever been mentioned that Jonathan reminded anybody of a young Norman Reedus?