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  1. Even though Emily is pretty quiet and seems a bit boring I’m giving her a pass because her family is EXTRA. Sister in law is rowdy and likes to party, mother in law is chomping at the bit to be on camera, and even though Shane seems like a douche, I think his comments were about Vicki. Can’t hate the man for hating on Vicki. Kelly has a new spirit animal and her name is Pary !! Gotta love Shannon’s enthusiasm and zest for life. Screw David.
  2. SURly Staff In The Media

    Looks more than just a “food baby”.... Bet Katie and Stassi are green with envy!
  3. SURly Staff In The Media

    Still waiting to find out who the 2 pregnant cast members are. Vail was one and perhaps Kristen?
  4. One of the things that compelled me to start watching this show was their willingness to open their lives to the viewers. Now it feels like a completely scripted vehicle to promote their brands. They are now so hyper aware of the camera and their personas. Kris constantly has the same trout pout as Khloe. In 200 years sociologists will be perplexed by this plastic, phony, soulless family.
  5. S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    I have much sympathy for Karen. However, if she wasn’t emotionally ready to film then she should have skipped the reunion. Did she have no friends or family with her to comfort her other than her makeup crew?! Not sure if I will watch any more of the reunion.....💩😡
  6. Didn’t Bethenny admit to a bit of drug and alcohol excess during her younger years? I wonder if Bethenny was aware of Dennis’ drug problems and that was the reason they were on a self imposed 90 day break? This season had to be difficult for B - all the talk of rehab, possible alcoholism, Dennis, breaking up with Carole, etc.... no wonder she had a meltdown in Cartegena.
  7. Cautionary tale: If anyone is ever asked to procure Narcan the first thing to do is immediately call 911. That poor housekeeper must be distraught (not blaming her). I hope Bethenny doesn’t make this all about her. Good thing they aren’t filming now. Didn’t Shields have kids? What a tragedy.
  8. Didn’t Luann rent a furnished apartment? Who is she to criticize Ramona on her new decor?! I think Carole and Adam actually love each other but want different things in their lives ( kids). Kinda sad.
  9. S01.E01: Part I

    I’m getting a Carrie vibe from Jessica Biel.
  10. I kinda like the new girls- they are quirky and imperfect and contrast a lot with the many fake California biatches. Shannon makes me laugh- I hope her frozen food biz is successful ( doubt it). I’m looking forward to seeing her enter the dating scene. When Shannon stood up in the hot tub and said “ this is my stomach right now, BAM”; that was it for me- ride or die fan now. Why didn’t Tamra and Eddie wait until their home was completely finished before moving? Chaos is stressful and Eddie doesn’t need more stress. In the previews it looks like Kelly might be stealing Emily’s pocket fairy Mother in Law- she sides with Kelly and confronts Vicki ! Pocket Fairy mother in law looks like she is trying to replace Tamra- pint sized workout queen.....lol.
  11. S03.E18: Unsolved Mystery

    Michael is so thirsty. He creeps me out. Sometimes he looks like he has pink eye or severe allergies with his red runny eyes and nose. His nasty old sperm probably can’t make a baby with Ashley- watch next season be about their IVF journey..... Karen and Black Bill Gates gross me out but Karen is funny. Stupid funny. Robyn was more likable when she was down and out. Her haughty mean girl act speaks volumes about her as a person.
  12. S01.E05: Closer

    Did I imagine it or did Amma and one of the boys drop acid or take some kind of drug before the play? I will overlook Chris Messina’s tightie blackie underwear because he is so hot and sexy . Vickery’s wife knows something is up with Adora and her man. Does Mr Lacy feel guilty for his part in Camille’s assault or whatever that was ? Upset or not, I felt like Camille should have marched into Amma’s room and asked her what the Hell that stunt was all about.
  13. These bitches are so competitive with each other- over everything! Now that they are all popping out spawn Kourtney doesn’t feel special any more. I agree with much of what she said to Kim, but it comes from a bitter, jealous place, and Kourtney is just as narcissistic and vain as Kim.
  14. The boat ride must have been scary, but, that boat could easily handle much worse weather. They were in more danger of getting hurt by moving around the boat than actually capsizing or tipping over.
  15. Shame on Luann.... for leaving the bathroom door open after stinking it up and for seemingly bragging about soiling her bed in Cartagena. As a former nurse she should remember how it feels to clean up someone’s shit.