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  1. S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    Ashly has lost a lot of weight since she moved to Charleston. As in scary skinny. Can’t be easy trying to fill Katherine’s big shoes.... The whole show seems so scripted. Colonel Gizmo, however, is the only bright spot. I fricking love that cat !! Craig is great, but what a slob. That’s a dealbreaker for me.... Naomie’s new look ( new nose and breakup weight loss) screams insecurity to me.
  2. Predictions for the FINAL Season

    I predict Claudia kills Paige to get revenge on Elizabeth and Henry turns on his parents ( either on purpose or inadvertently). Ultimately Stan is forced to let the Jennings’ go to save his career ( Phillip can spin it that Stan was aiding them all along) . Phillip and Elizabeth go on the lamb in search of a new way of life.
  3. I noticed Bethenny had some holiday catsuits that her assistants bought for the trip- wonder if she packed them without washing first? I would have pegged her as a wash before wearing kind of person ( like me ) Why didn’t Bethenny gift all the ladies with a new pair of her jeans?!
  4. Gross- Sonja doesn’t use condoms. Sonja likely got rid of her pets because she didn’t want to pay to board them while she was off rejuvenating herself ( JP Morgan probably paid to board Quincy’s dog). Sad. Carole and Bethenny might make up but their friendship won’t be the same. I am worried about Dorinda- she seems to be slurring her words frequently now.
  5. Khloe

    Basically anytime an article comes out about the Kardashian’s I automatically assume the opposite is the real truth. They have suction on many media sites and everything is spun around their current narrative. If there are rumors about Tristan and Khloé getting engaged or married then they are probably broken up in reality. 💩😝🤥
  6. S04.E06: Just in Case

    So they have been on the run, practically starving from lack of food, yet, Alicia has a full booty and skin tight jeans. .. Naomie / Laura showed real remorse when she was alone at the FEMA shelter, so she isn’t all bad- more a dynamic survivor like Strand and Madison. Sure seems easy for people to come and go from the stadium- shouldn’t there be a strict rule about if you leave for an un sanctioned reason don’t bother coming back?! Madison sure seems to be getting the “ grow a moral conscience in the ZA and DIE” edit. If John Dorie dies, I quit.
  7. Khloe

    Who does Khloe think she is fooling?? That is NOT what a 6 week postpartum belly looks like, and that ass is not what a normal human being looks like. Khloé is NOT breastfeeding nor is she taking care of her baby’s daily needs. For a family of women that claim to want to empower other women, they promote body dysmorphia,fake hair, fake nails, plastic surgery, excess makeup, fake relationships, and the list goes on and on. Khloé is the last person that should be offering lifestyle tips to women- she has teams of nannies, assistants, housekeepers, trainers, chefs, etc. plus she lives in her fake boyfriend’s house.
  8. S06.E24: Reunion, Part 3

    LVP figures if she has to show up for this shitshow, she better get a lot of camera time. So thirsty..... musical chairs to sit by whomever is on camera. She seems extra phony and old. Jax looks and seems different somehow- did he rehab off drugs or something? Most boring reunion ever.
  9. Considering the Umansky’s have flaunted their wealth on tv, (shown inside their homes and high end belongings), yet were somewhat lackadaisical about home security - safety doesn’t seem to be high on their list of priorities. The state department travel warnings for Mexico range from level 2 to level 4 depending on the area. US employees are forbidden to travel to some areas because no assistance would be available if they needed it. A young man from nearby us in Ohio was recently brutally killed in Mexico and there have been many horror stories of tourists being harmed and killed. We were told you best not get hurt or sick while vacationing there because the resorts contract out for emergency care and the providers extort money before providing any assistance. There are many beautiful places to visit without risking one’s safety. I have traveled quite a bit in my life, but have never felt in danger like we did in Mexico. (Just my humble opinion)
  10. Weird that Kim posts that she bribed her kids with lollipops to sit still for a photo and then advertises appetite suppressant Diet Lollipops . Haha, guess she doesn’t want fat kids... 😉
  11. S04.E05: Laura

    Everyone in a Zombie Apocalypse would have some degree of PTSD. After losing nearly every single solitary person they have ever known and loved it seems inevitable that some people would close themselves off from companionship as a protective mechanism. No matter how comfortable Laura was while recuperating with John, if she was on a mission to find her child then it is logical she would continue on. Perhaps her newfound affection for John factored in to her not confiding in him - to protect him and not upend his somewhat peaceful existence.
  12. Predictions for the FINAL Season

    Still think Renee is either a Russian spy or deep undercover CIA/FBI agent. Depending on which, I think she will either try to shoot Stan, or Phillip /Elizabeth. Paige may be snuck into Russia in Claudia’s last act. If Stan lives, he will look after Henry.
  13. LVP has done a lot to benefit animals, but a real advocate for animals would never consider spending $50 K to clone an unhealthy dog when there are so many dogs in need of good homes.
  14. We went to a beautiful resort this year in Quintana Roo Mexico for a work event. It was beachfront and was gated and secure and we left the resort one time to go to Playa - it was frightening ( police with machine guns wearing skeleton masks standing around staring at tourists, pick up trucks full of armed men driving around, etc). Our friendly Uber driver gave us stern warning to not make eye contact with anyone during our drive to the airport. Now, cartel operatives cruise the beaches on jet skis and have open fired on people on the beaches. A wealthy family from the US with kids ( the Umansky’s) could be a prized target for the extortionist cartels or the shady cops looking to fill their pockets. Mexico is like the Old Wild Wild West- you are on your own there. Travel at your own risk ( State Dept warns of dangers and is at level 3 travel advisory).
  15. S06.E23: Reunion, Part 2

    Stassi and Kristin would have warned any of their female friends of a creepy factor in a guy- but it didn’t vibe with Billy and Jeremy’s agreed upon storyline of “dating”. No doubt Tom and Ariana realized the storyline potential with Billy and urged Jeremy to get in on it. So utterly PC..... I’m not a Billy fan- not because she is trans, but because she is extra and thirsty. LVP really hates Faith now - wasn’t Faith trying to hook up with Max at one point?! She is desperate to get in the show. I gave Lala too much intellectual credit. She IS entertaining but, dumb as a rock.