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  1. S13.E14: Blow Up

    Even though I like Shannon, and have empathy for her struggles, she is a classic narcissist. Everything SHE is going through is just so much worse than anyone else’s struggles. She is so blinded by her own woes that she can’t even think about anyone but herself. Throw in a generous dose of entitlement too. I’m embarrassed FOR her.
  2. RHoBH in the Media

    I read that LVP assumed she would be a bridesmaid at Camille’s wedding, but was humiliated when Camille asked Kyle instead. Combine that with the doggie drama with Dorit, and Kyle friending with Denise, along with the death of LVP’s brother, and there is a lot going on .
  3. Spoilers and Speculation

    Really wish they would have cast Judith to look like a female Shane.
  4. Hahaa- when D’Andra was explaining Leeann’s alcohol insinuation to the others , Stephanie guiltily reaches for her champagne glass.
  5. D’Andra and her mom act like D’Andra is a young woman just beginning her career. In most family businesses there is a succession plan that is put into play gradually over the years. The entire storyline is ridiculous. Mama Dee is right about D’Andra staying out of Leeann’s business but.....she gets joy from reprimanding her 50 something daughter which is not cool. Stephanie has a spa bathroom, a gazillion rooms in that mansion, yet she bathes her dog in the kitchen sink.
  6. S03.E09: 80's Ladies

    Bravo has been airing old episodes of Real Housewives this week. Back then we got a real peak into the lives of some interesting women. Now we get uninteresting scripted drama. The Leeanne wedding drama is fake and boring. D’andra And Carey are lousy friends. Kam is weird.
  7. I’m betting Emily is already pregnant with one of those girl embryos. In one of her talking head interviews she looked quite a bit larger than she was this season. Bump watch.
  8. I'm Sorry

    Hi DesertDude!! I remember you from the old IMDB board!
  9. S04.E16: ... I Lose Myself

    Since when do they have clean running water?! I was hoping Crazy lady used a sharpie so Morgan couldn’t wash the writing off his face.
  10. Kameron is an immature, emotionally stunted, spoiled rich girl. Her husband has to treat her like a child because she acts like one. Please believe, if she criticized me for talking with my hands and pointing a finger at her, she would be “redirected “ to the point of the conversation. Having a new baby in the house IS stressful but Brandi seems like she is upset about something else. Kangaroo dude was super creepy. Stephanie should have had spa gift bags made up for her guests- slippers, robes, and maybe the Deuber could have kicked in some facial products....haha!
  11. D’Andra is a spoiled brat. She is way too old to be feeling constraints in her trust fund and “business”. What the Hell has she been doing for the last 30 years?? Certainly not the traditional wife / mother route, not really a career driven woman either. More like a spoiled “trust fund baby” who played work in her mother’s company. Boo fricking Hoo.....💩 I don’t think Travis is a cheater-I think he is weary of Stephanie’s dependence on him and is trying to help her find her wings. Not sure about Brian and Brandi- sure seems odd that he hasn’t been present for their home visits- in fact the only time he has been around was at the adoption celebration party.
  12. The one key piece of advice those serial divorcing hags couldn’t give Gina is that a long term marriage is mostly about mutual respect and commitment. If both partners are willing to work hard and stick it out then the marriage has a chance. ( I’ve been married for 35 years out of which maybe 5 have been a struggle). I believe Gina’s husband wants out of the marriage and has somehow convinced her that it is a genius idea. He likely did a “Kelsey Grammer” on her by convincing he to do the show as a distraction. If Gina were all that secure in her conviction that divorcing is the best option then she wouldn’t be trying so hard to sell her narrative to the other women.
  13. S04.E08: Coushatta

    Why go to all that trouble to keep their location secret, keep the workers in line, etc, to then take them to a strip bar ?! They should have hired some “private escorts” to come to the bunker. Guess we are watching Mike learn the hard way about half measures.
  14. S04.E07: Something Stupid

    This character backstory is so tragic !! Jimmy will cut off his nose to spite his face. Despite the fact that Mike seems to have developed a mutual respect/ friendship with the German foreman- I can’t help but think that when the lab is complete the team will take one last truck ride into infinity. Interesting that with the right support and treatment Hector may have regained all his faculties. Not Gus’s plan though.
  15. S04.E15: I Lose People...

    Decent storyline peppered with “wtf” moments...... Why didn’t they mercy kill Crazy Rake Lady?? Walkers can’t think - they are attracted to live beings and sound/ motion: maybe cover any glass with an interior door in the hospital and shut the hell up so they can’t hear you! Can walkers climb stairs?! More like they fall on the stairs and eventually the horde climbs up the fallen bodies ( IF there is something attracting them)... I realize it is fiction but don’t insult the viewers with stupidity.