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  1. Cute photo of Kyle’s dogs and spawn, but Porsha’s jeans creeped me out with that snake on the leg!
  2. The Alldredges

    At least Aspyn will be First Wife......Hope she is better at it than Meri Brown.
  3. S01.E03: Hitting the Pavement

    This show doesn’t know what it wants to be when/if it grows up. It had much promise, because who doesn’t love some good house porn, and seeing some NYC apartment renovations?! However, the unyielding bickering between Fredrik and Bethenny is not entertaining in the least. I would rather watch a show in which Fredrik teaches his real estate tricks and skills to poor Elinor. Bethenny thinks too highly of herself and her too cool attitude is off putting.
  4. I don’t believe Erika had any intention of staying at Teddi’s, but figured she could sneak out and back in without it being filmed. Had she been a thoughtful houseguest and informed Teddi of her plan right from the start then all this nonsense may have been avoided, or at least minimized. Also, don’t think Teddi is being completely honest- I think she feels like Erika dislikes her, and Erika leaving ( regardless of the reason) hurt her feelings. Erika’s brush off made it even worse. After reading both Teddi and Erika’s blogs, I am feeling more Team Teddi. Erika was snide, and snippy in her blog, and not very believable. Erika wants people to believe she is cool as a cucumber, confident, with zero F’s to give, but she is seeming more insecure and damaged than anything.
  5. Sorry for the blurry photo but it shows LVP in a most unflattering way. I’m partly ashamed of myself because it’s mean and LVP does look good most of the time, but they have to take the good and the bad of reality tv.
  6. S14.E16: A Tangled Web

    Kourtney is obsessive about all things organic, so I wonder if her “pest control” people use a non toxic spray for spiders?
  7. S06.E10: Screams and Queens

    Women with severe body insecurities would not be capable of wearing skimpy clothing and tiny swimsuits and twerking on national tv. Ariana is full of crap, and a liar. She is also becoming one of the most boring people on this show.
  8. S06.E10: Screams and Queens

    Ariana is becoming someone I love to hate on. She is beautiful and I love her hair, but she has the boniest shoulders! Every time she wears a strapless outfit I can’t help but stare at the odd looking bones sticking out where her clavicle meets her shoulder joint. I hope James doesn’t mess up the vibe with he and Lala by professing his love for her. She is way too high maintenance to be with him, and they are the Dynamic Duo as friends.
  9. I have never been a Camille fan but am loving her this season! Erika may not have had her makeup spackered on like she usually does when she went back to Teddi’s, but she was made up. I’m betting her “assistant “ has experience as a hair and makeup artist. Just exactly why does Erika need an assistant to go to a casual gathering at a beach house, anyway??!!
  10. After reading Teddi’s Blog, I agree with her that the way Erika handled the situation was weird. I think Erika planned on leaving the whole time but thought maybe she could sneak out late and come back early. Has she ever been filmed au natural with no hair and makeup done? One of the things I dislike the most about Erika is how vain she is and how she seems to put herself on a pedestal above others. Too cool for school.
  11. I paused the show to get a glass of water and my husband asked who the woman was with the giant FUPA cameltoe ~ it was none other than Lisa Vanderpump!! When they were working out in the morning, the camera caught her lower half in the frame and it was pretty bad. LVP will not be happy when she sees it!!!! I understand why Erika left, but the way she did it was a bit odd. If she hadn’t shown up in the morning all freshly made up ala glam squad, it wouldn’t have ruffled so many feathers. However, in the clip of the women clowning around that night it was obvious that Erika had already left, so it seems the whole thing is producer influenced. Erika and Tom are SO awkward around each other. They live in a huge mansion which surely has better places to work from home than a kitchen table. When Erika offered Tom coffee I LOL’d at the styrofoam cup, and the way Erika walked all around the kitchen looking like she forgot where the damned coffee pot was ( bet production made a Starbucks run and dumped it in a coffee pot).
  12. S01.E04: 13 Is Enough!

    April Briney is kinda like Michelle Duggar’s evil twin sister!
  13. The Alldredges

    Allegedly Vanessa actually met Jeff at Kody Brown’s house. Now, Aspyn Brown is engaged to Vanessa’s brother. The Alldredge family is also related to the Allreds which are Christine Brown’s relatives. Are all polygamist families this intertwined?!
  14. Stassi didn’t actually say he was there but when she awkwardly told Andy that she is in a relationship she was looking at someone in the audience ( not Katie). The camera lingered on a certain dude when they panned the audience. She said he does not work at Sur, but I got the impression he may have been on Vanderpump Rules, or hangs in the periphery of their group.