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  1. "Mom, please don't (voluntarily) leave me!" "I'm sorry, golden child, but I have to (and you can come)" Status update of the week in her pre-performance video packages: "her son is still alive and not reduced to a ball of tears because she's been gone for a few weeks" That was one of the dumbest sob stories they've tried to pull.
  2. Was KISS ever a "cool" band or have they always been "that thing my Dad likes", even 40 years ago? I initially thought they were tarnishing some of their "cred" by appearing on a talent show such as this, but they've been on Idol as well. I forgot to say that Courtney's performance was a total blur of screams, yelps, "I stepped on a nail" bellows, etc.. I was thinking "damn, that singer from The Black Crows looks great for his age" before finding out it was some newer band. Shame on me for thinking they got another semi-big name for this. Bebe Rexha can occasionally sound like she has a decent singing voice, but she was barely singing tonight. Maybe she was trying to give the spotlight to Glennis, but IMO her voice (Glennis) was way too overbearing and harsh for the song being sung. Damn, Heidi really is annoying, isn't she. Hopefully I'm not one of the few who think this way, but I've got to wonder what quality she actually brings to the show when she's not funny in any measure, intelligent, articulate, or critical. Mel B's standup was another stupid time filler; I hoped she had actually prepared a comedy routine, but that would imply effort went into that segment. On a side note, why do so many women think animal themed onesies are cute to wear? (also, Tyra 'Is-Hot' Banks is usually dressed pretty well IMO and catches a lot of flack here, which I don't get) Daniel and the other opera singer did good, though I find it hard to differentiate opera songs from each other, so I'll just say their incomprehensible moans were pleasant to hear. Wow, the night and day difference between David Spade and the comedians this season was incredible. Of course, there's no shame in not being as good as a 20+ year veteran and celebrity, but his delivery was great. He was so lackadaisical while talking, but it worked. While the material wasn't epic or anything - wow, actual jokes! It's funny how Vicki had no part in the jokes apart from setting up his punchlines, which is about where she belongs. Garth Brooks probably had that song stashed away for months or years and they portrayed it like his sole mission for the previous few weeks was to craft Michael the perfect sonnet in his bunk with an old lantern as his only illumination. Simon's biggest successes over the recent years have been with assembling groups of teenage/early 20s pop singers, so I don't understand his devotion to Michael Ketterer unless the public is supposed to "have faith" that there are 3 other heartthrob deities dancing with him on the stage. Garth's song was probably the best he's sounded all season, though. If it was like Idol where they did a coronation song on the last voting night, he possibly could have won or at least gone farther than fifth. What makes more sense than putting together two hosts (?) of a show called American Ninja Warrior and have them sit at a table watching a card trick? Dramatic flair and the epic buildup does indeed reveal that yes, HIS CARD was THE CARD. It was a good trick, but at some point, what do you have to expect the result to be every time? Lindsey Stirling and Brian were pretty good. This show tends to throw in a danger act to the mix when music acts are performing on the finale, just to make sure everyone gets to do something, but it was kind of a poor fit and was like kids yelling at their parents "watch me dive!" at the pool. Somehow, watching the violinists move their arms was more entertaining. Zucaroh was nothing special, I don't get the love. Dancers who do similar moves in groups of 6 never make it this far and are always told they have to step it up, yet Zucaroh does the same group choreography set to Lion King-esque jungle music and grunting are told they're inspirational. It wasn't exactly going out on a limb to say Shin had a foot in the race all the way to the finals, nor was the deck stacked against him to win. (many bad puns) I already thought he was going to win, though Zucaroh getting that far was a surprise. As far as finales go, this one felt like a bingo hall show. Same with the whole season, it was one of the worst I've ever seen. With that said, let the countdown to the Winter special begin! (I can't remember what it's called, which must reveal how low my enthusiasm really is) Edit: I said "20+ year veteran and celebrity" about David Spade, forgetting that Vicki is supposedly 20+ years into her career. Jesus! (not you, Michael)
  3. Brian King Joseph - How exactly was this a big step up from last week, as Simon said? He reacts to fire like a caveman going "ooga booga" at the flames, and there wasn't any of that this week. Not knocking the performance, I just didn't think it was better than last time. (very good, though) On another note, everyone's saying the opening spot of the night is the 'death spot'. I thought it was the 2nd performance of the night that was the worst one to be in? That's what I recall from American Idol, anyway. Heidi didn't even correct herself when she flubbed his name, so she likely doesn't know it. What a world class judging panel. Daniel Emmet - I don't even remember the boxing theme, nor which song he performed because I didn't fervently use Duo Lingo or Rosetta Stone in real time to translate what he was saying. He's like a paid seat filler at events, only there to take up a slot and pretend he has a chance. Vicki Barbolak - Besides the usual "trailer trash" self-observations, she went for another easy laugh with the same trick of "I'm gross", which is more like presenting a fact than being funny. Stripping down to a bathing suit wasn't entertaining aside from seeing how I could maneuver my eyeballs in such a way to avoid her body and still be watching the TV. This was by far her worst performance, which is not a dramatic statement considering how mediocre she's always been. Why does Howie guffaw at everything? Is it supposed to be some psychological manipulation to the audience, as if to say "this man knows comedy, and if he's laughing, he's seeing the intricacies of the routine that you may not be able to! So laugh, damn it". Either that or it's because he's a man who obtained fame by speaking in a high pitched voice for most of his career, his standards aren't as high as you'd think. Anyway, I don't think her routine flowed well at all, shitty jokes aside. Juxtaposing "trailer NASTY" with bursting in tears after every performance is also stupid, way to commit to a gimmick. Glennis Grace - I zone out through each and every one of her performances. Why are they making it such a point to focus on her son like he's heir to the throne or something? He's not even sick, whereas half of the finalists have some sort of ailment; almost to the point where purposely quarantined rounds of the show make more sense than voting results influencing anything. Zurcaroh - I really don't get why the world is in tears at this act, it's yet another one of those large troupes with the "life is bootiful <3" trope plaguing every performance to the point of pretentiousness. Also, they get points for numbers, as some of the tricks they do are not spectacular on their own until they're done in unison by 40 people. They're vaguely reminiscent of Dance Moms or whatever that show is called, I keep expecting Abbey Lee to take a bow on stage with the other coordinator. Samuel J. Comroe - I didn't really laugh at any of the jokes, but could at least see why others would. He is a hell of a lot more likeable than Vicki, that's for sure. Courtney Hadwin - If she doesn't want to be a clone of Janis Joplin and other such singers, why does she do soulless karaoke of them every week? Shin Lim - I've finally become kind of sick of him, as he does the same types of card tricks over and over. "Is this your card?" Yes OMG!" gets quite repetitive, though he did change it up with the special effects, which my grumpy ass wasn't a fan of either because it hardly looked like a magic trick as opposed to VFX work. I could just see the guy from Front Pictures thanklessly putting together that last part of the act. Also, why does it seem like Tyra successfully acts cute and the other supposed 'bombshell' Heidi is always annoying? A lot of people here seem to hate Tyra, so I don't really expect an answer. Duo Transcend - The number of tricks that can be done on a bar is evidently limited, as this thing is a snooze regardless of the actual talent behind it. It would probably be a lot more interesting to watch live, but there's kind of a barrier to being able to enjoy gymnastic stuff on TV. The guy looks like the perfect portrayal of a jock bully, (or a roided up Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers) and always seems like he's planning to strong-arm someone's lunch money when talking. Michael Ketterer - "Michael, are you there? It's me, God". His actual performance was lame, I think changing the melody of songs almost never works for these talent shows. Simon was probably squeezing his head like a sponge trying to work up some moisture in his eyes for the hard sell to the voting audience. I think Shin is more likely to win than Michael or Courtney just because there's actual talent in what he does, regardless of the infomercial-like hype the other two receive.
  4. - Vicki making it through is great because I get masochistic enjoyment from cringing at her unfunny performances. If Samuel Conroe can tell another decent joke or two (the jury is out on that one), it should further expose Vicki as talentless. - That weekly time filler comedy sketch of "which judge is going to act stupid?" is such a drag. Howie acting like a contestant or Simon feigning laughter during that Tyra dating routine weren't good either. My thumb wants to be ever-affixed over top the PVR remote's FF button like the sword of Damocles throughout any of these tiresome segments, but like Vicki, I watch the whole thing just to absorb the second hand embarrassment. Heidi never comes across as funny or likeable to me, so her many attempts to charm people always seem lame. Same goes for Mel B and her foghorn voice, but nobody really appears to like her anyway. - Daniel doesn't seem to have any fans; is there evidence of a single person ever placing a vote for him during the whole season? I don't mind him, but he's never made it through a round based off of merit instead of pity, making him out to be like a fly in your house who can't find the window. - I'm not seeing how Tyra is currently 'fat' like one poster pointed out recently, but she can walk me around the stage on a leash like an Olate Dog if she needs the exercise. I'd bark out voting information to be helpful. Also, I used to hate her erratic manner of speaking (needlessly dramatic, cheerful, the 'street' voice) but am now a fan, as it's kind of a unique presenting style.
  5. Of course, opinions differ (however, mine is FACT), but why are a few people here saying Vicki is not funny, but still likeable? I find her quite irritating and that definitely carries over into what I think of her material, despite how much it sucks on its own merits. I'd assume that any comedian has to be likeable to be funny and vice versa.
  6. I love the sound of my own voice, er, keystrokes, too much to read other posts before writing this, so I may end up repeating what others have said. (I'l read the thread after) Another season of mostly singers begs the question of why AGT does such great viewership numbers and is toted as a variety show when it's American Idol Jr., and at times due to the young age of the contestants, American Juniors Jr. (in June). Very bad joke aside, people still tune in with whimsy and wonder who will win, as if it won't be another precocious child who cannot perform in Vegas due to their early bedtime. Christina Wells - I can't even remember what song she did, since vocal talent takes a backseat to her non-permanent, willpower afflicted sob story of being overweight. She doesn't even have to lose weight, I really don't care, but it's entirely possible for her to do so, so I don't get why there's a victimhood narrative around her being born this way. Tyra, the America's Next Top Model host, who criticized plenty of women for far less, starting that pity cheer of "ain't she beautiful?" was embarrassing, I doubt she believes that. Da Republik - This whole thing looked like they were backup dancers for a teen idol singer, it was totally bland. Dance groups never make it to the finals of AGT because they're almost always a supporting act, much like instrumentalists for the most part. Noah Guthrie - Way to act like the song he picked was a matter of life and death. IMO it was fine enough, as he's still a singer on AGT, which might just be enough to thrust him into the finals, sad as that is. Daniel Emmet - I keep thinking he's that other singer whose entire backstory is "I'm such a dork xD girls won't date me...awkward geek!" so I can't really ascribe anything unique to this guy's personality. He has a good voice and the performance was good, it just seems like he's been brought back to the show repeatedly in spite of not getting enough votes, so it's unlikely for his fanbase (if existent) to vote him through. Angel City Chorale - Being easily irritated over nothing, I don't need an exact reason to be irked at the conductor of the choir. I think she does a similar holier-than-thou routine that Michael Ketterer's video packages portray him to be. "I don't remember" is a repetitive occurrence of AGT-induced narcolepsy or protective memory loss following traumatic boredom every Tuesday, but I don't remember a second of this performance. When there's 150 or so members, why would you be expected to remember much of it when there's no people to latch onto? There are too many people, so there's less of a connection being made when watching them. I do remember that "uhhh also, it's 9/11!" speech that sounded like quite a pre-rehearsed plea for votes. They checked off all the sympathetic boxes with that one. Aaron Crow - Many of these magic acts aren't really new tricks, which I'm fine with because there's a limited number of concepts that can be used, but it's the same type of trick with a new skin of the magician wearing a costume or acting stupid/evil/crazy. The underlying trick isn't that impressive, and with Aaron, all it is is the usual judge pandering along with "here's 4 of (whatever), pick one" where he's sometimes able to leave room for error so he can still influence the result and make it seem like someone's choice. The act was good last night, though it's a bit redundant for these types of routines to keep going through because the result is always obvious. (Howie being in the box that wasn't smashed, whoever's card somebody signed is the one picked, etc..) His mute dialogue and menacing stare gets tiresome, as it's been done so many times and also reminds me of Riana (sp?) from this season, who was trash. Vicki Barbolak - Comedy is subjective, though her 'trailer nasty' gimmick is getting very old. Is it fair to say that needing a gimmick can sometimes be a sign that you're not actually funny if all material needs to be pigeonholed into a single subject? Saying "I'm trashy, I drink a lot of alcohol, I'm gross" isn't always funny by itself if the reasons given aren't very clever. It seems like she's relying on these 'weird' statements as a crutch for being witty, and I also think she draws her jokes out far too long as the viewer can usually fill in the blanks of what she's going to say next. Not being a prick, just using her as an example because she's also a contestant, but it'd be like if Christina Wells did comedy instead of singing and her routine was always a variation of "does anyone else eat a whole pizza at 3 AM...no?" without any wordplay, subversion of expectations, etc.. It's just presenting a stereotype and then making more stereotypical observations about it. Vicki seems to make descriptions and tell pointless stories than actually make very many jokes. It's truly rare when there's a comedian on this show who simply tells jokes or funny stories without having an ailment or quirk of some kind that spills into their entire act; Tom Cotter is the only one that comes to mind. I don't like Samuel Conroe much, but he's at least capable of straying from Tourette's material. As always, Howie does his fake laughter on command like he's a plush toy whose stomach is being squeezed by an NBC executive to goad the rest of the audience into laughing along. Mel B always reacts to comedy like she's doing an analysis instead of having enjoyed it, despite saying "uhr sew funneh, eye 'ad uh propah bellah laf", so it's quite hard to see if the judges like it or are pressured to say they do. We Three - It seems a bit difficult to put the song they did in a genre, unless I'm just stupid, but I was a fan. Family bands tend to come across as really corny, and they certainly do to a degree, but I thought it may have been the best performance they've done so far. Glennis Grace - Is there any medical benefit to having 2-3 minute naps throughout the day? Because I must have taken one during this. Brian King Joseph - He's talented, but playing a violin doesn't feel like it's commanding the arena like most of the other acts do. I'm kind of surprised he's made it this far, even though I think he's really good at what he does. Courtney Hadwin - Another '70s karaoke night featuring her usual screeches and "oh, maw-maw!" fake-funk along with her Halloween skeleton bo-jangle legs shimmying along the stage like her whole lower half is double jointed. On a side note, what's with Howie and the other judges/Tyra being so vocal about saying "this is my golden buzzer!"? They pressed a button after seeing an act that they and the rest of the audience liked, that's it. Who buzzed which act through was hardly mentioned until this season, now everyone's acting like a boxing manager with a towel wrapped around their neck. Unless they just want to copy judge (I think they're called coaches) participation on The Voice, who knows. One more thing, aside from it being contrived as heck that people made reaction videos to Courtney's audition (because she encouraged them to), why on Earth do people watch others reacting to things? The elderly reacting to things like current rap songs, I can understand the appeal, but how the hell is watching someone look at their computer monitor and go 'wow' an entertainment outlet to so many people? Nobody has a real reaction anyway, it's a bunch of twerps fanning their faces like they need smelling salts and dramatically prosing on about how "shook" they are and how their dry eyes are "literally crying". Having watched Courtney watch people watch Courtney makes me feel like I've been sucked into an annoying reaction video matrix. *I edited this post in a few places a couple minutes after posting
  7. Every dumb meme act like this gets belly laughs for a few rounds, then the judges turn on the contestant and say "dis is the live shows, time to step up" even though the act is inherently a one-time giggle/viral moment type thing that isn't meant to perform again. The judges (producers) love ushering all of this crap to the higher rounds and then wag their fingers in disapproval and stunned surprise that a shitty act has no longevity.
  8. Makayla Phillips - I know the catalogue of songs is pretty shallow, but it seems like "Issues" is sung a lot on these shows. From what I remember, it was alright, but she's probably fodder. Tyra saying "so gorgeous!" was kind of a facepalm, as if complimenting her appearance is the only thing that matters. Not that she meant it that way, of course. Da RePuBLiC - Can't remember the silly formatting of upper and lowercase letters in their name, which is already kind of obnoxious and referencing their birthplace, and that totally hasn't been done enough. ("we're from Dominican Republic, know what I'm sayinnnn?" every time they're on - it's not that big of a hardship) Anyway, it was fine but isn't the 2nd performance spot of the night typically referred to as the death spot for AGT/Idol? It's hard to imagine them going through, since dancers never win. Noah Guthrie - He was pretty good, I thought he was covering someone else's song before saying it was an original. Wouldn't care much if he stayed or left, but IMO he seems like one of the better overall singers/performers. Yumbo Dump - Total garbage, and another one of these stupid meme acts that makes it through several rounds before being "exposed" as talentless by the judges who were repeatedly oblivious until the show gets truly competitive. They wore dolphin masks and played some music and that was all it took for the judges to bounce in their chairs and strike their Xs off of the screen, with Simon doing that type of annoying deadpan joke where he proclaims the beauty of something idiotic. The Human Fountains seemed well (no pun) aware that their act was a joke, yet Yumbo Dump were squealing with glee at the praise they received as if they "got what they deserved". Samuel J. Conroe - After Vicki's 0/10 performance, it's nice to see that being unfunny isn't a matter of gender. At the very least, Samuel did a common thing in standup routines where the final line tied together with everything else he had said, as opposed to copying Vicki and throwing out a bunch of loose "I have Tourette's!" lines. Humor is subjective, of course, but I thought it was easy to predict what he was going to say and commenting on the size of dogs is a pretty mundane topic. Seinfeld (the show) was always about mundanity and nearly everyone seems to like it, so perhaps my criticism is that his routine reminded me of old women impersonating their pets in that high-but-low dog voice "mmm I would like a treat - oh, my owner's home!" while sticking their tongue out and imitating the dog's panting and what not while I have to feign a smile. I hated Sam's last performance, too. His jokes just aren't that clever, there's no subversion of expectations. Even though I didn't like him, I was pissed at Simon not saying anything about his routine except for some generic "you're great", with the bulk of his dialogue being "Riana's cursed the studio, hehehe! hold me!" The judges constantly talk over each other with mindless stupidity instead of talking about the act, who is typically standing on stage wearing a fake grin of displeasure that they rehearsed all week just to get ignored by people paid to review them. Voices Of Hope - They're way better than that 3000-member choir from last week and it helps that the ages of its members are closer because it's easier to imagine that "family" dynamic that choirs love to talk about, whereas the other one has people with an age disparity of up to several decades and we're expected to believe they all know and like each other. Aside from that, the song choice and choreography (as much as they can do while pretty much standing up and swaying their arms) was better. On a snarky note, I wish they'd quit showing that little kid with the glasses; he's so freakin' annoying to look at for some reason. Maybe because he's one of the "chosen ones" that represent the group despite barely doing anything, much like the other choir's conductor seeming to claim ownership of it. The Savitsky Cats - More of the same, but it was still fine. The judges are so inconsistent with their criticisms, where a singer doesn't need to step it up at all, but cats with a limited moveset need to do more to draw their attention. I don't know what they're expecting, fire? Glennis Grace - She sings well, and that's it. I didn't read any of the above posts yet, aside from catching a glimpse of one saying she's apparently very experienced already. What's another lie, after Courtney "Introvert" Hadwin, or any other "I'm actually a pop star in my foreign country" story. The Sacred Riana - I hate her even more than Tape Face or that sad clown from last year, what she does isn't even a fucking act. Every time, it's some mild magic trick like opening a box (likely with a string on it) while needing the always unfunny judge interaction as the foundation of the "act". One of them's cursed again, oh my! There's no way they will ever give her real critique because they can't break character and acknowledge that it's a girl who is performing as a demonic witch, and is not real. The producers have committed to this irritating "11 acts + 1 ghostly presence infiltrating our studio...what does she want?!?!" shlock, meaning she will be spoken to as such, and never as a contestant. Heidi alluded to how weak and lacking of anything the performance was, leading to Riana's default annoying response of turning her head to the side for the umpteenth time. I'm seething at the computer! Quin and Misha - If age doesn't matter, stop bringing it up. Oh wait, it's the entire crux of why she's here. The whole point of the act is "old woman who dances with a fraction of the skill of the other dancers...but SHE'S OLD AND DANCES AT ALL!" Heidi sounded so rude when she said "and Quin, you were there, too" or whatever she said. Wasn't he doing most of the work? I saw him panting after the performance, but Misha wasn't. All I remember her doing was letting him spin her around. Front Pictures - Possibly the best VR/tech, etc.. act the show has ever had. I usually hate these, since it's almost always a group dancing with LED light suits on and having this forced pretentious "life is beautiful xoxoxo" narrative, but this one was seriously impressive. Good choreography, graphics, and there was some humor. Mel somehow didn't understand the premise, just like she "DUN GET IT" with most acts. Duo Transcend - They're obviously good, but I never think these balance/strength acts translate well on TV. It's like, I understand how much power that takes to do all of those moves, but it gets repetitive. Howie had a funny joke to Mel and she did that fake storm off act before coming back to the desk upon realizing the crowd didn't give a shit. Wouldn't it be great if the acts wouldn't get upstaged by these judge routines? I thought the guy looked a bit annoyed. Long story short, a few good acts and a ton of trash. I hated most of it, but will happily get back in line for the next 2 hour serving before lamenting how much of a waste of time it was.
  9. A huge part of it is the person's appearance. While "hustle" is definitely part of it, looks pretty much set the stage for everything else. Photography skill is quite unnecessary, and even then, the person doesn't even handle that themselves. Jill is nowhere near attractive enough to have success as an Instagram model, but she fortunately already has a high follower count from being on TV. There are so many sponsorships she could get, since anybody with a hint of e-notoriety usually promotes the same types of products. (hair/nail vitamin gummies, weight loss tea, FabFitFun subscription boxes) I imagine most of those products are inherently sinful in her mind, so perhaps not. The Duggars have been conditioned for their whole lives to not be their own person and to serve everyone else, but it's still frustrating that Jill is no longer part of the show and yet seemingly has no desire to carve out her own 'brand' online, when it could be quite lucrative to do so. I would argue that she's so boring, it wouldn't work, but there are still a million plus people tuning into the dull shitshow after all these years (including myself) so there is an audience for...whatever she does.
  10. AI in the Media

    They were both probably the worst and most annoying judges ever, if not tying Paula Abdul. Talent-wise, season 12 was horrendous, which coincided well with the awful judges. Steven Tyler likely helped garner more interest, as well. From what I remember, a lot of people hated season 9 at the time, so season 10 increasing in quality could have brought in and kept viewers even without a certain judge being responsible. I hate JLo, too, but her being on the panel probably didn't affect ratings much compared to the Idol franchise growing continually staler and the contestants from the last 3 seasons being milquetoast and boring. Certainly a lot of the more recent judges were irritating, but it makes little sense to blame them for ratings and interest going down. Maybe blaming the focus on the judges is more accurate, since the contestants were shafted as a result. Wouldn't you think all of the obsessive voting for the same mold of a singer time and time again would result in these voters giving out some post-show support? Nick's career has been dismal because he lacks charisma and sounds like a bar singer, and Trent hasn't even put out an album yet. The same type of winner keeps getting carried to the finale by a fanbase who won't care afterwards. Especially nowadays with music in a streaming format, not having the Idol winner with a few singles to throw on Spotify/Apple Music the day after the finale is embarrassing. "Hang tight, guys, I might have news about a delayed album in 6 months". That's not how anybody's going to stick around as a fan.
  11. AI in the Media

    @holly4755 That's true, I forgot to mention her doing Reality Check. If she hadn't done those videos, I'd think anyone mentioning her of all people to come back were insane because of how random it'd be. I was going to question if making reviews is proof enough of being a decent judge on TV, but then again, most other judges don't even have a 'demo reel' like that beforehand. @wings707 Randy says he'll come back if the other judges do, in case that sounds promising to you. It may be a bit misleading to say bringing back the old judges will make the reboot less about them because then people will be waiting for Randy's soundbites and Simon's harsh criticism instead of a new cast that aren't already linked to the show with certain expectations in place. Simon was pretty bland on AGT last year, anyways, quite watered down compared to years ago. I get why you want the old judges, since they're associated with Idol's peak, and a new table could definitely suck, but the term "nostalgic reboot" is a contradiction if the show is relaunched as a 'version 2.0' yet still has almost all components of the first one.
  12. AI in the Media

    That makes complete sense; a common reaction to the rumors of Idol coming back next year was that it was too early to get started now, but that was probably from assuming it had to air in January. As long as they don't trim too much off the series or at least have results shows, it's fine.
  13. AI in the Media

    Even though many of the rumored details are unconfirmed, the show would be crippled from the outset if they were true. No Ryan Seacrest would pretty much make the show be known as 'American Idol' by name only, although it makes sense if ABC could get away with paying a new host less money, since Ryan was making $15 million per season. Unless this was said by a commenter and not a real source, apparently Idol might get taped in New York, which could prevent the need for Ryan to travel between LA and NY constantly for Idol/Live. Maybe Nick Cannon would be a decent replacement host, though his lively personality that worked for AGT might cheapen a show that's a little bit more serious. Starting the show in March sounds like changing things just for the sake of change. Of course the "Idol's coming back" promo and buzz will let everyone know when the premier is, but if viewers were accustomed to a season that started in January for 15 years, why mess with it? That better not also mean that the new series will only air from March to May, like I've seen speculated. A 12 week season is pitifully short, just like 2016's season was criticized for being too brief. With the television climate reduced to the lows it's at now due to competition from streaming, you would expect ABC to seek a proper return for the money spent on obtaining the Idol IP by getting as many episodes as possible. I can't remember if this was reported by the usually unreliable TMZ or somewhere else, but I heard a rumor of the revival season airing on Sundays. Unless this was only inspired by trying to figure out how Ryan could format his schedule in order to host, what's the point? Especially for something like a live talent show, airing on the weekend seems so tacky. Sundays are hailed as the golden night for TV, except most of the shows people watch on Sundays are dramas. (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc.) Other than that, FOX airs new episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob's Burgers. Those shows make sense to air on that day, and even if it did, I doubt most TV viewers would pick American Idol over all of the other shows. It can't just be recorded to the PVR for later when voting and results are the main part of the show, so ABC hoping to compete with everything else would probably be a disaster once the newness of Idol wears off. Tuesday-Thursday was deemed as a suitable time by the upwards of 40 million viewers at the (long ago) peak, so why change it and risk alienating more people. Seems like another pointless change, if true. All new judges is a good thing. Nobody will miss Jennifer Lopez and her constant closeups. Her and the rest of the panel were borderline sycophantic to the contestants, it gets boring to hear how everyone's amazing, or a thick euphemism for "you sucked"...."but you're beautiful". Kelly Clarkson would be an okay judge, if for nothing else but bridging the gap between old and new iterations of Idol, but at the same time, the franchise getting a refresh may mean wanting to exclude references to the distant past. It's not like Kelly is a forgotten relic who stopped being relevant long ago, but having the season one winner in such a prominent role only emphasizes "hey, look at the star power this show made 15 years ago!" The old contestants were already heavily celebrated throughout the last season, it's done. I don't get why some are advocating for people like Melinda Doolittle to get a spot at the table - American Idol is essentially a game show, but presented as a gateway to the music industry, so it makes more sense to have the judges be people with a good amount of pull in the business, famous or not. Middle aged women are still deifying Adam Lambert and saying he has to judge the new season, I've never got what's so magnetic about him that he needs to keep coming back to the show. He sings with Queen, it sounds like he's plenty busy. With only a year without Idol, it feels like the reboot is going to flop. Not enough time was spent away to make enough people miss it, Ryan might not even host, the music industry is bloated as hell with the barrier to entry being much easier than before, etc.. I'll watch, but unless more details are revealed and it sounds promising, I expect a very bastardized version that will get quickly cancelled and made fun of for years to come.
  14. AI in the Media

    I wasn't immune to the pain of no American Idol this year, although the show had really soured towards the end, and another stripped back season reeking of hospice care treatment could have been painful to sit through just for the sake of tradition. After the past several dreadful seasons of Idol, a single year's absence probably isn't going to bring back the lapsed audience from the mid-2000s or find a new audience that somehow wasn't willing to watch recently, so what kind of plan could NBC have in place to make the brand worth anything? Especially if they run America's Got Talent during the summer (which actually does quite well, still) and also hold on to The Voice. Of course, they'd cut down The Voice to one season a year, which they should have always done, but that's still an awful lot of talent shows for a genre that has been labelled as 'tired', especially so if they're all running on the same network. Assuming the rumor of a new season is true, do the producers think there's going to be a new pool of talent coming to audition for Idol? Sometimes, it's easy to notice some of the same faces shopping themselves around to every outlet they can, and it makes the amount of hopefuls still out there after so many years of talent shows seem diluted. The prize of a recording contract has lost a ton of value, as well. Record labels seem to turn their nose up at anybody from a talent show these days, under the assumption that they're given a fast track to fame or that singing others' songs doesn't show any translation to being able to sell original material, both of which are true to a degree. Too many of these winners being rolled down the assembly line has probably also made them not want to take a chance. A few posters at mjsbigblog suggested a cash prize, which may be a better option, as the winner could then have better control of their own post-show fate and also be judged (by the general public) on how intelligently they implement the money instead of being thrown into a label/management that may not care about them or completely mishandle their career. It's easy to say that Caleb and Candice "suck" because they didn't get catapulted to superstardom, even though they probably had little hand in how things turned out after the confetti fell. The genres they're in are pretty damn unmarketable, but still. I know X Factor USA had a $5 million prize, even though Melanie Amaro faded into obscurity so quickly that it was probably "$5 million******" with several obligations and strings attached that she probably never saw 25% of that number. With things like YouTube, Vine (until recently), Instagram, etc.. making it possible for anybody to get famous overnight, winning these shows and getting "famous" is becoming kind of worthless. Because the music industry is getting mostly confined to YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music, it'd be nice for American Idol to collab with any of these services to gain more relevance. Maybe they could embed a simple voting option on each of the YouTube uploads of the performances, which increases the necessity of rewatching the performances and thus having people become more invested in the contestants after repeat viewings. The videos getting many more views than previous seasons' YouTube uploads could potentially increase public perception of Idol being a dead brand, at least online, and maybe even help people give it a chance if it's no longer considered totally uncool. If NBC could contact Jimmy Iovine, maybe they could work out some type of exposure deal for the winner on Apple Music. I'm just spitballing, but I think if they really want to bring the show back so soon, they have to get fully on board with where the music industry is and what consumers' listening/purchasing habits are. Judges like JLo are totally worthless and add nothing to the show, unless somebody out there thinks that $20 million is worth her infinite rambling and closeups while contestants are performing. I don't get why some fans want old contestants to judge the show, it reeks of pointless nostalgia and makes no sense to have somebody who made it to 5th place in 2008 with a poor post-show career to guide somebody on winning a talent show, as opposed to a long-standing musician or talent manager who has real knowledge of the industry. With that said, I still wouldn't advocate a return of Harry Connick Jr.'s comedy hour, where he's brimming with unfunny jokes all night long. A fresh cast of judges who haven't appeared would be nice if they really want to revamp things. I can't stand hearing "bring back the original judges" or the years of old women fawning over Adam Lambert, but that's just my opinion.
  15. You're right, I was trying to say that the writing is much different for streamed shows rather than the week-to-week format, and Degrassi's butchered it. Aside from that, streaming or not is just personal preference. Orange Is The New Black works for the instant format, (at least for the seasons I've seen) probably because they have double the episode length to work with and 13 episodes. Degrassi's 22 minutes is such a tight squeeze to fit in any real development among so many characters, especially with a pitiful 10 episodes in total. I like scheduled, appointment TV and think it works better for some shows, so I watched this Degrassi season according to Canada's schedule of 1 episode per weekday for two weeks and it still felt cramped. It was just a very poorly written season.