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  1. S07.02: Top of the Class

    I was shocked no one made a colorblock dress. That was the obvious way to design for two contrasting colors, imo, and can be done with a totally cool, mod 1960's vibe. Or really can be translated into any decade, depending how it's done. Colorblock is just a great way to incorporate a pop of contrasting color. And although I didn't care for the Australian designer's red/navy dress, I really wish she spoke up and explained graduation is NOT a summer event down under. I cannot get over the fact Irina wasn't eliminated for that monstrosity. Nina would have declared it an issue of taste level. I seem to recall when Irina won her season, her collection had a ton of t-shirts with graphic designs. She really should have never been called back to All Stars. This ice blue number is proof she really doesn't deserve to be here.
  2. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    Yeah, I can imagine that because he keeps to himself for the most part, he could be misinterpreted as a bit snobby. It was nice to get a deeper look at him & how he views himself. I will always love the way Kate described him as a pedigree dog, elegant & graceful, with a steady stride, etc. I forget her exact words but it was both hilarious and spot on. He is classy!
  3. S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    I was surprised how insecure Josiah was because I find him to be Totally Gorgeous - like old-Hollywood movie-star leading man Gorgeous! ... but his humble nature endeared him to me even more. Honestly, he looked good in that skimpy outfit but he was so uncomfortable, I wanted to reach into my TV and protect him from those horrible guests.
  4. Surviving R. Kelly

    I've watched the 6 episodes twice now, and I can't shake the sick, haunted feeling knowing this creep is still out there keeping young women as his sex slaves and actively hunting for new girls. I really feel for the families. Their daughters are adults and the families are powerless to do anything. I'm also simply amazed at how so many girls (and families) honestly believe he will help boost their singing careers. They are willing to overlook so many red flags for the promise of fame & fortune. And then in the aftermath, it makes me sick knowing how his victims have settled out of court for unspecified amount of money. The money will never make it better, but I guess they felt he had all the power and they were lucky to at least be able to live more comfortably. Most of all, I'm haunted by whether the 14 year old in the sex/pee tape is still with him. Is she The Trainer? Or is it another woman who he brainwashed at 14? And while we know of Azriel & Jocelyn, how many other girls & young women are there who simply weren't named in the documentary because they sadly have no family looking for them? R Kelly is pure evil. Thank goodness the makers of this documentary were brave enough to produce it and get it aired.
  5. S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    I think he is visualizing the words in English as best he can while he is speaking. I don't know if he was formally taught English, but to me it looks like he is trying to picture how the words should be laid out in a sentence. Alternate theory- he learned it from Kolani, since she rarely makes eye contact while she's speaking.
  6. S06.E11: Where Truth Lies

    Color me naive but I had a soft spot for Jay. At the very least I thought he cared about Ashley and would stick it out for a while. He is one cold & calculating little bastard. He played her until his situation was locked in, and then he wasted no time in destroying every ounce of faith she had in him. I hope she pursues an annulment on the basis of Fraud since he clearly had no intentions of keeping his marriage vows and it's easily proven. That's probably an expensive thing to pursue, but it's gotta be cheaper than being responsible for him for the next 10 years. I really feel for her. She will never trust another man again.
  7. S06.E12: Check Yourself!

    I am of Sicilian ancestry and I also thought she might be in mourning. However, normally when someone is in mourning they would not take an extravagant vacation ...so I got nuthin’.
  8. S06.E07: Flirting With Disaster

    Oh my god, we were married to the same man, with the same horrible mother-in-law.
  9. S06.E06: Not What I Thought

    THIS ^^^^^. Thank you@LGGIRL, this is exactly what I keep thinking every time their segment is on. It's rude of him to make her family miss this important event they've looked forward to her entire life. There should be a big beautiful wedding ceremony & reception in Mexico FIRST and then a smaller ceremony in Chicago to satisfy legal requirements. This is the only thing that makes sense, especially since Jonathan's mom is not supportive of this marriage.
  10. I followed Colt & Larissa on Instagram for exactly 24 hours before I decided I needed to unfollow these crazy narcissistic fame whores. The news of Larissa leaving behind 3 kids came out in that same 24 hours and it's what helped me realized these are truly despicable people. Make no mistake, he is enjoying the attention just as much as she is.
  11. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    OMG, how did I not get that???!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Thank you @Spike LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
  12. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    What does it mean?? I have even Googled it and can't find any meaning... Help!
  13. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    I was so disturbed by Eric's apartment & attitude, I could barely sleep last night after watching the show. I want Leida to run back to her family so badly and it's killing me that her pride is standing in the way of her admitting she has made a horrible mistake. She needs to think of her son- Eric has already shown a creepy tendency to take possession of Allesandro at all times and always be touching him. Not saying that alone makes Eric a pedophile- just saying it's a big ol' orange flag of something being wrong. So on the live show, Eric's daughter admitted 50% of the mess was hers... like it was no big deal and he was using her as a total scapegoat. Well, 50% of a garbage dump is simply a smaller garbage dump. Not excusing Eric, who is ultimately to blame but that place was gross on such a level that I was still appalled by her dismissive attitude toward her contribution of the mess. In who's world would 50% of that pigsty be acceptable?? Again- not trying to take the blame away from Eric... just saying the apple didn't fall far from the tree. PS- when the daughter said she was out of town at a convention for 4 days, who else pictured a camo-clad gun-toting assembly of rednecks? ...Or was it just me visualizing that?
  14. S06.E04: I Know What You Did

    So Debbie controls Coltee’s finances?? Man, Debbie’s going to love every minute of denying Larissa the ability to buy anything.