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  1. Recipe Box

    I made Carla's smashed carrot salad with date and grilled citrus dressing last night. The carrots were just okay but the dressing was amazing! I will be trying that out on different things.
  2. S09.E06: Trouble Brewing

    I want to like this post 100 times. Much more entertaining than watching the hamsters make pies.
  3. S09.E06: Trouble Brewing

    (I've never started a topic before; hope I did it right.) Chelsea, Alecia, Shanika, and their collectively stupid hair can leave anytime.
  4. S09.E06: Trouble Brewing

    The top 20 chefs face the first team challenge of the season; teams must cook a beer-infused lunch for more than 100 employees
  5. I did not really understand why either of those was appealing, unless one member of the couple is an ornithologist or a circus performer. They just seemed sort of random to me. I guess I do not appreciate spectacle for spectacle's sake as part of a wedding. I do wish that there could be a follow-up at the end of the episode showing how much the couple actually ends up spending and what they do with it. Seems like that would tie the episodes together better. I'm sure it would take too long to produce the shows then, though, to get from the deciding on a budget phase to the actual ceremony itself.
  6. Tori & Company In The Media

    Thanks! Wow--her face looks really bizarre in that pic and the scar is quite something. Tori, you're doing body acceptance wrong.
  7. I forgot this was happening last night. No wonder I wanted an extra drink--it was the whiff of evil Duggar/Gothard contagion ~20 miles away.
  8. I never understand keeping the train on a dress for an outdoor wedding. Why do you want to drag your dress through sand or grass or whatnot? When we got married, I had the train taken off of my dress when it was altered precisely because our ceremony was outdoors.
  9. I think it is utterly disgusting to have kids in diapers in a pool. Might be just me but eyew.
  10. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    Bourdain's suicide hit me like a ton of bricks, too, and I was similarly surprised. I also agree they are likely horrified by Batali and the Spotted Pig reports and now his investigation by NYPD for sexual assault. I suspect there was never a question about mentioning him (though I would love to hear their thoughts on the situation). I also agree it was cleaner just to leave out Daphne. I have trouble believing Daphne's departure was that big a catalyst for a ratings slide. She was always the weakest link. I thought she and Mario had really good chemistry, which is a bit creepy to remember in retrospect, though I always got the sense he thought of her as a daughter. I think the thing that may have damaged the ratings was that they seemed a bit at sea in the early part of the last season, both because Daphne was gone and because Mario was freaking never there (too many young women to molest to be able to have time for work, I guess). It's too bad they did not know at the beginning of the season they were going down to three hosts. I felt like they had really gelled as a team in the last few months and so this getting the rug pulled out from under them felt even worse (to me, for sure, and, I suspect, to them).
  11. Chopped 2018

    Thanks for posting. I was wondering if they were doing this again this year but had been too lazy to look it up.
  12. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I'm right there with you.
  13. My friend studies West Coast Swing with Benji sometimes and said she found the routine "a bit inaccessible." She said they did things that are "impressive but not that fun to watch," which I agree with (the latter, at least).
  14. S09.E05: Gordon Ramsay Masterclass

    This, yes. I tried to watch this episode last night but kept falling asleep. I'd rather see them cook something of their own choice than watch eleventy seven people pick crab and poach eggs. Yawn.
  15. Oooh, how great would that be? Please warn us before this happens so we can set up video feeds. We'll be easy to find, we'll all be in the prayer closet together.