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  1. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    There's a commercial that says you should tell your doctor if you are allergic to X drug "or any of its ingredients." That one always makes me yell at the TV. No patient is going to know all of the ingredients in a drug. It's not possible.
  2. And if you add a bit of molasses, chipotle chili powder, honey, butter... So many things to make that taste even better. I don't have to give her credit for cooking a vegetable, do I? And in my world, sweet potatoes like this take at least 40 minutes.
  3. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    You did not miss anything @cooksdelight. This episode wss phenomenally dull. Hope the fawn and your doggie are both okay.
  4. S09.E13: Just For The Halibut

    Thank goodness Chelsea and her incredibly stupid and juvenile fashion choices went home. I can't be the only one who replied to Shanika when she said the dish showed who she was on a plate, "bitchy and awful"?
  5. I'm a 53+ year-old woman and I don't want to eat while lying on my back. Why on earth would MEchelle think her baby would want to? (I know the answer, of course. No need to take care of anything because Jesus. Feed your kids in positions and are dangerous to them, only ever use styrofoam plates for your litters of kids, keep your kittens in a pitcher, none of it matters because Jesus loves you and your incompetent bullshittery the very very best.)
  6. Home fries are a thing but you still need to cut the potatoes into close to the same size to get them to cook evenly. Jill, as always, is an idiot trumpeting her idiocy for all to admire.
  7. Season 5 of KBC

    Please save me a seat.
  8. Okay, this is cute. I'm glad to see that she lets her kids do some "normal" things instead of going all control freak on them. And since she says they're at TTH, they don't have to worry about hosing off before they come in. They'll still probably be cleaner than the floors in that place.
  9. Why does she insist on making that stupid face in every selfie she takes? I mean, I am no good at selfies but I've taken, like, three in my life. Jill probably takes more than that before she gets out of bed in the morning. Edit yourself, twit! And no, those are not fries. And spend the $3 to buy yourself another freaking spatula at Walmart, dimwit.
  10. Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Having been in biopharmaceuticals for more than twenty years and having some familiarity with the manufacturing and regulatory environments of various countries, I personally would avoid drugs made in China if I could. And Turkey.
  11. Yes, they live with his parents, for reasons that were never explained. Hunched over, leaning her face into her food and shoveling a plate of sugary barbecue sauce garnished with chicken into her face. Gah. We may next see her (and Buddy, too, for that matter) on My 600-Pound Life. And don't get me wrong, I actually like barbecue sauce, but I do not suck it down while ignoring the others at the table. She was just classless. I got the feeling there was some backstory there.
  12. I wonder what they tell the little kids about their pervy uncle/dad. It has to seem weird, especially since all the littles and the M kids have grown up on TV, that their dad/brother is always banished.
  13. Not to mention exacerbating the stupid clusterfuck that is this family.
  14. Criminy Anne. My husband has a beard, we've been together 25 years, and I swear if he expected me to trim it for him I would inquire as to what had happened to his own hands. These people.
  15. Forgot to mention I thought it was odd that two of the wedding had sweets before dinner: Chelsey the dry wedding win-stealer had cakes and tarts and one of the middle weddings had a candy bar that the other brides raided before dinner. Is this a thing? I did not understand why Chelsey served sweets at her lack-of-cocktail hour. And how much does it say about the new format that I watched this stupid episode like six hours ago and I cannot readily remember all their names?