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  1. He did briefly prevent Lala and James from coming on. Jillian Michaels and Kathy Griffin. Kim Cattrall. For a very long time, he banned Brian Moylan from the show like even in the audience, but dropped that around 2012.
  2. I'm not even sure where to put this. A third* individual who has starred on a Bravo show has been accused of rape. The show was O"nline Dating Rituals of the American Male." The individual is orthopedic surgeon Grant Robicheaux. He and his girlfriend are accused of drugging and raping at least 8 women, but it's suspected that they may have done this to dozens of women based on hundreds of videos that police found on Robicheaux's phone. I've seen one piece that mentioned that his minor celebrity did help bring his victims into his orbit. https://www.thecut.com/2018/09/surgeon-girlfriend-charged-drugging-rape-women.html#comments https://people.com/crime/bravo-reality-surgeon-girlfriend-rape-more-victims-videos/ I've been increasingly worried about reality tv stars. The type of individual who makes for "good" reality tv is often narcissistic, manipulative, mean, and entitled. Then their celebrity just feeds their terrible egos. I've been worried about whether or not producers are screening any of these people for psychological issues. I'm guessing not. And I'm really worried that their fame allows predators greater access to potential victims. At least one person who has been on a Bravo show has been murdered (A.J. Jewell), one attempted murder (Josh Waring), one suicide (Russell Armstrong), tons of domestic violence, one arrest for posession of child pornography, and quite a few sentences for federal crimes. I'd wonder what's wrong over at Bravo, but other shows, especially Teen Mom, seem to have similar problems. *Thomas Ravenel and JD Madison are the other two.
  3. What's Your Poison?: Beer, Wine and Spirits

    What an interesting idea. I've seen Advent calendars with candies, chocolates, cookies, teas, and plant seeds, but not booze. Neat.
  4. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Everything I've read says that Alex, not Michael, will be gay, which is fine with me because the original show never knew what to do with him and apparently the books kind of side lined him too. About Person of Interest, I was ambivalent about Shah/Shaw, but I always hated Root. She was a smug sanctimonious sociopath.
  5. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    They haven't quite done that in the MCU. On Agents of SHIELD, they've kind of turned the Accords into a Registration Act. However, the movies have essentially ignored all of the TV stuff. In the films, the Accords require registration of individuals with powers and super suits and dictates whether those individuals can use their abilities or assets in their home country and in other countries. It also puts the Avengers under United Nations oversight. But ignoring the TV and Netflix universe means that the explosion in the number of enhanced individuals, which is honestly a much stronger argument for why the Accords are necessary, means that the Accords on the film side are really only about controlling about 2 dozen people: Tony Stark/Iron Man James Rhodes/War Machine Steve Rogers/Captain America James "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier Sam Wilson/Falcon Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow Vision Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch Thor the Warriors Three and Sif Loki Destroyer Armor Bruce Banner/Hulk Clint Barton/Hawkeye Of those individuals, the governments are really only concerned with Tony, Wanda, Vision, Bruce, and Thor. Tony and Vision have already signed. Bruce and Thor are missing, but will never sign. The Warriors Three, Sif, and the Destroyer Armor haven't been seen on Earth since Thor. This leaves Wanda, who can be reasoned with. So the UN went through all of this because of 3 individuals who can be reasoned with and 2 who will ignore the UN. It's dumb. My point wasn't really about what the Accords do. My point was that the explosion of enhanced individuals on the TV side actually provides a better rationale for why the Accords are needed. There are hundreds of individuals running around with powers on the TV and Netflix side. It supports Tony's argument and it also makes Cap's position much less defensible. How much dumb disastrous shit did the Defenders cause by just trying to help? You trust people. Do you trust these idiots Steve? The worst thing about the Accords is that nearly every character on the film side violates them before the end of the movie. Tony and T'Challa chase after Bucky and Cap in Siberia without UN permission and violate Russian sovereignty. Scott uses unregistered tech in a foreign country (airport battle) without permission. Peter hasn't registered, is using unregistered tech in a foreign country, and has minimal oversight from Happy and Tony in Homecoming. Worse still is that there seem to be almost no repercussions for violating it except for Scott and Clint. The Accords are this big nothing impediment that the MCU mostly ignored going forward. Only Ant Man & the Wasp seemed to really acknowledge it.
  6. S06.E00: Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments

    He clearly didn't understand parts modeling. Hand models have beautiful hands; the rest of them could be meh. Same thing with feet, legs, torsos, and...hair. Saying you're a hair model just means that you have good hair and a fairly symmetrical skull; there is no transitive attractiveness to the rest of your person.
  7. S02.E02: #2

    It depends on the state. However, once Kevin's friend relayed his suspicions, they really should have Mirandized Kevin. Though the fact that the Principal was able to pull him out even if it was to threaten/coerce him, suggests that he wasn't in custody yet. An argument could be made either way.
  8. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    With all of the likely changes coming after Avengers 4, Marvel really does need either a show or movie about spies. Wakanda is now open to the world and there's no way that the other countries wouldn't be the least bit interested. The Sokovia Accords seem to be a thing that everyone, except Rhodey, Ross, Clint, and Scott, is actively ignoring (Cap, Widow, Falcon, Bucky, T'Challa, Vision, Wanda, Spider Man, Tony, Hank and Hope, the Agents of SHIELD, the Defenders, Cloak & Dagger, and literally every wizard on the planet). Hulk and Thor don't know about it, but neither of them is going to sign. The remaining Asgardians are going to show up on Earth at some point. Thanos' decimation (what do you call a decimation when it's not 10%, but literally half) is going to rightly concern nations when it comes to the Infinity stones and if they're still in existence and who has them. Captain Marvel returning means the Kree and Skrulls can't be far behind. And though the movies have unwisely ignored the TV and Netflix shows, there is an Inhuman outbreak on the planet and corporations have been creating super powered people.* These are some of the many reasons that governments would really start spying in earnest. *Thunderbolt Ross and Tony's position on the Sokovia Accords makes waaaaay more sense if they had just put in a reference or two to ther TV stuff because on there people are eating fish tacos and winding up with powers or getting into a car accident and getting powers. Like duh, you'd want to register them, track where they are, and limit the use of their abilities as much as possible. Do you really want a depressed alcoholic with PTSD who can concave your face wandering around Manhattan let alone the world? Well, that's Jessica Jones.
  9. S06.E00: Captain Lee's Yachtrageous Moments

    How could you forget about him? His hair is in all of those Paul Mitchell salons. It's also a reminder of how shitty Sandy is in comparison because Trevor was basically fired for his attitude and after hours dickery, while Sandy has nothing but excuses for Joao.
  10. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    It's sort of a shame because the two characters that suffer the most with the embargo are Spidey and Daredevil. Daredevil has a very long history of team ups with Spidey, primarily, and other characters. And to truly get the sense of Spider Man, you need to see the monotonous kind of everyday hero-ing that he gets up to and the Netflix shows have that in spades. Plus, they have Kingpin marooned on Netflix with a film caliber actor.
  11. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I would love it if Spidey and Daredevil team up. And maybe they run into Jessica who finds them both too annoying for words. If Disney wants to make this a value added option, they'd actually reward all of the very faithful Netflix and TV watchers. Lots of people watch the movies, but I don't think there's enough evidence that those movie watchers would ever subscribe to a Disney only streaming service. However, people who watch the Netflix shows, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and Cloak & Dagger, who have proven that they'll watch the movies, subscribe to streaming services and watch their shows weekly on TV, they are diehards. A little love from the corporate overlords might be a nice thing. I can picture Jessica meeting all of the film MCU and declaring that they all look like idiots, taking a swig from her bottle of booze at 9:37am, and just walking away. Rocket would decide that she's the first Terran he's ever liked.
  12. S07.E06: Emeralds Aren't Forever

    Reza's theoretical children make him happy, but his actual jewelry and gold make him happier.
  13. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    The Joker is the least interesting villain to delve into. No one cares what his origins are, much like Batman's kind of boring origins too--his parents were murdered in front of him. Batman is how he both manifests and keeps a lid on his murderous rage. The Joker is basically Batman with no control or conscience. Catwoman is more interesting, Harley is more interesting, Two-Face is more interesting, Bane is more interesting, Jason Todd as the Red Hood is more interesting, and Amanda Waller sure as shit is more interesting than the freaking Joker.
  14. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    Twisted is the show that really makes me miss the TWoP forums because we were savage. The pilot suggested one premise and then every episode after that, they basically ignored that premise and made it the Maddie show. Maddie was such an entitled judgmental snot of a character. We talked about Grey Damon playing another one of his semi-pro asshole characters, Chris Zylka's AARP membership because he looked ancient compared to the rest of the cast. We clowned Maddie for her hilariously selfish "choose me" speech to Danny. And we hoped that they were going to retcon Charlie's father into being Vikrim because it would be a big old double eff you to Maddie, like your secret half brother started dating you, not to get to know you or his birth mother, but because he was actually psycho-sexually obsessed with his half brother, Danny, and couldn't figure out a better way to be around Danny.