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  1. Threatening to sell the house defrauds her children of their ownership. We can all be Captain Save-a-Lu, but Luann is a legit bad actor in all of this.
  2. I have a friend who is allergic to fish. After years of knowing her and seeing her eat, I realized that she wasn't allergic to small oily fish, but had her check with her allergist. I was right. As you said, the body is weird.
  3. Seriously! It's a quasi-advertisement. They all do it. I largely don't care.
  4. It was Terry Dubrow; we've seen it on camera. However, Noel's and Victoria's pleading has indicated that Luann has threatened her children when they brought up the trust. I think both are really shitty behaviors.
  5. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Honestly, I wasn't even obliquely referring to you. Kathryn has said that she has anxiety. Her affect has implied that she's on meds for anxiety. Those who think that Kathryn being on medication for anxiety invalidates her sobriety are unfamiliar with current best practices and recommended treatments. As I've said many a time, I don't really like Kathryn. However, the strange campaign that Thomas and his surrogates have launched to irritate, needle, berate, and undermine Kathryn just rubs me the wrong way. The fact that Kathryn is on medication should not be held against her.
  6. SURly Staff In The Media

    Ben Mandelker of Watch What Crappens used to live across the street from Mercedes Javid of Shahs of Sunset. Ben and Ronnie used to give bullshit and fake info during their podcast about what Mercedes was up to because she was a boring and regular neighbor.
  7. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    If Thomas hadn't appeared so much more rational in contrast to Ashley, I would have concluded that they were in the midst of a folie a deux. And maybe they are. Perhaps Thomas is the one with the persecution delusion and Ashley is playing along. Because there are some people who believe every bit of gossip that Thomas (the drug abusing rapist) and his surrogates spew despite Kathryn getting substance tested 3 times a week for a year and never failing. She'd have to be a really committed addicted savant to figure out how to use and get it cleared from her system when she was getting tested 3 times a week. I don't even like Kathryn, but I find Thomas completely repellent. I've got to look at any rumor suggesting that Kathryn isn't sober under a microscope. She'd have to be a near fucking genius planning her drinking down to the second to get around the tests. If Kathryn isn't sober, shouldn't a drug test have caught her use. If Kathryn isn't sober, wouldn't Thomas have pushed for a follicular test. If Kathryn isn't sober, wouldn't Thomas have pushed for sole custody. He's done none of this because these rumors are bullshit. He'd rather ruin her reputation because that's the kind of piece of shit he is.
  8. Wyatt Russell's career is heating up. He's managed to get his own TV series, Lodge 49. And strangely, I've seen fewer interviews mention that he's related to Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn than interviews with his half-siblings (Kate and Oliver Hudson).
  9. I do know parents who alternate weeks as do many other people here. Some alternate 2 weeks. Some only see kids during breaks. The reality is that there are variations in custody arrangements. This one week variation is what Bryn has.
  10. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    It's the Luzanne Otte situation. Luzanne has retained counsel and sent cease and desist (cyst and decease) letters to both Thomas and Ashley. Considering that Luzanne isn't a public figure, she'll probably have an easier time proving defamation.* I don't know about damages though and I don't think anything has been formally filed. However given the lawyer's letter, I can see why Patricia has opted to stay away from Thomas and Ashley. *Public figures have to prove that false statements were made maliciously.
  11. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    It is probably an actual violation. It's an adolescent nonverbal patient who does not appear to be emancipated and has a parent who does not appear to have consented. We know where Ashley works. Ashley disclosed a name, which coupled with the other info, is probably personally identifiable health information. She seems to have screwed up, but who knows what comes of this considering Thomas' reach. https://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/for-professionals/privacy/special-topics/de-identification/index.html Regardless, there are possibly state privacy laws that Ashley might have violated too.
  12. To learn that she's apparently buying overstock and doing a worse version of what Ramona did professionally for decades is embarrassing and not entirely surprising. She hasn't learned what people like her ex learned generations ago--try to earn your money as passively as possibly. Why hold on to stock? It's better to work out deals to get a percentage of sales for every customer who uses the special Sonja coupon code. Or she could enter into a Fabletics type deal. Or a QVC or HSN collection. Hell, even the Countess and Friends seems to feature a couple of songs from Luann, a little banter, and a ton of actual entertainment provided by actual entertainers. Least amount of work for the greatest reward.
  13. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    The "trick" to even remotely pulling off jokes about provocative subjects is that the punchline is ALWAYS the perpetrator and NEVER the victim. Gunn's jokes, such as they are, have punchlines all over the place--some of them are on the victims, the victimizers, and some on the offensive act. Nor does it seem like he was doing his own weird dumb riff on The Aristocrats. It just seems like this was just offensive taboo jokes for provocative purposes.
  14. The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    That bothers me too. I hate that Disney ended up set up by someone who legitimately has no problems with rape. I can tell that they were intended to be jokes, but they're not actually funny. They are aggressively unfunny and I've made some really really dark jokes. Gunn has been in trouble in the past for things he thought were humorous, but didn't play all that well. As funny and enjoyable as I've found the Guardians films to be, they've succeeded more because of their heart than their humor. I think, perhaps, as he's aged, he's learned that he's not nearly as funny as he thinks he is and to temper his jokes with sentiment.