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  1. Exactly. This is why I've said above that these shows just need to stop writing about business and money. They don't know what they are doing. And whenever they write about these subjects, it's so bad that it's distracting. On Lot, they wanted Ray in a bad headspace so that he'd rush back to the Legends. They could have done that without him being broke. He could have been back at Palmer Tech and bored. He could be at another company and fixated on shrinking things to the detriment of the other research. There is a way to get Ray where they wanted without blaming Felicity or writing stupidly.
  2. The show is nothing like the comics you remember. The comic has been darker and more realistic since 2010. It's also set in the present day. Afterlife with Archie launched in 2013. It's a horror series where Riverdale is gutted by a zombie apocalypse. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina launched in 2014. The Black Hood was reimagined as a darker antihero in 2015. If the show doesn't work for you, that's fine. You are entitled to not like it. But it's not incompatible with what Archie comics are now as opposed to what you remember.
  3. Why The Snowman is a mess. It looks like Scorsese optioned it and began pre-preproduction (working on financing and getting a script) in 2010 or 2011. The movie began filming in 2015. It's been kicking around in Scorsese's hands for awhile and he never managed to make it not a mess before he dropped out as the director.
  4. Did anyone hear the "Sexy Getting Ready Song" as the score when Rebecca got her dress and lingerie gift from Nathaniel?
  5. Harvey Weinstein responds to Nyong'o's accusations. He claims he never harassed her. Ten billion women claim he harassed or assaulted them and he's quiet. A Black woman says the same thing and suddenly he pipes up? Yeesh. I guess he couldn't use the John Mayer racist penis excuse. He should have just shut up because he's now coming across like a bigot as well as a manipulative abusive misogynist. Perhaps he thinks of Lupita like the Dos Equis tag line. "I don't always harass Black women. But when I do, I prefer to harass Lupita Nyong’o." It also shows how well his rehab and treatment is going. Sexual assault has nothing to do with attraction.
  6. I know, but Ray's boss at Tinder UpSwipz said Felicity ran the company into the ground. Perhaps the new invention wasn't enough to pull the company out of freefall. But the collapse of Palmer Tech was bad enough that Ray is working as a computer programmer for knockoff Tinder.
  7. The show is long and full of terrors.
  8. As we learned from Legends of Tomorrow, Felicity ran the company into the ground before the board stepped in. More importantly, we learned that the writers on all of the Berlanti superhero shows have no clue how businesses, corporations, boards, stocks and shares, and assets work or don't think the audience knows how they work. We do, which is why they should refrain from writing about business entirely. You would think that season 2 of Arrow would be reason enough.
  9. Shangela was eliminated first in season 2. Morgan was eliminated 5th. Shangela was eliminated 8th in season 3. BenDeLaCreme came in 5th place during season 6. Milk came in 9th place during the same season. Trixie Mattel came in 6th during season 7; Kennedy Davenport was 4th place. Chi Chi DeVayne came in 4th on season 8, while Thorgy Thor took 6th place. Aja was 9th place on Season 9. Some of them, I expected like Thorgy, Kennedy, Aja, and Chi Chi. I'm not surprised by BenDeLa, Trixie, or Milk. Morgan is a deep cut, but like Tatianna, not unwelcome. Then there is...sigh...ugh...Shangela. Perhaps this will be the nail in the coffin and she'll stop turning up like a bad penny.
  10. Your season 3 All Stars queens are: BenDeLaCreme (season 6) Trixie Mattel (season 7) Milk (season 6) Thorgy Thor (season 8) Kennedy Davenport (season 7) Aja (season 9) Chi Chi DeVayne (season 8) Morgan McMichaels (season 2) Shangela (seasons 2 and 3) Except for Chi Chi and Kennedy, these queens ranked pretty low in their original seasons.
  11. All Stars 3 cast announced: BenDeLaCreme (season 6) Trixie Mattel (season 7) Milk (season 6) Thorgy Thor (season 8) Kennedy Davenport (season 7) Aja (season 9) Chi Chi DeVayne (season 8) Morgan McMichaels (season 2) Shangela (seasons 2 and 3) Some of them, I expected like Thorgy, Kennedy, Aja, and Chi Chi. I'm not surprised by BenDeLa or Trixie. Morgan is a deep cut, but like Tatianna, not unwelcome. Then there is...sigh...ugh...Shangela. Perhaps this will be the nail in the coffin and she'll stop turning up like a bad penny.
  12. Josh deserved every last bit of Rebecca's invective. As White Josh and Hector clearly demonstrated, Josh was a juvenile chicken shit, who should have just talked to Rebecca. It's unsurprising because he kind of pulled the same shit with Valencia. Rebecca just decided to lay ALL of her crazy out there. Yikes. Josh is terrible, but I suspect people put up with him because he doesn't intend to hurt people. I enjoyed Nathaniel and Rebecca's send up of Fifty Shades of Grey. Nathaniel and Rebecca are actually pretty hot together. He actually listens to her. I suspect that Tim's subplot is a PSA from the female writers to the universe.
  13. Karnak and Gorgon decide to Freaky Friday and take a walk in each other's shoes/hooves. Karnak learns the lesson of just going for it, which you would think he would have learned the moment he started sexing Jane, but his concussion makes him dumb. Gorgon decides to strategically (?!???!?!) stomp his hooves. Though, it didn't look like there was much strategy involved in his rescue of Karnak. Medusa is the worst. When even Fauxlicity Smoak, who is a glutton for punishment, is calling bullshit on your messed up caste system and marrying the man whose parents banished your parents, then there is some wrong with your life choices. As Locus is busy telling them how forced servitude in whatever position the Royal Family decides sucks, she deserved better than Medusa's snotty "this is the best system we got and also Maximus made you search for us, so there. pttththth!" OK, thanks you ungrateful entitled toddler. Additionally, Black Bolt's singular eyebrow furl when he heard that the caste system sucks did nothing to earn Locus' deathbed "be a better king" request to Black Bolt. Except for Crystal, these assholes are together again. Yay. I'd kind of love it if Black Bolt found out that Medusa kidnapped Fauxlicity and he was horrified by that. Maximus is hilariously self-interested, but the status quo in Attilan is really profoundly fucked up. Hey, this is an insult to the vast majority of CW shows. I thought that this show would be helped if a Whedon or a Tancharoen was working on it. I was wrong. Kevin Tancharoen can only do so much as a director to fix this mess.
  14. I have a friend who has a fish allergy, but it's super weird because she doesn't seem to have an allergy to anchovies or fatty fish. I suggested that she ask her doctor if she can eat fatty fish. She can. It's possible the dark haired guest has a fatty fish allergy. It's also possible the guest is full of it.
  15. There is so much about her dumb investigation that makes me angry. Star has the murder rate of Caracas and the random violence and corruption of Kabul. The last thing the FBI would be fixated on is whether the mayor is spending his spare time being a vigilante instead of why it just seems like a typical thing to have the police department gutted because of corruption and then to have the new recruits murdered en masse. Oliver is the least of the FBI's concerns. Officials seem to be regularly murdered. A previous ADA was a vigilante who now has a statue venerating her. The next one was a serial killing psychopath. Star has a huge organized crime problem. Shouldn't the FBI a little bit concerned that foreigners are being gunned down in broad daylight? In reality, the FBI and DoJ should be all over the city trying to figure out what's happening there. It's only in reviewing records, videos, and later interviews that the FBI should start to be curious about Oliver. I don't care that Anatoly outted him. The FBI should put that on the back burner as they try to fix the larger crime and corruption problems in the city. I would much rather they turn their sights to Oliver later.