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  1. But how hard is it to say "My wife and I have had trouble conceiving. We consider you a close friend and member of our family. We'd be honored if you would be our surrogate."? If you can't say that, you aren't close enough to the person to ask that of them. If you're reading weird poems about love and strangely alluding to impregnating people, then you are too much of a puritanical idiot to have this conversation. Additionally, how many people are you asking? I have maybe one friend from work that I might ask that of and we've been friends for a decade. This isn't shit you ask lightly, but it seems he might have. Finally regardless of whether it is sexual harassment, this was a hugely boundary problem for Frank's. Reps have gotten into trouble for asking their staff to repaint their houses and doing yard work. Asking them to carry your child?!?!? What an interrobang damn disaster.
  2. How to Get Away with Murder season 2. He played Caleb Hapstall.
  3. I think Andy let a lot of Peggy's stuff slide at the reunion because he had no intention of having her back for season 13.
  4. At some point, Wig and Kroy are going to end up doing all of Z list shows--Marriage Boot Camp, Wife Swap, Celeb Big Brother, and Botched.
  5. Dan. That is an extremely unusual opinion. Mark played by John Cho was probably my most favorite of Piper's love interests. One frickin episode and he was perfect.
  6. I'm glad that they saw the light because Seder's joke wasn't trying to make rape funny or amusing. It was trying to illuminate that there are disgusting hypocrites who excuse rape, sexual assault, and harassment as long as the perpetrator brings in awards or big box office returns. That anyone would be willing to censure someone making that point right now tells you that no lessons are going to learned very quickly from what's happening.
  7. This episode was a combo of a couple of different real life inspirations. It was War Machine raping, assaulting, and trying to kill Christy Mack. It was this episode of Catfish involving Chris Birdman Andersen and a social media personality, which has the exact same premise excluding the forcible rape. And the person who mutually catfished Birdman and the social media had no real excuse for it either.* Luckily, the police in Birdman's case had the sense to not charge him with a crime even though Birdman did have sex with and have nude photos of the underage social media personality. Carisi hasn't seemed to have had an issue when Rollins was busy banging all of the losers that she hooks up with, but this mostly polite bartender who sends them drinks sets his teeth on edge? The woman is a bad judgment machine. He should be using her as a bellweather. If she's sexually interested in him, then he needs to reevaluate his choices because he's probably fucking something up. Noah must sparkle like a Twilight vampire because I can't see why everyone wants him. *There was no real reason for doing this in the real case either. She lived in the middle of nowhere, cared for her sick mom, and thought it would be entertaining to fuck up the lives of two strangers.
  8. Didn't Thorgy slap Bob after Bob won? I don't want to say that Thorgy needs to get over the bitterness, but there has always been a bit of manipulation with competitive reality shows. There was absolutely no way that Natural Woman was coincidentally chosen when Latrice was in the bottom. I had always thought that the queens were told to prepare for up to 3 different songs each week, which would allow the producers greater latitude to ensure that the lipsync would be interesting. And as badly as Thorgy wanted it, "And I am telling you" does not play to Chi Chi's strengths, which is dancing. Flips, tumbles, and kicks would have only hurt Chi Chi's performance. If anything, changing the song could have worked in Thorgy's favor. This could have played out like Natural Woman with the high energy dancer going home. I'd be curious to find out the original song was because I suspect this wasn't quite the set up that Thorgy thinks it was.
  9. This is complete bullshit.
  10. This is something that's been going on for 20 years. I can recall listening to the DVD commentaries for Buffy and Batman: The Animated Series listening to TPTB expound on how black they really wanted the scenes to be. They all seem to miss that my regular basic bitch tv isn't one of those that can show the difference between midnight, obsidian, ebony, and basic black. It's infuriating. The only way I think Quake could have destroyed the world is if Thanos stuck her inside one of his world destroying machines. I don't know that I need any of these characters to show up in Infinity Wars, but I don't want them or their stories basically ignored either. I would be fine with an Easter egg or two and not a bullshit one like the helicarrier. Even a mention of Inhumans during the discussion of the Sokovia Accords would have been nice. It's a line. A line isn't that hard to change, but these jerks on the film side are acting like we're demanding full movie arcs for the TV characters and like the films are all masterpieces. Doctor Strange--visually stunning, narratively--a big old nothing.
  11. I don't think she's joking in the way that implies that it's not true or that there isn't much truth to the story. I think that in the big long list of indignities that she's had to suffer in her professional journalism career, her colleague repeatedly pinching her ass is so far down the list that she can laugh about it. I have an experience where a fairly well known actor groped me repeatedly when I was a teen. When I tell the story, it comes out like a punchline because I've experienced worse and his efforts were almost pitiable. Just because I'm joking about it doesn't mean that it's a joke. This is how I view Katie's admission. It's not like there are a bunch of stories about him trying this shit with Al Roker or Ann Curry. He did this to Katie because he could and he knew she wouldn't say shit to him about it.* There is a bit of domestic terrorism about this kind of thing. No one wants to rock the boat too much because they are unsure of how safe or secure their own position is--whether you are a subordinate or a colleague. Matt didn't like Ann and he went about getting rid of her in the cruelest way. She didn't do anything to jeopardize his $20 million/year salary. It's brutal, but I can see why someone might not stick their neck out for the intern he's harassing or might rationalize that if the ass pinching really bothered Couric she'd say something herself. *I'm not blaming Katie. I'm just saying that Lauer was smart enough to know who he could victimize and in what way.
  12. Are you Matt Damon?
  13. I agree. I just don't believe that if Tamra was as dangerous and neglectful as Simon or Sydney make Tamra out to be that she would have custody of any of the other kids. Furthermore, says that she's irritated by Tamra putting their business in the public spotlight, but she refuses to do the things that a person who actually has that concern would do, which is limit who can view her social media accounts or just delete them. My sister in law has a stalker; her Facebook and Instagram are not viewable by the general public. I was having a problem with members of certain groups bombarding my Facebook when I worked in politics; I limited who could see, who could post, and what I added. I first read about the date of Sydney's graduation from a blogger who was following Simon's and Sydney's social media. The blogger speculated about whether Tamra would be invited. I heard about Tamra being at Sydney's graduation from a blogger who found it by looking at Simon's social media. Tamra broke her promise. She has poor boundaries and limited impulse control, but much of Simon's and Sydney's behavior feels like they are deliberately trying to goad Tamra into messing up. I feel like if it truly bothered Sydney the way she says it does, she would walk the walk along with talking the talk. In particular, I don't think Sydney and Simon have done a great job explaining that neither have any issue of being in the media when it is of their own choosing, but have a huge problem when it's Tamra's choice. Though I wonder how Tamra might negotiate that very thorny situation if someone had asked her on social media about attending Sydney's graduation. Would a simple yes have sufficed? Would Sydney consider that a violation? Would a link to the picture that Sydney posted be considered a violation? It's open for the public to view. The problem is that folks who don't want to be in the public eye aren't in it. They don't tweet or have Instagram accounts. So it strikes me that Sydney is emphasizing the wrong thing. It's not about having the public know your business. It's about controlling when you share your business and what you share. It's possible Tamra might understand that a little better. Maybe not. I don't know.
  14. The premise of Plead the Fifth is that everything the player is saying is true and that they "plead the fifth" if they don't want to reveal anything. Katie said this and Meredith confronted him on this "amusing" story about finding a bag full of sex toys in his dressing room closet. He reportedly gave a sex toy to a staffer and told her how he wanted her to use it. Katie and Meredith are rightly silent on this. He's gross.