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  1. S10.E13: Livin' La Villa Loca

    I can't believe Barcelona is wasted on these women. "Water bugs" are just roaches with better pr and they are just something that happens in warm climates especially if you're near water or lots of vegetation. You have to spray constantly for them. They happen in even the nicest homes so Kim was just being a foul bitch. However, Sheree was being messy af. On the surface, nothing Nene said about Kim's medical issues before the diner was negative. (Though Nene clearly thinks Kim is lying about some of her medical issues.) When, Kim started flipping out Sheree could have clarified. But of course she didn't because she's fine with being Miss Mess. Sheree knows full well that Kim never had cancer because Sheree was part of the season 1 cast. Hell, Sheree was the original wig shifter.
  2. Because Ramona wanted to go to Molly Sims' party. It was also around the time that Mario started catting around Manhattan and the Hamptons with Kasey, which was making Ramona nuttier than usual. Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna too.
  3. It seems like it, plus she lost a bit of baby weight. All told, it's not a great look.
  4. They've done convertible dress challenges, but I thought the Thai queens were a lot more creative than what we got in the US.
  5. Favorite and Least Favorite TV Couples

    I agree with you. They liked David Hull well enough that they created a part for him, but I don't think they ever really knew what they wanted to do with him. And on paper especially in season 1, his criticisms don't sound all that different from Greg or Heather.
  6. S10.E12: Peaches Be Trippin'

    I feel like Kroy won the battle and lost the war when he aligned himself with Kim. Connecting with Kim probably helped him extend his mediocre football career. However, Kim is all id and boundless need. She only takes and cannot give except for the 6 kids she shackled Kroy with for the rest of his life. At this point, I feel like he stays by her side because he doesn't want to admit that he fucked up or that the two of them have a quasi folie a deux with a shared persecution complex.
  7. Nicole was also a top 4 finalist of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist produced by Sarah Jessica Parker and aired on Bravo. It definitely got decent press during her season and was always covered by New York Magazine because their art critic, Jerry Saltz, was one of the judges.
  8. S08.E09: That Was Weird

    As is your right. I just think stuffed animals as decor is unsettling. Natural causes or not.
  9. RPDR: In The Media

    Thanks for posting this. Though, I do question any inclusion of opinions from Tyra, who is objectively terrible. However, I've always been perplexed by Pearl's success because I've always thought she was laziest stankest queen on her season and honestly would have been one of the top 5 assholes on any season. Though exploration of the Kennedy/Katya and Nina/Valentina lip synchs was/is compelling because it's pretty clear that Katya and Valentina lost those battles fair and square. However, some of the Katya and Valentina fans don't seem to see or understand that. I'm also still perplexed that Shea could come out with a bunch of really good singles and get overlooked by that abomination that is CLAT. Furthermore, there seems to be no awareness from some of the queens about the contributions from queens of color for developing essential art forms like voguing, reading, and shade.
  10. S03.E04: All Stars - Snatch Program

    I think this is why they've built in whatever is going on with Chad and Alaska. As Project Runway and Top Chef have realized, sometimes gameplay can knock worthwhile contestants out of the competition. Those shows built in mechanisms to bring contestants back via Tim Gunn's Save and Last Chance Kitchen respectively.
  11. Season 2 Discussion

    Freeform has made a colossal mistake with this show. Last season was only tolerable because they dumped the whole season online so it was easy to miss how ponderous it was. Doling this out week after week really highlights how slow and boring this story is.
  12. S03.E04: All Stars - Snatch Program

    Plus Phaedra is a closet sex freak too. She was so intent on hooking up with her ex-husband, that she went to his halfway house when he was on probation. She hired that stripper who could suck his own penis for Kandi's birthday. She loved to go the strip club with her husband and the other women. Phaedra could have been a hilarious choice. I never noticed this about Thorgy, but now that you and @ClareWalks brought it up I can't unsee it. Maybe it's because classical music isn't the most diverse environment. It's definitely concerning.
  13. Well Vanderpump Rules has had glowing write ups in the New York Times, the New Yorker, and Vanity Fair. It's a lot of people's favorite guilty pleasure. Also it's part of Andy's job to pimp out Bravo shows. WWHL grew out of his Housewives blog on Bravo.
  14. Too bad Tom and Luann didn't work out. They really are the same person. https://pagesix.com/2018/02/16/cops-investigating-luanns-ex-tom-after-drink-throwing-scuffle/amp/
  15. S08.E09: That Was Weird

    First, not everyone is on the Erika hate train. Secondly, it's considered de rigueur to thank your host and let them know that you're leaving. There's nothing complicated or fake about it. That's what grown bitches do. I mean really. Erika snuck out like a thief in the night--like she stole something. It was completely unnecessary because she was on the right side of things this time.