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  1. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Late to the discussion but just wanted to add one thing about brother/murderer/prisoner/lothario. In grad school part of my internship involved visiting a prison (the other half was visiting a mental hospital but that's another story for another day) where we'd get our counseling chops by talking and assessing the mental health of prisoners. I maintained my professional demeanor because I had no interest whatsoever in someone whose dating habits included a three-inch plexiglass wall but I also had a mentor who was miles ahead of inmate in the prison system. He knew what to look for and what to look out for....I was not bamboozled by the inmates but one of my fellow grad students was getting a little too chummy with an inmate. Nothing happened but when our supervisor noticed it - she pulled her out of the program immediately. Point being, while in prison the inmates have time. Time to perfect their 'act' with family members and all those women who are looking for someone who isn't going to stray. Couple that with a double-wide trailer, a few candles and sweet talk and it's no wonder there are kids running around without a participating dad and family members who will swear on a stack of bibles their relative is as innocent as a Shirley Temple movie. Plaintiff sister was one of many who travel to and from prisons on a weekly basis. It's just that in most of our worlds we don't encounter people like her. Another reason why I chose not to work for the court system.
  2. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    We could come to this conclusion Giant Misfit but then again this is Boston. Homeless people here carry fake Hermes (maybe I'm exaggerating a bit) but it could also be she thought I was from bunco and was going to nab her for possession of counterfeit goods. I will say though that my co-workers went with your assessment. They figured she had money since she had two cocktails and ordered something on a plate that made the other two ladies ooh and ahh and probably noticed me eyeing the purse. We did laugh (discreetly) when she moved it to the other side. Next time I won't be so obvious but that episode was fresh in my mind and I had prime opportunity to determine its authenticity. Or so I though.
  3. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Didn't you just love JJ's comment about how having four eggs in the morning is "too much cholesterol". I could be wrong but I don't think he caught on to her advice. "Basically"
  4. Testifying: Best litigant quotes.

    Names aside the collection of peoples looks like a casting call for Lord of the Rings. I never saw so many misshapened people in my life. But thanks bumface - it really is a hoot going down memory lane.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Our group went out to lunch today at a nice restaurant in Boston. We were celebrating the engagement of one of my co-workers and while there an older woman who was with a few other people had a Hermes bag. Or at least it appeared to be a Hermes. Her table was positioned a bit to my side so I kept sneaking glances to see the zipper and color to verify it's authenticity. I'm no expert by any means but the designer bag authenticator gave me a few tips. Anyway, to speed up this boring story of mine, she caught me looking at her bag and moved it to the other side so that I couldn't see it. Two more minutes and I was prepared to state my opinion on authenticity or fakery. Now, we'll never know.
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Whoa. What?
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Do you suppose she peered into the mirror above her vanity and declared "Why yes, yes I look fetching in my jaunty wig".
  8. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    Did you have a bad day? LOL!!!
  9. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    The visual of this is giving me severe heartburn.
  10. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    This woman doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting under 500 pounds.
  11. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    Well if you think about it - I'm sure it would fall in the category of heroic proportions.
  12. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    Only the best for princess Lisa.
  13. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    Just throwing this out there - How long do you suppose until they change the bedding of her sacred cocoon?
  14. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    TV Series idea.... Fat Chicks and the Normal Weight men who love them. (That's gold Jerry, gold!)
  15. S06.E07: Lisa's Story LIVE CHAT

    She's a bit of a complainer, isn't she?