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  1. Do it. If only for the pleasure of seeing the look of shock on Byrd's face when JJ tells him to 'get out the book and look up....'
  2. Snazzy SRTouch. Very, very snazzy. I just watched the jewelry tag screwup with emphasis on Doug's interaction with dense plaintiff and while munching on my tuna fish sandwich (I bought it, I am eating it and I'm loving every bite of it and have no intention of balking to Lee-the-deli-owner that I want my money back) and have solid advice for those who lose the's called Agree with Doug. No matter what - agree with Doug. Think the Judge gave you a shafting on the decision? It doesn't matter - agree with Doug. Feel that you should not have to pay for a fender-bender that clearly was the fault of the other driver? Don't reiterate your case in the hallway, accept it's over and -agree with Doug. Things go faster, look less awkward and certainly leave the viewer with a sense that you're a semi human being if you just agree with Doug. That's my advice to those thinking they can pull a fast one over on JM. Not going to happen. And her favorite gatekeeper Doug will defend her every single time. So for those attempting to make a point in the halterivew, or worse trash JM - don't even bother. It's not going to happen. And for those with heads like a cement block the phrase "it is what it is" means to loyal JM viewers that you're as guilty as sin so don't waste your breath with that overused stupid phrase. Now, back to tuna on whole wheat, a cup of tomato soup and club crackers.
  3. When's your birthday AuntJess? Boy, will you be surprised.
  4. Thank you Donut Bear. I am pulling up my gift list for this coming year and will have my shopping completed before the end of the night. Isn't my sister going to be pleased when she gets a NO BS mug for her birthday!!
  5. Crikey. I bet that's one genie who wishes he could stay in the bottle. This looks more like a senior citizen waiting for the LIFEALERT van to arrive after a too-long day at the beach rather than a gorgeous hunk of man worthy of nighttime dreams. Still shaking my head on this one.
  6. No Thrifty. Babs and Glen are Whitney's parents. There was an episode where Whitney was "schooling" her mother how to sext Glen (Babs' husband). Whatever sexing goes on between Babs and Glenn is their business but it just seemed all kinds of wrong with Whitney "overly enthused" about her mom sexting her dad. Can you just imagine delicate virginal bride Whitney in Pniana's Stripper Fairy gown? The fat hanging over the industrial strength boning would be out of control. From the back it would look like a coupla hams attached to the delicate lace.
  7. Just throwing this out. In my mind Colombo's wife would look more like Carol Ann Susi from The Big Bang Theory. Clumsy, like him. Certainly New Yorkish like him. But beautiful in an offbeat sort of way. Too bad we'll never know.
  8. Yes, the hairstyle. And don't forget the hat.
  9. The joke in my office is that PsychoKlown is not allowed to have a talking stick. They are afraid that I'll get so frustrated with everyone talking out of turn that I'll insert the stick in an area of the client that would require surgical precision to remove. I do not balk at that rule because I think they are exactly 100% correct.
  10. No Joh... I said I was serious. Just like now. I am wearing my serious klown face. Honest.
  11. I somewhat agree. But let's not overlook the fact that not only do they let her monetize her failure - they are well in the thick of it. Do we really need to hear about Babs sexting Glenn? Or (still not sure what it means) a poster hanging around with Glenn half naked? I was never in the Babs and Glenn fan club. I see the results of people who have been coddled and babied all their lives by their parents - then when the parents or parent drops dead the "kid" has no idea how to function. Babs and Glenn are clearly doing her no favors.
  12. To some people enough is never enough. But okay, let's assume you're correct. I still ask the question At what point does Babs and Glenn face the fact that they're whoring out their daughter so she doesn't occupy their spare bedroom and so that they don't have to dip into their substantial retirement income to support her?
  13. What?? Fill me in writerchick57. Here or pm me.
  14. Thank you Lovesnark. Your answer makes perfect sense. While I'm here, I never thought about him being abusive at the weight loss center. Very possibly. That, or they tried to do something "fresh" and the staff stopped that in its tracks.
  15. I watched this show on Tuesday because I was too tired to walk over to the remote to shut her off. If Whitney is an example of a Big Fat Fabulous Life .... I am more than content in keeping my Small, Thin, Mediocre Existence. At what point does TLC accept responsibility for taking advantage of a mentally challenged person? Better yet, at what point does Babs and Glenn face the fact that they're whoring their daughter for retirement money? There might be a reason her brother has very little to do with this sideshow...apparently he is the only one in that family who has a small shred of dignity.