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  1. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Amber's honesty was raw when she was telling the 2 wives of her insecurities... They both were slightly taken aback that grown woman was so fragile and insecure about her looks but rallied with the Halle Berry anecdote. They sincerely are cheer leading for her...Amber is truly her own worst enemy..... All the men who hurt Amber should be ashamed that they left her so scarred.... Believable that this is the hardest Dave has tried with a relationship...he is the type with a long string of gfs, none measured up....
  2. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Lunch with the Dodds...looked like a ABC sitcom family... Central casting selected them all for uniformity...even Amanda, Danielle's friend blended in... Bobby is so very happy. Danielle is happy. The Blands.....no drama not so fast.... Too bad Bobby Sr.'s now private SM was hate filled...think tiki torches. He creepily referred to Danielle's hotness....that's not what a FIL comments on...your son's hot wife....ick
  3. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Mia is shady. Her full face makeup is Molly 2.0 Don't like Mia's personality at all. She's not fun, funny, or has any sense of humor. Mia is unlikable...why are people so willing to forgive for lying? Heightened state of paranoia is the reason you lied..calling bull shit. She is so guarded that Tristan will tell them she's a stalker and a credit card frauder she can't relax and enjoy the couples' dinner. She got angry when Tristan opened up to Dave and told him the truth...that he doesn't love Mia and doesn't trust her... She doesn't like that Tristan is speaking out of turn...Tristan was sending Dave a ...help me.....signal.... Big mistake on Mia's part: Mia's I love yous ring hollow to Tristan because she says them as purely a tool of manipulation. Mia played the sex card too soon because it isn't buying Tristan's devotion and silence... Sex isn't curing his lack of trust in his lying liar wife... Mia miscalculated that sex would buy his complicity and he would buy into her version of the truth...but nope.... Goober...hopefully you sleuthed Mia into more lies....enough to open Tristan's eyes to realize that he will never trust Mia enough to stay married to her Tristan has his exit...opening a business in Houston. Mia not wanting to leave Dallas will be hers.... Will they both bail on Decision Day?
  4. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Unfiltered... Pastor Cal, Amber, Bobby JamieO, camera hog is back... she's so annoying.......her rambling and chewing up camera time is irritating...... Bobby is Mr. Perfect Husband. He is quiet and funny, not showy. He would get rid of Nellie if he had to for Danielle. Don't think Danielle would get rid of Henry for Bobby....but she would feel very bad choosing Henry. Amber is less nervous when Dave isn't around. She really does have a good humor about herself...gf spends serious $$$ on her lotions and potions...serums..antiwrinkle creams... Pastor Cal was chill...probably said less than 50 words.
  5. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    On behalf of Rocks in Boxes, the consensus is....Tristan has shit for brains.....
  6. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    Why can't anyone tell Tristan he has shit for brains?
  7. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    JamieO will have to be tased and dragged out of the Lifetime studio...her heels dug in and her fingers latched onto the door frame....she knows this is the 14th minute of her 15 minutes of fame.....wonder if she has finagled her way onto the 2 spin off shows.....
  8. S7.E7: I Want an Equal Partner

    JamieO did such a good job the last 2 weeks of Unfiltered.. nothing like self sabotage to end that streak.....
  9. Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    Snooty McSnoot not getting paid to do the show...hahahaha...the TLC checks better be made out to Mr and Mrs McSnoot.....
  10. https://www.romper.com/p/where-is-mia-from-married-at-first-sight-from-shes-a-texan-girl-10105444 https://www.romper.com/p/where-is-tristan-from-married-at-first-sight-from-he-hopes-to-build-a-life-with-his-new-wife-10097696 Rehash of the SOS.
  11. S07.E11: Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret

    Jinge is used to getting steamrolled by Jessa and her sisters so instead of out shouting them she just waits until they are done bossing the herd and she snaps the photo..... Jinge goes along to get along....
  12. S07.E11: Jinger and Jeremy’s Little Secret

    Jana doesn't want to teach, Chelle is too medicated and addled... so who is going to give the little kids their inadequate and minimal schooling?.....3 grade reading level, ciphering on their toes and fingers? They're lucky someone who is willing to do.
  13. Does anyone think Dave chose Jessica Biel as his celeb fantasy to mess with Amber's head? What probably started as an innocent thread of conversation, Amber turns it as criticism against her...she is furiously is making a molehill into a mountain.... Having to constantly reassure someone is exhausting... Dave isn't that guy... Tristan is that guy....
  14. https://www.romper.com/p/where-is-tristan-from-married-at-first-sight-from-he-hopes-to-build-a-life-with-his-new-wife-10097696 Mia has Tristan dancing around the truth now.....like their staycation was the plan all along...
  15. https://okmagazine.com/videos/married-at-first-sight-couples-confront-tristan-mia-over-missing-cancun-honeymoon-video/ Bobby, in your grandpa Augusta National Masters golfing shirt calling out the elephant in the room in your TH. Dave, takes the bull by the horns and asks for the story as directed by the producers at the location.... Mia as usual is all tucked up under Tristan's body...give him some room, woman....clingy gets old quick....