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  1. S02.E06 Part VI

    The was some date, Feb. 20, 2002, and if Feb. becomes month 02, the date is 02202002
  2. S09.E03: Feng Shui & The Golden Nook

    This was a rare episode where both room were likable, a real TS treat.
  3. All Episodes Discussion

    The lack of activity on this forum is a sad testimony of how the show had fallen apart.
  4. Bet that the paycheck from the show was quite sizable compared to their regular jobs as a gym owner and dietician/t-shirt model.
  5. Just watched Season 8 Episode 5, Stone Cold, with Adam and Samantha. Since they pulled Adam it is likely we see him again. He was a pretty nice fellow, and Sam proved to be very effective after she decided to take some initiative. It looked like there were two Space Blankets provided for the pair. Not suggesting it wasn't necessary, but just something we saw in this episode that violates to imaginary "one item and a burlap bag" guidelines. They were on about day 18 when the end came. Glad to see them so cordial after their hospital stay before they left Croatia. She seemed to accept him even though he did not fit her idea of an Alpha.
  6. "Nick and his Section 8 bs" The Section 8 Yacht Club is more than a clothing company, it's a philosophy. Can N8 offer that?
  7. Just watched S8/Ep03 with Sarah and Duck. Another wonderful couple in the jungle of Belize. Sarah was pretty clear in her talking heads to the camera crew that she did not think Duck had much to offer as far as knowing how to survive in Belize, but thoughtfully we never saw her discuss her opinion with Duck himself. I sure appreciated Duck's attitude, but think it would wear me down about the 2nd day together. Really enjoying Season 8 so far with partners who get along pretty well. Sure wish Disco and Comcast would get their crap together for OnDemand.
  8. S04.E08: Flare-Up

    That really damages my perception of the show.
  9. S04.E06: Thicker Than Water

    The quitter said his 'family will know I chose them over money' which only make sense if his family would vanish when he receives his winnings. If he were talented enough to win, winning would not mean his family would vanish.
  10. S04.E06: Thicker Than Water

    I am insulted when they show me the cliffhanger after the advertisements that they used to tease me to keep watching. It does double the time value of the clip as you mention. Wonder if they knew there were only 2 other pairs left if they would be putting forth the effort . Here it's something like day 15, and they may be thinking this will go on as long as last season. They seem like they would do it because they value preparation and like to be busy.
  11. S04.E05: Double or Nothing

    The father/son team seems offer a lot of positive reinforcement to each other. Wonder if they discuss that when they are setting up the cameras.
  12. They were both on season 1 of XL. They both had challenging partners in their regular season episodes. Dani Julien is one of my all-time fav's. (Chick with a stick) It seems like the focus until the new season starts is to feature episodes with people who participated in XL. Saw Lacey's (from most recent XL) original episode along with that poop Russell's original episode.
  13. S04.E04: The Last Mile

    Totally agree with this. Seems difficult for the campers to know when the hikers would arrive. Personally would not have thought it would take this many days to hike 10 miles.
  14. Naked and Afraid XL Season 3

    Was strange to see so many of the 12 participants did not finish the 40 day challenge. Guessing they wanted each season to have 4 representatives and not everyone can get away for the event. AA, they continued the back-patting during the 2nd half hour. Eva was a big part of that as was SL Hall Jr. Lacey interjected how she felt like a failure not completing the 40 days, and how much she respected those who finished. Surprised to see the clip where Jeff was exposed as a dick in season 1, of course he explained it away with the demands of survival living. Was interesting to see them with a bit more fat on their bodies.