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  1. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Craig is 40% looks, 30% Gizmo, 20% kindness and 10% some kind of personality disorder. I love him but I wish he could be Thomas´ lawyer. TRav is the only one (and JD maybe?) that I´d wish "Craig the lawyer" upon. But seriously, I really hope Craig will heal and come into his own soon, there is something seriously wrong with him. But he is a beautiful, charming, smart and kind man who should be able to have a good life. Kathryn is another favorite of mine that I´m seriously happy for. Crossing my fingers that Craig will be the next Kathryn :) I´m also so happy for Cameran, hopefully she´ll have more children, but even if she won´t, she has a beautiful child and she´s the greatest charmer :)
  2. The speed-dating was one of the best things I´ve ever seen on a Housewives show, I think, like ever (no accounting for my bad memory nor over excitement about stuff like this). Luann trying on dresses was the second best segment of the episode, she is so stunning.
  3. I´ve always hated Janet, she just gets worse and worse, but she´s someone that I like to hate. She so nuts and deranged, in a fun way. Gina is my fave, simply because this group has always tried to gang up on her to bring her down since season 1. They rotate, one leaves and another one takes it´s place, but Janet´s minions are always so vile, lame and nasty to her, without any real results. Jackie has the best body I´ve ever seen, BUT-HER-FACE... that´s something else and she looked straight up ugly this season. She´s got an awful personality, loud and annoying, although kind of smart, but the angels stuff is so cringy and horrible. This is the first season that I didn´t hate Lydia, so yay for that I guess. Gamble was amazing when she was singing to her wolfie. I wish she and Gina would become friends again, they both behaved badly and should apologize to each other and try to leave the past in the past.
  4. I wanted to say this last week but never got around to it, but it´s just as true for this week so here goes: I don´t think Becca is boring at all! I didn´t really like her when she was on Aries season, so never understood why he fell for her like that, but now I´m getting it. She´s very pretty, beautiful even, and I like her confidence. I loved her whole lumberjack thing, that was a hoot. I don´t understand her taste in men though, unless she picks Leo... I found the male model funny for the first couple of weeks but I´m bored of him now. And I can´t stand Lincoln, even though he is a flat-earther (how silly and wtf???).
  5. S05.E10 Family Ties 2018.06.07

    Craig is my everything (on tv), and I could sustain on him just making cat-pilllows and telling his therapist that he´s a fantastic manipulator who constantly lies (he´s so cute). But in reality, I almost forget Craig when it comes to Ashley and Thomas. They are like a scary movie, a scary movie that I would feel compelled to go on imdb to vote up. I think if a spirit was to visit Thomas and ask him if he wished he could get together with Kathryn as a family and Ashley never happened, he would say yes. Their kids are great and they certainly share their mother´s looks.
  6. S05.E09: Hilton Head-Ache 2018.05.31

    I actually think they hate her too little and managed to show amazing restraint. I almost feel sorry for Thomas, being stuck with her, hehe. He obviously hates it/her so much, but he´s playing the chicken long game :) And for an old, rich dude who´s starting to sprout a big drunk belly like him, nothing is as "bottom of the barrel" as crazy Ashley. He scored the hot, good on paper, crazy one alright! Someone here said she reminds of a lifetime movie nutjob, and that is very spot on. Thank God Kathryn and the kids have this all on tape, who knows where they´d be if they didn´t! And yes, I think she´s one step above just hurting pets, friends of the main heroine and such, she should never be allowed around the children :( Tbh, I´ve always liked Kathryn, but mostly for her crazy ways. She is fun to watch and brings the drama. And she´s neither mean nor evil. She´s like a beautiful, tortured, immature dog who´ll bite sometimes. But now she´s getting healed and she´s just as great as her true friend Craig (and maybe Shep) dared to hope she´d be. I´m so glad for her to be a part of this group. I also want to thank stupid Landon, if it wasn´t for her bullying, the others would never have seen how agreeable Kathryn actually is, considering. She´s NOOOOO saint, but in real life she would never have lost custody of her kids except for Thomas going so hard on her. It´s all very messed up, but in the end it was to her benefit and hopefully she will get the kids 80-100% of the time one day. With Ravenell money ;)
  7. S06.E20: Lost Cause

    I finally got around to watching this episode, it´s barely started but I noticed in the scene where FI and Ariana are hanging out with Billie, there was a cute cat who took a seat next to Ariana on the sofa, and started "gizmoing" it up. He was pretty cute and I just wanted to give him some love. He seemed very interested in the discussion they were having.
  8. S05.E06: Exes on the Half Shell

    There are so many dog-people on these shows and it´s gotten boring, so I wish Craig would just take a firm stand on being a cat-person. I think Patricia would have liked it if he had come straight out the gate with just doing a cat pillow. I´m sure dog things sell more, but Craig needs to just get 100% on board with cats. He should also get a cat so we could have scenes with him chilling with a cat and asking his cat for advice and stuff. We all know that Gizmo was probably the driving force behind Craig taking the bar exam and investing in real-estate etc. And even though Naomi sucks now, we should remember that it was thanks to her that we got to see the amazing quality tv of Craig and Gizmo.
  9. Eating meat and wearing fur are completely different though. Anti-fur people do (rightly so) judge people a lot for supporting that industry, but vegetarians, even the hard-core ones will not be as bothered by other people´s food choices. Making friends with someone who does lab experiments on animals or loves to wear fur will be impossible for most animal welfare supporters, while interacting as friends with those who love eating hamburgers or even those who hunt their own food is okay for most. However, I understand and agree with you that we don´t know where Beth stands now, or if she ever was all that committed or not. Her social circle probably involves extremely many rich "ladies" who enjoy their disgusting furs, and it was probably easiest to just let that stuff go. I should not judge her for that.
  10. I remember when Bethenny was an animal rights activist, she did a naked photo-shoot for PETA on one of the earliest seasons. But she also had a friend who was wearing fur all the time, so I guess she was wishy washy at best. Every time I like a housewife there comes a point where she will wear a gigantic fur to some event (I don´t know about Lisa Vanderpump, she´s the only one I think would never wear real fur no matter what).
  11. S05.E05: Pulp Friction

    It´s weird seeing things play out like this since Naomi seemed like such a catch last season. She really had the upper hand, and I´m saying that as Craig´s biggest fan ;) I didn´t like how mean she was to him but it seemed like she made sense. Now we´re seeing that this was not the case at all. Craig had a very lucky escape, I will be extremely disappointed if he ever gets back together with her, he deserves MUCH better. A mellow guy like Craig can benefit from having a partner that´s more driven, but it really was never about that with Naomi, she´s got some darkness in her that I think would have turned (more) abusive. I´m going to wish her the best at figuring out how to live her life and interact with people, and hope for her sake that this is just a (long, bat-shite crazy) phase that she will grow out of.
  12. S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I thought this season was okay-ish. I honestly can´t remember much of season 2... don´t know why, I don´t even remember if I hated it or not, what sticks out in my mind is Quinn and Rachel laying on lounge chairs at the end, and some orgy scene in the beginning. So I didn´t really have much feeling going into season 3. I found some episodes fun, I liked Serena sometimes. She should have either been a lot more socially awkward, or like a rough business woman. She was very wishy-washy the whole way through. Like, was she confident or not? I don´t know. She never took anything seriously, it would have been fun if she was all dead serious and allowed Rachel to produce everything to the max, just to get someone good to marry her. Bland is too strong a word to use for the ending of the season. And they totally wasted all the stalker potential with the doctor, which is unforgivable. And actually, I´m not very fond of the Rachel character at all, but I love Chet and Quinn, they´ve got silly super-villain vibes. For me the best part of the show has always been the Everlasting non-sense, so hopefully by Rachel being the "suitress" (ugh) that will take center-stage and make Unreal great again. ETA: I really hope the pilot that Madison did won´t be mentioned ever again. I hate the word "adulting", it just sounded awful and really crap.
  13. My darlings have been on point for the last two episodes! I´m loving Bethenny; her bf; her th´s; her house, etc.
  14. S05.E04: All Talk No Action

    If Craig was my EX boyfriend I would be a PEG too... But seriously, how great was it to see Kathryn hanging out with the girls? I really want her to succeed, she has her whole life in front of her, so much time to drink wine responsibly etc. She is starting to grow up, and she´s already far ahead of Thomas. Ashley (TRav´s girlfriend) looks like a mesh-up of all the regular girls, with an extra heavy dose of Landon. Not saying it because I don´t like her, she actually seems okay. This episode made me like almost everybody. Still hate JD though (and I doubt that will ever change).
  15. Mid-way through this episode my opinion of Teddy had grown 10x, and my opinion of Dorit shrank 100x. It was really dramatic. LVP did at one point try to reign Dorit in on something, but at that point I think they just wanted to laugh and watch her burn. Andy was really channeling the host from Hotwives of Orlando!!!