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  1. Krystal isn´t cute. She´s the nastiest wtf I´ve ever seen on this show. And that´s saying a lot. I wasnt keen on Bibiana but since she was the only one who dared confront Krystal I saw that there was a lot there. Wherever Krystal´s brother is I say "fly pretty bird fly". Krystal is like a bad fairy stepmother whose changed bodies with a beautiful girl. She´s not normal. The constant fake smiling and hair-tossing looks unnatural and her voice effects are pure evil. Run Arie, run!
  2. I´ve actually been enjoying this season a bit so far (only 3 episodes in, that´s not that big of a deal) and it´s been a long time since I could watch RhoBH without a bad feeling in my stomach, but anyway, I really have to talk about the thing that really made this episode special, and that was darling little Jagger. He was having so much fun at the dinner, just beaming from ear to ear and his comments about bad guys were hilarious.
  3. It would be great to be able to say none to the first question, I ended up picking Taylor since she is slightly less boring and less horrible than the rest, hehe. I like Joyce but she wasn´t very fun. If Eileen, Yolanda or Brandi were to return I would for sure disown this show. Kim and Carlton are not welcome either and Adrienne has started to look scary, but she was my pick for friend.
  4. The sad thing is that she didn´t really need to make up story lines or involve herself in fights, or become a hanger-on. She´s married to a famous actor, is a known B-actress herself, has all the lifestyle needed for a show like this, "model" daughters/brats and is a really crazy character. She just messed it all up, like one of her soap characters would (especially the one on Melrose place, that´s the only role I remember her in) and I doubt she can salvage it. When she started the whole Lyme-Gate her mistake was to not own it because that was cool, she was in the right trying to knock Yolanda down with the whole made-up illness. Trying to blame someone else (especially Lisa V, what a disaster move) was just shitty (and yes, just one of a whole lot of shitty things she did).
  5. Basically what I mean is that if this was Rinna´s first time she would be an awesome housewife addition, I remember all too well how awful she did turn out, but I feel like underneath all that she is pure gold (so that would be gold covered in shit by now). Of course the queen herself snarks better than everyone else, I just think Rinna was so funny when they were having the banter in the car ride, and I´ve noticed that this season she always has great comebacks. She´s very quick on her feet.
  6. Rinna has been terrific since this season started, I really want to forget the stuff that has gone on before with her, because she is incredibly funny and snarky.
  7. Sorry, but, if Krystal´s parents are as fake and annoying as she is then I can imagine why her brother wanted to go "missing". Chelsea is cold, mean and aggressive, if she´s like this on the first night it will just get worse. Bekah looked really good in a cartoonish way but in her intro video she had the worst skin I have ever seen on tv. Nisha (?) has the worst body of all time (for a bachelor contestant). I hope it´s a good sign that there isn´t a lot of "the most shocking bachelor season of all time" being exclaimed. There must be some interesting and nice women in this huge bunch.
  8. I´m sorry but Venus is seriously unattractive. She´s also scary with that huge mouth/lips and contacts. I can´t decide what to think about her personality because I only see the weird non-human look she has and then she keeps talking about how beautiful she is etc.
  9. I never watched the Sopranos for a whole episode, but once I decided to turn on the tv and watch something at random because me and my friend had nothing better to do, and lo and behold, that rape scene was happening and it´s the most awful thing I have ever seen on tv. Seriously, not because it was bad but because it was so shocking and brutal. I´ve always hated the Sopranos since then. But I guess it would be considered tame now. But back on topic, I didn´t think MH did anything emmy worthy with her acting either, and the guest star just did good, nothing that special really, but definitely better than MH.
  10. This is so true. I´ve never really liked Rollins but her-centric episodes with her evil mom and crazy, stupid sociopath sister were awesome. They made me so angry, but they were exciting. This episode was better than all of last seasons eps, and most of this seasons, but that´s not saying much. It still sucked and was completely boring, awful and strange. The creepy incest would be great on a better episode (how weird to be writing that? lol) The saddest thing is that Benson used to be so cool... Don´t you remember? She had an interesting backstory, she was a very strong woman and a good cop. And the team was great (I love Barba and Carisi, but it´s not like I need to see them every weak, they don´t carry the show). BUt it´s been many years since it all turned to shite. I feel like we hear about Benson´s dad even more than NOah, seriously, it´s so far-fetched that someone in her position would be constantly talking about her "dad" the rapist. Let it go show! Not that I care honestly, I only continue to watch because SVU was good once, a long time ago, back in the day. Now I only tune in to see how awful and stupid the story is going to be.
  11. Alexis was the fun kind of stupid. I found her very likable after the rest of the women turned on her, because it was so undeserved (like she was never the most shallow, mean, stupid, crazy or materialistic, not even close), but their criticism of her still made some sense, and letting her answer for it a bit was fun/cringy to watch. She always tried her best to act like a christian and there have been moments in the past few season when I felt she was sorely missed. I would take her over Kelly, Lydia and Peggy any day (not to mention Vicky but the reason for not wanting her back are different). "Rich" and clueless, with some mean on the side is what I want to see most in a show like this. Not just full on psycho, cruel, mind-numbingly stupid yet boring shite.
  12. You are right, and I agree with you, but still, Danielle was a beautiful train-wreck. It didn´t feel good to enjoy watching her as much as I did, but I must admit that I liked her crazy stuff. At least I would have kept her instead of the revolving door of boring cast mates who never worked out, season after season. I really felt bad for her kids but other than that, she was amazing. Psycho, but amazing. Hopefully she has gotten some help and it won´t end badly, this time.
  13. I can just imagine Jodi and Siggy running around screaming/talking together, having the best of time. Or spitting and cursing in public at someone they don´t like. They have that in common, they are the sort of people to never forget, never forgive and they go all out when it comes to petty vengeance. I can´t wait for Margaret to leave Shiddy (and Dolores) in the dust, I would much rather have Jodi on than them. I must admit that I didn´t keep up with last season that much, I couldn´t really tell anyone apart except for Jac, Teresa and Melissa, the other ones just blended together (and having had that problem with the twins´ season too, I just couldn´t force myself to try to be excited). I´m sure Siggy and Dolores were terrible then as well.
  14. Wow so Jody, Margaret and Siggy all have a connection? I´m blown away. I forgot that Margaret was supposed to be some kind of friend of Siggy in the beginning. She is just handling everything so well, she isn´t shy and she keeps up with the drama without shit-stirring (so far, maybe she´ll be flipping tables at seasons end). I don´t get why Sig and Dol would want to go so far out of loyalty to Jacqueline but it does make sense non the less, as an explanation.
  15. Since the beginning of this season my hatred of Siggy has been steadily growing. She is obnoxious, she is stupid, she is loud, she is horrible etc etc. I guess the hatred (and her persona) peaked in episode 5 when she was screaming at the dinner for the restaurant. She doesn´t have a connection with reality nor a sense of her inner self, and I think she´s even worse than Jody from the real housewives of vancouver. That is saying a lot, since I´ve hated very many housewives throughout all the franchises but no-one has ever come close to Jody when it comes to being nasty, crazy and vile. But Jody had "something" that was slightly (or even a lot) more tolerable than what Siggy is bringing to the table. Jody´s crazy was more fun to watch, and her loudness & rudeness came into play during a specific time or place (not just everywhere like with Siggy). Margaret on the other hand is one of the best new housewife additions in a long time. I even like her pigtails and I´ve never had a problem with them even though she´s considered by most to be to old for them. I think they make her look cute (as the older lady that she is). My dream for this season is that someone will knock Siggy out cold the next time she starts being loud. And when it comes to Danielle and Dolores´s feud, then I´m 100% team Danielle. In fact, I want to bet that if anyone has what it takes to knock out Siggy, it is her.