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  1. If, say, someone were to ask me: "How come you love The Gang so much?" now thanks to this episode I can simply say "check out s13e05 and you´ll find out". Those twins make my dreams come true, with their dark but beautiful charm. And Frank in the woods by the tree-stump, with the hidden porn... I´m swooning. Mac and Charlie beating up those awful kids, please stop, don´t be so perfect. Happy ending, with Dennis feeling his 80´s music, say no more.
  2. Season 8 Discussion

    Here are a few of my observations about the show from the last 2 seasons up to the latest episodes: I absolutely hate so much about Dawn, especially when she was cruel to Tanya and calling her "dickhead" over and over again. That was so cringy and off, made me want to turn the whole thing off honestly, and yet, she is often okay too and she has a beautiful family, home and her husband is one of the hottest on all the franchises. I don´t like muscles but he is just a good looking man and he and Dawn seem good together, even if she is a huge bitch and he is so nice. Now on to the thing that sparked my need to write: Rachel´s husband. He is a very strange mixture of "creepy and cute". I don´t think I´ve ever seen anything like it. Every time he is on screen I get chills from his creepiness and yet something about him is so relaxing and cute (not in a "hot" way, more like he´s a gentleman from another era, or a ghost). Rachel definitely married the right man for her looks because when she stands next to her husband she looks like a stunning, glamorous and bubbly woman, but when she´s with the other women she just looks okay. But she is better looking imo than Perla. I´m defnintely not getting the femme fatale about her. Give me Ester for that role any day. Speaking of, Ester is my favorite, she is a cartoon but she´s so big and stunning. I love her over the top silliness. It´s like she never knows what is going on but the other women are always angry with her over something (on and off screen) and talk about her like she´s some diabolical social media enthralling mastermind. I hope she´ll be bringing something more to the table soon. No wait, Tanya is my favorite. She´s a genuine Cheshire rose. I´m kind of waiting for the whole crew to mesh, I´m not sure they will. I´m really glad that they got rid of Stacy and the other one though, but maybe they don´t need to be so many.
  3. S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    I think the judges have lost it. Wtf. I mean how could that seahorse turn out so crappy? The dragon looked good, only an extremely tiny fragment of the population would notice some anatomical inconsistencies with it (due to it being an obscure fantasy animal on a wrist) while most over the age of 6 could actually do a better tattoo than the lady who made the sea-horse.
  4. I am a saved christian but I was completely 100% team Gina when she told the beasts that she doesn´t believe in "the" God, just "a god" and they started pearl clutching. Frankly I was disgusted by their act. I like Kelly okay but jeez, she should not be displaying herself as a believer, it´s embarrassing for us. Vicky is worse. I believe that Tamra is saved, I don´t think she´s lying about her faith, but making faces and acting superior and upset when someone says they are not a christian is idiotic and I place that scene in the "my top 10 angriest moments on the O.C" list. I hope Gina gets saved someday, and I hope Vicky gets lost, she´s going to hell that´s for sure. The Bible says (romans 2) that pagans (or atheists) can have good morals, it´s something (not all) people feel inside a.k.a a moral compass, and while some so-called believers routinely act stupid and wrong, a pagan can at the same time do what God wants much better because of their natural morals. Vicky has no idea what the Bible actually says about anything. And she has NO morals. I´m not counting Emily among the beasts, she acted like a nice person. I just hated the discussion about Gina´s divorce, it was cringy, this divorce is so strange and I don´t want to try to understand it. Tamra was the only one to say that it´s not their business, but it was a little too late, since poor Gina had already fled from the table. They were all judging her for what they did themselves, i.e not trying to make their marriages work and wanting something better (I excuse Shannon from that, she´s the only one). Gina´s husband has effectively left her already, and they try to claim that she´s just getting divorced for fun? I just cant.
  5. S07.E08: Clash the Persians

    I fancy Nema.
  6. Loved this episode, did not see the twist coming. I feel like the whole plot was really loose and "meh" until the twist was revealed and then it was all suddenly cinched together in a masterful way. I love the direction this season has taken, even though the other episodes haven´t all been as clever as this one was, there has still been an underlying current of "climate" and all the sjw nonsense that makes it really relevant, no matter which side people belong to.
  7. I loved hearing Dee say "soy-boy beta-cuck" :) And when the waitress called Dee a nerd when she calculated how many bottles of wine would be equal to 70 beers. I was so sure that Artemis had mixed something a lot more sinister into her tea than "just" ayahuasca.
  8. For the first time I´m literally angry at Shannon, why did she have to go there about cats? I noticed that Cameron in Dallas (the boring pink Barbie) has a cat and a dog, that´s a big bonus for her where I´m concerned. Cats are the best, they´re so wonderful, true friends, easy to live with etc etc, and people who talk badly about them (or the men who love them) need to check themselves. Urrrrr.
  9. I love Shane and Kelly. They´re both so awesomely horrible, yet kind of adorable, in the craziest way. It was obvious that Shane and Steve had a love at first sight bromance. Steve was literally glowing when the "ladies" were arriving at the party, and I was wondering who was with him and putting that genuine happy smile on his face, and then whoever was in the way moved aside and of course, it was adorable Mr. Emily. He´s never like this with Vicky, more like the opposite.
  10. S05.E08: Week 5: Part 1

    I don´t like Colton and can´t really think of a worse candidate for the Bachelor but it´s guaranteed to bring the cringe, and that is exactly why I will probably be watching his season. Wrong reasons all the way!!! A part of me feels really sorry for him, there is foreshadowing of so much awkwardness and not even a tiny glimmer of hope that anything remotely romantic or interesting will happen. But it will definitely be something to see when the women have to pretend to like him despite all his issues. I think I have found the perfect way to describe Kevin, he´s "caveman pretty".
  11. S05.E07: Week 4: Part 2

    Paradise always turns my favorites (Kendall, Leo etc) into creeps :( The only one immune this time around is Kevin, but no curse can affect his awesomeness. The weird thing is that sometimes Paradise also turns things around the other way, like with Crystal. Benoit had already been completely ruined for me during the winter games,after his psycho declarations of love. I watched him and Kevin compete on the Bachelorette Canada and he was my favorite (I still knew all along that Kevin would win though). Benoit is very attractive physically, and he was always so nice and interesting. But nope, had to go act like a psycho.
  12. S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    As much as I liked Kenny, I agree with this 100%!
  13. S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

    Kevin is a real alpha male.
  14. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Craig is 40% looks, 30% Gizmo, 20% kindness and 10% some kind of personality disorder. I love him but I wish he could be Thomas´ lawyer. TRav is the only one (and JD maybe?) that I´d wish "Craig the lawyer" upon. But seriously, I really hope Craig will heal and come into his own soon, there is something seriously wrong with him. But he is a beautiful, charming, smart and kind man who should be able to have a good life. Kathryn is another favorite of mine that I´m seriously happy for. Crossing my fingers that Craig will be the next Kathryn :) I´m also so happy for Cameran, hopefully she´ll have more children, but even if she won´t, she has a beautiful child and she´s the greatest charmer :)