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  1. Mid-way through this episode my opinion of Teddy had grown 10x, and my opinion of Dorit shrank 100x. It was really dramatic. LVP did at one point try to reign Dorit in on something, but at that point I think they just wanted to laugh and watch her burn. Andy was really channeling the host from Hotwives of Orlando!!!
  2. All Episodes Discussion

    I don´t need proof, much less demand it ;)
  3. The first two eps this season have bored me to tears like no other RH show ever has. It´s strange because NY is pretty consistently my number 2, behind BH. Even though last season was terrible, I still held out hope. I´m not very optimistic about things changing anymore, since I guess I´m just bored with the whole crew. I can´t stand watching Carole anymore, something about her just bores me more than anyone else, even though I have nothing against her per se, she´s not on my housewives hate-list or anything. Bethenny was so great years ago, when the show first started, but I can´t stand her anymore, she´s always just japping. I seriously wish they could get Aviva back on, keep Luann (maybe Ramona too), and Dorinda obviously since she´s the only one I truly am not yet bored with, get Alex back and... or maybe the show has ran it´s course for me.
  4. S05.E02: The Break Up Bunch Part 2

    Craig isn´t very driven in the traditional way (duh), his biggest talent is being incredibly handsome and a good friend to people on reality tv. That´s a decent job to have, while it lasts. He´s also extremely good at lounging about with a cat, doing eccentric things - so he´s a man of many talents. Even when he was outed for having lied about taking the bar etc, he managed to ride through it and come out on top, way above all the other men on SC. Granted, it should be almost no effort to have better morals and etiquette than the other guys, but Craig still has something special. I´d say it is his kindness.
  5. S05.E02: The Break Up Bunch Part 2

    I adore Craig.
  6. I just found out yesterday that I totally missed this season!
  7. Also, just have to mention this: The doctor who visited Dorit was like a sexier, thinner version of PK!
  8. That was actually weird. Personally I hate it when people allow me to talk and talk and open up (I seldom do) and then they forget everything I said straight after. My mother is like this, she is a very kind person but she never listens to me, everything I say just goes right past her and it hurts a lot. I on the other hand have a terrible memory of names and all that, but if people tell me anything I listen and I always remember what they were talking about and where we were when they told me. I might have to ask about some details like names but just hearing a certain name will bring back a memory of them talking about it. I think memory is just so different for people, and when people reach a certain age (around 50 give or take) it can start being strange. Not talking alsheimer´s but I know so many people around 60 with ridiculously bad memory. So I will give Kyle some benefit for this strange lapse. But I also get how Lisa would be annoyed by it. Talking about Lisa, she is just the best. I considered fast-forwarding through the cinema segment, but I didn´t. I just can´t take these videos that show the animals suffering in any way. I hate nothing more than child and animal cruelty. I admire Lisa and Ken so much for their activism. I used to be on twitter and had Ken on there, and he was always posting something about animal cruelty and he obviously cares a lot (he´s my favorite on any of these shows, such a great and fantastic man). I had a terrible nightmare the other day where I was reading Lisa´s biography and she hinted at hating cats, called them the world´s most terrible animals or something, and it felt awful. I´m a cat-person through and through, so that was pretty much not what I wanted to hear, lol.
  9. S22.E11: Week 10

    Arie is a disgusting idiot! OMG I´m totally not a part of the "bachelor nation" and I love wrong reasons everything, but I cannot get on board with this awful, awful mess. What was he thinking? It´s just... I have no clue what that was. It was so obvious that he wanted Lauren, so why did he send her home and become engaged to Becca? Sorry, I´m not asking for an answer, my mind is just blown trying to understand this. He chose to make himself look like the biggest fool by doing this. I always feel bad when I watch people doing cringy things, and this just blew up my cringy-ness scale. If my son did this to himself on tv, I honestly wouldn´t know how to handle it and I feel sorry for his family having to watch this after everything went so well (boring, but well) up to that point. I liked Arie´s season, I thought he was cute, cool, not too smart but just okay and now... He´s obviously the biggest dick in bachelor history and this thing with Lauren is the tackiest thing in said history. Yuck. And he was so ugly all through the break-up scene, he looked very off.
  10. S22.E07: Week 7

    I think this season has been spectacular in a very suddle way for me as a 70/30 wrong/right reasons viewer. There is just so much I can take of the villains, and having them win is the worst, so when he sent Krystal home it was amazing because she had already solidified her standing as the most awful and funniest person on the show ever. I couldn´t really take any more of Becca, I didn´t want to see her cringy and awful hometown visit, so even though a part of me loves that stuff, there´s always the 30 % who want´s it to go right. It might seem like we´re in for total dullness now but I´m not sure, I think the fact that Arie is "falling madly in love" with horrifyingly boring Lauren is even funnier than Krystal´s nonsense. I mean, wow, she is so boring, yet the show decided to torture us with her on two 1 on 1 dates back to back! I was mesmerized by her dullness but purked up when Arie left the table and then gave her a rose. My favorite is Kendall, I like her personality and looks but I think Tia and Arie look really great together. So basically I´m either rooting for him picking Tia or that he´ll pick Lauren and I´ll be totally dumbfounded and happy in a wrong reasons way.
  11. Vida

    I have to disagree, Joyce is way more horrible than Vida. We´ve seen too much of her evilness to try to claim otherwise. Kandi has always managed to fund her mother (and doesn´t say anything when she´s walked all over, lied to, stolen from etc) and has never broken out of the control, she became successful so it seems like her self-esteem isn´t as damaged, but that´s down to her personality, it doesn´t change how vile and awful her mother is. But you make some good points about Vida being more abusive than I realized, I just found her nagging quite funny at times. Always have felt for MJ though when Vida was being mean. They´re both damaged. I think Vida liked the fact that Tommy isn´t afraid of her.
  12. Vida

    Vida is the only "abusive" mother I´ve seen on tv that I like. She can´t help being a bitch but I get the feeling that she tries to be good sometimes and wouldn´t purposefully do anything evil like say Kandi´s mother does on RHoA.
  13. S02.E01: Passing the Torch

    I think she´s gorgeous and looks like Madchen Amick. I forgot this show last season and only saw the first couple of episodes. I´m so glad that there´s only one twin this time, I don´t like twins on reality shows for various reasons.
  14. S22.E05: Week 5

    I like this season a lot but this episode was rather dull. As much as I hate Krystal I do like having her around, and I guess the producers feel sort of the same way about her. There are so many sides to her craziness, it´s both frustrating and fun to watch. As I´ve said from the beginning, I hope her brother can remain hidden and "homeless", lol. Growing up with her around must have been unimaginable torment.
  15. S19.E12: Info Wars

    Barba is trash.