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  1. I'll give it a chance but I was really hoping for something about the Targs tbh.The children of the forest and the WW are the least interesting part to me.The age of heroes stuff sounds better tho.
  2. I think the fact that they framed Dany as wrong or too harsh when she was executing Tarlys could be a sign that she isn't endgame queen material.But also imo it could be just them continuing to show that she can be ruthless and all fire and blood sometimes which I'm not sure is supposed to be a bad thing when she can balance it with her merciful qualities and desire to help people.Plus they play with the mad queen,is she like her father hints sometimes as much as I don't believe they'll go through with it. It's true that they didn't frame Jon as in the wrong for executing Slynt or too harsh when he killed the NW members that stabbed him,including a child and that's a sign that the audience isn't supposed to question it.But the show constantly does that with Jon especially imo,they don't want him doing anything too unlikable or truly morally grey tho I don't think that's the case with book Jon.It could be a hint that he's true king material and the best possible option for the endgame but most of the time I feel it's just the show wanting at least one fully,more conventionally heroic type of character.
  3. I never got that either.Like what else was she supposed to do in a war when he refused every other option and stood there insulting her.It felt like the only difference was the fact that she used Drogon,like that's so cruel compared to any other way to execute someone.I get that it makes sense that a character that has dragons would be questioned on how they use them and how ruthless they would be but imo that was a pretty lame way to do it.And especially having Tyrion and Varys so appalled,I thought they came off looking like such hypocrites.
  4. Wow that is a lot sadder than the movies made it seem.I mean I didn't see Frodo's end in the movies as happy either tbh,being so changed and traumatized that he can't enjoy the life he wanted is pretty sad too. Tho if we're talking GoT parallels that just screams Bran to me,not as much Jon or Dany but they're a possibility too.
  5. I agree,if done well it can be a fitting ending.I also think they should have the same ending.Imo their fates have been tied so tightly together,they basically share the same position in the narrative so if one dies and the other lives it would be hard to avoid it feeling unbalanced and like one was used for the other to get what they want or need. Yeah that's why it's still a popular theory,because it's common in the books.But I always disliked that and thought that GRRM overused the dead mother trope.And it's easier to get over when it's just characters we don't know and never met but a main character we've been following for years it's much worse.I really hope Dany's storyline won't come down to that after waking dragons,conquering cities,freeing slaves,fighting the WW.It just doesn't feel right imo.It's like if Jon died of like a sickness during the long night.Sure it's possible that people get sick and die of complications but it's not exactly a great end for heroes built up over seven seasons.
  6. I didn't read the LoTR books and I haven't seen the movies in a long time so I don't really remember.But I didn't get the feeling that Sam took over from Frodo in that sense.He was always a sidekick,he never took over as the one true hero who saves everyone and Frodo survived,IIRC but he decided he can't live his old live anymore because he changed too much.Sam basically didn't have a problem going back to the life he wanted before,it didn't seem to me like him getting that ending came at expense of Frodo. With Jon and Dany it's two protagonists who share very similar and parallel journeys and who are presented as equally important.We've been beat over the head with all the together stuff in season 7.So to have Dany die in some lame way like childbirth or sacrifice so Jon can get a weapon that can beat the NK or anything in that vein and then end up with everything she earned would be pretty bad optics imo.It would make it seem like her purpose was to give him the resources he needs and potentially a kid as well and then die.They can come up with some ending where she dies and it doesn't make it seem that way and if they wanna kill her off I really hope they do.
  7. I agree there would be a backlash if Dany dies while Jon gets left with everything she had or fought for,her kid,her remaining army,her dragons,the throne.Especially if they would kill her off in a way like the nissa nissa theories or in childbirth.That might get as bad reactions as the Sansa/Ramsey stuff.I know I would be pissed off.I can deal with Dany dying but not with some ending that makes it look like she was just a placeholder for the true hero Jon.
  8. Yeah I was on Arya's side too but it felt like she was playing Sansa's antagonist and then her executioner.I just didn't think that whole storyline was for Arya's benefit,it was about Sansa and ending her story with LF.Her story basically stopped once she got to WF imo and I was so annoyed about that because Arya back home should have been done so much better and actually been about her and showed more of her POV. Good point,if a Stark was gonna die then it would happen in WF during that big battle.
  9. Oh yeah true,she could be involved in whatever happens to Cersei.But Cersei is basically a villain for everyone so I feel like a lot of people will be involved in her downfall and it won't be just an Arya or Arya and Sansa team up storyline.
  10. I'm starting to kinda worry about Sansa and she used to be on my survives for sure list.I hope the tweet and the crying aren't about the content of the scene and just Sophie being emotional it's all ending.I don't mind if Sansa has a smaller role next season,I think it fits and she already kinda finished her big story in the past two seasons. I'm so glad Arya seems like she will have a big role and Maisie filmed a lot with Kit.Because Arya is a main character and the WF storyline basically made her a antagonistic supporting character for a big part of the season.I hope season 8 makes up for that and we see a more human side of Arya.
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Imo BS just very obviously doesn't belong and it's pretty clear her presence isn't for any story reason but for bts ones.That's the case with the newbies as well but a lot less apparent.This was a one episode villain of the week character that you can tell they didn't create for more but then they had to expand it.It's very much a damage to the show to try and keep a villain who killed innocents with no remorse,tried to kill every major character on the show,is complicit in Oliver's kid being kidnapped and left motherless and that's just to name a few of the crimes.It's even worse than with Malcolm and I didn't think that was possible.Because this isn't even LL who has a connection to anyone,it's literally just someone who looks like her,it's that shallow.
  12. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    They tried so many times to introduce new characters that can "carry the show" and they fail every time.You'd think they would give it up by now.Maybe give those new characters their own shows instead of trying to push them on an overcrowded one with a history of failing to make comic masks popular.
  13. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Maybe idk how much they cut.But I'm surprised SA and EBR hyped that so much and said it's intimate and stuff.It wasn't that special imo and they had much better scenes in the past two episodes alone.Just look at 3.20 for a great goodbye scene for a couple about to be separated forever.I can see it maybe from an acting POV because they were good but as fan watching I was underwhelmed which is not usually the case with big emotional olicity scenes.
  14. S06.E23: Life Sentence

    Same,I'm just not getting why have it be so weird.Like who thinks a couple who believe they will be separated for life wouldn't kiss or hug or say ily.It didn't seem natural even tho the acting was good.Just a really dumb idea to put a table between them in that moment and stage it like that.
  15. I think the most the can do really is have Felicity angry for an episode.Like it comes up months after when he gets released because she bottled up her feelings to focus on William and they argue about it with Oliver apologizing.Because it really was a repeat of him keeping her out again which is exactly what she broke up with him in season 4 over.And yeah I've see pretty good interpretations of that saying that he didn't do it because he knew she would talk him out of it but still it's not a good enough excuse at all. But imo it was totally plot related to set up what they needed and as always plot goes before characters and I'm pretty sure if MG was sticking around he wouldn't have pointed out or realized that Felicity has a right to be mad but now someone else has to deal with it so he does.