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  1. Yeah Dinah is basically just like season 5 Rene.He got as much focus and it was just as annoying.It's pretty weird that when they give character focus suddenly they're aggressive and hating Oliver,like that's the go to storyline it seems. I think the issue with Arrow is that they never stop with the new characters that sideline the main cast.Season 2 was Sara which as slightly better imo because they had a better storyline in season 2 so it was easier to get over it,then season 3 Ray and yet another time reinventing the BC character with Laurel then season 5 they introduce 5 newbies ,including another BC, who get heavy focus overall and again in season 6 the newbies are a thing overwhelming everything only now it's Dinah leading it and not Rene.I mean shows do tend to at some point usually late in the run introduce new characters who aren't really needed and who are heavily pushed and pretty often rejected by the audience but for arrow its a constant thing due to spinoffs,DC mandated masks and bts issues with actors.But at this point it's really bringing the show down especially when the main characters are all sidelined and don't really have storylines so it's a lot more glaring.
  2. S06.E15: Doppelganger

    Yeah I don't think it makes any sense that Digg wants to be GA so badly.It's really a random thing they came up with for the Digg as GA storyline.Because for years Digg didn't care,didn't even want a mask and made fun of it and only got a mask and codename as a practical thing.Even in the dream world that they're using as a justification for this,Digg actually seemed pretty miserable.I try to erase that episode from memory so I could be wrong but wasn't he like warning Oliver away and telling him how lucky he's not to be GA or something?He seemed as traumatized as season 1 Oliver so it was hardly a perfect life.
  3. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    To me it's just weird that Arrow sidelines characters for a whole season and doesn't give them a storyline that lasts more than an episode.Supporting,not main characters fine but not your female lead who has been on the show since season one and is the character that brings the most buzz for years now and is always second in screentime.I really don't get why either Felicity now or Digg in season 5 have to take a backseat and why they can't consistently give them storylines.I feel like most shows manage to do that,especially when they have 23 episodes a season.I think they just waste a lot of time and get repetitive instead of giving what they call core characters actual storylines.But it is something arrow does,I don't even think it's anything against Felicity or something like that.
  4. Imo the group of villains stuff was only done to justify the necessity of the newbies.OTA wouldn't talk to them if they weren't outnumbered all the time so that would have been a problem for their team drama storyline which is such a huge focus this season.And also a way to include BS but not make her the big bad.I hoped it would mean villains for OTA which would be written with their characters and stories in mind but that's definitely not what happened.
  5. The Cayden James stuff is what I'm most annoyed about.I mean sure I guess when Wendy was the one to hype him as Felicity's villain we probably should have known not to take it too seriously but I did because it was set up the previous season.He was introduced as a big hacker,the head of Helix which was Felicity's storyline and they made a big deal about the consequences of Felicity helping get him out from ARGUS.So it made a lot more sense to think they'd continue with that than that they would invent a random myson storyline for a lame parallel with Oliver and William.The company stuff wasn't something that would have ever been a big storyline all on its own unless they connected it to the main plot and thrown some drama on it.But it seems to me like they didn't have a plan and just did it because they teased it before and fans have been asking about it rather than finding a place for it this season.
  6. To me the company stuff should have been more prominent in the first half and it shouldn't have been just a straightforward Felicity starts a company thing because well arrow never spends all that much time on that unless it ties into the plot.When they started talking about it I figured they'll make Cayden James involved somehow,kinda like they involved Isabel and Sebastian Blood in Oliver's company storyline to tie it into the villain plot.My biggest issue isn't even the company tbh even tho I absolutely hate that it can't be Smoak tech because of Curtis.My real issue is them wasting CJ when they hyped him as Felicity's villain and they connected her to him last season.That should have been her storyline and it could have played out while they still had ME and then if they wanted Felicity to take a backseat for the team drama it wouldn't have been such an issue because she got a storyline.At this point it's kinda too late for more than a centric episode if we're lucky.It's just crazy to me that Arrow struggles so much with giving main characters a storyline,like isn't it pretty normal for characters to get storylines every season lol They're just way too crowded rn and even being done with flashbacks can't help.
  7. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I'd be more suspicious about the lack of storyline for Felicity if not for the fact that Dinah and weirdly Lance are the only ones with a storyline at this point.Felicity had her company and it got dropped,same with Digg and his wanting to be GA stuff,Oliver and the FBI storyline got dropped as well.Nothing but team drama exists since 6.09.
  8. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I didn't have an issue with the baking scene at all tbh.Like except that I'm sick of William in every olicity scene,that's one of the biggest reasons I didn't want a kid around.I think no one would have had an issue with it if Felicity had a storyline rn but she doesn't so imo people focused their problems with a lack of story for her on that one scene.But I thought the complaints were pretty misplaced. I seriously don't know what they're doing this season.OTA are the main characters but they're basically being used to further this newbies drama which basically at this point to me seems to be about giving Dinah focus and letting her lead a team.They don't have their own storylines and the stuff they have is all on hold and there doesn't seem to be a plan for them this season.
  9. I don't think JH is the only one that falls into the idea that being BC and a badass action hero means acting angry and tough all the time,imo the EPs also have this vision for BC so they have no problem with the performance.I really think the only BC they put actual thought in and had a storyline clearly in mind for was Sara in season 2.I wasn't as big of a fan as some people but they tried with her.KC was a mess of lets throw everything on it because we have to and see if something sticks.And JH is just the 3rd try where they can't be bothered to the point that they're literally just repeating her exact storyline from 5.11 only dragged out over more episodes.I'm not surprised they didn't cast for more than looks believable in action scenes tbh.
  10. This is such a hard choice,I hate them all so much and want them gone lol.Before the last couple of episodes I would have said Curtis.He's unbelievably annoying,isn't funny,his scenes with Felicity look like he's talking over her most of the time,he takes away from her skills,he's the most useless fighter etc.But now I'd probably say Dinah.She's gotten so much focus it's actually sidelined Oliver imo,her storyline is a repeat of her introduction episode,she was willing to hurt and even kill OTA for her revenge so she can't ever be trusted again if this show made any sense,I think JH is a terrible actress,she's a 3rd BC which is beyond unnecessary.
  11. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I really hope Felicity has more going on later in the season than just bonding with William.I like that she did and it hadn't been some angsty,you're not my real mom type of mess but I definitely don't want that to be it for her for the rest of the season.Tho I haven't been hating it like I expected,I don't really look forward to any William related stuff.It's just not connecting with me at all.Especially in scenes with Oliver which is weird because I really liked for example Oliver and Thea where Oliver often acted more like a parent than a brother.The acting managed to sell a lot of dumb stuff when it comes to Oliver and Thea,but it's just not working on making me care about dad Oliver and William as a part of the show and Oliver's life.I even liked Oliver and the kid in flashbacks in season 3 more then I ever liked Oliver and William scenes so it's not even just that he's a kid. But I wouldn't be surprised if we don't get much for Felicity on her own tbh,since this whole team split storyline started in 6.09 it has been dominating the entire show apart from the few William,Oliver Felicity scenes.I feel like none of the characters have a storyline apart from something related to the team drama,even Oliver.Like for example Felicity's company storyline is on pause,the investigation against Oliver as well it seems,Digg doesn't have anything personal going on rn.The storylines that are happening are mostly ones that seem to affect the team drama,like Dinah and Vince,BS and Lance and of course the newbies vs ota that has been playing out exactly the same for episodes now.I'm hoping once that's over with,we can go back to the personal storylines and less of a ensemble feel.I think that the ensemble stuff is mostly apparent and feels like too much when there's a team confrontation and once it ends it tends to settle.
  12. Lance did have some good scenes,PB is one of the best actors on the show and Lance is the one father figure as well as one of the few non masked characters left but idk I feel like he needs to be gone despite that.I'll always have his creepiness in the back of my mind when I'm watching his scenes from now on,even when this horrible BS obsession is over lol. And I think this whole storyline really showed a crazy level of selfishness from Lance as well as a lack of caring for human lives and the characters on the show he's supposed to be close to,all as long as he gets what he wants.That will be hard to forget and I think it needs to have some serious consequences.If he just goes like well I guess BS isn't Laurel after all,after everything she's done by now and he's ignored,it won't feel enough for me because they've had him go so far.
  13. Spoiler Discussion Thread

    I'm not worried about turning BS into BC tbh despite the weird and awful writing choices this season.Even if they couldn't get rid of BC,I do think they managed to get rid of KC in that role.Plus all the focus on Dinah all season makes it very unlikely she's going anywhere,unfortunately for me because I think she's just as terrible and now crossing lines even LL didn't.
  14. Yeah same.It was supposed to be the one good thing.But they're doing the same as always and it's more just them standing around together than scenes of much substance.We did get more than usual and we got Diggle and Felicity scenes but I definitely don't think they're taking advantage of the newbies being gone to give ota focus like I was hoping.We get more of the newbies as a team than OTA imo.Plus they're not even gone really.Every single episode is like we're not a team and yet they keep working together,the newbies are in the bunker,they still have joint fight scenes.I don't get the point when the only thing different is now Oliver,Felicity and Digg are insulted in every episode.
  15. I don't think even the writers are sure how the helix thing connected with lying about William tbh.I explain it to myself as Felicity realized how easy it is to make mistakes and decide to do things on your own instead of relying on those close to you so she could understand how Oliver made the mistake of lying and excluding her.And Oliver realized why he lied in the first place which was his tendency to do things alone because he's afraid of how certain truths could change the way Felicity feels about him.It always seemed to me,before they tried to make it seem like Samantha's ultimatum was law,that Oliver was afraid Felicity will leave him if she knew which was helped by Barry wrongly confirming that.But I'm really not sure if that was the intention,they tried in season 5 to make the William thing a general lack of trust instead of just that one situation which was already illogical and ooc for Oliver anyway imo.