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  1. To me that makes way more sense than Stannis actually beating Ramsey.The Jon vs Ramsey rivalry has been built up in the books,it would feel strange imo if they never face off.
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I think they should have just written the flashforwards like normal stories,without the constant mystery and maybe saved them for the very last season.They can't even have characters talk in a normal way because they want everything to be vague.It's a good idea but I'm not liking the execution.And it's really a gamble to reveal such a horrible future because it makes all the good in present day seem like less happy because we know exactly how wrong it all gets.
  3. I think it could be both Tyrion is in love with Dany but also fears who he thinks she could become as a ruler.Like he's actually jealous and he uses his doubts about Dany as a justification why he betrayed her.Or is in love but his fear of her being a mad Queen is stronger.Or he could not do anything to Dany directly and does something against Jon which I feel like rn seems likely.Cause with Jon there's both the jealousy and the worry that he'll replace Tyrion as her most valuable advisor. Imo if they gave him some kind of darker arc after killing his father like he has in the books.Maybe not exactly raping prostitutes but something more than we got.In the show he drank a lot and quickly went straight to wanting to meet Dany and help her create a better world. Also I think the show does position Tyrion as the moral compass or something.He's never really questioned even if he sounds hypocritical and biased like last season for example. I don't think it will necessarily be a backlash that bad if they do it well because people love a twist on GoT and this one does have a lot of basis when you go back and rewatch.But idk,it has to be amazingly written to work.
  4. I love how the described the Jon and Dany boat scene in the script.I think Emilia and Kit really sold it,it was their best scene together imo. Not surprised Tyrion is in love with her but annoyed anyway.I wonder why they toned it down so much on the show when it's so clear in the scripts and outlines that leaked.I know Friki's leaks have some holes and don't match up with some other info but tbh I still think Tyrion will betray Jon and Dany in some way.I mean the love for her,the jealousy,being still attached to his family and fact that he thinks she's like her father all feel to me like they're leading to him doing something. Sansa isn't coming off great in the script imo.Like I didn't want to believe Arya was right about her but there it is in the script.Whatever,I just hope that's over with and she doesn't go against her family again.
  5. S07.E08: Unmasked

    I agree,I find it very hard to buy all this angst because I just don't think Felicity is dark,ruthless or even very different from previous seasons.So all this drama and suprise over her actions just seems weird and contrived. Imo the problem with the olicity angst this episode is that it's not being written to suit their characters and experiences,their PTSD etc.It's written as a way to push an evil Felicity narrative that they're implying in the flashforwards.So it comes off awkward and weird because it's written for a twist mostly.
  6. S07.E08: Unmasked

    I'm just not exactly sure what's so wrong about Felicity's actions.She didn't find any enjoyment out of being ruthless or hurting someone.She just got sick of being attacked and almost killed so she decided to be more active about protecting herself.Oliver acting like Felicity having a gun is the worst thing imaginable was very weird considering their lives.And it's not even new,she shot at bad guys before to defend herself and others. And I found it pretty annoying the implication that maybe she's changed too much from who he fell in love with.It's clearly meant to up the drama and will resolve with Oliver saying he loves her either way or something.But Felicity loved him through some pretty dark stuff he did so to even go for the is Felicity to dark for Oliver story beat is dumb imo. It feels like everyone on the show put Felicity in a box where she's held to a higher moral standard while they all get to do whatever and still be forgiven without much drama.I mean Oliver is fine being friends and teammates with Dinah who went on a revenge killing spree over Vince and Rene who shot at Felicity,Digg and Lance to get to BS and almost killed him with an axe.You'd think that would be a bigger issue. Way too much Dinah for an episode that was supposed to focus on Felicity and Oliver.And she didn't even do anything relevant,she's just there constantly,pushed into every scene they can force her in.Not surprised but so annoyed at the fact that no one mentioned that Felicity was pretty much abandoned by the whole team when she begged for help.
  7. Yeah,I agree.They went with the illogical splitting of the titles because it won't matter since Jon won't be KiTN for long,WF doesn't even seem to survive the war and it's not like Sansa is actually going to make it a problem in the face of an apocalypse.
  8. I really didn't see Jon's election as king to be the sign of the north now suddenly becoming a democracy.I think he was king just like Robb was,his kids would have inherited his throne,he had full authority,it's not like he'll have a reelection every 4 years or something.They just skipped the true born heir Sansa because that's the north for you,they want the warrior man to rule them even if he's a bastard.And probably for out of show reasons where in the books Jon was named heir by Robb and Sansa disinherited so since they didn't include Robb's will they used the election to king as a way to get him where he'll be in the books.Sansa getting the Lady of WF tittle imo was a soften the blow kind of thing and Jon being nice and not wanting to take away WF from her even tho he does feel like he has to be king in order to prepare for the AOTD.And they probably did it because it didn't matter if Jon had WF because he won't be king in the north for long. So I don't think Jon bending the knee loses him all power and makes him a illegal warden of the north.When Torrhen Stark knelt to Aegon it didn't lose him his power and he was warden tho I'm sure plenty of lords hated that decision.Sure the north can try to rebel but is that really smart for them?Even if Jon and Dany don't fight them and try to force them to knell,just losing the advantage the dragons and Dany's armies offer would be a death sentence for the north.So I don't see why they wouldn't just work with Jon and Dany even if after the war they still want independence.I doubt Dany will go in there forcing the issue and everyone to literally kneel to her.She was already over Jon having to bend the knee and didn't require it.She's shown to be willing to work with Jon to show herself as someone coming to help and not conquer. As for Dany being an illegal monarch well pretty much so is Cersei and so was Robert cause it's not like every house accepted him until he won and they had to.She's trying to win back what her family lost and she's in a war.All the great houses in westeros in that situation where there's a war of multiple monarchs have to chose who they consider the true queen and hope she wins so they don't get killed or punished after.
  9. It's pretty much the same for me.I liked her and had sympathy for her since season 1 and defended her against a lot of hate she used to get.My issues with Sansa are mostly season 6 and 7 and her weird behavior with Jon.I also wish they actually made her the political genius the show tells us she became cause I'm not seeing it tbh.I still don't really hate her tho,just get annoyed at times.
  10. S07.E06: Due Process

    I agree Regina is kinda similar to BS,only worse because she had a lot more screentime and imo was clearly the writers fave on OUAT.All the Regina redemption stuff legit made me quit the show,it was so annoying. I think with BS the main issue is she just didn't face any consequences.Usually in redemption arcs there's some suffering involved to sell the redemption.It doesn't have to be jail time if they insist on keeping her on the show but something,some kind of sympathetic struggle.Maybe they think Lance dying is it but I can't say I buy that tbh. BS instead got a new life with a nice career,a great reputation and basically a clean slate to do whatever she wants now despite her crimes.The other characters get a bit snarky with her but they aren't a threat to her freedom or anything like that.Felicity is even becoming her friend somehow and Dinah is supporting her and believing she's changed.And all it took was a few episodes. I think that kind of redemption would have been more tolerable if she was someone who was a bad guy but didn't really enjoy it,if she was more of a ends justify the mean or actually forced into villainy by someone more powerful.Instead since she showed up it's been mostly enjoying killing and seeking it out on her own and a few moments of caring about Lance who only cared about her because she looks like his daughter.It just wasn't well written imo.I actually liked most of her scenes with Felicity this season but you basically have to ignore the past seasons to make it not seem unearned and weird.
  11. I'd be disappointed about Bran ending up as king.I just see zero set up for it especially with how his story has been handled on the show.It don't see it happening but who knows,this sudden surge in betting on him is interesting.Tbh if my faves all survive and get even semi happy endings,I wouldn't really care about who sits on the throne but Bran would be an out of nowhere choice for endgame king imo.
  12. S07.E06: Due Process

    I like Felicity's storyline this season but I also think they're kinda going over the top with this idea that Felicity is so dark rn and she's never been dark,she's always been "squicky clean" or whatever.I just don't think that's the case and she's always been okay with some morally grey stuff and even if she had killed Diaz it wouldn't have been that unimaginable for Felicity.It feels like they emphasize the darkness stuff to make the audience believe in villain Felicity in the future. I do like the fact that she's getting this consistent focus instead of her usual one episode arcs and that it seems like her issues won't be ignored this time and she'll deal with the trauma she's going through even after Oliver is out.I just hope they don't ignore the fact that no one wanted to help her and don't actually believe what they've shown is Felicity pushing Digg away because that's not the case at all imo. The newbies continue to be the worst.I don't think a character has annoyed me as much as Curtis does.Someone being that self centered and still be considered a hero by the narrative isn't something you see very often.And I genuinely don't get why they keep him around,the character brings nothing,not even comic relief at this point.Rene was more tolerable this season for a bit but ofc he has zero loyalty to anyone.Dinah is just boring and badly acted at best and insufferable at worst.BS hasn't been as bad as I was expecting,I actually enjoyed some of her scene with Felicity but I think her redemption arc is basically a joke.It was unbelievably easy and fast for someone who had shown that much enjoyment in killing and being a villain.If they wanted a redemption that lame,at least they could have downplayed her villainy,why make her that bad in the first place.
  13. I sort of think Sansa being cold to Brienne last season was supposed to be on purpose to show Sansa being unsure if Brienne would chose Arya over her.They had LF point out that Brienne was sworn to protect both Stark girls,then they had her bond with Arya in front of Sansa and it's implied that Sansa sends her away in case it comes down to getting rid of Arya because LF makes her think she might chose to protect Arya instead of her. I haven't rewatched season 6 in a while so I could be wrong but I don't remember her being as cold and rude to Brienne then as she was in season 7.
  14. I agree.If there's one thing I feel certain of in the last season it's that Jon and Sansa aren't going to be romantic and were never intended as romantic.I get crack shipping them because two pretty people with chemistry but like I don't understand some of the certainty I see that this is happening when there's been zero indication and Jon is literally in love with someone else with 6 episodes to go until the end.
  15. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    I like the idea of olicity angst when Oliver gets out of prison.I prefer it to Felicity ignoring the fact that he basically did a similar thing to when she broke up with him,he made a huge decision that affects her without consulting her at all.So I feel like some angst is earned.I just hope Oliver actually does apologize this time. I don't think it's going to last long tho or lead to a separation or anything.I'd be surprised if they went there after Oliver and Felicity's main motivation in the first part of the season was to get back to each other.But a few episodes of tension and argument and sort of getting used to being back together after everything makes sense to me. What I really hope they don't mess up is their reunion.When you separate your couple for that long then a big emotional reunion is basically a must imo.So I hope they don't introduce the angst right away and they get a happy moment when he's out of prison.The way they handled their scene in 7.01 makes me pretty optimistic tho.