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  1. lol basically that comes off like let Felicity be sacrificed as LI so Dinah and BS can be their own characters instead of a part of a ship with Oliver even tho this very site has been crying about it for years.Not transparent at all.
  2. Idk what I hate more,another William in danger plot or a William in danger bringing the newbies and OTA back together lol Seriously tho how many times will they do the kid gets kidnapped or targeted thing,you'd think since it was the plot of his first appearance on arrow and then again in the last episodes of season 5 that they would give it more time before repeating it.But then when I think of Thea and all the times she's been in the hospital and in a coma,its not that surprising.I would love if this results in William finally being sent away to live with the grandparents but I'm not getting my hopes up tho.
  3. Honestly I feel like actual full weddings are so rare on a TV show,I wasn't really expecting some perfect,traditional ceremony so I wasn't that bothered by it even tho I think a double wedding is cheesy and dumb.My main thing was actually getting a good build up to the wedding and some great scenes,the ceremony wasn't really something I cared about all that much at all.It was just something that made it official.Tbh idk how you expect the whole wedding thing to be shown and treated like in real life plus all the planning parts as well.I think both olicity and WA got a surprising amount of wedding stuff over the seasons,a lot more than I've seen for most ships outside of like sitcoms.So find all the focus on proper etiquette or wedding gifts pretty weird especially on a superhero TV show.
  4. Yeah the 100th party was a mess,clearly no one cared enough to make it special for arrow and they basically used it as a crossover party.But there are people who had some idea that it was rude to hog the spotlight,I think I remember Grant was there but you barely saw him,Carlos Valdes as well.So it wasn't everyone who behaved that way even tho clearly they could have since there was zero organization of the pics and on the red carpet.
  5. Yeah some are true tho blown out of proportion and with the context ignored to make it worse.Like takes her ex bf's jet to have sex with Oliver lol.Would anyone without a huge hate for Felicity interpret her actions in 3.20 like that.Or accusing her of badmouthing Moira or leaving Oliver homeless when he moved out after a break up from a place she was paying for.Not to even mention accusing her of nuking a city or wanting to let people die to save Oliver.Just a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense and didn't happen like that at all plus stuff that was presented as her making a mistake and learning from it. But also like it's a TV show,of course characters will make mistakes,it's what moves the story along.
  6. Wow I wonder if they twist and nitpicking every character's actions like that and use it as this awful thing.Somehow I think not.
  7. Yeah same,I thought Rene was weirdly the most sympathetic of the newbies in all this up to that point where he just went his own way for no real reason other than it's his thing to disobey orders.It was really weird,it's not like Oliver said let Lance die or the newbies actually had some plan to save him that succeeded,they seemingly just got pissed because they were being told what to do by OTA.
  8. I don't think Oliver would have sold anyone out like that even for William.At least for sure not so easily and without trying every other way.even in all the myson stuff in the season 5 finale,Oliver couldn't choose William over everyone else and tried to save both by wounding Chase. I thought he reacted really well,idk what he was supposed to do.I don't think he should have confronted them when he knew that one had already betrayed them,how was he supposed to believe they won't lie or something.I'm surprised that he was willing to forgive that fast but I have no idea why Rene suddenly forgot all his guilt as soon as Oliver forgave him and turned into a bratty teen basically.Oliver shouldn't have to be on the team with people he doesn't trust imo.
  9. I agree that Curtis just never seems to be off,like he's incapable of taking anything seriously.I don't think Felicity was ever written like that,not even in season 1,so over the top with the one liners and references.I think that might be because pretty soon they knew she would have a bigger role and be Oliver's LI so they didn't look at her as just comic relief,at least for very long.Curtis seems to be comic relief first,an actual character second.I didn't like him that much in season 4 either tbh but at least he wasn't a huge hypocrite.
  10. Married olicity is basically the same as season 4A olicity imo,like living together and being happy and stable only this time with rings.And Thea and Oliver had a ton of scenes during that time as well as Thea having a lot of her own stuff too.William is the only difference but I doubt that's such a big one considering they can't really do that much with him that would displace Thea.Like I can't imagine any of the scenes Thea and Oliver had replaced with William because they write the kid incredibly shallow.The one thing he could take away from her would be the role of the kidnapped victim for Oliver to save but that's not really a great role for a character anyway so not much of a loss imo.
  11. I think Thea would always be needed as his family regardless of Oliver being married and having a kid because well a sister is different and Thea is unique in that she has been his family since season 1 and she's also a link to something non toxic from his pre island life.I really don't think olicity getting married or even the newbies are a reason for her getting written out,imo it's all bts stuff whatever that is.
  12. It probably would have gone over better if season 5 didn't introduce so many of them so fast.I mean there was Curtis(who was a newbie to the team and a different much more annoying character all of a sudden),Evelyn,Rene,Rory and Dinah.Just a crazy amount of newbies and they kept most of them.I don't think it's going to work,at least for me if they don't find a unique role for them because they're all doing the same thing rn.Curtis I think is hopeless and the most unnecessary.His skills are basically what Felicity does and he's done nothing but take away from her skills,his fighting isn't that great either and team arrow doesn't need a hardware guy on a regular basis which is why he barely ever deals with that.He actually had a unique role working with Felicity because we don't have a lot of people on the outside of the team who aren't masks and it makes the world of the show feel small. With Dinah I guess being a meta is unique so she has that but it's not something arrow should really have imo.But I was hoping a unique thing for her can be finally including some female friendships on the show and she could have bonded with Felicity.Instead they stick her with Digg to basically have the same conversation every episode of season 6 so far. Rene has potential when he's not being an asshole and he could be the more traditional sidekick role and someone Oliver can sort of mentor.He does come a across as more annoying version of season 2 Roy.
  13. That might also be because they weren't planing on these characters even showing up at this point.They've had bts issues with team arrow in the sense that actors left and all that.Like I think they planned on Roy being a permanent part of the team so he got the slow development and introduction to the team or planned on Thea eventually becoming Speedy so she got the slow development too but then CH left and there's clearly something bts with WH getting a reduced episode count.So now they have to introduce characters to be part of the team this late in the shows run and they likely are told which masks to include because higher ups want those masks visible and it's kind of a mess.But I think that's also on them not knowing how to handle it and deciding pushing them down people's throats is the way to go.As well as insisting on storylines that are basically the newbies rejecting the sidekick role and wanting to be equals to characters and dynamics that have been around much longer which makes no sense.
  14. I do think the reason people expect or fear a redemption arc is because it's KC.If it was a random actress I doubt the expectation for that would be so strong.But I also think people expect a join team arrow and become a hero redemption which I really don't believe will happen and that even if they try to redeem her it would be more of a Slade or Malcolm type thing where she's outside the team and not really considered redeemed but maybe helps them at some point because it serves her own interests at the time.I don't even see that happening even tho you never know with this show because they just put a lot of emphasis on her enjoyment in killing,like unnecessarily big focus on that multiple times and the crossovers kinda made it a point that doppelgangers shouldn't be viewed as the same as their E1 versions.It would be a lot to go from that to redemption on the account of a sob story that doesn't sound unusual or that different to what any other characters went through and managed not to become a psycho with no remorse towards killing innocents.
  15. I'm fine with her interacting with William but it doesn't make me excited or anything.The kid is still a bad actor and the family scenes with him don't do anything for me even tho I think he's better with EBR than with SA.I'm guessing both Oliver and Felicity will have stuff with him when the inevitable drama from Oliver lying to him about being GA happens. I hope there's more for her than that and that her company stuff that's coming up is more than drama with Curtis.