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  1. Leaving everything behind would be my ideal ending for Jon and Dany but yeah I have a hard time seeing it happen.It would have to be a situation where they feel they they're not needed at all and I can't imagine a Westeros post war against the NK and Cersei would be a place that won't need them.
  2. Yeah I'm not really sure what breaking the wheel means exactly.I don't think it means democracy because obviously she still intends to be queen and if she had an heir pretty sure she'd want her kid to inherit.The only thing that kinda makes sense to me is that she wants to stop the revolving houses on the throne and to establish a strong rule like her ancestors managed for 300 years.And that she'll do something to make sure the smallfolk doesn't suffer because of the nobles and their drama and just generally make their positions better.Also tbh it's possible that breaking the wheel is just something they consider a cool line and won't be explained in much detail.
  3. Yeah I really agree with this.I don't think there's really a way for Dany to win the war with good PR all the way.The world of the show is way too cruel for that.She's an exile with a horrible father everyone hates,she's bringing an army of people westeros is heavily prejudiced about,she has terrifying dragons at her command.And she has to conquer the seven kingdoms if she wants to be queen which means war.I don't see how she could have done that without showing her power and making some difficult choices that aren't all about kindness and mercy.I don't think speeches and kindness alone would have gotten her the throne.Not just her,anyone really. Imo the time to change people's minds about her is after the war and when she's queen.When she doesn't have to worry about fighting a war and can focus on making changes she wants,breaking the wheel or whatever.It's not like it's even that difficult based on how little it took for the people of KL to cheer for Cersei even after everything she did and how as soon as Jon won the battle of the bastards all the northern lords that didn't want to support House Stark were suddenly making him KiTN.Basically the people of Westeros are fickle and love winners.
  4. To me for show Tyrion to betray Dany/the Starks the more plausible explanation would be he wants to save Cersei's baby.Maybe even wants some kind of pardon for Cersei herself so she doesn't get killed or exiled if Dany wins.So he makes some deal that he doesn't tell anyone about,Cersei uses that because she's not giving up power ever and it leads to some bad consequences Tyrion didn't intend for. If they go with the jealousy angle I could also see him not being happy about Jon and Dany for personal reasons as well as believing Jon's influence on Dany is bad and making Tyrion himself less important to her so he does something to get rid of Jon.
  5. What confuses me is what exactly is Tyrion expecting.Like he's aware the NK and his army are coming to kill everyone,it's not going to matter who is on the throne.Jon and Dany are their absolute best chance because they have the resources to even put up a fight.So what would be his endgame to betraying them in those circumstances is what doesn't make sense to me.I guess he could have made a deal with Cersei that they let them deal with it and them kill them if they win but that's really straight up villain stuff and pretty risky as well.
  6. I agree,but I also think of the hiatus where they insisted Jon Snow as totally dead and there will be no loophole,he's not coming back etc.They've lied before to protect a twist so I can see it happening especially for the biggest one ever which imo this would totally be if it's true.I can see book Tyrion doing this but show Tyrion has been changed so much it seems impossible.But then again I also always believed the books and the show would have the same ending.
  7. Yeah I don't think this was well set up even tho I don't find it totally unbelievable either
  8. I agree,I think they're alive and there's some other reason they're not there.Dany giving birth,they're overseeing the rebuilding of WF,they believe the trial will be more fair without them or something.But I doubt if they kill Tyrion that they'll also kill Jon and Dany in the same episode.That seems like too much imo.
  9. His motivation as Frikki describes makes me think he was never on Dany's side for real.Like if he never bets against his family then I guess he actually was trying to keep them in power and sabotage Dany.And what really was most shocking to me is Tyrion apparently not caring about the people of KL and believing they deserve whatever happens to them.And I guess there is a sort of unexplained jump from being resentful that they turned on him in the season 4 trial even tho he did so much to save them from Stannis and then being all about helping Dany for the good of the people.If this is true then it's totally a last WTF moment.
  10. I don't think we've yet seen Dany's influence on Jon as clearly as we've seen Jon's on Dany.I think that's mostly because he went to her territory,he was drawn into her war,around her advisors and people and had to convince her to join him.Next season I think we'll be more about Jon's drama as we see Dany around his family,his people and there's the parentage reveal to come.But I do think we saw new sides to Jon and he was influenced by meeting Dany.The biggest one being that he literally got the biggest army in westeros and probably the world plus dragons to go north and fight the WW.For seasons now Jon has been trying to convince people of the threat and he's basically been alone in that fight for the most part.With Dany he has a powerful ally to share the weight and actually help him deal.I thought his relief and gratitude to have that was apparent in the scene where Dany swears they'll fight the NK together.I've also seen it pointed out that Dany never calls Jon a bastard or treats him like less because of it.It's never really a factor for her.I think for Jon all that is huge. And on a personal level there's the fact that we've never seen Jon give into his feelings and make the first move like he did by both making his feelings clear at the end of 7.06 by taking her hand and not wanting to let go and then again by going to her room in 7.07.It's really the first time he goes after something just for himself and not for duty or anything like that.Which I also think is a pretty big deal and it's where Dany inspires him to be more passionate about his life.
  11. I don't think it's like Dany needs Jon to rule or Jon needs Dany or they can't be good rulers.I think they both would be capable on their own because they've achieved a lot alone already.But they are better together,like LF said they would be difficult to defeat and all that.
  12. That's exactly what I mean,it was left pretty confusing.I thought she was manipulated by him longer than that.They really should have cleared it up,I agree.
  13. It made sense to me that Sansa and Arya would argue and it wouldn't be a perfect relationship once they reunited but I felt like going as far to considering killing each other,Sansa actually getting manipulated by LF until she went to Bran was really for the sake of the plot than the characters.And it was pretty confusing imo,you still have people who aren't sure if it was planned all along to trick LF or were they really fighting because they deleted the scene where Sansa goes to Bran.
  14. I think the backlash depends on how they pull it off.Imo they already kinda didn't do enough to set it up in the sense that if the betrayal is motivated by jealousy,then the scenes pointing out Tyrion has romantic feelings for Dany should have been kept.I'm not sure many people,especially casual viewers picked up on that even with that last shot of him looking sad on the boat.And he's a lot less of a grey character than in the books and set up as a sort of moral compass in addition to being a fan fave since season 1 so idk how that will be going over with the audience tbh.It could get pretty bad and leave people just upset and like it was totally out of character for show Tyrion.I hope it's done well and not like the WF storyline in season 7 where it was a mess for the sake of a twist.
  15. I think this is Tyrion believing that if Cersei and Jaime surrender or come to some truce with Dany then he will be able to convince her to spare them and show mercy.That's the feeling I got from him in season 7,that he was giving them a chance to surrender and make some deal.