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  1. So MTV had her drop the whack-cent for all the THs, at least? I approve.
  2. I’ve heard of remakes in other countries and wondered when/if we’ll get an American remake, but it really doesn’t make sense in the foreseeable future since the original still holds up so well. I’ve been watching these episodes over and over again for 20 years and I still love them!
  3. I love her line when she laments that actual criminals are running around free yet they locked her up: ”Who’d I hurt — me?!”
  4. “Chia Sophia” is fun to say 🙂
  5. S6:E01

    I liked the bit where Marcus asked the employee about the boss. Said he was a good guy, willing to help people out by giving them extra hours if they were in a pinch. I was waiting for the “but,” but it never came. I like it when they show good bosses who do right by their employees; thankfully, not everyone is a [insert name of LA Dogworks owner].
  6. S01.E07: Hold the Salt

    I haven’t said thanks yet for sharing your inside info from the taping — thank you so much! 🤗 I love hearing about behind the scenes stuff and what ended up on the cutting room floor. Now I just need you to put your life on hold and attend all future tapings :D
  7. S6:E01

    I enjoyed the fact that this epsiode’s “sob story” (I’m not using that term derisively, btw) was actually pertinent to the business in a very straightforward way — Corey was hesitant to put his name on the business because of the pain from losing 2 children, both sharing his name. I also would have liked more numbers in this episode, but maybe there are some train wrecks down the line that will make for more informative and interesting episodes. I’m glad the new season is here, though! ETA: Am I the only one who let out a big “WTF?” during the whole headshot scene?
  8. S10.E07: So Long, Division

    i liked the episode. Love Blythe Danner so I’m happy for any excuse to see her onscreen. LOL at Grace hanging on to the door handle for dear life, she was the spitting image of Lucille Ball in that moment. I found the Oppression Olympics scene hilarious, as well. To those who found it stupid — that’s the point.
  9. We pronounce it both ways in the US.
  10. My sixth-grade English teacher once said, “A paragraph should be as long as a woman’s skirt — just enough to cover the subject.” 😂 (It was an advanced class so there were only 5 students and she knew we wouldn’t tell on her, LOL)
  11. I like it! She looks great, she is wearing that outfit. I hope no one is expecting me to have that figure at her age, they will be sorely disappointed. 🍽
  12. S09.E08: Roller? I Hardly Know Her!

    LOL, I loved the skating rink carpet too, I remember it being just like that when I was a kid. I LOVE Heart and I love that song, but Gene’s rendition was underwhelming, and not in a funny way (like Cartman doing “Come Sail Away,” love that version LOL). I did like how he clenched his fists to his chest at the end — I always do that when I sing that song!
  13. S11.E2: South Peach

    Nah, I’d just have a very red face :)
  14. One has nothing to do with the other.
  15. Heard about this news but never thought about the fact that it would make Meg Ryan Teddi’s stepmom. That’s so freaking cool, I flove Meg Ryan!