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  1. The Fug Ladies like to pretend that Kate pulls Meghan to the side at various events to give her relevant gossip and talk about how weird it is for them to be married to royalty. I’m with them.
  2. There's also stuff you can put on your feet and shoes to prevent blisters. Putting your feet at risk with the wrong size shoe is silly since you can protect your feet from blisters. I'm blister prone and have spent most of my life being my own guinea pig as I've tried different things to prevent and treat. If these stylists/assistants/whoever are picking larger shoes because they don't know this stuff then they can just give me a call and Meghan (and other celebs) can start wearing the correct size.
  3. Don't you mean Darhk side? I'll see myself out.
  4. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

    Go, Croatia, GO!
  5. He thinks he's done, so the gauntlet getting fried, and his arm getting burned, isn't bothering him. He's at his vacation home to get that rest he mentioned but I'm curious if he really does think the universe is feeling grateful. He's a psycho but he can't be that nuts. Maybe he thinks it will happen over time.
  6. The Fug Ladies have a slideshow from the For Your Consideration event and Megan Amram (writer and producer) is vying for a nomination for acting in Short Form Comedy or Drama series for her work in Give Megan Amram An Emmy.
  7. I see it as her being the most important thing/person to him and that qualified. I think that whoever set up the stone to be obtained in that manner* made it so that the one who actually got it via murder would have consequences down the line. Similar to how the Potterverse says that murder splits the soul and a maimed soul would not allow the person to truly move on after death. I bet Thanos' soul is going to end up locked in the stone for eternity, or something along those lines, as his punishment. I also have a working theory that the stone can be obtained without being a murderous douchebag (like giving up when learning of the stakes) but Thanos didn't think to ask because he's already a genocidal monster so of course he wouldn't consider alternatives because he's used to murdering to get what he wants. *I don't expect us to find out who set it up so that the seeker would have to pay a price to obtain the stone, but I do think someone did. Otherwise The Universe did it, which is kind of weird (even for the Marvel verse), and it would beg the question of why the other stones didn't have similar prices that needed to be paid?
  8. I’d place Lucifer, Gotham, and LOT way ahead of the others* so this guy and I would not get along. *Full disclosure: I don’t watch Riverdale or Gifted.
  9. What about the contribution of General Dissaray?
  10. I know they won’t but since LOT is a week later they should do a two hour Arrow premiere. Legacies on Thursday? They’re determined to make that show happen. It probably will but I’m so over the Vampire Diaries verse. Just end it and move on.
  11. We get several interns each year at my work (pharmacy) and the most successful are the ones who ask me or my boss what they should prioritize at the start. Rory absolutely should have asked Mitchum or someone else about what was expected of her and what she could do to make the most of the internship. The revival would have worked best if it were set a year after rather than ten. Too late now.
  12. Henry is NOT Luke! Luke was never concerned about being A Hero. He just was one. Henry would have lectured Han and Leia for killing stormtroopers and insisted that everyone was just being mean to Vader.
  13. All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    Here's something that's always mildly confused me. In The Auction, the Girls decide to buy a new roof and agree to talk to Sid about paying for it in installments. Then they overhear him harshly telling his father that "I said that payment was due today, not next Thursday. Now that check better be on my desk tomorrow or you will regret it. Believe me!", which convinces them to get the patch job instead. What confuses me is why they don't still ask Sid to work out a payment plan. He's being an ass to his father but he did give him another day to get the check in and it seems like Sid is strict with regard to due dates. None of that means he won't go for a payment plan. They would just have to stay on top of the payments. I guess we're supposed to think he's not reasonable like Blanche assumed a few minutes earlier, and it sets up the A plot and Sophia's episode closing haggling, but it's a bit flimsy since they never talk to Sid and he never actually denies them the option.
  14. These auditions are pretty fun to watch. I like seeing the different interpretations. Cailey Johnston played Laurel as primarily disappointed with some lingering anger. She's also the only one of the three who had full use of her face. I guess Botox really was in widespread use among twenty something actresses at that time. Krista Magnusson played Laurel with the most anger, and her vocal acting is the best of the three by far. But the forehead that does. not. move. is far too distracting. Austin Sayre's was the best of the three overall. The anger and grief in her voice as she talks about the empty coffin and Sara's body being at the bottom of the ocean where Oliver left her is done in such a way that Laurel comes across as actually being upset that Sara's dead rather than angry at her own humiliation. Of the three I think Austin's Laurel was the best and, as long as she could do choreography, I would have picked her if I were a casting director. That was really interesting.