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  1. It was both Wentworth's and Caity's idea to play Snart crushing on Sara and her slowly move toward reciprocation so it makes sense that he'd want to do a nod to that history with Leo. It can also mean that the Leonard Snart on every Earth instantly likes every version of Sara Lance (platonic, romantic, or both).
  2. Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Sounds like Sin 2.0.
  3. TV cops HATE Internal Affairs. They call it The Rat Squad and cannot believe that there are cops who investigate other cops. Yet the stars of all tv cop shows will eventually investigate a crime that turns out to be committed by another cop. At no point will they realize that IA exists for just this purpose or that they’re probably being unjustly viewed as rats for arresting the episode’s cop bad guy. Nope they’ll continue to look down on IA for being traitors and arrest any future cop bad guys without any hint of awareness.
  4. The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    Oh man I can’t imagine a harder decision than picking between Gugu and Jurnee, assuming the article is correct. Each would be an amazing Black Canary. Maybe they can hire one to play Dinah Drake and the other to play Dinah Lance?
  5. He’s capable of being legit scary so I’m intrigued as to what they’ll have him do.
  6. Yes! I’ve been dying to see this show and had no way to watch. And if I can’t have Idris play Bond then Madden would make a good alternative so I hope they call him.
  7. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I've always thought Animal Farm was the superior Orwell book. Nothing against 1984 but it doesn't work for me quite as well. I'm in the middle of reading DC's No Man's Land story from a few years back. It's a compilation of comics that come together to tell different POVs of the larger story. It's not bad but it can slog at times when I get to a character I don't care about. I'm into it with the Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Catwoman, and Detective Comics issues but I have to speed read when I get to randoms like Azrael. Incidentally I'm also about to begin reading the Catwoman novel that DC Icons just released. It's written by Sarah Maas, which makes me nervous (so not a fan of that series she writes), but it's a single book and DC would have approved everything she wanted to do so I'll give it a genuine chance.
  8. It really helped keep things moving. The downside is that I found myself with less time to speculate on who might win. But I'll take that sacrifice if it makes for a better show.
  9. Grey Worm! With facial hair! Damn he’s looking good.
  10. I still adore Game of Thrones so I’ll never complain about it winning.
  11. He introduced her. That’s Liz Stanton who is one of the producers. He also complimented her (she’s the show backbone) and thanked their respective children. Still could have let her talk but he hardly ignored her.
  12. He remembered Jeff and David so I think leaving out Andrew was 100% intentional. Plus Andrew would have hated being left out so it’s a solid dig at him.
  13. Ryan referenced Jeff and David. I expected and was ready for Versace but I didn’t think he’d have time for them and now I’m weepy.
  14. Versace wins!!!!!!!