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  1. Which scene?
  2. After Force Awakens, I was convinced Rey would turn out to be Luke's daughter. His theme playing over her scenes wasn't exactly subtle. But this movie convinced me otherwise. I do think Kylo stoked Rey's fears that her memories are false that her parents really were a couple of asshole nobodies and they'll still be important in some way. Taking away that hope was one of the ways he tried to recruit her. If Carrie had lived I think they would have revealed Rey to be the younger daughter of Leia and Han like so many predicted. But you need Carrie for that reveal so I don't think she'll be a Skywalker after all. Maybe her parents will turn out to be significant minor characters from the Solo movie? Or maybe her memories are incorrect but only because one parent was dead and the other is significant. Can't wait to find out. Holdo, BB8, Finn, Kylo Ren, Rose, Rey, Leia... That list goes on forever. Since Poe made a point of going to introduce himself to Rey I think that's the hint that he's got his eye on her. Finn had a crush on Rey in 7 but she didn't seem to return his feelings (and I was kind of pulling for him to get with Poe, see aforementioned comments about Isaac bringing the chemistry with everything), so I'm fine with a deep friendship. I can't wait to go again so I can pay attention to Rey lifting those rocks because I wonder if that move blew Poe's mind and that's why he sought her out on the Falcon. My current favorite thing about this movie is just how hard it trolled the Draco In Leather Pants trope. Kylo had his black gear on, had artful scars on his face and neck, was shirtless at one point, wants Rey by his side, and even killed Snoke for her. And all is not forgiven! Hallelujah! She yelled at him for his actions and was willing to give him a chance for redemption but he squandered it and now there will be consequences. Her expression as she shut the Falcon's door in his face was glorious.
  3. My theory is that she assumed they’d stick with the “no Americans playing non-Americans” thing and didn’t check to make sure. They do need to dump Depp but I doubt they will.
  4. Good. Then LOT can bring him back in the final season: he has sexytimes with Sara (what?), and rides off into the sunset with Mick to have anti-hero shenanigans.
  5. Ok, this book chat inspired me to search for any available Amelia Bedelia ebooks from my library. @Mellowyellow it looks like there is a series with her as a child, which may or may not be good, but the books we're all talking about are her as an adult who misunderstands the instructions given to her by her employers (to great entertainment) but makes killer desserts which save her from getting fired (which she's oblivious to).
  6. You know, I read Amelia Bedelia over and over and I can't remember how detailed the descriptions are. The good news is that they get the job done and will make you hungry for the goodies she creates. She does things like tarts and pies and sugary yums.
  7. I think Trevor has a girlfriend. Souza was fun. I love his work and he’s proven himself funny on social media but he was funny with Trevor too. “How do you know I didn’t [turn to look at the Bin Laden raid]?” had me cackling along with Trevor. And that photo of Jacob Philadelphia always gets me.
  8. I don’t think they’re in print anymore but my two favorite books when I was little were The Werewolf Family and The Witch’s Handbook. As for books in print, you can never go wrong with Steven Kellogg. I assume Harry Potter is scheduled for when he’s older?
  9. I don't think you'll need to be familiar with movie Barry. He was funny and upbeat in Justice League but they didn't go into major character focus. The question for me is if Flashpoint will work and I think it depends on how the movie is presented. If they keep the focus on how Barry shouldn't be playing god, no matter how understandable his reasons are, then it could work really well. If they use it for Shenanigans! and lampshade why Barry fixes his mistake, then it could be a disaster. I think they'll go younger for two reasons: 1) they won't be using The Dark Knight Returns as inspiration anymore and, 2) they'll want their new actor long term. I think they'll go for a late twenties/early thirties actor like when Bale was cast for Begins.
  10. Just Batman. I doubt anyone/thing else would be affected. My guess is that Marvel will go with a parallel universe or have the mutant gene be newly discovered if they do get the rights to the X-verse. I don't know anything about Fantastic Four so I can't comment on ways to bring them in.
  11. If they don't they're complete idiots. I'd normally follow up with a "so of course they won't" but, due to the Affleck wanting out rumors, I think there's a good chance that's why it was chosen.
  12. I was afraid of that. A year ago they announced that they were fast tracking a Harley movie, then said it would be a Sirens movie, and then nothing. I'm glad Batgirl is still on the schedule (more likely due to Whedon than anything else) but they need to embrace the one area where they've not only beaten Marvel but kicked ass while doing it: female superhero movies. Whatever else happens, they should be making female centered movies and rubbing Marvel's nose in it. But it looks like they're hesitating here too.
  13. To be fair they’re just using the same pic over and over. It’s not like she does it 24/7.
  14. Glad you didn’t need to be hospitalized, @Mellowyellow, hee.