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  1. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Yeah, when the boyfriend I really enjoyed One of Us is Lying, so much so that I didn't mind the My issue with The List is that it didn't really have any resolution. There were hints at what would come next but nothing particularly concrete. I also had issue with the idea that not one parent, in the decades since the List began, complained to the school, the school district, the media, anyone about this hazing ritual. One disgruntled parent (especially one with influence) can get that shut down overnight. Well, it'd probably go underground but at least there would no longer be a tacit endorsement by the school. I hope she writes a sequel that wraps things up properly. Or, if it gets made into a movie/show, it happens there. I've been able to stay on top of my comics reading for the first time in a long time and I am having a ball with Rebirth. I stick to the Gotham stories (Batman, Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Detective, Nightwing) plus Wonder Woman and it is so much fun. I'm also getting ready to read the DC Icons novels and I'm hoping they'll be as much fun as the comics.
  2. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Totally agree. I thought the actual writing was well done, but that's it. She clearly spent more time making sure the backwards storytelling unfolded properly and missed the actual story. I also didn't like how and I hate that kind of thing.
  3. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I always get the Thursday show so I don’t get spoiled. I’ll go again later that weekend to take it all in. I’m not a 3D fan (imax or otherwise) because it gives me nausea headaches so I stick with the regular version. I really hope Heimdall survives and escapes to Wakanda for the Black Panther sequel but he’ll probably be the first casualty.
  4. I would say "TAKE MY MONEY!" but I bought my ticket already. I guess I can say "YOU HAVE MY MONEY!" but it doesn't work the same way.
  5. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Peter is already so much fun. Meeting Dr. Strange and his face as he watched Quill tell Stark his plan sucks are made of win. Since they specifically kept Stark separate from Rocket and Groot in the trailer I'm betting those introductions are going to be epic and they want to keep it for the actual movie. Disclaimer: I'm absolutely terrible at predicting what will happen and in what order. So here's what I think will happen. It seems clear that the Guardians reach New York before Thanos since Gamora's able to give some background (including what looks like a flashback to when he adopted little Gamora so we'll at least see the aftermath of her parents deaths if not the murders themselves). I think they maybe figure out that the Soul Stone is in Wakanda (not a spoiler just a theory) and Banner goes to warn/help. Natasha seemed surprised to see him in that other trailer so I think she, Cap, and Sam show up on their own. It's possible that Stark calls Cap to give him a head's up before it's decided that Banner will help but I feel like this isn't the case (so it probably is). The part that's tripping me up is that shot of Thanos fighting Cap. I honestly don't know if they would telegraph a Cap death in the trailer, especially since they know everyone has Cap and Stark at the top of their kill lists, but it's possible they want everyone to be emotionally prepared going in. It's also possible that both characters die (the real question for me is if they stay dead) and Cap is the one we're prepared for while Stark is the surprise. Back to Thanos vs Cap. I feel like maybe Thanos himself goes to New York first (I would assume the Time Stone would be a higher priority than the Soul Stone since Strange can reverse any damage in an effort to save lives or pull the same trick he played on Dormammu and make Thanos his prisoner) and then meets up with the rest of his army in Wakanda? Even with them moving up the release date it's still sooooooo faaaaaar awaaaaaay!
  6. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    Magical quill makers clearly have tremendous influence over the Ministry* and keep stalling any attempts at updating. *I’ve always wondered where the Malfoys got their money and have theorized that an ancestor created some essential magical product and cornered the market so thoroughly that they can live off the profits. Lucius clearly doesn’t work so I think my theory is correct. Maybe their money is in quills. The real reason is Rowling thought it fit the aesthetic but I’d love to see these type of details get brought in and explained. Jacob is a perfect person to do it.
  7. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    Since Dumbledore isn't yet headmaster, I'm hoping we learn that the anti-Apparating spell wasn't as strong or wide. Make it a plot point!
  8. S04.E16: Run, Iris, Run

    Episode threads are for episode discussion. They are not for comic discussion, spoilers, previews, or convincing posters that their opinions are wrong. We have threads for comic and spoiler discussions. If you wish to reference comics, previews, or spoilers, that's allowed but they must all be tagged as spoilers and they cannot move discussion from the episode itself. Posts that fail to use the spoiler tag will be hidden and repeat offenders will be warned.
  9. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    It was probably a rights thing. That was probably the cheapest early Elvis song they could get. I do wish they’d just tweaked the impact of Elvis rather than removing rock entirely. Take Chuck Berry out of the equation and a case could be made. Take out Elvis and we’d still have rock but in a different way. Still enjoyable but disbelief needs to be suspended for sure.
  10. The Fantastic Beasts Series

    The Potter theme always gets me. Depp still looks like a lost Targaryen but I won't let that cloud my enjoyment. Fun trailer.
  11. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    If you're going to make a reference to future episodes, tag them as spoilers.
  12. Aw, no love for Sophia's funny? S: She isn't to lift a finger? D: Right S: If I need something done I'm supposed to ask you instead of her? D: Right S: I'm going to get a job as a housekeeper. and... D: Ma, Marguerite is dangerous. She put a curse on us. Keep it to yourself. S: If it means that much, Pussycat, you go it. ::walks into living room:: S: What the hell is this I hear about you putting a curse on my daughter?
  13. S03.E14: Amazing Grace

    It’s only his first mission as a Legend but, already, Wally’s having more fun than he ever did on Team Flash. And I am here for it. I don’t care enough to look it up and see if it’s real but I loved that Elvis bought Robert Johnson’s guitar. The myth of that guitar combined with the King? Everything. Speaking of Elvis: Nate, I agree with you on the awesome of the man and the music but you were being annoying as fuck about it. Amaya’s skepticism tempered it somewhat but not enough. And how has Amaya never heard rock until now? Nate’s such a fan and never bothered to play some for her? Ray had a funeral for a rat. And convinced Mick and Sara to attend. And participate. I’m not at all surprised. Mick’s face at Ghost Axl was hilarious. Gideon needs to give them a second bathroom. Dedicating the episode to Axl was perfect.
  14. This upsets me because I NEED this and it won’t happen.