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  1. If anything, it'd be the American trying to marry into Canada. Ditto!
  2. And, does she realize in the U.S.A. "land of milk & honey" most middle-class women work part- or full-time AND manage the majority of child-rearing and household chores (unless they have a good husband, and Paul ain't it)? Very little laying around in bed for hours playing on your phone -- your ass is WORKING at one thing or another about 18 hrs / day.
  3. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    Ding, ding, ding. My thought too. Maybe Amber should adopt an older kid as a single mom. She has good income, etc. She doesn't seem suited to marriage or babies. Don't try to make yourself something you're not -- work with your strengths and make them work for you.
  4. S07. E.11 State of the Union

    And I think his comment about Amber never having dated someone she trusted being "concerning" is totally valid. That history reveals her to be either 1) mistrustful of everyone = paranoid, or 2) not too selective the quality of men in her relationships (like perhaps a series of bar/health club one-night stand pickups vs. real 'relationships' during which trust is built. I'm voting a combination of the two. Not sure why he'd be excited being with someone who will never trust you, just because. She's stressful to have around on many levels. He's outta there, and has been for several weeks already. I remember it! I asked the same questions a few weeks back. Maybe it's featured on an upcoming "very special episode"? ;)
  5. Definitely this. I even thought it to myself when he was commenting on Ximena's 'attractions' -- much less effusive and slobbery than when he talked about Melissa. He went for what HE considered the brass ring, missed it -- so now he'll settle for a worthy 'consolation prize' (in his opinion, not mine).
  6. He also mentioned he never got a degree. Maybe he had a scholarship of some type to go to 'uni' and once kicked out without a degree he couldn't get in anywhere else or afford to pay to finish his education on his own. So, he has a blue collar dead-end job sorting garbage -- he "paid a big price."
  7. S7. E9: Fantasies and Firsts

    Houston & Dallas are 3.5 hrs apart by car; my family is 3 hrs from me. It's not the other frickin' side of the world. I always have the same reaction when watching those house hunting shows when someone whines that a 20-min commute is too much. I commute an hour each way. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. <shrug>
  8. S08.E06: Josiah Pops the Question

    And they were feasting what looked like catering from Chick-Fil-A -- I recognize it from work lunches. I'm surprised they didn't show the logos & do some product placement advertising -- it's a perfect match with Counting On ideology-wise.
  9. Me, too. And somebody opined that Darcey might be the kind of person who mutters interrupting comments, and I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than with somebody like that. So apparently I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than with somebody like either Jesse or Darcey. No big shock there, but I like having done the math to support it. Bwah ha ha . . . you have the receipts (as the kids say these days).
  10. I kept thinking she came to the Plaza, caught sight of him and his camo/fannypack/do-rag ensemble and hightailed it out of there . . .
  11. I had a flashback to the infamous voodoo chicken feet in "the D.R." as served by Family Pedro to Family Chantel. Agreed. She had obviously learned some common phrases in the language . . . she made an effort. And she was gracious and warm to Michael's family & friends. I felt bad for her in the market. His expectations for how a woman should dress, act, talk, and (not) smoke do not match Angela's personality at all. They will NOT marry and some Joe Bob at home who she might have rejected before is going to look awfully good to her now.
  12. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL .....You win this week's gold star. I laughed almost as long as a Philippine church service at this brilliant nugget. Well done! :)
  13. Season 3 Discussion

    Close your eyes when she talks and listen to her voice. Sounds just like the late, great Kate Gosselin when she was trying to come off adult & professional . . . ;)
  14. S05.E05: Week 3: Part 2

    Or, better yet, NO Tuesday show! During the telenovela (STUPID!), who was the guy who sank to their knees in the sand and yelled out "I am unlovable!" Was that Ben Higgins?
  15. S7. E8: Back To Reality

    I kind of sensed weird editing in the "smell" comment too -- he might have been referring to the smell of the horses pulling the carriage (or horse 'deposits') for all we know. Has anyone ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Kramer was driving a horse and carriage in place of a vacationing buddy and he fed the horses a Costco-sized can of Beefaroni? LOL Anyway, I thought there were editing monkeys at play in both instances and one or both will be a nothing-burger . . .