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  1. Nicole used the word, too. I could be way wrong and it WAS Nicole. After the first 30 minutes, storylines and 'characters' tend to blend together a bit for me. LOL
  2. I think Pedro is the one who said 'financials' -- as in "My financials are nobody's business."
  3. I wondered that too! It seemed like they didn't sit next to each other on the van on the way up there or going to the winery either (but I may be misremembering). Weird. She was not quiet on the cabin trip -- she was uncharacteristically chatty and all of her contributions were spot on Family Chantel messaging. Ugh.
  4. Except the 'shut up' in the taxi. I hate it when people say that . . . in any situation, but especially spouses/partners. Pao said it to him too later. Ugh.
  5. Yeah, they do a very bad job with their restaurant 'scenes' -- I noticed last week in the big David/Ashley confrontation at the diner that food/drink kept appearing / disappearing from the table in different shots. Bad job editing / continuity monkeys! Annie was rude and sullen on that zoo trip -- gave zero effort. Her phone obsession is nuts. A pet peeve of mine is people on their phones when out to dinner or on 'fun excursions.' Pay attention and talk to the people you're with. She was like a pouty, unsociable teenager, didn't engage at all and then was like all "poor me, I don't feel included in the family, I don't feel comfortable with the family." Grow up and act like an adult - they tried to meet you halfway and you sulked and froze them out.
  6. S14.E03: Week 3 2018.06.11

    Maybe he was trying to downplay the whole 'my career is more important than a chance with you' angle to Rebecca to spare her feelings? Yeah, she could draw that conclusion all by her own self, but at least he didn't baldly state it to her face.
  7. OMG, YES! Especially that one that (I think) they use for Jorge & Anfisa -- "our love is neverending . . . we're best friending" or something like that. Gag.
  8. She doesn't act very grown-ass in their presence -- she typically clams up when they start their nonsense and doesn't push back at all. She just sits there. Even after Pedro got exasperated and left the room, she sat there listening to Mother and Father Chantel continue to prattle on with their 'harvesting investigation' BS and didn't make a peep. Her solution when they started up on the hike (hardly a HIKE - more like a stroll with imaginary 'scary' animal noises) was to walk at the back and tell him to ignore and be quiet. Way to confront and shut down the issue, Chantel. Going along to get along shows how on board you are with your family vs. your husband. If I were him I'd be on the way back to 'the D.R.' right about now too.
  9. Plus, both Chantel's parental units had very tight, shiny faces (especially her mom). Did they get 2-for-1 touchups at the plastic surgeon before this season? Gotta look good on teevee, bless their hearts.
  10. This cracked me up . . . :D
  11. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    Maybe he'll wear his driving moccasins and a fine timepiece on a future date! ;) What does a fragrance entrepreneur do? I thought maybe he made and sold colognes, but it seems like he just likes/collects them? I'm surprised Joe from Chicago (grocery store guy) got sent home -- he seemed real and nice (and looked a tiny bit like Kyle Chandler).
  12. S14.E01: Week 1: Season Premiere

    He also said something like "I would have maybe expected it from one of my two exes, but not someone I dated for like two weeks." Red flags aplenty. Douche. Whoever said there's no eye candy? Wrong! IMO, of course! ;) He used it to show he was ready for commitment and a family -- he had a car seat in there, and soccer balls, and various other relics of family life (in addition to just driving a minivan in itself). I remember Becca mentioning after he left to go into the mansion that she really liked / enjoyed that entrance.
  13. And Olivia CLEARLY wants absolutely NOTHING to do with the 90 Day Fiance teevee experience. I get the feeling she's made that clear and Molly's front porch intervention was a clear violation of some kind of agreement between them. Was Luis home alone with the little one? Skeeves me the hell out. And why must Miss Molly be driven everywhere by someone else? Olivia has deprived her of her housekeeper, babysitter AND chauffeur by moving out. POOR Luis having to shoulder the burdens previously handled by an 18-yr-old girl while living rent-free in a huge house with TV, internet, lots of food, and AC. Boo to the f'in hoo.
  14. HA. Exactly my thought! He thinks he's so cool. Frankly, I wouldn't want to go on a 4-day trip to the mountains with Family Chantel either. They're all a bunch of snobby a-holes who just pick and push and prod until something happens, then step back and act all "disrespected." Passive-aggressive prigs. Pedro is no prize, but I'd rather stay home alone too. Charades? On a road trip? In a minivan? Gimme a fake break.
  15. S06.E17: After The Decisions

    Ah, yes -- "whataboutism" -- also practiced quite frequently these days in the political realm.