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  1. TBH, I kept dozing off and having to rewind to watch what I missed during last night's episode. At least, thanks the gods, these are only one-hour episodes, unlike the soul-killing Bachelor in Paradise suckapalooza! So, we've got that going for us -- which is nice. ;)
  2. LOL. She would look much better with her hair its natural color and soft/flowy vs. bleached to crispiness. Her hair makes her look so harsh. I LOL'd when one of Dave's friends' wives said "You're a brunette, right?" Hilarious. As she prattled on (AGAIN) about being angry/insecure about Dave's Jessical Biel celebrity crush, the women were looking at her like she was an alien life form (as was I). WOW, this is insecurity -- and immaturity -- on steroids! Very annoying and will get old for Dave very soon, spelling doom for this "marriage." Good practice for baby/toddler-proofing!
  3. And Amber doesn't NEED new friends . . . <eyeroll>
  4. S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    Ditto. That was some stupid scripting there, and you could tell Colton wasn’t in on it. He kept saying (like me) “What? Huh? Are you kidding? I don’t get it.” I had a strong Sandy/Danny GREASE “Tell Me More” flashback when Tia and Colton were being pumped for details by the girls and the jr. high Goose Gang respectively. Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. Just me then? LOL
  5. S05.E02: Week 2: Part 1

    Didn’t David use that same “he’s just looking to settle” bs with Becca (I forget about who)? SUCH a heartwarming “feel good” for the girl he’s saying it to. Douche.
  6. Agreed. Wasn't there a girl once who was an actual funeral director? She made it to the hometown dates and put the hapless bachelor on the embalming table as I recall. Fun times. Kendall's patter seems somewhat producer-directed -- trying to amplify her "character." I will say that she delivered her lines very naturally . . . she seems like a very pleasant and intelligent girl.
  7. Ditto that past Paradise residents must revisit to get engaged = Ashley I. and Jared. Way to extend that 15 minutes, kids. Thing is, marriage is a real thing and I give you about six months after the cameras turn off. I don't see ABC bankrolling a big Ashley/Jared wedding special. Nope.
  8. Her nose? Really? It looked really long and prominent in profile shots . . . just sayin'
  9. Also, in the intro didn't she say something about her vagina? I cringed. I think that was Bibiana. Ugh. Colton's whole arrival and talking to other girls first, etc. was SO producer-driven, I could practically see the strings. Fake drama!
  10. Hes boyfriend to, and lives with Sarah Hyland, one of the stars of "Modern Family". An ABC comedy. Wells has connections now. Ah, didn't know this. She's a cutie!
  11. You just KNOW that on one of these "most dramatic seasons ev-ah" someone is going to go outside the "rules" and fall for the bartender. Go for it, Wells! Who is that skinny foul-mouthed blandly blonde Nick guy? I do NOT remember him at all, but he is not attractive in any way. His personality and inability to say more than two un-bleeped words in a row and excessive bro-ness. Can't stand him. He needs to be the first to go. Pronto. I don't remember Angela either, like at all.
  12. S07.E10: Make Room for Baby

    I got the impression that her parents already knew, which makes sense. I can't imagine she'd wait a while to tell her mom! I thought her parents' reactions were very muted too, but I did notice during the "previously' clips when the 2nd hour started (hey TLC, we JUST watched this!) they showed a different clip of the announcement where Kendra and her mom hugged. (PS -- whoever upthread said her father was really, really ridiculously good-looking was 100% correct!). I also remember when they showed the out-of-order Kendra "birth story" earlier this season that Kendra mentioned her mom found out she was pregnant a few months after Kendra did, so they were having their babies at the same time. Maybe her mom had already found out at the time of Kendra's announcement and was thinking about that and the potential for steal-your-thunder ramifications?
  13. Are all the most gullible / desperate people in Kentucky, Ohio and Georgia, or what? Angela and Ricky are both going to be highly disillusioned, unfortunately. The flags are red and waving. And eww . . . not surprising . . . but in the preview Angela is 'gifting' her Nigerian prince with Trump attire. Figures. Jesse -- what a prick -- "fix yourself and come back to me and we'll see." Although, admittedly, Darcy is annoyingly immature. Jealous because his attention is on the sights on his first visit to the U.S. vs. you? That's pretty sad. It wouldn't hurt to answer his questions -- you're just being a brat not to. Paul -- as weird as ever. Get your footlockers and go home -- Karine's playing you & her parents are too. Maybe you should look up Annie in Louisville -- you'd probably look mighty fine to her compared to David (what's your job again where you can take off 3 months?). Rachel -- meh. I don't like moms dragging their babies along on their wild goose chases (and to see a guy proven to be violent?). Stoopid.
  14. This and the "nothing to be ashamed of" line, along with the "bare their souls and everything else" swimsuit competition and the "deal-breaker question" segment where they can even ask about <gasp> SEX <gasp> are the cringe-worthiest of all the cringe-worthy parts of this show. But, I watch -- in amazement, true -- but I watch.