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  1. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Probably too much on her plate at the moment. Maybe, it did close out several plot lines.
  2. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Cult leaders are usually that creepy, especially coming into her personal life now. It does make it a lot more obvious though especially immediately recognizing him on the spot.
  3. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Pretty much, hence why they've both very stubborn, Alycia pretty much checked every supervillain cliché with her take over the world tropes.
  4. S03.E09 Goodnight, Sweet Prince

    Yeah, working with someone as obviously unhinged as Stahl was never going to end up well.
  5. S01.E10: Point of Origin

    Basically and we already had an example of a guy overcoming his issues in the reverie.
  6. S01.E10: Point of Origin

    It would probably likely reflect each person's personal reverie vr simulations.
  7. S01.E10: Point of Origin

    It seems to be behaving like those other programs that ran around and disappeared that they met earlier.
  8. Yeah, even she could see how stupid it was. Pretty much, Darius has been under a lot of pressure, literally everyone pushed him up the ranks of presidency.
  9. S03.E08 Cry Havoc

    Yeah, NBC has been very adamant about the show ending, choosing to announce it fairly quickly as a final season right away.
  10. Season 3 Discussion

    Basically it wasted an interesting premise and the 'twists' were just poorly done, they eventually outlived its own title, Quantico, it stopped being that when they left for group missions.
  11. S03.E08 Cry Havoc

    It's usually the calmer ones that are creepier.
  12. Season 3 Discussion

    Thanks to the moron father who literally walked into the line of fire and made his daughter an orphan. Considering the police literally allowed to walk into a funeral and literally nothing came from it, probably. Figures as much, his love interest didn't return this season and they didn't cast anyone else for him.
  13. S01.E09: The Key 2018.08.01

    That was really dumb especially working for a baddie that was likely to clean up any mess.
  14. Yeah, Stahl did make it way too obvious with planting evidence in her car tbh.
  15. S02.E06: Let the Chips Fall

    Probably one of the fastest rise to power, he was only made VP quickly just a few episodes ago.