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  1. S02.E07: Resting Witch Face

    Idk, but it seemed like she wanted Manfred to go after Kai so she could be free to do whatever she wanted to do.
  2. S02.E07: Resting Witch Face

    Yeah, Kai was way too obvious and Patience really had nothing else to do otherwise. Evil Fiji just doesn't feel believable especially with that ridiculous wig.
  3. S04. E08. Screech, Thwack, Pow

    Yeah, it was so stupid and they could've just saved themselves from the trouble to begin with.
  4. S04. E08. Screech, Thwack, Pow

    That's probably where the plot convenient Zip poisoning kicks in. Probably because they don't know what to do with them most of the time, especially Reade/Zapata recently.
  5. S04. E08. Screech, Thwack, Pow

    I expected as much, this wasn't the type of show that would kill off its main lead so they needed a convenient out for her. Agreed, Zapata is basically nothing more than a glorified henchman and Reade/Burke are just wasting time chasing her.
  6. Yes, especially after they broke in, stole evidence, and a van exploded.
  7. Yeah, they keep skipping anything substantial, there's always something: missing memories, a time skip, a secret kid, and now this.
  8. Yeah it makes no sense when they have a capable hacker already there instead of overcomplicating themselves.
  9. It probably would've been similar to how Under the Dome handled aliens in its last season.
  10. Idk, for some reason, certain decisions take a lot longer than others. As for Salvation, these types of shows don't last too long.
  11. Probably because Patterson/Rich are actually more proactive than the other characters that have been splintered off into their own uninteresting subplots.
  12. Pretty much for the back half of the season.
  13. At the very least this didn't drag out the entire season, especially according to the promo.
  14. Yeah, it feels more like they have to keep up the body count to live up to the show's title.
  15. It's possible given the way it's playing out.