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  1. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    Patterson probably gets close, hence the attack.
  2. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    According to the promo, she's already trying to kill Patterson, so it might not drag out the entire season.
  3. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    The last scene had Tasha and Blake on a plane 'working together' after Blake killed Roman and was about to take over her dad's business. It just seems like Tasha is undercover yet again, like what she did last season.
  4. S04. E01. Hella Duplicitous

    It was obvious since Blake wasn't going to carry on as a villain much longer, let alone a full season. I guess Tasha was more focused on Blake taking over the company, instead she's being roped into yet another undercover mission.
  5. He's always whining about something, especially Oliver.
  6. Unfortunately that's the price of being with the Keating 5 who are used to dead bodies at this point. Hopefully, otherwise it'll be too similar to S3's twist. Hopefully he'll finally stop whining about everything for once.
  7. S02.E13: Get Ready

    He's been pushed from the very start of this season quickly making his way up the ranks and even refusing to actually allow him to resign.
  8. S02.E13: Get Ready

    It's the writers making stuff up for a last minute twist, not even Darius' genius can have a solution for that.
  9. S02.E13: Get Ready

    It reminded me a lot of Under the Dome, especially the last season where they went completely off the walls and ended up with aliens as well.
  10. S02.11: Celebration Day

    That would explain the random subplots like the cult being tacked on in the last few episodes.
  11. S02.E10: Prisoners

    Basically for the purpose of this cult storyline, they've closed out other subplots and they have 3 more episodes of this season to go.
  12. S03.E10: By Virtue Fall

    Probably a flashforward and then moving on with her life and other storylines, I guess.
  13. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Probably too much on her plate at the moment. Maybe, it did close out several plot lines.
  14. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Cult leaders are usually that creepy, especially coming into her personal life now. It does make it a lot more obvious though especially immediately recognizing him on the spot.
  15. S02.E08: Abre Sus Ojos

    Pretty much, hence why they've both very stubborn, Alycia pretty much checked every supervillain cliché with her take over the world tropes.