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  1. Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Off topic, but I came here looking for comments on the "poker game" ep, and found that Magnum is now one long thread. Boo. That was one of my least favorite qualities of TWOP, and one thing I liked most about Previously - separate and easy to follow episode posts. I guess easy always wins out. On the topic of the episode, I would have preferred a more complex ending in which Meadow Soprano had actually arranged the robbery in order to pay her medical bills, and Rick and the team would have had to decide whether to expose her or not. Gray areas are always welcome (but that's not this show's MO).
  2. S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    The college kid seemed primarily interested in the value of the action figures, which he got for a steal. Wouldn't he have been smarter to tell Kate and Toby that he would assess the value, inflate it, and give them a price - and if they wanted the figures, they could choose to pay or not? That way, they pay for their mistake but they get their special possessions back, and the kid makes out like a bandit. IDK, that solution seemed obvious to me. The most upsetting part about this episode to me was Kate telling Toby he'd have to "sell his toys." Seriously, deal breaker. Not store? Did she not think something he displayed like that had value? Has she lived with this person? The utter disregard for his possessions was horrible.
  3. Thanks, Long road and lingering issues, but he did for the most part. I was kind of hoping that they would play Grace's injury out over a few episodes, because that kind of recovery is so rarely (or accurately) shown on TV.
  4. Yep, my dad was in a bad car accident a few years ago. I was surprised to see the earrings - also, she likely would have been on a ventilator. My dad had a severe traumatic brain injury, and they did procedures to relieve pressure - but he never had his head shaved. I think it depends on where they work and what needs to be done. Panera pagers?! We should have been so lucky. Also, the beautiful, large empty waiting room. Our was tiny and had a TV blaring, plus a gigantic Eastern European family with literally a table full of food (apparently their family member came into the ER at the same time). It was all overwhelming, when you're in a tremendously anxious state, and my mom and I wound up sitting at the elevator bank. So I really envied that room! Good episode. I would have liked followup on the other girl, though - that was a huge hanging plot thread.
  5. I never minded AOL's acting. My residual goodwill from Moonlight went a long way when this show began!
  6. S05.E09: Wilds of Valley Glen

    Blackish was apparently delayed, not rescheduled as mentioned above. I guess there's always on demand.
  7. Stupid for multiple reasons, but also because the writing/acting never gave me that impression. I could buy that Greer had some kind of competitive feeling about Cath, maybe some resentment, but I never thought that she wanted more with Steve and he just wasn't into her. I'd go so far as to say that Chi is the most accomplished actor on the show. I love AOL, but no. Never seen Caan in any role that's much different from this (though I can believe he's a good actor). But they have written great scenes for Chi on this show that he has delivered on, and I remember thinking how good he was many years ago when he starred on Boston Public. That said, I'm not sure the show should continue without AOL/McGarrett. The character just feels like the heart of the show to me. Just my opinion, of course.
  8. S05.E09: Wilds of Valley Glen

    Anyone know - is this airing tonight? Rescheduled? Delayed? My DVR has not updated the ABC schedule IRT Trump.
  9. Did anyone else think that Greer's "other factors" for her betrayal went suspiciously unanswered? Is there a teenage Greer/McGarrett spawn out there somewhere - maybe held prisoner as blackmail for Greer? Or have I just watched too many soaps in my life? (I have also thought that Papa McGarrett wasn't really dead, and only recently, finally gave that up.)
  10. S04.E08: Wilmington

    Wouldn't take much. I loved Turn but they didn't do a very good job showing how the real Abraham spearheaded that spy ring. Wish they could have gotten Ian Kahn to play Washington here too - I got really used to him! Every episode with Brianna, I find myself trying to talk myself into thinking that Sophie isn't THAT bad....but it sucks I have to even do that. Now I don't know if she's gotten better or if I just want so badly to believe she has for the sake of the show.
  11. Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Way behind on watching this. I liked the storyline with the brothers but the flashback really annoyed me. So much discussion of Brooks, Brooks, Brooks....and nothing much said about the poor doctor you got killed? Shouldn't they have shown even more serious regret for that consequence? Brooks died as a result of a war injury, but not due directly to Magnum et. al. If I were them, I'd feel more remorse over the poor guy they dragged into their scheme. And no repercussions for either death?
  12. There was an odd scene early in the episode when Steve gave a side eye to Joe, as if he wasn't telling the truth....and then, idk, there wasn't really follow through? I still don't understand that. Did you watch Lost? I always feel like my reaction to Terry O'Quinn and Joe is from years of watching him prevaricate as Locke. I didn't mind the CGI. I know it's all filmed in Hawaii so it's always interesting to see how they get around that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only time in recent memory that I suspected they filmed elsewhere was that episode where the crazy psychologist had the CIA analyst's kidnapped daughter in some cabin in Wisconsin, I think? The bare snowy trees in that episode were just too real to be CGI (maybe it was really well done?)
  13. Honestly, when he stopped the horse and showed Steve his wound, I totally expecting him to say, "I have X cancer. It's inoperable. This is OK, Steve. This is how I want to go, not lying in a bed." The way it was, though, I did feel like he gave up. All that hard riding could not have helped those wounds, and he chose to do that rather than wait for the Med Evac. I also thought that! I thought when he said, "look at that - have you ever seen a sunset like that?" - that we'd see the scene from Steve's perspective and it would just be a cloudy day. I do like that explanation better!
  14. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I checked out the opening scene with CC on. Some relevant lines: Masuda (leader guy): Noriko Noshimuri - you had her killed and attempted to frame Adam Noshimuri, did you not? ... Kimora: Masuda-san, I was protecting your interests. Adam Noshimuri was withdrawing money that was repaying his father's debt to you. Masuda: Some things are worth more than money. We are sometimes allies, sometimes rivals. To function as our banker, your neutrality and honor must be unquestioned. When you act against any one of us, you betray us all. Then was the part with the choice. Honestly, it seems like a stretch for this guy to kill Noriko and frame Adam by planting the gun, just to supposedly protect a payment that was going to Masuda? No personal involvement at all? Also bizarre that Masuda cared more about the banker's honor than the guy's supposed effort to preserve the debt payment - to him! I like the idea that Tani's officer was in on it, but poor writing like this just makes me think they are wrapping up the storyline in the most remotely plausible (if nonsensical) way possible.
  15. S22.E09: Unfulfilled

    The Irish guy said "fookin'" twice, which I guess avoids the censors? The line I laughed at hard though was (and I'm going to get it wrong, but): "You're the best wife in the world, but you're a bitch for lying and patronizing me." Good episode, I thought. Both songs were great. For a show that apparently wants to be canceled, they're putting good effort in.