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  1. S03. E07. A Girl Without Feelings.

    What was with the lengthy scenes with Dani and Cable's super? Back and forth with the key, "why don't you use a credit card?" I feel like this is Marissa redux, that they're obviously setting up this guy to be accused of some murder or whatever, and he'll turn out to be an illegal immigrant and Dani will wind up conning him to get the key back to search his place. Way too much setup for no eventual payoff. I don't find the guy particularly interesting, however. If I were Dani, I'd have taken that taco with me. Also bet that sometime we see the new hacker's ex, whom I am likewise sure is shady in some way (maybe he kidnaps their kid).
  2. S04.E02: Do No Harm

    Me too. In recent years, a focal point of that depression for me has been Jennifer Garner - whom I adored as a smart, kickass woman in Alias, who now has to play "the mom" in literally everything. Even in the movie where yes, she's a mom who kicks ass. i loved Maria Doyle Kennedy in The Tudors (less so in DA) and damn, she is just one of those actors who can do accents. Total respect. Loved this episode, though yeah, not much on the rewatch. We went from Outlander Roots to Outlander ER in like 5 minutes flat! I do get frustrated with Claire and her modern sensibilities, though I think the episode did a good job in progressing us from "see, Jocasta's nice! You can work with that!" through "That's a lot of money and requirements, but..." to finally "these people are nuts and you'll both probably die for your ideals." Claire knows by now that she's not going to eradicate slavery (not anymore than she could avert Culloden) so the best she can do is be kind whenever possible - but even the River Run environment makes that difficult. Anyone getting weird GOT references anytime they type "River Run?" Especially given Tobias Menzies' involvement in both shows? (For GOT non-watchers, Menzies' GOT character is/was the heir to the castle "Riverrun," an odd coincidence!)
  3. Yeah, I get that now and that does make the episode more fun....also lets you handwave any scenes that seemed straight out of a noir movie or too-stereotypical '40s because it was just Steve's imagination. I think it would have made more sense if they had changed old Milton's story - if they had made it the story that he actually hadn't become a detective. Then when the dream started, we wouldn't have been confused about exactly when he became a detective and when/if Steve Sr. was involved. More of a reminder about how Steve Sr. died on the Arizona and his situation at the time in the service would have been helpful too...I mean, I remember that aspect to the backstory of the show, but I don't remember everything in detail, and likely newer viewers might not know it at all. As it was, when they were on the balcony watching the attack, I was like, how does Steve Sr. get to the Arizona from there? (Yeah, I was pretty confused!) I guess we are just to assume that all the details dream Steve discovered, including the sweater/HS, the mobster, the heir, were all in Milton and Sr's file, the just could never put it together. But magically, Super Steve's dreaming brain did! Lol. Yeah, I love how Steve cast Adam as a bad guy, Lou as his and Danny's supervisor, and Jerry as a totally competent cop who had great aim with a gun! I wonder if Junior has hidden masseuse skills and Tani can really sing?
  4. Steve's dream went way off the reality rails, which I did not get until rewatching. Milton and Steve Sr. were best friends and all they used to talk about was becoming detectives. "That was the dream," Milton says, until Pearl Harbor. Apparently Milton joined the HPD after Pearl Harbor, in part to honor Steve Sr. The Lyla case was the last unsolved case of Chang Apana. "Your grandfather and I were obsessed," Milton says. They would get together on weekends and see if they could crack the case, as practice to become detectives. Steve Sr. was the kid in the 1932 photo with Chang Apana. It is not explained why this photo exists, other than it was a fan thing. Otherwise, Steve and Milton had nothing to do with Apana or the case, beyond being amateur hobbyists. I was confused when Steve's dream opened in the police department as if Steve and Milton were actually working the case in the department - maybe others were too?
  5. S03.E04: The Midnight Club

    As a person who has watched 90210 reruns WAY too much, I would venture to guess that all of those outfits were lifted directly from Dylan 90210 ensembles. Even the suit at the diner (for the funeral), I was questioning if that was a lift from the ep with Jack McKay's funeral. And Apa was amazing - really, the best of the the younger actors in imitating their "parents." I always think he's the weak link on the show and was glad to be wrong this week. On the other hand, I remember Madchen Amick's freaking awesome Twin Peaks hair, and no dice, wig crew.
  6. S03. E03. Excessive Force

    Amen to this. I'm not a cop, but as a woman, if any man significantly larger than me had burst into my bathroom while I was unbuttoning my pants, I might have reacted irrationally and fearfully as well. I kept saying throughout this episode (until the end, heh) that she reacted the way she did because it was an able-bodied man surprising her, a small woman, in a state of undress, and then grabbing for her gun instead of simply backing off or collapsing on the floor. Obviously now we know why she didn't just say that obvious fact in response to the attorney's questioning about different types of people in the same situation, but that was really a really obvious answer for me, had it been anyone else. The ending was a cop out. So to speak. I agree that they should have taken the settlement and run, and idk why the cop wasn't pushing the commish more to "settle and just get this over with" if money was her end goal.
  7. So I'm way behind watching this, as the new episode comes on in about 10 minutes, but I just wanted to post how impressed I was with the Noelani actress in this episode. I've never thought she was that great (hiding) but I LOVED her opening scene with Jerry - super cute - and she was terrific in the rest as well. Just shows what a little-used character can do if given more meat than simply medical exposition! I'm not a horror movie person but this was fun. (Even if halfway through I was still like, what happened to the fourth kid?) I've enjoyed all the 5-0 Halloween eps, especially the Danny apartment-ghost ep (which I've obviously never forgotten!), with the exception of that ep when Kono and Adam got tied up in a shed by some nut cases.
  8. S02.E08: Nobody Has to Get Hurt

    I still think we lose Dorothy/Ashley next week, probably via the new Julito character - if only because I haven't been able to figure out the reason he was added to this show. CC was never going to disfigure Lori in any visible way - he would have signed his own death certificate at that point. But psychological, internal? Sure. The dog storyline bugs me. I hope it winds up with someone nice next week. The Assante scene was bizarre. It was really long for a scene that probably has little to do with any plot. I mean, there's been no groundwork whatsoever for Vince to get back together with Andrea, and we've heard very little about his kids, even. And since when did we know the Martino brothers were even involved with their parents? Just strange. He had a nice garden though. CC: it makes sense. I could never envision what Simon would have done with the character in 1985. Most of the others, you at least have ideas for. Loved Darlene basically rolling her eyes at Larry when he was talking about acting! And Barbara! Maybe she'll team up with Dorothy.
  9. The burial storyline was well done - I'm not usually emotional with this stuff but I had a lump in my throat during the letter voiceover. And yeah, I've known, let's say "average" bodied friends who have tried to enlist and couldn't hack boot camp. Why did they feel the need to throw the panic attack in? I did appreciate Junior saying that not everyone is cut out for the service, and that's totally OK. Heck, I wouldn't be! But respect 100%. The other plot was good up till we had 2 sets of feet, and Grover and Tani investigated a house, and all of a sudden I was totally confused. Then, it was over, and involved an affair and a hitman? Lots of great McGarrett/Danny scenes (loved all the boat stuff); horrible storytelling. But, at least we got Eddie!
  10. Camping: All Episodes Talk

    So we get this instead of another season of Togetherness? Even less likable and nuanced LA yuppies. I can't understand why Kathryn would think it was a good idea to bring her son on a weekend of (likely) drinking with her husband's brother and friends. She deserves seeing him see Juliette Lewis naked. And I groaned a little seeing JL starkers, while her partner (and the other men) only strips to his underwear. Puh-leeze. I am tired of this crap.
  11. S02.E06: We're All Beasts

    I'm worried that Dorothy (or Ashley) is going to go back to CC, and his suppressed rage over Lori will kill her instead. I think we keep seeing signs that Ashley has this odd connection still with CC. I did love her putting another girl on the bus, though - even though Loretta watching was a little creepy. My early take that the mayor's guy was gay was right! I am shocked. I had been getting those vibes during his scenes with Allston but thought I was imagining it. I am all in on this show and totally enjoy it. Maybe I'm just a sucker for most HBO period shows. But right now I'm super-into the "let's film a movie!" plot too. I love seeing Candy so successful. I wonder where her season 3 storyline will be. BTW: two things I just discovered that blew my mind - Gary Carr (CC) is British and was Cousin Rose's musician boyfriend on Downton Abbey, and Margarita Levieva is 38 (!) and was a Russian gymnast. This cast is fascinating.
  12. S02.E20: Justified

    I know I'm way behind on these episodes, but I thought that was a legit defense - that after multiple tries to get away, the only time she thought shooting him would work was if he were asleep and it was point blank range. I would have bought that reason as a juror. (It is a little creepy that she stayed in bed afterwards, though.)
  13. S03.E01: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

    Yeah, I had a pretty good laugh at Jug's voiceover that they were going into their junior year in high school. Damn, that is way more mature HS sex than I remember, including the post-coital convos about jail time! On another topic I didn't see mentioned here: did anyone's show completely cut abruptly to commercial during the pool party, right after Josie mentioned where the jurors were? We then had about 8 minutes of commercials and then the Hot Dog napping scene came out of nowhere, so I'm pretty sure we missed some show. This is Philly burbs. I don't need more to confuse me, what with the floating babies and all.
  14. You are absolutely 100% right. I went back and watched those scenes. In the scene at the airport in the beginning, Steve/Danny/Grover are just talking about what a good guy he seems to be and why someone would think snatching him off the plane would be the best move. In the next applicable scene, Grover gets Steve out of his office and says "I've been thinking about why the Chinese would want to take him..." And shows Steve the video of the agent at the airport. But there is absolutely no reason given up to that point as to why any of them would suspect the Chinese, or any evidence that Steve and Lou had even been discussing that! THEN Jerry runs in with the Chinese documents, and Lou says "what would father of the year be doing with a bunch of Chinese documents?" Well Idk, Lou - 2 minutes ago you wondered why the Chinese would want to abduct him for no apparent reason! Bad writing, or more likely bad editing. On a related note, I can't believe they killed off Jack Coleman! When I saw him, I thought he would be a recurring character. Also, Greer looks SO familiar to me, but I didn't recognize her name in the credits. Does she look like another actress? Who am I thinking of?
  15. S02.E05: All You'll Be Eating is Cannibals

    Idk... I interpreted that as Candy being very careful as to how to respond - she wanted Lori and didn't know if she was just going to storm out. I thought Lori's meltdown dovetailed nicely with Dorothy's issues with CC. I think it's hard to understand how these guys are in their heads. Hoping that Darlene gets an easier out with Larry as he gets more into acting. And speaking of that: I like Abby, but how did she not know after 8 years that the Hi-Hat was funded by mob money or Vince's relationship with Pipilo? Heck, Paul knows!