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  1. S02.E10: Quarantine

    Yes, to all of this. TV getting diabetes wrong has been my major pet peeve recently because it spreads so much misinformation. There is no way they would keep giving that man insulin without having someone certified check his blood. He could be lying. He could have moved a sticky glazed doughnut off one of the seats in the emergency waiting room and had residual sugar on his fingers when (if) he took his blood test. Maybe Sean gave him the wrong type of insulin (fast acting vs. long acting) due to the buzzing light fixture. Whatever the reason, I can't see someone going from 650 to a hypoglycemic passing out reaction that quickly. It would have made more sense to say he was hyperglycemic with the information given. Check him for ketones! I hope they explain this in January. Side note: I've always wanted to see a medical show tackle the concept of insulin anorexia (I can't remember the medical term). When I was much, much younger, not only did my doctor talk to me about it, but there were some articles I read about how teen girls would not take their insulin for long periods as a way to lose weight, despite the damage it was doing to their organs. It's definitely a new take on the usual story.
  2. S01.E09: Candace

    I'll admit it, I have no sympathy for Beck. She's an awful person. Some might say flawed, but my vote is throw her on the trash heap and be done with her. Beck is always so "woe is me" and it's other people's fault she acts like she does, but in the end I don't think it's terribly much to realize that sleeping with your therapist is a bad idea. I would be more upset if Joe were stalking Kate (?) because at least Kate appeared to be an honest representation of herself. I think they stacked the deck to force the audience to sympathize with Joe by making Beck so intolerable. It's not like I'm "Yay, Joe!", but more like, "Oh, God, can we please get rid of Beck?"
  3. My game is telling me I need to call Parse.initialize before using Parse. What?
  4. S01.E02 Let This Mother Out

    Harry = Siri. The ladies are too lazy to read up on the subject, so they just ask their phone...er, Whitelighter. I definitely see the problem with having a male advisor with the whole female empowerment angle, but I also see why they couldn't put a woman in that position because of the whole recently dead Mom thing. They might be less likely to listen to a woman they subconsciously felt was replacing their mother. The obvious answer would be a (potentially evil) child mentor! Like the girl in the White Room in Angel.
  5. The last "current" event was the three witches walking into the bunker to resurrect their three dead sisters (Mallory, Coco, and Adina). Since then, it's been flashbacks.
  6. These episodes have been flashbacks to how Michael reached the point where he could end the world.
  7. S05.E02: A New Life

    It's been a long time between seasons so please remind me - what happened to Citizen Z's wife and child?
  8. S02.E02: unMoored

    The bad mutants will run off with the baby (because that's who they secretly wanted all along) and leave Polaris behind for some reason or another, so Polaris will have to join up with the good mutants to find her kidnapped baby. Then the kid can show up in in the final season, conveniently aged, and save the day.
  9. I assumed only angels could pass the barrier. Waverly was part angel and Doc recently had drunk an angel dry, so had a lot of angel mojo still flowing through him.
  10. Who in the heck would answer their door on Purge night? That scene with the boss was ridiculous. It's not like you'll have adorable trick or treaters on the other side.
  11. I'm teaching at the time, so I can't play either! I hope they vary the starting times on this thing or it's not really a great app for many people who, you know, work. It's not like I can tell my middle school class to hold on for five minutes so I can play on my phone outside, since the reception in my room is so terrible the game wouldn't connect in there anyway.
  12. I would think there would be a lot more raping going on, but they haven't even mentioned that. Everyone appears to be more into the bloodshed. With all crime being legal, my main concern would be the kids with asshole parents. That would give me nightmares.
  13. That's something that bothers me, as well. It's great for both Sean and Meghan to try to find something to supplement their incomes, but living entirely off what they make with tie-dye and t-shirts doesn't seem likely. They have SSI(?) income, undoubtedly, but it can't be enough to pay long-term for the nice place that Rachel and Meghan were sharing if they wanted to live somewhere comparable. Meghan and Sean don't run their businesses and the parents keep telling them they'll be doing all of this on their own soon; it feels dishonest. What they need to be talking about is finding a trustworthy business manager if the parents aren't going to be doing the job of actually running the companies. They need someone to handle the stock and the finances. Yes, Meghan and Sean can help make decisions and share design ideas, but someone with a little business acumen would help the businesses last and get connections that could help with longevity. Meghan got extremely lucky that Sanrio was looking for some good PR. How long that relationship continues is still up in the air, but it is a lucky break that would not have happened without the move to CA and the show. From what I recall, Sean's t-shirt business did start after the show began and probably after Megology got a bump from the publicity, though the shirts seem very show specific and interest will drop once the show ends for good. I started to watch Born This Way because it was supposed to show me the reality of the lives of young adults with Down Syndrome, but it doesn't appear to be showing us the reality of [some of] their lives, but the reality the parents want to represent. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy this show - maybe not so much the Meghan and Sean parts, but the rest of the cast is great and their stories seem a bit more realistic. They're dealing with the struggles of living without the daily help of parents, figuring out transportation, taking care of themselves, and working. We've seen amazing growth in most of the cast, with Elena and Rachel being the real standouts. My favorite part in the last episode was when Rachel's father said something along the lines of, "It's faster and easier if we do it, but [Rachel] can do it and we need to let [her]." That is a message that spoke to me. I've mentioned before I had a parent in my classroom that did not allow her daughter to do anything to care for herself - pretty much everything you can think of that allows someone to be even a moderately independent person. I wished Rachel's parents could have talked to her and given her this great advice.
  14. I don't like the name of Sean's business. I mentioned that on Twitter and was sent an article explaining how it got its name. It wasn't like it was particle physics - I figured out the connection when they first mentioned it last season, so that didn't win me over. I'm not altogether fond of the name Megology either, so I thought maybe I just disliked name themed businesses. Then I admitted to myself that I don't much like Sean or Megan so that might be why I find their business names irritating. House of Rachel or Elenagance probably wouldn't bother me so much. Yes, I am a horrible person apparently. I loved that they went to self-defense! I think they need to add that to PE requirements because it's more useful than skipping. It would be great in middle school and high school. Rachel is really blossoming living more independently.
  15. When Dwayne and Anne left to get the beer and go to the Bahamas at the end, they sounded obviously dubbed. It makes me wonder if there were other jokes promoting the next season that were replaced upon news of the cancellation.