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  1. Dr. G is a great example of a psych doc with zero ability to turn his skills on himself.
  2. Could also be a wedding announcement. Maybe Caitlyn.
  3. Siggy’s husband sounded pretty controlling on the phone - and also delusional about who is to blame. Two peas in a pod!
  4. Siggy is looking even more narcissistic than Tre - batshit crazy!
  5. These people sure move a lot - how many houses has Kris lived in since the show started; I’ve lost track. Good investments I guess.
  6. HA! Really cute. Looks like Palmer might be her daddy’s mini-me.
  7. Yeah, the K sisters don’t give a lot of thought to fatherhood. imo one of the most important decisions a woman ever makes is choosing the father of her children - she can divorce the man, but her kids can’t. At the very least, they’ll always have his genes.
  8. They’re available through Comcast “On Demand” - but maybe they’re also somewhere online. On edit - found them:
  9. I hope he’s not a predator who got a whiff of that low self-esteem and zeroed in - time will tell.
  10. Wonder if Justin is overlooked because of his soap background - there’s a lot of snobbery out there!
  11. Really. I started seeing red flags as Kenya talked about doing things the way he wanted, and starting again when she got it wrong.
  12. While I have no doubt that the siblings have had to vie for their mother’s attention, tonight’s scenario was completely staged. What seemed real was the fight between Khloe and Kourtney - can’t blame Kourt for wanting to keep her boyfriend off the show.
  13. That would provide a nice twist too!
  14. If he cleaned up his act, went through a recognized program, perhaps it could happen - or maybe the boy somehow helps Kevin. Just seems more obvious to be about Randall or Kate, and the writers/producers like a twist.