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  1. Wow, interesting - you may be right - that would certainly change it up!
  2. LeeAnne creeps me out - she definitely means to hit below the belt, and gets off on the pain she causes.
  3. S03.E04: Vietnam

    Looks like Jack chose to be a hero to his family because they desperately needed a hero - if his dad wasn’t such an asshole, he might’ve been different.
  4. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    She’s beautiful as is - bangs would kill the elegant look.
  5. Jason & Elvis doin’ guy stuff...
  6. Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    She looks pretty comfortable “on her own.”
  7. Khloe

    Apparently Khloe is worried Tristan might be an absentee dad like he is with his son - his dumping the first baby mama while pregnant wasn’t enough of a clue. At least Khloe makes sure Tristan brings his son gifts - she needs to dump his sorry ass, apologize profusely to Jordan, and grow the bond between the siblings. (Is this the site the K fam feeds info to?) https://radaronline.com/exclusives/2018/10/khloe-kardashian-fears-tristan-thompson-part-time-dad-baby-true/ “A source close to Kardashian, 34, said “Khloe’s worst nightmare is that Tristan will be an absent father to True. She loves him but the reason she’s clingy is because she doesn’t want him to be a part-time dad to True like he is to his son.””
  8. Shannon really looks uncomfortable when it’s about someone else!
  9. Here’s a piece about the dna scene - anyone familiar with the pie chart colors? https://okmagazine.com/photos/did-khloes-dna-test-accidentally-reveal-secret-of-her-paternity/
  10. Khloe

    And this just after Khloe told followers she doesn’t see color. Today’s white-washed faces...
  11. Season 6 Discussion

    Aydin doing George Jefferson Movin’ On Up was awesome!
  12. Kim had better keep body guards around all the time too - delusional people can lash out violently. I’d be worried about the kids’ safety.
  13. Now there’s this... https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/hip-hop/8479821/kanye-west-twitter-mind-control-publishing-brain-video-transcript
  14. Seems like a really bad time to go on vacation - Kanye needs medical attention; enabling isn’t the answer.
  15. Good points! It’s possible Jon expected Ashley to find the goodbye note and act on his instructions - or she could be protecting somebody, Jon, the others or herself.