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  1. Yikes - her condition is very entrenched.
  2. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    omg Ashley got TRav to change Kathryn’s drug tests from every three weeks to three times a week - remember her arms? “Sadistic,” Pat says in the second clip. What a fucked up creature - and TRav too. (Interesting clips that seem like Pat trying to redeem herself - good that Whitney also doesn’t speak with TRav anymore.)
  3. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    He said in a video about their outfit choices that he usually wears contacts but had those glasses on the trip to NY and people said he should wear them for the reunion.
  4. I’m sure one or some of the women checked on Bethenny - it was just edited that way to be interesting. Someone at Bravo might even have been making fun of B for her over-the-top dramatics this episode.
  5. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Unless she is an escort. I’d probably call her a psychopath - looks like Kathryn does it right next week.
  6. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Two related things I noticed: When Andy asked Shep if he’d found love and Shep said no, Kathryn had a funny look on her face - and when Kathryn talked about how it’s been for her, Shep had a very caring look on his face. Wonder if he’d be serious with her if she didn’t have that crazy past and he thought his family would accept her.
  7. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    That’s what I was thinking - tons of deadlines and details in that field. Stick with sewing, Craig!
  8. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    The cringing faces when Craig goes off crack me up.
  9. Yep - and that she’s lost Carole as a reliable source of narcissistic supply.
  10. S05.E15 Reunion Part 1 2018.07.19

    Ready?! (Don’t miss the third pic.)
  11. From the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like Carole is onto Bethenny’s strategies to gain control - should be interesting.
  12. Kinda surprised she didn’t photoshop those streaks off - I was surprised it was only one cheek too!
  13. She just can’t bear for anyone else to get something good, and can’t watch it. Yet in her talking head she referred to her jealousy, making a joke as cover. She must have been aware that she looked weak when she walked away.
  14. Just another game that lets her control them - they can’t go off shopping as planned, having fun together, now they feel compelled to tend to her.
  15. imo Bethenny was the mean girl, trying to push everyone’s buttons (even bringing up Tom) - her game didn’t work though, they were still having fun, so she switched to victim mode. Bethenny isolates herself with her assholery - and her crying outbursts are what she does when nothing else works to get the attention and control back.