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  1. She makes money from these - that’s the difference!
  2. Erika might be surprised that showing her ass doesn’t always pay.
  3. Kylie

    http://www.eonline.com/news/920750/kylie-jenner-s-newest-photo-of-baby-stormi-is-her-sweetest-yet Looks like Jordyn really is the mother! ;)
  4. It’s okay to cry when it’s all about Erika finally getting everything she’s wanted - but it’s so babyish to cry when a bunch of bitches try to rip you to shreds. There’s a big difference! ;)
  5. Maybe she lives in the garage apt - or has a sleeping cubby in her big ol’ dress-up studio!
  6. Good point! Teddi and Eileen also share integrity, decency, grace and kindness - qualities Erika lacks - perhaps this is also part of it.
  7. Maybe Erika-the-Snake is attacking Teddi with the secret hope that daddy John will show up at her door to stand up for his little girl - I can see Erika slithering around, begging to be his new backup singer/dancer. Ha!
  8. I can relate to Teddi in that I have a low tolerance for bullshit and a tendency to want truth and justice to prevail - but it rarely does among rabid dogs.
  9. Erika loses her shit once again - she’s scary. (Glad LVP mentioned Erika going off in Hong Kong.)
  10. Most of these women are not friend material.
  11. My first guess when she said that was they smell like ass. So, I guess that means Dorit smells like ass. lol
  12. Erika thinks everyone should be more independent - she doesn’t need Tom’s money after all!
  13. Erika’s (Tom’s) house doesn’t fit her at all, design-wise.
  14. Nice to see Eileen - I’d hang with her!
  15. Kim grosses me out - how long before she has to see Terry Dubrow for help?