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  1. I don't know who I felt worse for when Chewie was trying to eat his dinner. Him or the porgs who were watching in horror. Han used the dang lightsaber on Hoth. Stuffed Luke in a Tauntaun.
  2. Well holy shit. Congrats to the director, he managed to catch me off guard multiple times and for our audience to go between bursting out laughing, Gasping in shock and outright cheering. So many thoughts tumbling through my head right now. Can't really be coherent. But so freaking glad the Kylo flipping Ren did not get some idiotic Redemption Arc. He's evil, and now he has to live with it. No one believes in him.
  3. I'm not going to condem him yet. It's very hard to gauge his parenting when we never see the baby and by extension see Howard and Hally interacting. He is clearly pulling his load around the house and I'm not going to hold it against him for not going to Daddy and Me classes. I've been to Mommy and Me, they suck. I wish I'd been smart enough to just go to the movies instead. And he was right about the birthday party. Halley won't remember, he's pulled in multiple directions caring for Halley and Bernie and from the way my nephew reacted to his birthday, Halley might have just started screaming from the over-stimulation anyway.
  4. Uncle Nazi totally creeped me out when he was talking to Elizabeth and she confronted him about the Marburg file. His way of saying that ultimately the British people would believe him and not her just seemed so icky. Here is this incredibly powerful woman and she still being gaslighted by a guy.
  5. Hang in there! Only 2 more days.
  6. Model camp or not, the mere fact that the place existed should have been an enormous red flag to Uncle Nazi.
  7. I love this show and I'm with it till the end. But the tone this season has just been so different without Granger and without Hetty. I know that there is absolutely nothing that can be done about Granger being gone but what is up with Linda Hunt? I I really did not realize how much Hetty had set the tone until she'd gone.
  8. She did a great turn in the Revival of Upstairs, Downstairs. Played a horrid little brat but played it oh so well.
  9. I was just about to reference Bruce Greenwood in 13 Days! He's the only one I've ever seen come close to a good JFK.
  10. Oh I know it was a completely different time. I guess that was simply more illustrative of me having been raised many many years later and under completely different circumstances. I really feel very badly for poor Charles here. Honestly, no wonder he was so miserable with Diana. He had clearly found happiness with Camilla and would have been understandably upset at having that removed. After that kind of schooling I imagine he would have clung very closely to any sort of love and comfort.
  11. This was about 20 years ago.
  12. In all fairness my dad had me behind the wheel from about the age of 14 onwards. I didn't even get a permit until 3 months before my 16th birthday. My parents needed a third driver in the household and I was it.
  13. While all of them are have had their moments, I would put Leonard, Amy and Stewart more towards the nice column.
  14. This series is really presenting an appalling picture of Elizabeth being unprepared for the throne she was going to inherit. She should have been made well aware of what Uncle Nazi was up to. Not to mention the education issues that were raised last season.
  15. The whole time I was watching this episode my heart nearly broke for Charles. I kept thinking in my head what would have happened if he had simply refused to go? He was clearly about 11 or 12 years old. What was Philip going to do, pick him up and carry him into school? I'm sure the press would have had a field day with that. And on further reflection, if Elizabeth was of a more manipulative personality then I think a few well planted articles regarding the conditions at the school and what the heir to the throne was being subjected to might have been enough to get him out of there. Feeding the information out through her well-adept secretaries so that there was no actual connection back to her and make sure the articles are extremely uncomplimentary about the school and I bet you anything the school would have been asking the royal family to move Charles somewhere else.