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  1. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

    So here's a question. Or possibly just pointing out a large plot hole. In the first Thor, Thor and Sif actually had a conversation about how she wanted to be a warrior and had to fight for it and that Thor had supported her the whole way. But now we're hearing about the super elite all-women Valkyries that all of Asgard knows of? Clearly they had a history women warrior so why was it a thing that Sif wanted to be one?
  2. So I just watched BP for the 3rd time. And it struck me at the end how similar this was to Civil War. You have T'Challa and W'Kabi, close friends turned against each other oh so quickly. With a group that usually lives in a harmony now fighting each other over with each believes to be the right thing to do. There's even dead parents thrown in! This gives me hope that T'Challa is going to play in getting Steve and Tony to reconcile. I have half baked fanfic bouncing around my head right now about the aftermath of the fight between the Border tribe and the Dora Milaje/Jabari. Such as T'Challa and the council determining that the River tribe will spend a certain amount of time in disgrace, before being forgiven. And that W'Kabi will do similar but ultimately they are all Wakandans and no one is a bad person here but simply that they must work together better in the future.
  3. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    It's really hard to read but I swear I see Idris elba's name on the new poster for Infinity War.
  4. Spoilers and Speculation

    I don't think Heigl is coming back. Washington didn't insult Shonda personally and the two cast members he fought with had long since left. Heigl on the other hand made it clear what she thought and was not marching the shondaland beat. I'm surprised they haven't slipped in a mention of Izzy's death by now. That was an extremely aggressive cancer and it be very easy and believable to have it stated that she has died off screen.
  5. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Oh god, Heimdall! I'm a Thursday show too. Can't risk spoilers!
  6. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I am so excited that so many amazing, talented and kick ass women are holding prominent roles in this movie.
  7. Roseanne Revival

    I'm guessing someone has an opioid problem and I'm guessing that someone is David, which would explain not only why Darlene has left him but why she has taken her children back to landford when she lost her job. Also answers for Galecki's absence nicely.
  8. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Yeah I'm a little fuzzy on what goes down on the asgardian ship. We know that Loki, Thor and the Hulk survive along with Valkyrie. And they're all split up too. What happened?
  9. And I'll bet that's where his big ego got it's start. You don't really see it in Child Sheldon but the Adult is insufferable and it had to come from somewhere.
  10. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    "So we're using our made up names?" They can have all my money. Seriously all of it. How on Earth can I possibly wait until April 27th to see this? I think I might just buy several tickets to several shows that we can because one viewing will absolutely not be enough. I'm jumping out of my skin that Gamora is doing the voice over and that Cap and T'challa are shaking hands and that Peter's introducing himself to doctor strange and just a thousand other things. Plus I really really really cannot wait to see Peter and Cap meet. Because Cap's head might explode.
  11. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    I love how Alex walks in, sees the candles and immediately dives for the ring!
  12. Oh boy are they! And it's just going to get worse as Sheldon gets older. Navigating him through high school and maybe even undergrad might be doable but beyond that, Sheldon's parents are going to have a harder and harder time connecting with him. George *might* have a bachelor's (if he's teaching, I don't see how he couldn't have one) but I really don't think Mary does. Sheldon's world is just going to get more incomprehensible and after he's 14, Mary will be handling it alone.
  13. I'm hoping that what Adult Sheldon describes isn't willfull lying but rather the distortions. His childhood (what we've seen so far) isn't that bad. But combine a rigid worldview with some deep emotional immaturity and you get the childhoo that Adult describes but that Child didn't really experience. And Mary (along with Memaw) are *screwing* Leonard, Penny, et al so hard right now. And unfortunately we know from Adult Sheldon that the catering isn't going to stop. I wonder if that's going to contribute to the eventual problems between Mary and George. We see George trying very hard to reign Sheldon in and teach him that he has to get along in the world and Mary undermines him quite a bit.
  14. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    One of the things I've always appreciated about these Marvel movies is that even though they must serve as a larger storyline and most of them have an enormous cast, the fun quirky and awesome moments are still there. They might be small, they might be background events you have to catch on the second viewing but they're always there. We are 19 movies into this universe and while some have definitely been better than others, none of them have been a flat mess. I'm putting my face in the production team and the fact that they need this to go well just as badly as we do. It's one thing if DC Comics can't ever seem to get it together with their movies aside from Wonder Woman, it's another if Marvel falls on their face with their crowning moment.
  15. S14.E15: Old Scars, Future Hearts

    Okay, now I'm hoping that April is taking off to wherever it is Koracik came from. With him. I didn't know that Greg Germann had it in him. Well done! As far as Jo and Alex go, about damn time. I don't really know what to think about Meredith and Marie. Meredith shouldn't be paying for the sins of her mother but Marie shouldn't be taking it out on Meredith. If she didn't have the guts to deal with Ellis then, then it is not Meredith's price to pay.