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  1. I’m still here, missing TVD! I agree that the Travelers storyline was lame and boring. I liked some of the fallout from it, like the Other Side crumbling, but the rest was tough to get through. I’ve done a couple rewatches and I like season 4. It wasn’t until the last couple seasons that I started to feel really dissatisfied with the stories. The heretics, Rayna, and the sirens were pretty awful to me. Each season has some good in it, but nothing like the first 3. I’m nowhere near as eloquent with my thoughts or analysis but I’m always up for talking TVD! It was fun to see the alert about this topic this morning!
  2. So that happened. I've always liked Crowley, but I know he's the bad guy so his death/sacrifice - well okay. I'll miss him but he really did some evil shit. But Cas? No. I really hope they bring him back - and I don't normally like the resurrection thing either. But I love Cas. And I want Cas to stay on the show. It was nice to see Bobby though. And my feelings aren't hurt that Mary is trapped with Lucifer on the other side now. The long wait now begins.
  3. I guess I enjoyed this somewhat. The flashback of Abraham and Sasha went on too long for me but I was able to check Twitter during those scenes. I thought they gave Sasha a good exit. When she got Negan to agree to only one death, I thought she believed the one death would be his. That's why she repeated "only one", IMO. I had zero problem with Rick okaying the explosion with Eugene in the blast zone. I also wished someone would just make the sacrifice and shoot Negan while he was blathering before the Sasha reveal. A bunch of the rest just ended up being pretty funny to me. Negan making his demands and then adding he wanted the pool table, all the pool cues AND all the chalk was hilarious. Shiva appearing out of nowhere to eat a guy was awesome funny. All the groups being able to recognize good from bad, funny. Negan monologuing to HIMSELF during the gun fight, funny. The middle finger salute goodbye, funny. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure they weren't going for comedy. I don't really care who lives or dies much anymore except for, maybe, Jerry.(well that's only somewhat true, I do care about CDB and the others, I've been with them for a long time). I don't really even mind Negan that much but that's because of JDM, who will always be John Winchester to me. I would just like to not be bored anymore. I'm still in for the long haul, but my expectations are pretty low.
  4. Spoilers With Speculation

    I think Dean's separate history with the Alpha Vamp is that Dean was a vampire himself in S6. If it turns out Sam gets that particular kill this episode, I won't mind. I agree Sam hasn't really gotten many of the "big kills".
  5. S12.E09: First Blood

    So happy to have the boys back!! I hate hiatus. I liked this one. "We're not trapped with you, YOU are trapped with us" was awesome. I'm looking forward to re-watching this one! And no preview at the end sucked!!
  6. S08.E08: We Have History Together

    I love TVD but this last season is seriously the worst! I didn't want the show to end, hell I still don't, but this feels like punishment - it's so bad. This episode could've been worse, I guess. We only had 2ish storylines to follow instead of 4 or 5. Damon and Stefan were pretty. Yep, think that's it for this one right now - which just makes me sad.
  7. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Season 1

    Overall, I really enjoyed the revival. There were parts I absolutely hated but, at the end of two viewings, I liked it. IMO, every scene they had referencing Richard felt so genuine. Like the actual actresses really felt his loss. I teared up every time. Lorelai's story in Fall had me full on crying. I missed Richard although I don't know what the whole revival would've been based on if he hadn't passed away. I thought it was wonderful to see all the cameos. I was never a fan of Jason, but his appearance at the funeral and his exchange with Lorelai was perfect. Checking in with all the townies was great, even Taylor and too much Kirk didn't bother me. The actors from Parenthood showing up in small roles made me smile. And even Miss Celine was a cute throwback to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I missed Sookie. I ended up really disliking her character toward the end of the series, so it struck me that I missed her being around. Maybe my post is better off in the UO thread, but I was happy to see MM and thought the exchange with Sookie and Lorelai was lovely. Rory's exes - all looked wonderful. JP looked incredible and as someone who always liked Dean, I was happy to see his life turned out so well and he was so over Rory. MV looked good and made me like Jess but I hated the lingering look at Rory in the end. There were absolutely no sparks between them, on either end IMO, so the look made no sense to me. The chemistry or ease they once had with each other is gone. He didn't even get a hug although she said it had been 4 years since they'd last seen each other. And MC was Logan. No difference to me from the end of the series, it felt like he never skipped anytime with that character. No sign of Cary Agos anywhere. I'll have to post again on the main characters, this is already too long. I just wanted to get a few observations out there, no one to talk with about it yet!! I will say I hated the waste of almost 20 minutes on that horrible musical and talking about that horrible musical! The second viewing I was able to FF through, much better!! Why on earth did they think that would be even close to entertaining? It was just the worst, IMO.
  8. S07.E05: Go Getters

    I'm so bored this season, I wonder if watching them later back to back will make it any better. I really don't like it when the group is split up and we get boring side stories like the Daryl episode and the Carol & Morgan episode. I am grateful for a Negan free episode. Love JDM but the talking and talking and talking are killing me. And I'm glad Maggie got Hershel's watch back.
  9. S08.E05: Coming Home Was a Mistake

    I'm here to the very end but I'm not really enjoying this season. When I saw Kevin Williamson was coming back, I was thrilled! I've always felt he was the real talent behind the first 2 1/2 seasons of TVD. But so far I'm being proven wrong about that - I don't see his magic anywhere so far. I am totally over the siren thing, both of them. It's boring watching Sybil talk and talk and talk and talk. Seline has been less boring but we haven't seen that much of her until tonight. Maybe the storyline with the twins will be interesting. Frustrated and tired of siren-controlled, no humanity Damon. This is the last season - I want real Damon and I want him sooner than the 15th episode!! I've been liking Stefan a lot, he's really determined to save his brother! And I know Caroline hates Damon, and the various opinions as to why she hates him, but she must know that Stefan loves Damon. My opinion only but she seemed a little too harsh to Stefan while he was worrying about his brother. I don't know, it's not an argument I want to have but she made some remark to Stefan that made me say "wow, way to be supportive, Caroline". The parts of the episode with Bonnie and Enzo were good. The guy playing Matt's dad was good casting, he looks like he could be Matt's dad! Trevino looked pretty good with his new beard, even playing dead! Alaric was cute having purple tea. And Damon still looks amazing even if he's not himself.
  10. S12.E06: Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

    This was a good one IMO! No complaints about anything. Dean was awesome. Sam was fun. Jody is made of awesome and rainbows, loved her so much this ep! Mary was fine and less annoying than she's been since the season started. The hunters were an interesting mix - Jesse from TVD was one of the twins, almost a crossover!! (Not really but I would like to have nice things tonight) I will definitely be watching this one again!
  11. S08.E04: An Eternity of Misery

    Tyler was a hybrid when he bit Caroline. Klaus told him to do it - sire bond - Tyler refused but still ended up biting her. It seems like hybrid bites were always lethal but werewolves only when they were transformed on a full moon. And that's a good point about Mason healing quickly while Damon was torturing him!! Why didn't Tyler heal as quickly? They were both original recipe werewolves during the torture/fang attack.
  12. S08.E04: An Eternity of Misery

    The backstory of the sirens was a little interesting. The maybe it's Georgie maybe it's Seline thing was done decently enough. Alaric busted his own eardrums, ewww. Matty Blue Blue is back and still the best cryer on the show. Guess Tyler is really dead dead. Bless Stefan's heart for trying so hard to save Damon. I should've liked this episode more but I'm just tired of zombie Damon. Hopefully I'll like it better when I watch it again.
  13. S12.E05: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

    Aww, I didn't mind it too much. There were some cute scenes and lines that made me smile, and honestly that was really what I was looking for tonight. And Dean being in the whole episode was a bonus! Maybe during a rewatch later, I'll be more critical. Tonight I just wanted to watch Dean and forget about the real world for an hour. PS - sorry for the lame post. I love the discussions on this board and lurk all the time, everyone has such thoughtful views. Selfishly, I wanted to post because then I'll get an email every time one of you lovely people say something. Thank you!
  14. S08.E03: You Decided I Was Worth Saving

    Not loving zombie Damon for the final season. It's not fun or entertaining. It's just sad and annoying. And making it even less fun is the idea that he should be able to fight the ancient, mythological creature's mind control and blaming him because he can't. It makes me unhappy with the characters I love blaming him and saying he's given up. And has he really given up? I don't know...applesauce penguin. So am I pissy with characters blaming him when maybe they're right? I don't know. Not fun. And then, to top it off, bring Tyler back for 2 minutes so Damon can kill him. Great, like there wasn't already enough to hate on him for - yep pile on Tyler's death. Not fun. I will say something positive - the beginning Bonnie and Caroline scene was lovely. The Wickery Bridge flashback was really cool, I'd love to see more of that night! And the "Can't spell Damon without Damn" was awesome. Yep, that's it for me tonight.
  15. S12.E04: American Nightmare

    Really well done episode IMO. Winchesters in sweaters was awesome! Jared really did a good job tonight, I enjoyed him. I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of the dad hitting him with a baseball bat - all I could think was it was a good thing it wasn't Sam's dad with the bat. (I know I'm lame) And so motorcycle guy is Mr Ketch. Chuck knows I've just been dying for more BMOL appearances. Not. Good call on whoever was talking about the motorcycle last week! It didn't stick out to me much at all! My only complaint is where the hell was Dean for half the episode?! Did Jensen have time off that week?