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  1. S02.E01: Roadhouse Blues

    That blonde woman was supposed to be a teen? I'd put her at late 20's at the youngest.
  2. Degrassi in the Media

    I'm rewatching Degrassi TNG, because the first 10 seasons are all available on YouTube. It's still as good as I remember! I also recently got around to seeing Drake's video, and I absolutely love it. I follow Cassie Steele on Instagram. She's absolutely gorgeous. I'm sad that the show isn't coming back anytime soon :(
  3. Are You The One?

    Uh, did I miss something, or did we not hear from Cali at all?
  4. S32.E19: The Walking Dead

    I don't watch BB, so Idk anything about Paulie except for what we're shown here. He seems Okay to me. He and Natalie have been doing really well, and like someone else said, I liked his "girl power for me too!" when they won the Armageddon. I wouldn't mind if Paulie and Natalie won. I also wouldn't mind if Cara Maria and Marie won. The prospect of Hunter and Ashley winning and him screwing her over is super hilarious, so thanks to the person who mentioned that. I've never thought of it this way. Ordinarily, I don't like it when people blame the "other" man or woman in a cheating scenario, but Cara has consistently shown that she has no respect for other people's relationships. Even this in and of itself wouldn't be the worst thing ever, but the fact that she talks about girl power and girls sticking together all the time is pretty hypocritical.
  5. S03.E07: Sometimes

    I hope that Zoe IS pregnant, and that she ends up having an abortion. Imagine how upset Kevin and his siblings will be that she dared to do such a thing to a fetus that had a piece of JACK! Kevin can be all, "Beth was RIGHT ABOUT YOU!" and Zoe can be like, "IDGAF, screw all of you, I'm out." ETA: More than likely though, if Zoe DID initially want an abortion, the Pearsons would each give strongly-worded and long-winded monologues as to why she just HAS to keep the fetus, and she would be swayed into doing so. Ughh.
  6. Dracula (2019)

    Haha, I understand the frustration, but I loooove the 1992 movie, so I would totally be fine with them adding that element :p
  7. Are You The One?

    Lewis...whyyyyyyyyyy? Asia is the worst.
  8. I couldn't help but make snarky remarks to my husband during the entirety of this finale. "What, suddenly everyone's a god damn poet?" and, "The house was a villain the entire time, and now it's suddenly a fucking hero?"are two that I remember vividly. I'm one of those people who LOVES unhappy endings, so the Hallmark ending of this episode left me very upset. Hell, it would have been better if they'd ditched this ep altogether and let the last one be ep 9 (The one from Olivia's POV). I did like the red room reveal, but that's all. I'm really so sad, because I loved this series before this point, and I feel so letdown.
  9. I watched this episode several days ago, and it's still giving me the creeps!
  10. Are You The One?

    I'll be sad when this trainwreck is over. They are a group of dysfunctional morons, but least they're entertaining. If they get all 10 beams next week, then this shit is rigged. I hope they go back to having challenges next season, because the random date selector thing is boooooring.
  11. S32.E16: The Leftovers

    I felt deeply satisfied by that entire John/Devin debacle. I HATE John, and Devin was being a complete jackass. They both deserved everything they got in that exchange. I never really cared for Marie before, but she's grown on me this season. I hope that she and Cara win. The Lavender Losers can suck it, along with the other dumbasses.
  12. S33 Casting

    I'm excited for Gus from Floribama shore!
  13. Dawson's Creek

    I loved season 1 Joey! Jen deserved better than these fools.
  14. Dawson's Creek

    The actress who played Andy has a small role in the teen movie "The Edge of Seventeen". It was a really good movie, and she looked great!
  15. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Every time I see Joss, I get irrationally angry that he's with Amanda. Like, he could do wayyyyyy better, just based on looks alone. Add in the fact that she's pretty much a monster, and he should have nothing to do with her. The little scene where they showed a picture of her looking all witchy and being "exorcised" from him was hilarious. The moment with Marie and Cara Maria was really nice. I realize that John is an underdog in this, which makes people want to root for him, but I just can't. I vividly recall the way he treated Ev on the Island, along with so many other competitors who didn't kiss his ass when he had a majority alliance, and any sympathy I may have mustered up for him in the moment is gone. Cory, nobody cares about your kids. Shut up.