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  1. If I was Nilsa, I would have hung up on that dipshit Logan for talking to me that way. Hell to the No. Idk if I find much of the cast very likable, except maybe Kortni (who is just such a freaking hilarious shit-show that I can't bring myself to dislike her). I guess I still like Gus, but I feel like he also has been trying to start unnecessary arguments this season, and especially the last few episodes. Candace lost me last season when she was all condescending and nasty towards someone just because they were a Wiccan. That being said, I still love this trainwreck of a show!
  2. Cara has such low self-esteem (at least when it comes to guys and relationships). Get it together, girl! I usually can't stand Marie, but I like what she had to say about the whole Kyle/Cara thing. Kyle is a complete ass, but I find him entertaining. How is he practically running the house already when it's only his 2nd season? I like John better when he's just in the background making funny faces (like he was in this ep) than when he's shit-stirring. Zach has definitely learned how to say all of the right things to the camera. His, "I wish Jenna wasn't gone, I miss her so much" after Amanda said she was so happy that Jenna left was a far cry from what he would have said in the past.
  3. S01.E03: Miss Bareback Buckaroo

    Patty not understanding the reference made me feel old.
  4. S01.E05: Bikinis and Bitches

    Everyone ignoring Nani's point about women in bikinis being part of a charitable event for people with body image and eating disorders not being the best choice was hilarious.
  5. S01.E07: Miss Magic Jesus

    Poor Patty. At least she has Dreamy McDreamy guy.
  6. S01.E01: Pilot

    I absolutely love it! My husband and I are binge-watching.
  7. S32.E04: The Affair

    Why do I find the drama that these idiots generate so entertaining? Halfway through the show, I was like, "What, we're getting an elimination already?" but I was fooled. It didn't even happen until near the end, and then like 50 hours was spent on the eliminated players leaving. Remember when they'd make them leave right away?
  8. I rewatch the older seasons way too often, and I have to say that Veronica was a great competitor; probably one of the top women in her day.
  9. We could tell that from watching the show! I think the "equalizer" was way too much, as he could barely move, while Kam was zipping back and forth.
  10. I liked the hour long format...when there was a challenge and elim in the same hour. Now, we're 3 eps in and have had only 1 elim. Pretty ridiculous. Kam's bungee looked SOOO loose on her during the Armageddon. Paulie could barely move forward in his. There is simply no way to make things fair when the team's genders aren't ALL male/female. I really miss team challenges.
  11. I don't have access to a high quality version of the show, so I didn't notice that her hair looked filthy, haha! I just meant that I love the way she keeps it colored and all that.
  12. I just wanted to say that I'm 38, and still rocking the goth and alternative look. Why? Because I can, and because I love it. I will probably rock it until the day I die. For a lot of people, alternative styles are not a phase (contrary to popular belief). I love Cara Maria's look. Her behavior on the show tonight was gross, but her hair and style are cute as hell.
  13. Yay, I love this show. It is such a mess, and so fun to watch! I'm I would never want to humiliate myself on TV, but I'm glad someone's willing to do it!