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  1. The actress who played Andy has a small role in the teen movie "The Edge of Seventeen". It was a really good movie, and she looked great!
  2. S32.E14: Lavender Is the New Black

    Every time I see Joss, I get irrationally angry that he's with Amanda. Like, he could do wayyyyyy better, just based on looks alone. Add in the fact that she's pretty much a monster, and he should have nothing to do with her. The little scene where they showed a picture of her looking all witchy and being "exorcised" from him was hilarious. The moment with Marie and Cara Maria was really nice. I realize that John is an underdog in this, which makes people want to root for him, but I just can't. I vividly recall the way he treated Ev on the Island, along with so many other competitors who didn't kiss his ass when he had a majority alliance, and any sympathy I may have mustered up for him in the moment is gone. Cory, nobody cares about your kids. Shut up.
  3. All of these fights are so entertaining! Aimee was totally in the wrong for everything in that fight with Gus. I'm glad she apologized, but I feel that she should have been sent home. Lol @ Logan. "I GIVE HER THREE DAYS, OR ELSE SHE CAN FORGET IT!" Uh, I think it's clear that she already has forgotten it, brah. Can't wait to see the rest of the fight next episode. That shit looked crazy.
  4. They were pretty much bullying him for not having sex with her! But imagine the uproar if he DID have sex with her, and then eventually rejected her. He was very smart to keep his distance. Omg, I think you are right about Bria and Kwasi. She was yelling in his face, telling him to "calm down", and all I could think was that it would just agitate me more if someone did that to me.
  5. S32.E12: Unhappy Days

    I also don't mind Shane. In fact, I think he's funny, and that it was smart of him to throw that previous challenge. I really enjoyed this episode, probably because we had an elimination AND a Challenge! That's so rare these days.
  6. Omg. I literally said, "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN" out loud when Lewis told Asia that he didn't find her attractive. He tried to be nicer about not wanting to be with her in that way before, but she simply was not getting the hint. After the way she bullied Nutsa before, it was so satisfying to watch her get taken down a peg like that.
  7. Kortni stumbling around drunk had me lmao. I've been there many times. Gus can do better than Nilsa. She's just so uggggghhhh.
  8. Why, Tevin? Why? I was rooting for you. We were all rooting for you!
  9. S32.E10: Redemption House of Cards

    CT "flirting" with Jozea was pretty damn funny.
  10. Season 2 Discussion

    I totally agree about Izzy looking like Olivia Munn, and I think that Casey kind of resembles Kiera Knightly (sp?) in Bend it Like Beckham.
  11. Season 2 Discussion

    Just finished binging as well. I really like this show, and feel that there should be like 20 eps a season. I'm not crazy about Elsa, and what she did was wrong, but the way the entire family treated her made me feel for her. I was hoping that they wouldn't go the Izzy/Casey romance route, because it's nice to see such close female friendships on television. The actresses do have wonderful chemistry though, so I can't say that I hate it. I wonder what will happen when Evan inevitably finds out. I loved the casual, "I'm in love with you" that Sam dropped on Paige before leaving, lol.
  12. I love this season too! I think there are some really attractive women this time around (not including Kenya), and I am loving all the crazy drama.
  13. I watched it all in one sitting as well. It was so disturbing. I started out feeling badly for some of them, but by the end, I was just shocked at the lengths that people will go to to avoid life. Rebekah or whatever REFUSING the free treatment had me pulling out my hair! Wtf! And the way Pilar treated her husband, ughhhh. Also, in regard to the first guy...how does someone who supposedly hasn't left their bed in two years get up so easily? Wouldn't their muscles have atrophied?
  14. If I was Nilsa, I would have hung up on that dipshit Logan for talking to me that way. Hell to the No. Idk if I find much of the cast very likable, except maybe Kortni (who is just such a freaking hilarious shit-show that I can't bring myself to dislike her). I guess I still like Gus, but I feel like he also has been trying to start unnecessary arguments this season, and especially the last few episodes. Candace lost me last season when she was all condescending and nasty towards someone just because they were a Wiccan. That being said, I still love this trainwreck of a show!
  15. Cara has such low self-esteem (at least when it comes to guys and relationships). Get it together, girl! I usually can't stand Marie, but I like what she had to say about the whole Kyle/Cara thing. Kyle is a complete ass, but I find him entertaining. How is he practically running the house already when it's only his 2nd season? I like John better when he's just in the background making funny faces (like he was in this ep) than when he's shit-stirring. Zach has definitely learned how to say all of the right things to the camera. His, "I wish Jenna wasn't gone, I miss her so much" after Amanda said she was so happy that Jenna left was a far cry from what he would have said in the past.