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  1. S02.E04: outMatched

    I can't stand Caitlin, honestly.
  2. S01.E01 Pilot

    When Leo would orb there was always a chime sound. They used a similar sound during other magic moments, too.
  3. S01.E01 Pilot

    Okay, dude. Your argument doesn't track. Either it would not have been greenlit unless is was called Charmed or TSC and other CW fantasy shows are proof of the opposite. I said it's the exact type of show the CW would've come up with and you said exactly. I think you got turned around somewhere. This is the number one complaint I agree with. The guy was there way too much, talked too much. I've only seen the actor in one other thing - Hellboy - but I didn't care for him in that, either.
  4. There's a white light whenever Harry heals so that they still call them whitelighters doesn't bother me. There were some effects from the original that I didn't care for. The ridiculously slow orbing, the chiming sound, etc. I love the new house. It almost reminds of the one from Witches of East End, which is a compliment. We're they always friends? It was Shannen and Alyssa who couldn't stand each other.
  5. S01.E01 Pilot

    Exactly? Your argument was that it wouldn't have been greenlit. The Secret Circle was terrible; typical case of finding ridiculously pretty, over coiffed teens (or actors in their early 20s) running around in ridiculous clothes. It was so generic I can hardly recall the plot. I disagree. I think it was very fresh and very new. I like the diversity, which the original lacked. It feels very modern but in a way that isn't overly dated (except the politics in Mel's scenes). I think the effects are overall much better than what we got in the original and I cannot say enough have grateful I am to not have to listen to that unbelievably stupid chime sound all the time.
  6. S01.E01 Pilot

    I disagree, I think it would have. It's the exact type of show the CW would come up with. It's already vastly superior to some of the fantasy shows I've seen on that network before.
  7. S01.E01 Pilot

    Their house is fabulous, even better than the one in the original. The whole aesthetic- the furniture, the wallpaper, everything. I want it. I don't like Mel as much as the other two. She's a very intense person and I'm not sure how well that's gonna play in the long run. She did have some funny lines and I like that she's so politically aware (even if sometimes I cringe just listening to her). She's basically the Piper of the group and the whitelighter, Harry, this show's Leo. I don't remember if they said if Mel is bi or a lesbian but I hope that if she is bi they don't hook her up with Harry because: yikes. They're both a little too long-winded for me so them together would be a nightmare. I'm surprised by how much I like Maggie; she's the Phoebe of the group and I didn't care for Phoebe all that much. But she's pretty charming, all things considered. There were some lines that didn't land but overall I thought she was the funniest of the bunch. I also like how quickly she reached out to Macy. She's a sweetheart. Macy wasn't given as much time to shine but I like her a lot. She's clever- it's interesting that they're trying to incorporate her knowledge of science- and I love her friendship with Maggie. "Is she gonna regain brain function?" "No. But not for lack of effort on our part." I enjoyed the nods to the original, like the ouija board.
  8. Eugenie's second dress actually kind of reminds me of the blue dress Aurora wears in Sleeping Beauty. The sleeves would have to be tighter and it'd have to be blue but it's very similar.
  9. I feel like this would be better in a different color with tight sleeves and without the neckline folding over toward the shoulders (if that's what's happening, it's hard to tell). Men have such boring formal wear.
  10. Best and Worst of Psych

    Romeo and Juliet and Juliet isn't one of my favorite episodes but it does have Gus's hilarious pretending-to-be-a-lawyer bit: Clerk: Well, I will see you in court, then. Now- Gus: Perfect. Now I need a statement from you. And as we plan to try this in both civil and criminal court, I'll need the police here as well. Can I use you phone, or do you only let the white people use that? Clerk: Who said anything about white people? Gus: You just did. Clerk: The words "white people" did not come out of my mouth. Gus: There they are again. Luckily I had my hand recorder on for that one. By the way, I am now disclosing that this conversation is being recorded. Clerk: Recorded? Okay, this is crazy. Gus: Crazy? You want to know crazy? I sued 300 businesses last year alone. I sued a hot dog cart and got everything but the wheels and the buns, which I won in the civil case two months later. Shawn: Dude. I think he gets it now. Gus: I know, but the words are coming out of my mouth faster than I can think of them. Shawn: Bring it home. Gus: Now, if you don't mind, before I start snapping evidence photos, I'm a little parched, so can you tell me which one of these fountains I'm allowed to use? I will watch the whole episode just to see that scene.
  11. Season 03: All Episodes

    Pote stood by and watched someone rape her so eh. He only joined with her because Epifanio was going to kill him. I do think he'll probably be fairly loyal to the end but loyal in what way I'm not sure. Does whatever she says and supports all of her plans? Because Teresa starts using at some point and becomes even more ruthless (which is something she never wanted to become). Pote kind of seems like an enabler. Like he'll stay with her and try (emphasis on try because he really does drop the ball a lot) to protect her but actually help her in the way she needs? Doubtful. I'd say James was ultimately more loyal. Lil T I guess was her most loyal, all told. She shouldn't have cut her loose even tho I understand why she did it.
  12. S02.E02: unMoored

    Was that the shared dream? I can't remember.
  13. He could have agreed to an investigation. He could have spoken to the F.B.I., quite simply. He had choices.
  14. Scott Wilson, who played Hershel on The Walking Dead, has died at 76. He said he decided to take the role of Hershel after his mother, who I think was in her 90s, read the script for the show and told him he should do it which is so cute. Rest in peace.
  15. S02.E01: eMergence

    The dialogue is atrocious, truly. Especially Caitlin's. @sjohnson I don't think John was ever married to Dreamer. They'd been involved and he broke it off claiming he didn't think they should be because they worked together then they hooked back up? IIRC.