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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    I enjoy Sunshine, a lot, but the movie is overhyped. It's often called one of the most intelligently written space movies of all time that is spoiled only by its third act. Which, frankly, is bull. There are tons of things wrong with this movie: apparently, NASA won't be cross-training crew members for any future saving-the-world type missions so there will be exactly only one (1) member of the crew that can operate the payload there's a tank full of coolant that is vertical and large enough for a grown man; at one point the engineer drops a wrench into it and has to quickly shove his whole arm in to get the tool out Kaneda, the captain, decides he will be one of the crew members who will participate in an incredibly dangerous mission to repair the ship despite having an equally qualified second in command who should go in his place Kaneda also decides that instead of ordering the ship's engineer to accompany him he'll allow said engineer to volunteer another crew member for the mission: the physicist, the only person who can operate the payload and therefore has the highest priority of all of them oh and the engineer assaults the physicist at one point, again in spite of the man's importance as the captain is dying, the psychiatrist urges him to reveal what he sees in the sun's rays that are burning him to death aboard a ship that has been in orbit for seven years is a man who has survived with fourth degree burns over his entire body said burned man boards a ship without anyone knowing about it; no alarm, no camera footage despite there being cameras throughout the ship etc. the burned man is able to run quickly, fight various people, and even lift another grown man and hold him in the air with only one hand when the remaining crew are discussing whether or not to sacrifice someone to free up oxygen for themselves, two crew members who are basically dead weight insist that it's the right thing because it would mean saving the world and yet they never once volunteer to commit suicide And that's without getting into all the dumb science.
  2. Yeah, too much fabric on that dress. I'll bet she was the most comfortable woman there, tho, lol.
  3. There would be nothing at all wrong with the Queen being polite to Meghan because of Harry; imo, not enough people understand the value of civility (especially when dealing with new family members). But for people to continue to insist that that's all it could possibly be when it's long past the early stages of the relationship and when the gestures are very personal seems a little....
  4. I saw the video of this earlier and it's so cute. I know there are some who think the Queen is doing all of this as a show of approval to discourage naysayers but I think it genuinely reflects her regard for Meghan. Like the dog thing, so unnecessary. Literally anyone else could've done that. To me, that it was the Queen, suggests genuine affection for Meghan. Which makes me happy because of how condescending people have been toward Meghan about protocol and "disrespecting English traditions" and such and implying that anything nice done by the Queen - and other royals - for Meghan is just because of Harry or not wanting to repeat past mistakes.
  5. Best and Worst of Psych

    I went several seasons believing Chief Vick was a lesbian and I'm not even sure why.
  6. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Yeah, that's a problem this franchise has always had. You can have a group survive, isolated, for months or even years but the second this group of CDB shows up they're the ones running things. The writers seems to think because they're the lead characters they have to always be the ones in charge. Never heard of it. I think she has 'really hot face.'
  7. Seriously. How much food and water did they go through just sitting there? I understand they're waiting for the stadium to fall but won't that only happen after its occupants give up which they will only do once they've lost everything; once their food supply is pretty much depleted? What, exactly, do the Vultures expect to get then? On top of all that they're taking a huge risk by rounding up those walkers. Shit can go sideways fast when dealing with a herd, even if it's just twenty or thirty walkers. So all of this danger for what payoff? Seems like a better idea would be to leave the area and head somewhere else. Go find a Sam's Club that hasn't been picked clean.
  8. When I wrote my earlier post I was thinking that Camilla would actually look very nice in Kate's dress so I did this little mock-up and yep. But Kate's naturally so pretty that she never really looks bad so I suppose she wins no matter what, lol.
  9. I think Meghan looks gorgeous and understated. The coloring and cut is very flattering. I also like her hat the best. The girl with the long brown hair is the next best dressed, even if it is a little old-fashioned. I never understand Camilla's choice in hats but that aside I think her outfit is a lovely shade of blue that's very flattering to her coloring. It's a wash after that. I'll cop to never understanding the hype about Kate's fashion sense. She's always so hit-or-miss. This dress is too "old" for her and the cut is all wrong from the waist up. I hate the sleeves, ngl. The hat is pretty, tho. Say what you will about Eugenie and Beatrice but at least they're consistent.
  10. Duran isn't anymore annoying to me than Grant and the other show-offs. The only ones who annoy me to the point where I can't watch are Neil Craver and the firefighter guy who's always shouting.
  11. I wasn't a dedicated viewer, or even what one would call a fan, but I enjoyed Anthony Bourdain whenever I saw him on tv. He had such a great attitude. My condolences to his family and Asia Argento (I believe they were still together at the time of his death).
  12. NO. NO CHRIS PRATT. Goat had no body control whatsoever, he was all flailing limbs. His grandma was so cute! Kevil Bull splashed down on a qualifying course?! Wow. He's usually a sure bet to make it through. I hated everything to do with the dinosaurs. I hated the contestants interacting with them, especially. I laughed when the Papal Ninja didn't make it up the big wall and his mother had to turn away looking crushed. Ha! Serves him right for asking the hosts to pray for him. I guess Jesus didn't want him to have that money! Poor Tiana, I thought she was gonna clear that obstacle. She was doing fantastic on it and made it farther than Kevin Bull. Geez, I feel terrible for Grant and his brother. That's a lot of family members to have lost; I'm glad his brother has him to depend on. I'm surprised his foot hit the water. That fifth obstacle must be a lot harder than I initially thought it was. I'm starting to wonder if we're ever again going to get to watch Nicholas Coolridge run a course. They always seem to WWWA him. I'm so happy for the Eskimo Ninja! TBH I didn't think he'd make it. Now he walks away with 10k no matter what. That must take a load off. I'm with Akbar, if Flip had made it past the fifth obstacle he definitely wouldn't made if up the 18ft wall. I feel like a lot of big names have fallen on the qualifying courses this year compared to the previous seasons?
  13. S04.E06: Just in Case

    Or to survive a dam exploding while you're standing on it. This isn't an Alicia-problem.
  14. S04.E06: Just in Case

    All of this, that last point especially. This franchise has produced many characters that have gone from 'noodled-arm weakling' to 'zombie apocalypse badass' with zero explanation and to a preposterous degree. Alicia isn't one of them. She's not out here fighting people hand to hand, she hasn't learned some special martial arts, she isn't making one head shot after another no matter the distance or visibility. She's a decent enough shot but she mostly sticks to stabbing walkers in the head with a knife once they're in arms reach. She was in good shape before this all went down and she's been fighting since the beginning, not just hiding behind others. Her continued survival isn't surprising to me and is more realistic than plenty of other characters (like her brother who lived about three season too long).
  15. Loved Ne-Yo's "I'm not doing that!" after Drew swung upside down off an obstacle. He was my favorite of the night with Nastia and Akbar and Derek right behind. (I think Derek may have gotten the ANW bug. Dude seems to genuinely want to run a course.)