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  1. She changed her mind but she did it. Just like when they announced their engagement she kept saying "me" and "my" instead of "us" and "we" when discussing the engagement/wedding. I'm not sure what Rachel has to do with this since this is about Monica and Monica is in control of her own behavior. She had one example that was 16 years old.
  2. Monica often insisted on trying to be the center of attention, even if it wasn't something big like announcing an engagement or a wedding. For example, I remember one or two parties where everyone was clearly miserable but she insisted that everyone do exactly what she wanted and would flip out if people wanted to leave. Which has apparently been a lifelong thing because when I double checked a transcript of The One With Monica's Thunder in case I was misremembering and Monica declared that Rachel "always" tries to steal Monica's thunder she can give only one example: when they were sixteen (for fuck's sake) Rachel slept with a guy at Monica's birthday party because everyone was bored with the caricaturist that Monica had at her party. (I'm not entertaining that because who the hell hosts a bunch of teenagers and then gets surprised when they fool around, especially in the '80s?) Also: Monica slept with Chandler when Ross got married. By her own logic she was stealing Ross' thunder. And yet.... I can't get with this at all. Yeah, there were better places to do the test (tho I can't remember what led to Rachel doing the test there so maybe there was an understandable reason). But this idea that Rachel was in the wrong when she buried the test beneath a bunch of tissues in the trash is bizarre. What was she supposed to do, set it on fire? She properly disposed of it and told no one. Literally everyone else was at fault, especially Monica because she's the one who turned it into a whole big thing- not Rachel. Just like Monica was the one who turned Ross and Rachel kissing into a big deal. She was shrieking about having her thunder stolen before anyone besides her even knew about the kiss. Once word got out really only Phoebe cared and that lasted literally less than three minutes. The only person who kept going on about it, wouldn't shut up, and let it ruin Monica's evening was Monica. Sorry but all this "stealing my thunder" b.s. strikes me as just more of Monica's control freak tendencies.
  3. Okay, but Monica did that several times. This isn't just about her wedding - and as you pointed out she was the one encouraging Rachel to take a test so that's on her - it's about Monica thinking that any time she had big news every single friend of hers had to devote the day to fawning over it. I get she has issues from her childhood but: grow up, seriously. She's the exact type to be a Bridezilla- oh wait, she was. (Wasn't her demand that Chandler blow his life savings on the wedding of her dreams (she mocked every single thing he wanted!) charming?) And Monica chose to make Ross and Rachel kissing into Such A Big Deal with her immature behavior. Personally, I think if a woman believes she might be pregnant she should take a test whenever she feels it's appropriate. Being pregnant is monumental.
  4. I actually get really annoyed whenever Monica starts yelling about someone 'stealing her thunder' because that's such an immature thing for a grown adult to care about. And you see it with a certain type- this idea that for a whole day everyone should pay attention to only you because you got engaged or whatever and no one else is allowed to have something going on. It's just so unbelievably self-centered. Monica needed therapy.
  5. Yikes. Poor Rachel.
  6. I have to wonder if that's because she genuinely looked older than her age or if it's because people choose (even if only subconsciously due to various cultural reasons) to read teenage girls as older. It just amazes me that these guys somehow always manage to find the teenage girls who apparently look so much older than their age. That was one of Polanski's excuses, too.
  7. There are so many things wrong with this comment I don't even know where to begin. Right up there with "she seemed mature for her age."
  8. Isaac Caldiero fell! Isaac Caldiero fell! Isaac Caldiero fell! Isaac Caldiero fell! Best part of the night.
  9. The legal age of consent in Georgia was, horrifically, 14 at the time (and I think we can all figure out for ourselves why the age of consent was so low and I think we all know it's not because anyone thought 14 years olds were mature enough to give consent). What got him into trouble was filming it as the law forbid anyone under the age of 18 being recorded performing sexually. Personally, I never bought the "she looked older!" defense because when is that ever true? Not to mention the grossness of leaning on a technicality- "technically, 16 was of age!" Jesus.
  10. S06.E10: The Winds of Winter

    Of course it matters. "Well, he has the bigger army so I guess dad's claim doesn't matter!" would not have been Jon's response if someone had tried to usurp Ned. Will Jon being an usurper stop him from taking and keeping the throne? No, not if he has enough support, like you said. But it will matter. That list of usurpers (what a group to belong to: psychotic Cersei, the deranged Targaryens, cowardly, selfish Renly!) you mentioned don't have great reputations years, even centuries after the fact. Pretty much all of them were still looked on as dishonorable, greedy, unworthy thieves and in a few cases how they came into power came back to bite their houses in the ass (because blood does matter, their whole system for ruling is based on it). I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Henry Tudor also spend an enormous amount of his time as King fighting people who backed the Yorkist claim- essentially supported his wife, Elizabeth of York? And it's not like the Tudor's claim on the throne went unchallenged after Henry Vll died; there were better claims and that caused issues going forward. All of this is reminding me why I stopped watching this show years ago. It's garbage. The writing is ridiculously bad without actually being amusing in any way. It's been a hot minute since I've seen a show labor this much to prop a character like Jon.
  11. Season 03: All Episodes

    Camila is the mother of Isabella. There are 13 episodes this season so 6 eps to go. True. The costuming for Guero has always made that character look skeezy.
  12. S06.E10: The Winds of Winter

    Well, at least you're acknowledging that Jon is just an usurper.
  13. Season 03: All Episodes

    An hour of Teresa hallucinating her dead deadbeat ex and almost killing other people in the process. What a terrific episode.
  14. Season 03: All Episodes

    It occured to me that she might be playing him. It's just that she has leaned on him this season and seemed genuinely surprised/angry when he did something she didn't order him to as if the man isn't a damn snake, I don't know how much control she has over this situation. The show likes her more than him so I expect her to win but not without a cost. A cost she might not have had to pay if she hadn't gotten into bed with him in the first place. I'm still waiting for some fallout from Boaz Jimenez finding out that she was sleeping with a DEA agent. He's the one the Columbians (Reynaldo) preferred. I find it hard to believe he didn't give them the heads up.