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  1. Downton Abbey: The Movie (2019)

    I'd watch this on tv but no way am I paying to see it in theater!
  2. It seems he pulled out into oncoming traffic.
  3. Most real estate shows. I can't stand the bland designs, the gentrification, the couple/exes hosts who bicker and snipe for most of each episode, open concept open concept open concept, the idea that if a house doesn't have a master suite that's half the size of the house then it's too small or dated, the clients who have only $175,000 but want a huge house with all the bells and whistles, the clients who are bitchy to the hosts because they can't have everything they want, the client's grown child who, instead of being supportive, tries to get their parent to buy a house the kid wants, etc. The fake house tours, the fake prospective buyers, just all of it. That new one that encourages lottery winners to blow their money on a house (which is such a bad idea)? Haaate. I don't mind Good Bones or Rehab Addict.
  4. Karen's my favorite of the main cast with Foggy a close second. She's a complex character, as flawed as she is brave and compassionate with her own dark secrets. When I started watching Daredevil I was afraid she was going to be either the endlessly supportive love interest with no story of her own (or one of the other two roles for comic book women: seductive sometimes ally or super ninja assassin). I, for one, love Deborah Ann Woll, and have since True Blood. I do agree with the criticism that her bond with Matt seemed forced at first and that she and Foggy seemed closer and had a more natural rapport. Personally, I think the show has done a great job of combining the law firm stuff with the shadowy nighttime superhero stuff and I think that plays a role. Foggy knows but Karen doesn't. I also agree that Karen works better with Frank Castle in every possible sense. There's a "you're such a sweet and good girl" vibe to Matt's feelings for Karen that I personally find a little reductive and even...condescending isn't exactly right but it's close. I don't think Matt means it that way but he doesn't really get Karen and it effects their relationship both as friends and when they were being pushed together as love interests. Castle appreciates that she's "all heart" but he really sees her toughness and shades of grey (loved the scene where they talk about her gun, the kind she chose, and what that says to him).
  5. Beauty And The Beast [2012]

    I started watching this a few days ago and am almost halfway through the first season. Catherine and Vincent have zero chemistry. I vaguely remember watching the original when I was little and these two can't compete. It's fine, tho, because I'm primarily watching for Kristin Kreuk (and her amazing fucking apartment). I do wish this show was about her character as a cop and not about her and Vincent as a couple because he's a total snooze and him dropping Catherine for Alex was predictable. (I'm currently watching the Valentine's Day episode and every single thing he does is a reason to just cut bait, lol. I think I might have shot him over the public spectacle with the dancers.) I've heard that Evan dies (goddammit) at the end of the season and that the show only gets worse from there (JT and Tess?!) so I imagine this will be the only season I watch.
  6. For me, the first time it was an adult I was seven. That's the problem, too. So many people in positions of power have enabled these abuses and do nothing to stop it and they're allowed to keep their jobs. And where's all the SHE KNEW style outrage about these people like there was about Meryl or the wives?
  7. S06E01 Dr. Hans Koehler

    I'm cackling, reading all these post marveling at the lack of logic and consistency; seems this show has continued to go downhill. This show was pretty good in its first season and some of its second but went rapidly downhill. They never really had an idea of what they wanted to do with this show and sacrificed the relationship between Liz and Red for this idiotic 'who's the daddy' filler (especially funny considering how originally Red and Liz were supposed to be played as potential love interests). I check in every now and then but can't sit through a whole episode anymore. Spacer' just not as entertaining as the writers/producers need him to be to compensate for the awful writing.
  8. Pet Peeves

    Man caves. I think less of every man who wants or has one and it's all I can do to bite my tongue when a friend's boyfriend/husband is proudly showing me around his.
  9. Nope, that's not why at all. Edith took every opportunity to be an ass which is why even the actress' family hated her character during the first season. For example, when the Duke makes it plain that he was just fortune hunting, Edith sneaks up beside Mary to gloat nastily. Also that episode when Mary and Sybil are discussing clothes Edith just has to cut in and be sarcastic about Mary and Patrick. Then when Sybil is helping do Mary's hair Edith, yet again, decides to be rude and mock Mary. And again at dinner with her outburst about the attic. In each of these instances, all of which are just from the premiere, she is the instigator, not Mary. The only time Mary starts with Edith is when they're walking back from the funeral. Robert was fond of implying others were heartless when it was just him misunderstanding the situation - like he did in the series premiere when Mary was trying to clarify if she was mourn Patrick as a cousin or fiancée (bit of a difference) since their engagement wasn't formal and he decided that meant she was a heartless bitch. I never got the feeling Robert hated Edith at all. I've always blamed Edith's jealousy. To me, the scene where Edith tells Mary she'd have taken Patrick "like a shot if you had let me". She wanted Patrick and stupidly blamed Mary for not getting him when that choice was made by their fathers. Patrick also would have had some degree of say so and could have asked to marry Edith rather than Mary if he'd had feelings for her (just as Matthew, at one point, was supposed to marry Sybil rather than Mary) and that didn't happen. Instead of buying a clue, Edith just took it all out on Mary. This didn't happen in the first episode, this happened much later after the Pamuk incident, I think. Mary was joking with Sybil about Strallan's yelling and then: Lady Edith: As for you giggling like a ridiculous schoolgirl with Cousin Matthew...it was pathetic. Lady Mary: Oh, poor Edith. I'm sorry Cousin Matthew's proved a disappointment to you. Lady Edith: Who says he has. Lady Mary: Matthew? He told me. Oh, sorry, wasn't I supposed to know? Cora, Countess of Grantham: You were very helpful, Edith, looking after Sir Anthony. You saved the day. Lady Edith: I enjoyed it. We seem to have a lot to talk about. (walks away) Lady Mary: Spare me your boasting, please. Lady Edith: Now who's jealous? Lady Mary: Jealous? Do you think I couldn't have that old booby if I wanted him? Lady Edith: Even you can't take every prize. Lady Mary: Is that a challenge? Lady Edith: If you like. As more often than not, Edith decided to pick that fight. The boasting didn't happen within earshot of anyone else so of course no one said anything, and making getting Strallan's attention a game was Edith's choice. It wasn't enough for her to get Strallan, she wanted Mary to lose. Which was season one Edith in a nutshell. It never "had" to happen. There's no excuse for it, at all. It was completely out of proportion. Mary's ugliest moment on the show. I think Mary saw an opportunity to finally inflict on Edith some of the damage that Edith inflicted on Mary with that letter Edith chose to write.
  10. I have to disagree, I remember many people saying that Mary was cold, rude, or had gone too far. Didn't Robert say as much in the series premiere? I'm struggling to remember many instances of Edith being called out by someone other than Mary, tbh.
  11. Pretty sure @GaT was just being sarcastic.
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    While I wasn't wild about Rey trying to save Kylo Ren (though I get it) I did enjoy that throne room fight scene, it was well choreographed. I've really enjoyed all of the lightsaber battles in this trilogy. They felt very raw, which makes sense given that Rey, Kylo Ren, and the Knights of Ren don't have a lot of personal control, patience, and their training levels very dramatically with none of them having made it as far as a Jedi master or Sith. I also got a kick out of Luke trolling Rey with the blade of grass.
  13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

    I had zero problem with Rey having to talk Luke around. Luke was more than just some Jedi prodigy hero, he was an uncle and a brother and he felt like he failed in both roles. His sister's only son, while under his care, was lured to the Dark Side. That nephew went on to kill his own father, Luke's friend and his sister's husband. Not to mention all of his other students were murdered (except for the ones who went with Kylo Ren). There are a lot of different ways they could have gone with that and the way they chose isn't the one I would have picked but it still seems reasonable to me and doesn't make Rey a Mary Sue in the slightest, imo.
  14. Bird Box (2018)

    I think any effort to understand what they were dealing with was hampered by not being able to see the creatures. They couldn't see them and so couldn't capture or study them. If just looking at them on a computer monitor is enough to drive you mad then there's no way the dark would protect you. Only the insane could really study them and...that's probably a non-starter. I do wonder if the blind could hear them or if the creatures don't bother with someone once they realize that person is blind.