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  1. we got another big storm a couple of days ago according to my brother. I think you got more of it than we did. My poor brother... every time we come to Fla, they get snow up there! Been busy so by the time we get back to the room at night, too tired to check in so I have a lot of great reading to do. Today we meet for a second time for brunch with my friend from ebay. Went to dinner with them last night, was wonderful. Funny the relationships we meet now through the internet. I am sure if we were all able to meet somewhere, we would shut the restaurant down with our stories and laughter! Tonight Rangers game in Sunrise, FL and we drive up the east coast of FL, first time, and then over to Orlando to Brooksville which is above our main stop of Tampa. There is a bird show I want to hit again as the cost of the bird toys are great. (5.00 each instead of the 30.00 I would pay in a pet store) then back to Tampa and we fly home Monday at 4 pm. Boo hoo. We will have traveled from Tampa to Naples, across to Ft Lauderdale, then up the coast (past Boca - Hi Bronx Babe!) up towards Daytona, across to Orlando up to Brooksville and down to Tampa! We are in a spiffy Chevy Malibu and getting good gas mileage. Rangers were embarrassed against the Lightning Thursday night. Pathetic. Daughter # 1 has renamed our dog Hurricane Kody because he loves running around her enclosed courtyard. He is getting them up now at 3 am to go out and run in the snow LOL. He also managed to get stuck under their bed, and get his collar caught on the chain link fence around their enclosed built in pool! I am not sure he will be invited back. Ha.
  2. QVC

    I think they should light it afire and have the models jump through it. I'd watch that
  3. Just want to check in and let ya'll know Joe and I are leaving this afternoon for Albany. Got a hotel down there to stay the night as our plane leaves at 6 am tomorrow... God willing... you never know with Southwest! Hope we don't get bumped for all the stranded passengers from the storm on Friday! I have my trusty lap top and I will be able to check in with all of you in the evenings and looking forward to it! Booney - screenshots please so I know what I am missing!
  4. QVC

    I'd actually wear a shirt if it said that on it! ^^^
  5. The wind here on the hill is HOWLING... gusts to 50 mph. Ugh. Yesterday was cloudy and 53 degrees and it is like Siberia out there now with the wind. 8 - 9 inches of snow, I barely got the Camry through the slush at the base of the driveway. Hope my flight leaves on time on Sunday. Flights were cancelled today in Albany so hope they don't bump us to accommodate them. Wish you could hear the wind. @Ladyrain - are you getting these winds too?
  6. Product Reviews: After Sales

    Sorry! There are some lovely ladies here.... :) LadyJ, Ladyrain and yourself! I'se messed up!
  7. snowed over night. i pulled the car into the garage and fed the chickens last night but not looking forward to this. 4-8 inches. Grrr... 24 ft over to our west so if the storm veers a bit we can go either way. at least i am told flying out on Sunday it should be dry and clear. I have had enough winter. Careful ya'll. Supposed to be a wet heavy snow, at least here.
  8. i bought one back then and still have it. few years ago when money was in desperate need i turned in a lot of my gold :( but that was one bracelet i was unable to part with. i did end up having the end clasp repaired as with all the use it broke.
  9. I think Jen is saying, "His attire is wrong on just so many levels!"
  10. QVC

    Ant looks really nice this morning with the red top. She looks great with the weight loss and CaCa should take notice of how TO dress when you are larger in stature.
  11. Salvation Army would not sell this. It would be considered a rag to them.
  12. QVC

    I like the gray chair. 'Bout it.
  13. digging his escape tunnel no doubt
  14. Bookends? i think he must be a friggin' saint, myself
  15. QVC

    I took your advice and glad I did. Apparently, because I entered a new credit card and used that, they didn't think it was me! So they had left a message, one I did not get by the way, to call them. So I did. They said they would even credit me the over night cost to ship. On their end, they said they can see that it is out for shipping. On MY end, it still shows as in Process. I will be angry if it does not come tomorrow! I will say, the CSR was very very nice and helpful. But I am disappointed not to have that lap top home at the moment. Only saving grace, Joe did not pick up the phone and they asked him to confirm the credit card info so they can ship the laptop out!