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  1. OMFG! Glad it is 6 am, i am still in bed without my cup of coffee in hand! It would have killed this lap top and i am down to one more payment!
  2. wouldn't surprise me either if it is the same line up of snooze a year later...
  3. you're in the christmas spirit tonight aren't you?
  4. way too much beige. boring as hell
  5. should be joe's job. she's so into protecting mother nature tho. you can tell that by her wardrobe
  6. i especially like the pose of her and dr. dopenese in front of the ugly trash bin. nice.
  7. yep and i bet you can find that picture too LOL. damn, the things she posts for snapshots of her life.
  8. yea with faulty rods to hold the weight of her black wardrobe. Remember that picture she posted way back when?
  9. Cancer is a fucking bitch.
  10. Had to come out of lurking to say again, SHE AIN'T NO "LARGE".
  11. Sorry, I just don't see it happening. Can't see her being defended for being a piss poor employee.
  12. "Schizophrenic patients often wear redundant or multiple layers of clothing, with no clear correlation to the ambient temperature or other weather conditions. In a study of patients arriving at a psychiatric emergency room Arnold et al found that 18 of 25 patients wearing redundant clothing (for example, multiple shirts, belts, or skirts) had a schizophrenic diagnosis; this finding was significant.5 Why schizophrenic patients wear multiple layers of clothing is not well understood. Arnold et al suggest three possibilities: subtle hypothalamic (or autonomic) dysfunction, wearing layers to achieve a sense of security, or motor or cognitive dysfunction during dressing." See article here below. I think that is Logo's problem. They make medicine for this.
  13. and that isn't going to help it sell any faster. Might stop sales dead in their tracks. But i agree... she is a team player all the way.
  14. as a long time ebayer, i can tell you that shipping supplies cost MONEY and TIME. She is too cheap to invest in proper shipping materials. Presentation matters. Even in shipping. She has shown she has no clue about presentation - in her home, her personal appearance, her food preparation, her "sets"... why should she show any with her shipping?