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  1. All Episodes Talk

    And I wanted to add that, like Shouty Sunny, I live alone, and I wouldn't mix a slaw or anything with my hands even though I would most likely be serving only myself. I've said it before, but before this show, she was so pleasant and calm. I would often watch whatever her first show was called. But she has changed so much and it makes me sad for her. Of course she's cackling all the way to the bank. When she dipped her paw in the guest's sauce, I cringed. Even when I'm making a lemon dill sauce, a vinaigrette or something similar, I always use a spoon to taste it.
  2. All Episodes Talk

    Why did she even use utensils when she was dishing out the slaw? Just go ahead, grab a handful and throw it on someone's plate! You've already handled everything in the bowl. Ugh. So gross. She turns my stomach.
  3. Tennis Thread

    Not too surprised that Roger lost in Halle. He hasn't looked sharp all week. Hey, Rog, it's okay. I'm old, too! Some days not all the parts work! But he better get it together if he's going to go far at Wimbledon. Those young studs are chomping at the bit to take over. Coric was really impressive.
  4. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    So sad. I have heard he has been fractured since losing his brother in that shooting so I kind of don't want to hear how he died.
  5. Tennis Thread

    Fed looked very beatable, didn't he? Wasn't it Paire who pitched a tantrum and threw his racket a few times but then pulled it together to make it a good match. Although I've seen him before, I'm not too familiar with him. He sure got his meltdown under control and sucked it up to fight back. I purposely avoid Kurious (love it!) if I can so missed his matches. Novak did look pretty good. Should be a good Wimbledon.
  6. Jeopardy! Season 34 (2017-2018)

    One of my former coworkers has a personal rule. She never has more personal items in her office than what can fit in a shoe box, hence the Shoe Box Rule. She has no family pics or personal docs, no decorative items, just some travel size items like hand lotion, toothpaste and brush and Advil. She is ready to go!
  7. And I thought Cade had a creepy "I'm gonna jump your bones" vibe toward Monte. Cade is 16 and Monte is at least in his 50s, maybe 60s. As I said on another thread, I'm done with Atlanta but will check here occasionally for snark! But I'm not wasting any more time on any version of SYTTD.
  8. And his husband, who is the blood uncle, seemed so agreeable with whatever mom and bride wanted. He was so quiet and a good entourage member. So I think TLC told loud uncle to dial his pushiness up to 10. That's what miffs me. TLC can't leave well enough alone. Let's even make pushy uncle a caricature. Anyway, I'm done too. Enjoy the bubbly!
  9. It's a magnum, so please help yourself! Really, both franchises have taken thoroughly likable hosts (Randy, Lori, Monte and their consultants) and have dumbed them down to become caricatures. I don't need an hour of this crap with the ridiculous, often made up, back stories. I just wanted regular brides shopping for wedding dresses. And I have to say that in the ATL episode, I thought Cade gave Monte a creepy I'm gonna jump your bones vibe. And I've had a sip of moonshine before. Someone brought a mason jar of it to a July 4th party last year. Although I thoroughly enjoy a few cocktails myself, wow, no way would I have even one sip of that stuff before doing anything! Yuck. That stuff is kerosene to me. But the moonshine mama bride did seem a little subdued the entire show.
  10. The Baking Topic

    I don't have a cast iron Dutch oven but have a heavy Magnalite Dutch oven. I wonder if that would work as well?
  11. I used to say I won't watch but always wound up watching; however, after one episode of the NY version this past season, I quit watching. Now after watching this last episode of Atlanta (I missed the first episode), I will not watch any more. I am sick of having consultants' friends/family on the show and I am sick of the overbearing, bossy entourage members running the decision. It's not cute, charming, or entertaining and I find myself FF'ing through a lot of it. And in this last episode of ATL, I could not stand the Cade/Monte Show. I have plenty of other shows on my DVR that I enjoy. Even the snark on the entire SYTTD franchise is not fun for me anymore. So I am throwing my proverbial bouquet in the trash and running out with my magnum of champagne!
  12. All Episodes Talk

    Yeah, that excuse about her leaving early for Fathers Day was b.s. I think something happened during taping and she couldn't return to finish (wig malfunction, drunken hiccups, or some other kind of "moment.")
  13. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    No JJ here yesterday or today thanks to the US Open and of course my crappy station would rather show Kelly & Ryan and TMZ reruns in the wee hours instead of the new JJ episodes. I look forward to everyone's detailed descriptions of the shenanigans!