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  1. S8 E4: Halloween Time Travel

    On the Halloween Baking Championship they taste raw dough. If I were in a competition, you bet your life I’d taste the raw dough.
  2. S8 E4: Halloween Time Travel

    I just hope the remaining two teams create a big scare piece that is creepy and haunting. There have been some amazing final pieces in the past and we need something that shows some spooky thought went into it.
  3. S8 E5: Outbreak!

    The final two teams face off in one last epic showdown; the team that can best illustrate a terrifying worldwide outbreak and the race for an antidote will be crowned the champions. Actress and horror culture icon LeeAnna Vamp serves as guest judge. Airs Sunday, October 28.
  4. S8 E4: Halloween Time Travel

    Monsters of Mayhem deserved to go home. That Viking theme was ridiculous, although the character on the right had a great face and the house wood grain was brilliant. I loved the King Arthur display —the ghost, the sword, Arthur’s face — were all impressive. That ghost really looked like it was floating. I can’t believe the chick on the space rocket team accidentally made the cookies with salt instead of sugar and never tasted it! Yuck! She’ll never make that mistake again. But their display was pretty good. I’m hoping for awesomely spooky creations next week for the finale.
  5. OMG! All the giggling by both of them made me stabby! After every few words one of them giggled which usually spurred the other to giggle.
  6. S 01: E04 Sid Comes Out

    Just as Harvey Korman and Tim Conway were perfect with Carol Burnett and Vicki back in the day, Leslie is awesome with Vicki. I would watch anything they are in together. Loved this episode! Every scene had me LOL’ing.
  7. Small Talk: The Welcome Mat

    Congrats! That is so awesome! I admire your determination.....please pass a cup of determination over here!
  8. S8 E4: Halloween Time Travel

    The remaining teams pull out all the stops to create stunning and scrumptious Halloween-themed displays that bend time and space to show their vision of Halloween time travel. Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger Things is special guest judge. Airs Sunday, October 21.
  9. S8 E3 Witch Gets a New Ride

    I would have been angry with Jewel’s pumpkin carver, too. Two years ago she picked on Jeremy for no season but this year, she and Elizabeth had good reason to be frustrated with this guy. He was slow and didn’t properly judge the size of the pumpkin for the piece. It could have been really great.
  10. S8 E3 Witch Gets a New Ride

    I actually thought the team that did the “dealer-ship” should have won. Not just because of the gorgeous sugar work, but the witch, the shipwreck, the backdrop was really good. And didn’t Shinmin love their tasty treat? Also, I was pleasantly surprised that Jewel was more of a team player this time around. Since their pumpkin carver was the weakest, maybe NOW Jewel will see what a gem she had in Jeremy two seasons ago. Watched season 2 reruns today and those teams were amazing. I’ll see a flash of brilliance once in a while in recent seasons but nowhere close to the early seasons.
  11. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    . . . . two kids that we know of! I bet you a case of cheese balls that there are more!
  12. S8 E2: Clowns vs. Zombies

    I am just guessing that it is filmed in a week. There’s only 5 episodes so no need to stretch it out longer than that. I wish Jeremy, who was the pumpkin carver on Jewel’s team in season 6, would return. He actually posted about his experience on the season 6 forum if anyone wants to go back and read it. But he didn’t have a good experience because of his teammates, so I can’t say I blame him. What if he had gotten stuck on her team again? The fur would fly then! We would have real carnage!
  13. Chit-Chat

    Dimebag and Vinnie 😭 RIP.
  14. And just FYI, the other show is Haunted Gingerbread Showdown. It’s a two episode competition with familiar faces, too.
  15. I have DirecTV and it says Halloween Cake-Off is on channel 1231. Says it’ll be there until October 12.