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  1. Holiday Baking Championship

    Duff gets married! https://people.com/food/duff-goldman-married-wife-johnna-colbry-wedding-details/ i wouldn’t mind a slice of the meat cake!
  2. NFL Thread

    For me, he’s the equivalent of Brad Gilbert, the tennis commentator who drives me BSC.
  3. NFL Thread

    Try living in north Texas and hating the Cowboys...then you all have a right to gripe! I couldn’t even turn on the radio or watch local TV stations last week because of having them and their corpse of an owner crammed down my throat all freaking week. A local police officer was shot during a traffic stop yesterday. So this morning as I was waiting on Keurig to spit out my coffee, I turned on the local news at 7 am to see how the officer was doing (he’s in serious condition but going to be ok). But the first three stories were about the Cowboys and stupid fans traveling to LA and the scene at DFW Airport. WTF? That is more important? So I turned off the TV and went to the local police department’s website for an update. So, send your sports sympathy my way, fellow haters.
  4. No, I think that in the US you can only watch it on Netflix. The newly released seasons aren’t streaming on PBS. I got a Netflix account just for this show and it has been so worth it. Not just for GBBO, but for The Crown and several other shows.
  5. PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    @Brattinella, you got me thinking about older movies with Ewan and I wondered if you’ve seen a quirky movie from 1998 titled Little Voice? It also stars Jane Horrocks, who is amazing, Brenda Blethyn, Michael Caine and Jim Broadbent. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0147004/ if you have a chance, don’t pass this one up. I don’t know if it’s ever been on PBS and was surprised to hear that you saw Shallow Grave on PBS, but thought I’d mention it.
  6. PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    Is that the one with Ewan McGregor? If so, yes! Haunting is a great description. It’s been years since I’ve seen it but would definitely watch again.
  7. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    He was an amazing leader and has been mentioned hundreds of times since his passing, most corporate leaders could take a lesson or two on how to treat their employees from him. He was so funny. “You all make me feel young. I know I look like a basset hound but I feel young on the inside.” When honored at a street name dedication, “I’m not crying. I’m just hungover.” (As he was sobbing. But he probably was hungover, too.) Too many quotes to relate. Enjoy your Wild Turkey in Heaven, Herbie! Your adopted state of Texas loves and cherishes you. We should all be so blessed to have a boss like you.
  8. PBS: Viewers Like You. Thank You.

    Thank you for the heads-up. I have often heard about this show and see that my station is showing episode 1 of season 1 tonight. I have my DVR set to record the series. I adore Penelope Keith.
  9. I think you may be right. I looked at RBI’s twitter and he has retweeted many posts begging FN to bring him back and he responded warmly and willingly to these posts. One post mentioned that he was a judge on Nailed It (on Netflix) for one episode. Gosh, I tried to make it through the holiday Nailed It and just couldn’t. That female host is way too OTT for me. But if I can find the episode with RBI, I will suffer through. I can’t imagine why FN would be so short-sighted to ignore a person of RBI’s talent, personality and knowledge, but it’s their loss. I am really curious about this.
  10. Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Paraphrasing from the website Timeline: Louis XVI gifted Ben a gorgeous snuff box decorated with 408 diamonds. Ben was reluctant to keep it because of an emollient clause in the Articles of Confederation about government employees profiting from their positions. Ben also did not want to damage relations with France by refusing the box, so he took the issue to President Jefferson and Congress who said keep it. So in his Will, Ben instructed Sarah Bache, daughter, to never dismantle the box and keep it in its glorious form, thinking that jewelry was a vain fashion. It passed from mother to daughter and, of course, over time various family members did dismantle it to use the diamonds in jewelry and to finance their own projects. The remains of it are in the custody of the American Philosophical Society. I wish my link function worked today but you can easily read about this interesting matter online. Just search for Ben’s daughter diamonds. I guess this is why gifts from other governments to US Presidents are now displayed at their museums and libraries and are not the Presidents’ to keep.
  11. I loved when Charles Phoenix was a judge on Holiday Wars. He was a hoot and certainly brought the holiday bling with his suits! He judged alongside Sherry Yard, who is on the latest Great American Bake Off season. Once in a while, FN gives me a glimmer of hope by upgrading its judging or hosting talent (most recently, Kerry Vincent on the Gingerbread Showdown), so why not bring back the great Ron Ben-Israel? This is probably impossible, but Kerry and RBI together would be awesome.
  12. I love that Holiday Wars was #1 in the specials/pilots categories. I hope they return it to the holiday lineup like it used to be. I still don’t understand why they did away with it last year and gave us only one episode this year. I don’t know what its ratings were when it was a 4 or 5 episode show like Halloween Wars is but it would perform well now. As always, I appreciate seeing these ratings.
  13. Christmas Cookie Challenge

    It does quite well in the ratings, but most seasonal shows on FN perform well. You can look back through the posts on this forum to see its ratings.
  14. Small Talk: The Welcome Mat

    Happy Christmas, @Netfoot and Buddy! Hope you have a wonderful day! BTW, my girl is the same when it comes to photos. She’s a stinker, too, but Santa left her lots of goodies in her stocking.
  15. Holiday Gingerbread Showdown

    The reindeer playing poker was my favorite, too! So many adorable, wonderfully crafted tiny details! There should be a separate category for entries where X% is crafted using laser. The tiny tools in that entry was amazing, though. I also loved the woodland animal entry where she had the tree roots growing under the piece! Very clever. Those judges don't miss a thing. They were super picky about some of the painting details that I would never have noticed. This competition shows what can be constructed if given plenty of time! It was also cool to see so many kids who entered.