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  1. S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    It was the Mahoneys, via that woman in the hotel room that offered him the suitcase full of cash.
  2. The fact that Angelica Hale gets to go through with a golden buzzer and Darci Lynne, who actually beat her, does not (barring any potential wild cards) is such bullshit. Hey, Simon? Anybody who thinks Vicki Barbolak is the epitome of comedy forfeits any validity in their opinion on the genre. I know Ryan Stock and AmberLynn flubbed a live show performance and putting them on this version was for a redemption arc, but they didn't make it past the quarter finals. Implying they even have a chance here is embarrassing to all involved. Roller Skates in the Attic still out here making me deeply uncomfortable!
  3. S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    I'm confused...her sister wasn't in this episode. I'm a little hazy on exactly what she and Celestine talked about last time Annalise went home, but if they were talking about a "dead baby" it was Sam Jr. Annalise was explicitly talking about adopting Christophe (aka young Wes) in this episode. She talked about the boy who's mother was involved in the case she was working on (the Mahoney case) killing herself and leaving him an orphan, how she and Sam needed him and he needed them. She never said he was a baby. She was absolutely talking about Christophe, who was about eleven or twelve at this time. So, yes, completely different from the dead baby, which is Sam Jr.
  4. Ok, I laughed way too hard at that Keith Ka'weef joke ("We didn't know he was inside so when he came out, it was a delightful surprise!") because I am twelve. The sketch reminded me of the Steve Carrell graduation cold open from way back when. I thought The Mule was just a garbage dad movie, I didn't realize it was so bonkers! Now I kinda wanna see it. Will definitely be seeing Mule-aney in 2074. Count me in as somebody who also thought the lead singer of Greta Van Fleet looked like Pete but can't put their finger on why. Lots of technical issues this episode. They had the wrong chyron when Aidy came out to sing her boomer song in the Millennial Millions sketch, and they had some issues getting the Raunchiest Miss Rita pre-tape going. Also, do Colin and Michael do tequila shots before Update? Sometimes they just seem so out of it and tonight was one of those times.
  5. S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    As has been mentioned here by others, we already knew before this episode that Sam left his wife for Annalise. They were carrying on an affair while she was his patient and he was married. And I agree with those that Sam not seeing Gabriel was probably mostly his choice. Vivian had probably just gotten pregnant when he decided to leave her for Annalise, and since we know he knew about Gabriel she may have told him but he decided to move on completely, and then maybe she told him if that was his decision then he could stay away forever. It seems that Sam was only interested in Gabriel once he lost Sam Jr. and needed that anticipation of being a father to be fulfilled. Sam has a track record of only wanting to be a father when it is convenient for him. See also: Stangard, Lila.
  6. S05.E09: He Betrayed Us Both

    Fantastic episode. One of my favorites in a long time. Eve! Eve Eve Eve! That's all I gotta say about that! I loved getting more backstory regarding the aftermath of Annalise losing Sam Jr, especially the inclusion of the scene of Bonnie finding Annalise after she OD'd, which has been talked about before but never shown. Interesting that Bonnie and Frank had slept together way back when--wonder if they'll ever reveal why they didn't really pursue it until like a decade later. I also wonder what it is about Annalise wanting to adopt Christophe that provided blackmail material for the governor. Is it as simple as her pulling favors for the kid she wanted to adopt (getting him off the Middleton waitlist, adding a fifth internship spot so he could join) and then that same kid murdering her husband? Agreed on the irony of the kiddos being completely on the outskirts of the brewing crises and sitting around trying to figure out what's going on instead of being in the middle of it all. I give this show a lot of shit for the way it comes up with its plotlines as it goes along, but there was something very masterful about the way they slowly unfurled what I thought to be one big mystery into three separate ones: who's dead in the snow, who is Gabriel, and what's up with the adoption are pretty much independent storylines with minimal crossover.
  7. Michael Ketterer: https://www.etonline.com/americas-got-talent-finalist-michael-ketterer-arrested-for-suspicion-of-domestic-violence-110172
  8. Always great to see Darci Lynne. That girl is polished, poised, and consistently at the top of her game. I wish her all the success in the world, whether she decides to stick with ventriloquism or move to just regular singing. She's also got great comedic chops so maybe she'll consider acting/comedy as well? She could make a nice living for herself with a one-woman touring variety show. I liked Light Balance and Taylor Williamson in their seasons but I didn't think either of them really brought it tonight, which is a shame because I was looking forward to seeing them again. Viktor Kee! Beautiful as always. The way he timed his juggling with not just the projections but also the music was mesmerizing. How was Courtney Hadwin a "fan favorite" in her season if she only came in sixth at most? Ready for her to go away whenever. I think this was my favorite ever performance I've seen from Piff. This was a tough one...I liked a lot of acts and wish more than two could go through. Glad to hear there will be wild cards.
  9. I wonder if this was a knee-jerk response to the two Chosen Ones from last season (Courtney Hadwin and Michael Ketterer) both not winning or really coming within striking distance of doing so, with Michael only placing fifth and Courtney not even cracking the Top 5. I was hoping the overwhelming mandate from the voting audience last season that we would not be manipulated into favoring pre-determined winners would get them to back off, but I'm getting nervous that they've decided to course-correct in the other direction and will make it harder for audience-preferred acts who don't line up with producer favorites to make it through when the regular season comes back. At the very least you'd think a Chosen One being arrested the day following the finale for hitting his wife would get them to think about not pushing certain acts too hard in case they severely misjudge their character.
  10. Both are scheduled to appear. Wikipedia has the full list (in general I really like how whoever edits the Wiki for this show organizes the results): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/America's_Got_Talent%3A_The_Champions
  11. Really enjoy Terry Crews and hope he sticks around for the regular season. I'm also confused about who exactly these superfans are supposed to be, but I think the show is really pushing the "all fifty states" thing as an attempt to convince viewers at home that we are being represented, even though we don't get to vote. The statistics Terry read during the results (about Bianca being popular in the west and Preacher being popular with women 18 - 34) were also supposed to be a part of that, to make sure we knew that all demographics are getting a say. As if all people who live in the west or all women 18 - 34 like the same things. I'm not going to get overinvested in who wins and will just be watching to see some of my favorites again. So good to see Sara & Hero again! I wonder how old he is...so sad to hear that apparently he's getting a little too long in the tooth for these shows. I hope she still has the other two dogs and continues pursuing this, she and all of the dogs are always such a joy to watch. Vicki Barbolak being asked back makes me think a lot of other people said no. I'm sure Alex Magala is very talented but I just can't watch that sword swallowing stuff. Agree that Justice Crew were trash. A lot of great talent has come out of Australia...this is the best they could give us? Aw, I really wanted Sofie Dossi to go through. She's always been at the top of her game. I found Simon's comment about some people who won not wanting to come back because they're afraid of losing. Of the AGT winners, this is who is not listed to be on this show: Terry Fator, Kevin Skinner, Michael Grimm, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Olate Dogs, Mat Franco, and Grace VanderWaal (Neal E. Boyd died last year). I'm not saying they all refused for the reason Simon said, but that is a lot. I remember people mentioning here that Kevin Skinner really was just a normal dude who picked up a guitar and started singing and wasn't into all the fame that came with the show, and that Mat Franco is dealing with some legal troubles currently? Grace is the most surprising to me, given how much she was pimped on her season, but I am not at all disappointed.
  12. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    The End Whether or not I cried starting with Kit giving birth to the very end with Lemony meeting his niece is NOT IMPORTANT. I had mentioned earlier that I thought an adaptation of The Beatrice Letters could be interesting (imagining it to be the two parallel stories of young Lemony falling in love with Beatrice the First and Beatrice the Second looking for him years later), and, well...they did it here! I don't mind that this was all one episode, but I do agree with those who thought it could have been a little longer. It felt like we barely got to know the islanders at all before they were leaving. I wrote one of my first essays in college on this book and its allegories for religion. There's a lot of interesting symbolism to mine, though I can respect that they had to do away with that to fit in the new plot point of Ish being the founder of VFD. One connection I would have loved them to still make was that Friday (that little girl was adorable! too bad they cut down the part and she couldn't get more screen time) and her mom are related to Olivia, but maybe that's because this adaptation's version of Olivia makes me go all heart eyes emoji. I'll always find something slightly tragic in the story of the Quagmire triplets. Of course I'm happy that they're reunited, but their life in the self-sustaining hot air mobile home is not much of a life at all. It would be like if the Baudelaires stayed on the island forever. Sure, they may be safe from the evils of the world, but at what cost? When I originally read the books, I wasn't thrilled with Olaf's last words, but NPH's delivery here really changed my mind. That stanza really sums up the character, and the way he looked at those kids gave me one last jolt of the heebie jeebies. Even with his dying breath, lying next to the woman he loves, he can't shake his obsession. All in all, this was a wonderful adaptation and I'll probably return to it again and again over the years (at least while my copies of the books are still at my mom's place). I know I can be nitpicky and pedantic, but this series was put together with effort, love, and care. Amazing costumes and set design and wonderful acting. Special shout out to the three kids at the center of it all--Malina, Louis, and Presley were all fantastic and I hope they all go on to have great careers.
  13. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Just finished: One Day in December by Josie Silver, a lighter read while I was home for the holidays. It's definitely not something I usually go for (romcom) and I was a little nervous about the premise at first (a missed connection between two strangers through a bus window, where the guy starts dating the girl's best friend a year later), but it had a lot going for it during about the middle eighty percent. As it went on it felt less and less like a romcom with a ridiculous premise (call me a cynic but I don't believe in love at first sight) and more about how so much of your 20s involves your life being dictated by circumstance. You take the job that's available, even if it's not the one you want. You marry the guy because he's right on paper, even if he's not right for you. But I think I projected too much of my own life onto the book because I was really disappointed with the ending, even if I shouldn't have been. Next up: my first foray into Stephen King with The Outsider.
  14. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    Penultimate Peril Part 2: Absolutely loved the melancholy reprise of "That's Not How The Story Goes." In many ways The Penultimate Peril is the end of the series as we know it, since The End so radically changes the formula and just seems to exist in a completely separate universe from the rest of the story. I have heard great things about the last episode so while I'm sad to see this adaptation end, I am looking forward to watching it. So it seems they still left the fate of most of the secondary characters vague. I always figured Justice Strauss was for sure kindling, since she was on the roof, but given she was the only person left in the hotel who knew the fire was real, it makes sense that she'd hoof it out of there. I wonder if they'll ever give confirmation on the fates of any of the other characters. Loved the scenes at the opera, and Morena Baccarin was a great pick for Beatrice. You're totally right, but after having finished part 2 it appears that it actually doesn't contradict any established canon. Lemony starts to document the lives of the Baudelaires after he learns who they are and they disappear from the hotel. His impetus for tracking them still stands, as does him writing what happened before knowing their fates (and the fates of some others) in The End. There was always speculation that Lemony was the cab driver in PP, and I liked that it was formally established as canon while still making sense with what we know about Lemony. If Lemony had actually caught up to them--as in, met them at the hotel after he'd been tracking them for 11.5 books--he would of course introduce himself and tell them whatever he could to get them to come with him. Lemony being the taxi driver only makes sense if he doesn't know everything yet--it's the only good reason for letting them stay. You can have the guardians of child actors sign waivers to extend filming time if necessary (source: I work with child actors younger than the ones who play Violet and Klaus for whom that has been requested when shoot schedules get thrown out of whack, usually due to weather), and the length of time children can work is dependent upon SAG rules as well as child labor/performer laws in whatever municipality they are filming. This series filmed in Vancouver, which I've never had to deal with (only super familiar with local laws for New York, California, and Massachusetts). I think the two older kids have still gotten pretty significant screen time, not to mention how long it must take to shoot some things due to the complexity of a lot of the scenes. I doubt the baby ever goes over her time, though, you can see they shoot as much without her as possible and only insert her when absolutely necessary.
  15. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    Penultimate Peril Part 1 I am confusion. Including younger Lemony in the series lines up with some previously-known chronology (he was presumed dead before Violet was born because but doesn't make sense from the perspective of Lemony following the Baudelaires. In the books, it is assumed that he is only just behind them (probably in the location they just were, for instance at Uncle Monty's when they're at Aunt Josephine's). The big piece of evidence that holds this theory up is that in one book he hides a letter to Kit Also, if he actually meets the Baudelaires at the Hotel Denouement, why does he have to start all over? Haven't watched part 2 yet, so does he not get the whole story at the Hotel and therefore has to retrace their steps? Does he have to leave before Outside of my pedantic continuity questions, I liked Max Greenfield as Frank/Earnest/Dewey--a shame he couldn't stick around longer, but that is how the story goes. The shot of him floating in the water above the library was beautiful. So in this adaptation, Justice Strauss is the true JS. I (like many others) thought we were headed for that identity to be Jacquelyn, but I guess she's off to Winnipeg (assuming her mother is the Duchess? Wasn't Gustav her brother? Or I guess half-brother since they have different last names? But then wouldn't that make the Duchess of Winnipeg his mother too if they have different fathers? Or maybe they have the same father but he abandoned one of them and only gave the other his name? The Duchess of Winnipeg is a less-than-tertiary character in the main series and I forget a lot of the already scant details we know about her...I doubt it's even important here, probably just a throwaway Easter egg). I feel like they definitely made an effort for her to be a more sympathetic character here, and I agree that her betrayal was much more abrupt and shocking in the book, but it just didn't land for me. I agree that Fernald is much more fleshed out, interesting, and understandable than he was in the books, but I just can't get into any iteration of Fiona. In the books she's already at an eleven before Captain Widdershins disappears and she absorbs his status as captain and most irritating character traits, but here he was already missing so she was starting at her personal highest level of insufferable. Also, she gave highly poisonous mushrooms to the most evil person in this fictional universe. Knowing the damage the medusoid mycelium goes on to do, it's hard to forgive her for that, imo. Even though she doesn't have the foresight that we have...like, come on, girl.