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  1. Aren't the police supposed to use a "6 pack" line up of photos for eyewitness identifications rather than just use one cell phone photo? Was she raped or did she just have a mental breakdown after her father's death? I thought the guy was asleep next to her when she killed him. I think my mind wandered during that part of the episode. Why was Raul, the DA, present during the interview (outside looking in)? Aren't DAs to busy to be present during all confessions? Her sister/lawyer stormed out of the room....did she even officially act as her lawyer and then those dynamics, especially with her leaving, make me think this would be sticky to try in court. Also was she ever mirandized? This episode had potential to be decent but they failed to live up to the potential. I'm not surprised. I'm tired of the show revolving around the character Olivia.
  2. I never said it was unique to or defined Islam. I also never wished her the worst nor wished her to fail. I believe I said I thought they would all do well in their fashion careers.
  3. Isn't not a common name but neither is Kentaro. I remembered his name but not her's. Not sure why. However I am not a fan of religions that treat men and women differently (repressing women imo). I don't think that is the reason I didn't remember her name but maybe it was an unconscious reason.
  4. I haven't read all 4 pages yet but will do so. I wanted Brandon or Kentaro to win so I was happy Kentaro won. I was really worried they would give the win to the head wrap woman. I like her but her impression didn't thrill me. I was concerned they would give it to her due to her doing a "modest" (or Islamic oriented) collection (they want to be PC or some agenda thing). I think she will have a good career....actually they all will likely have a good career in fashion. I'm glad Margarita's family arrived safely to NYC. I liked some of her pieces but they didn't seem that innovative at least not in the same leagues as Brandon and Kentaro. I don't think they should celebrate underweight or overweight models. I think models should fall into the normal BMI range. I don't know what ranges the model's fall into but I did kind of eye roll at the ovation the one larger model got for taking of the skirt. However I worked many years in health care and have seen the effects of obesity. I do have to admit I don't know her BMI but personally I prefer healthy BMI models (not underweight or overweight). I also rolled my eyes at Yolanda Foster-Hadid celebrating models of all sizes. This is the women would would only let Gigi eat one almond and wouldn't let her eat birthday cake (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). I can't stand Yolanda.
  5. thanks for posting the link!
  6. Is Jenna Elfman (sp?) joining The Walking Dead? Isn't she a Scientologist? I got bored with the show last season and haven't started watching it again this season. If she is joining the cast then I for sure and not going to watch this season.
  7. Is it back in the news again? I haven't seen anything (not recently) about it on the major cable news networks (CNN, FOX News.....). I wish they would mention these allegations especially with all the attention Weinstein, Spacey, Louis CK, etc are receiving.
  8. I'm not quite up to page 4 but so far I can't find the answer to this question I have---> What was the nuke that Kelly dropped on Peggy? The sound dropped off (I think) but it seemed like it was about Diko.
  9. Why was Peggy worried that the belly dancer may be fat? Bravo even put that in subtitles.
  10. I wasn't thrilled by it. I don't like the actor from Bones. I preferred The Unit or Strike Back for military themed shows.
  11. I'm happy Reddit loves Luke :) Lots of posts....very active forum/threads over there.
  12. I'm devastated Luke was voted out. Hopefully Michelle or Jericho can win. If not them then maybe Lockey.
  13. One of the outfits I liked was that dress that had something over it and the model took off the top piece and then put it on a different way and it became a top. It was done by one of the "older" (lol) female designers.
  14. I like Peter and respect him for not caving in and proposing to a woman when he isn't ready. In other news, Chad is doing very well on Celebrity Big Brother UK (so far). I didn't use to like Chad but he seems like a very nice guy with a dry sense of humor.
  15. Is there another reunion or shall I say, a real reunion? Strange because they showed the tease for next season after this "tales from the island" and didn't mention anything about a reunion with all the cast. I really don't know.