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  1. S08.E09: That Was Weird

    Did Erika wear white pants to Teddi's beach house? I can't remember. Just curious.
  2. S19.E13: The Undiscovered Country

    I was extrapolating to euthanasia since DNI/DNR's aren't controversial imo. Poor wording on my part.
  3. S19.E13: The Undiscovered Country

    If the baby was "brain dead" like they mentioned then he would have shortly had multi-organ failure and died soon anyway. I'm not sure the laws in NYC about children in this situation but in TX adults who are officially brain dead are dead and so ventilatory support measures, etc are withdrawn (usually after the situation is explained to family members/loved ones and they get time to say final good byes to their loved one (who is technically dead if they are brain dead). I'm surprised ADA Stone didn't ask Barba, after Barba mentioned that the baby couldn't see, hear, talk, think, etc, if Barba would pull the plug on all patients in permanent vegetative status (long term coma patients with no hope of recovery). I'm not saying I agree or disagree with what Barba did but after that testimony I would have asked him about that situation. Was the mother the same actress who is on Blue Bloods (works in Frank Regan's office)? I can't stand how the writers ruined Barba's character. I use to adore him....I still love the actor but the character was ruined I like the Strike Back actor (ADA Stone) big eye roll at Olivia going into the hostage situation and "fixing" it.....she does everything and is like a superhero....ugh I support adults right to choose euthanasia for themselves but I'm not sure about in situations pertaining to children. It would depend on the context/situation. However I didn't get the controversy here since they said the child was brain dead (or did I hear that incorrectly)
  4. Celebrity Big Brother: Live Feed Discussion

    I'm not watching the feeds....at least not yet. I only know Brandi (can't stand her when she was on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill and also didn't like her on Celebrity Big Brother UK), Chuck Liddell (UFC legend....he has also small parts in movies [I think]) and Omarosa (she is a great villain). Oh yeah and the actress from American Pie, Scary Movie, etc....Shannon Elizabeth (?). edit: interesting they have live feeds for the celebrity version! cool
  5. S01.E10: The Killers

    Wasn't Ava a hacker who got busted for something hacking related?
  6. S19.E12: Info Wars

    I was annoyed by the writers having Olivia make some comment about pro-choice and dreamers in the beginning of the episode. I knew there was no way they would find the Antifa guy guilty. My only surprise was that they didn't find the guy in the MAGA hat automatically guilty (of course he is a vile racist since he is wearing a MAGA hat [sarcasm]}. The security at the "speech"/protest was unbelievable considering the high security and frequent banning of a speakers like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson (neither are radicals imo) on college campuses. edit: this episode irritated me due to the political nature of this episode. I did not like the way the show handled the politics....very heavy handed and biased.....etc
  7. S10.E10: Storming Out

    I'm probably one only person here that still likes Kenya. She isn't perfect (no one is) but she's my favorite on this franchise.
  8. S13.E12: Bad Moon on the Rise

    pirates, werewolves.....wtf I found the episode incredibly sad. The runaway teen, the destroyed family, etc....so many broken people.
  9. S19.E11: Flight Risk

    Harsh to destroy an entire company based on some corrupt higher ups in charge. I feel bad for the secretaries, mechanics, flight attendants (I doubt they were all in on it), mail room people, tech people, etc who had nothing to do with the cover ups of the rapes/harrassment. I also didn't like the political agenda of the show (comment about Fox News, another white male bad guy, etc...). I'm not saying all white guys are innocent but they seem to be the majority of the perpetrators on SVU.
  10. S04.E06: Black Museum

    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned but wasn't that ski hooded figure in the Museum from White Bear? I saw the other items from prior episodes mentioned by other posters earlier but don't recall anyone mentioning the ski masked guy (as a mannikin?) with the shotgun from White Bear mentioned yet. I'll need to re-watch Black Museum to see if I recognize other items not yet commented on in this thread. This almost feels like a series finale (I hope not) since it shows some many items from earlier episodes. I wonder if there is an item (or a reference) for all prior Black Mirror episodes in the Black Museum. edit: I understand revenge on the villain but two wrongs don't make a right imo and so I didn't like that she made a digital copy of his suffering for her keychain of him. Yes, he did it over and over to her father but that doesn't make it right for her to do it to him. However I understand why she did it (revenge).
  11. S04.E05: Metalhead

    paint, mud, liquid chocolate, mayonnaise, and so much more could be used to "blind them"*..... I think she discovered this tactic and maybe should have mentioned it to whomever she radioed back at her base camp (I'm assuming this is something she discovered during this interaction with them....her monitoring of the robot's behavior while she was in the tree....not sure) I've been monitoring (maybe not the best term) Boston Dynamics for awhile and find the technology fascinating. *paints the best since it seems hard to flick off but the other stuff could interfere with it's "vision/senses"
  12. S04.E03: Crocodile

    I assume the device was tested on animals (rodents, etc) before being used on humans. I have no idea of the laws of Iceland in this futuristic setting and so I interpret the story ending with her going to jail for the rest of her life. I love all Black Mirror episodes. This wasn't my favorite episode but I still enjoyed this episode.
  13. I'm bummed that Wes is out.
  14. S35.E13: The Survivor Devil

    I don't have much to add except that I find Devon attractive :)
  15. S19.E07: Something Happened

    Aren't the police supposed to use a "6 pack" line up of photos for eyewitness identifications rather than just use one cell phone photo? Was she raped or did she just have a mental breakdown after her father's death? I thought the guy was asleep next to her when she killed him. I think my mind wandered during that part of the episode. Why was Raul, the DA, present during the interview (outside looking in)? Aren't DAs to busy to be present during all confessions? Her sister/lawyer stormed out of the room....did she even officially act as her lawyer and then those dynamics, especially with her leaving, make me think this would be sticky to try in court. Also was she ever mirandized? This episode had potential to be decent but they failed to live up to the potential. I'm not surprised. I'm tired of the show revolving around the character Olivia.