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  1. Jimmy: "Batter! What is her name? Hey you, tall girl!" Dottie: "Beverly!" Jimmy: "Beverly! Look sharp there, tall-tall....what is her name again?" Dottie: "Beverly!"
  2. Yep. And the worst thing is the show acts as if there's a competition between the parents when there isn't. All Darla has ever wanted to do, is provide a stable atmosphere where Blue can grow and thrive. It's Ralph Angel, and only Ralph Angel, who keeps making everything Darla does, for Blue, about him. And Darla is never allowed to point out RA's constant temper tantrums, questionable work history or prison stint, because the show has decided all those things are what makes Ralph Angel "noble." It has gotten to the point where I now have to skip scenes with Ralph Angel because the writing is so lopsided. For instance, the show made sure an overbearing Darlene attended the custody meeting yet made sure to exclude Violet's shrill self just to make Ralph Angel that much more "responsible."
  3. Possible Reprieve On James Gunn & ‘Guardians’ As Marvel Back Channels With Disney?
  4. S3.10: Here Besides The River

    He's been a cutie since The Cosby Show.
  5. Well, Well, Well, Queen Charley and her fabled "plans" got PLAYED. Never saw that coming. Oh, wait....
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    'Claws' Has the Best Politics on Television
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    'Pachinko' TV Series in the Works at Apple
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  9. S02.E09: Til Death

    Carrie Preston was FANTASTIC.
  10. In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Riverdale's racebent characters were only cast for press. They'll sit on the backburner, regardless of outside fame, until a white lead needs to be propped.
  11. It's a Ryan Murphy show. Give it time.
  12. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    FX Orders New Take on Classic Samurai Miniseries ‘Shōgun’
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    ‘The Facts Of Life’ Reboot In the Works With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way & Jessica Biel In Talks To Produce