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  1. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

    Rhonda began the cycle of bad karma and its consequences were visited upon her via Anika; and now that Anika's received retribution via Andre, Andre himself, is next in line, for a well overdue karmic smackdown.
  2. S02.E10: Chapter X

    Next season I need individual episodes focusing on Al, Kelsey, Rashid and Brooke and much less Gabe.
  3. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    Vonda's husband, Phil, recommended Roseanne for an interview with his job's personnel director Muriel, who told Roseanne she was responsible for getting Phil from the loading dock and who felt Vonda was so perky that Muriel wanted to drive a nail through her head.
  4. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

    For as loathsome as Eddie (and his crew) ended up being, I really appreciated that the show grounded his motives so thoroughly. His incredible money problems aside, Eddie really did step in to help the Lyons when they were in dire need of assistance, and he truly believes in Empire's untapped potential. That being said, when the Lyons eventually kick his treacherous ass to the curb, it'll be pretty great.
  5. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

    Anika was done when she voluntarily abandoned the family in Season 1. Sleeping with Hakeem was perfectly in character for Anika and the idea that Anika was some great schemer who was a genuine threat is strictly fanon. Rhonda was a good character but she, just like Anika, received her due karma. Kaitlin was great but Rhonda was every bit as tired & irredeemable as Anika by the time she died.
  6. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

    All things considered, Season 3, and especially Season 4 have been pretty great. Craig Brewer did a fantastic job with the finale. He's such an underrated talent.
  7. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

    Now that Andre has enacted karma on Anika, it's beyond time that he receive his own.
  8. This, formerly, guilty pleasure has morphed into a very solid little show. It's truly become the Knots Landing to Empire's Dallas.
  9. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

    He's already taken control of Empire and held a gun on Lucious, so he's halfway there already!
  10. S04.E18: The Empire Unpossess'd

  11. S02.E09: Chapter IX

    Coco leaping across the front seat to initiate a CeCe Peniston group singalong will never not be funny.
  12. The most frustrating aspect about the end of this initial era of MCU, is that the MCU has finally found its groove with so many of its tentpole characters. Sure, the Iron Man leg of the franchise may have arguably reached its conclusion, and RDJ/CE are ready to retire, but the rest of the franchises feel very vital. There are plenty stories left for any combo of TeamCap (Nat/Sam/Bucky) and, after Ragnarok & Infinity War, Thor has just began to hit his stride. It would be a shame to abandon all that potential to chase a younger demographic.
  13. For what it's worth, Sebastian Stan would happily oblige. He's been advocating for more WinterWidow for years.
  14. Because Sam's greeting is usually held as indisputable proof of Sam's 'heterosexuality,' while his similar interactions with Steve that immediately proceeded Nat's arrival, are virtually ignored by the majority of fandom. The biggest problem with the way Natasha is handled in Winter Soldier vs. AOU is that her entire being in AOU feels compromised due to the elimination of Clint/Natasha and the entire context surrounding her relationship with Bruce. A weary Natasha who grows closer with Bruce, initially as friends, over commiserating about their life choices? I have no problem with. Natasha as a windswept rom-com heroine paired with bumbling, yet intermittently dashing nerd Bruce, is textbook Joss. They're virtually a replay of Wes & Fred, replete with the requisite sad clown hero wallowing in his man-pain and the reduction of a multi-faceted female character to a generic love interest imo. Plus their whole connection, such as it was, was rushed. They had a small yet interesting arc in the Avengers, that is essentially dropped, then suddenly they're acting like Bogey and Bacall in AOU. It also didn't help that Natasha, by virtue of being the only female Avenger, at the point had the burden of being the only representation in terms of gender, and had already had significantly established relationships with both Tony and Steve. Unlike every other male Avenger, including Bruce, who had various love interests outside of the team. If Marvel hadn't dropped the ball and committed to a Black Widow film in Phase 1 or 2, many of these issues could've been resolved. But now, in the wake of Wonder Woman's success, they're scrambling to rectify their mistakes, but much like the issues with Steve/Sharon, the damage is already done.
  15. Black Panther (2018)

    'Black Panther 2': Donald Glover Reportedly in Talks for New Role, Michael B. Jordan Return Possible