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  1. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Or rhinos
  2. S01.E04: Call/Response 2018.06.21

    Virgin, I bet that was Ty's first kiss.
  3. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    I remember that the space team knew of Thanos's ultimate goal. Where was the Wakandan team before Thor. Rocket and Groot arrived? If they knew the King would rightly conclude the battle should be here because we are in the best position to win, where as if Vision hid in Costa Rica and was found then Wakanda still lost in the end.
  4. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Over on Agents of SHIELD I concluded that Marvel anti spoiler security messed up their attempted tie ins's. I still hold that it shouldn't be that way since security held for the Hydra emergence on The Winter Soldier . It looks like maybe protecting Black Panther from possible spoilers left the Infinity War directors with nothing but the look of the costumes and the major Wakandan's they needed to get a face shot of during the battle. On the other hand if Wakandan quinjets were rolling in hot on strafing runs then they would need to find something else special for War Machine and Falcon to do.
  5. It seems that Wayne Brady did. But it looks no different than the Los Angeles Bloc really. The check points for the chosen ones for those in the rich zones. Only now the servant workers are allowed to stay in the rich zones and the check point is to enter the colony as workers or are sent straight to the showers. Remember they know who Will actually is ex US Army Ranger FBI Agent who was part of the police in the Los Angeles Bloc. And in Seattle as a part time PI we have seen him act as a morality policeman
  6. S03.E04: Wolves 2018.06.19

    Remember Baz was a foster child to Smurf. there is a mother out there, or dead also. Given the folks in the story I wouldn't bet against Baz's father being an ex eex partner to Smurf though. It seems this year that everybody knows about the Cody's in the cop and crime communities. I will just assume the Asian gang's drug store wasn't the first criminal target of the Cody's. However it seems odd that despite the house security with all the parties and Smurf real estate baron could have been gotten to as easily on the outside as she is locked down in county jail.
  7. S03.E04: Wolves 2018.06.19

    Nikki knew about J and Mia. There is no way she can physically do anything except close her legs and leave so with Mia getting her drunk and pushing her on Nikki got revenge sex on J. The guy who was following J. and heard the police alert from Deren's 911 call "man with a hoodie entering the bank I think he had a gun" was the detective's partner. In the investigation of the car accident and how he lost J they saw the pill shop and went there where the detective dropped the Cody name while talking to him in front of the clean up crew.
  8. S03.E04: Wolves 2018.06.19

    I remember that line from Omar going after Stringer Bell on The Wire
  9. S03.E04: Wolves 2018.06.19

    Another detective going over the line, not as bad as blackmailing a teacher to rape a student, but dropping the Cody name in front of the Asian gang's clean up crew. I bet we see that blow back.
  10. Police surround a suspect all with their guns drawn and pointed at their fellow officers behind the suspect
  11. S03.E02: In The Red 2018.06.05

    I know back away slowly showing no threat to the family and hope he never noticed you
  12. Seattle block doesn't look any different than LA block. Instead of red hats killing the excess inside the walls the white helmets are keeping them outside of the bloc until they are ready to process them. Seeing as they used Will in LA,, the drones won't waste him and they know who he is and allowing him to run free I guess Will fits Wayne Brady's criteria to a T.
  13. S01.E03: Stained Glass 2018.06.14

    It looks to be a 13 hour origin story. Compared to a two hour Iron Man and a 101 hour Gotham. But in Batman's case we are seeing stuff beyond young Bruce, a world, like the MCU was sold to be, and not just a comic book taken in isolation like the Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk. The next episode will be a quarter of the season so perhaps then the duo will have a handle on their powers and we can move on with the story
  14. Black Panther (2018)

    Well the State of California gets to close an open murder case with the presumed suspect dead.
  15. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    That ain't Banner, the other guy needs to be in the center square