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  1. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I noticed the term "pure rock" and had a slight chuckle because when Elizabeth Taylor pronounced Michael Jackson "the king of pop" it occurred to me that Americans tended to say "rock" where the British press would say "pop". As "pop" to an American went from adult contemporary on the hard end to the surviving big band singers like Tony Bennett
  2. S01.E10: Bad Day to Be a Hero

    This was probably my favorite episode pf the run so far. In the original I much preferred the relatively serious to the relatively more comic episodes. Still the compressed timeline of 2 years civilians versus 10 and Nuzo being the one to get them in Hawaii doesn't seem to jive with Icepick just happening to be caught and serving time in Hawaii. They added a nod to Rick's illegal weapons, so now he has something in common with Kamekono, in the expanded Hawaii universe and, a charge just waiting to happen should they redo the Rick in prison story line
  3. S01.E08: Time of Death

    The American version was the Sullivan brothers on a cruiser sunk off Guadalcanal Thus the set up for Saving Private Ryan..
  4. S02E10: Prisoner’s Dilemma

    Kowaslski is the only character name I remember from the show. And I had their lunch box, and a flying sub.
  5. S02E10: Prisoner’s Dilemma

    So the Mexican state doesn't care about the 20 guards killed by American military, its only the cover up of the speaking character the drug lord that mattered?
  6. S01.E08: Time of Death

    I understand filming in Atlanta or Vancouver to save on cost but what do they save by crossing the city limits line to film in Burbank CA? When Officer Bishop pronounced the "victim" dead a;long with time of death I was sitting asking whats going on here, it is not like the back of his head was missing. It almost seems like the police wanted him to die by calling off the ambulance. So with the next investigation by Commander West how do we get around Chen lying in the initial investigation of Nolan? Much less worry about her sexual reputation in the department. With only half an hour I think Kent McCord did the "boot', they weren't using the term on Adam-12, killing a man better than Nathan Fillion
  7. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Trips to Japan and Indonesia followed by government fees to petition for Leida
  8. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    On the US military, Naval and Air Force bases edited question, yes I am a legacy of them but America pulled out in 1992.
  9. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    Yes they do, my mother in law had a preference for the original Korean dubbed teleseryas and Filipino remakes. Looking up that Maria la del Barrio it looks like Erich Gonzales was in her early 20s when it was made and she would, and still does last time I saw her, fit the American concept of the leading lady body.
  10. Eric & Leida: Put It In Proper

    She's not that big. In any case you often hear of the men of Eric's class going to Asia for the fantasy American actress figure when all they are fnding is someone in their early 20s whose body has not fully matured. Not from Indonesia but from that island group with closer ties to America if you look at the 30ish year old leads and not the teen characters/actors from telenovelas, they are close to Leida's size. Like light skin, thus not a field worker is a premium so is the slightly plump, by American standards features outside of the pageant, who are in international competition world
  11. S05. E10. Tick Tock

    Hawaii 5-0 just did the plot from Jason Statham's Killer Elite focusing one the target SAS SEALs instead of the mercenary killer elites.
  12. The movie itself doesn't need a trailer, however the greater franchise needs continued fresh content to keep its name out in the public until the next release. Some might be satisfied with The Runaways or catching up with the NetFlix content but 3 months is a long time to let the franchise sit fallow even if the movie would sell itself., because of the history of the last part.
  13. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    How did Captain Roger's US Army issue compass, seen in the newsreel footage to let American's back home know that Captain America had a girl back home from WWII become a "locket"?
  14. My speculation is like the Thor Ragnarok end credits started Infinity War so to will the Captain Marvel end credits start Endgame.
  15. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    You mean he hasn't reveled the suit to her, much like the extra Spider-Man sets he drops on Peter Parker. After Iron Man 3 you can head canon that she has armored protection ready to move whenever he or his AI perceives a threat.