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  1. I know streaming is the new thing and Will Smith even did a movie for NetFlix but frankly I don't see how it would a bigger draw for "the movie star" than being on ABC once in 5 years.
  2. TV Tropes You Hate

    Now look here, Holly Robinson was playing an adult undercover in the high school 🙌
  3. S01.E02 99 Problems

    The description says South Crenshaw, where ever that might be. If we just place it where Crenshaw is then construction of train tracks since the actual "inspired by" figure Spencer Paysinger was a high school student has made the end traffic even worse. It is obvious that he must have the Jack Bauer car. Going back to the pilot where he teased the quarterback about wearing all that red, while the violence a whole lot better than the mid 80's to early 2000's gang wars a mentally disabled kid did get killed a few years ago for red shoe strings.
  4. S01.E01: Pilot

    You're pop might get a kick out of the British show DCI Banks. A big plot point on an episode was that an armed police constable using a taser didn't aim for the arm when he thought he was stopping a sword waving man. Since a preexisting medical condition caused death the introduction of an internal affairs investigation going over and over again that he was one of the top 10% shooters in the UK why didn't he taser the arm. Later in episode the Chief Inspector trusted that sniper to shoot a gun out of someone's hand at night from rifle distance. The Watch Commander Sergeant's super hostility and the legacy surviving to patrol another day were my biggest "oh come on" moments. Along with how much. I presume the female officer's home is worth? But as a show it was okay. I don't see myself staying up for it but if I am up at that time it is better than hate watching NCIS New Orleans.
  5. S01.E01: Pilot

    From all the promos wasn't expecting three rookies , then I was thinking just like The Rookies, from which the original S.W.A.T. had a backdoor pilot . In that case two of the rookies were roomates and the third older USAF veteran was married
  6. S05:E06: Air Drop

    A sailor was steering the chute remotely from Nathan James when the C-130 was hit. I will head canon that the data relay was lost so the cargo just dropped while the Marines steered to the planned landing zone. Then again they were not on oxygen when they jumped so they couldn't have been high enough to fly very far.
  7. I wish @Snowprince the LAPD commentator for Southland over on TWOP was here. They had a LAPD Training Officer and his Boot relationship as one of the partnerships on that show. As I understand it the probationary period is a year. But of course if the show proves popular and survives they find a reason to keep partnerships together as with Malloy and Reed from Adam-12 back in 1969. As far as uniforms I remember an episode that suggest that by tradition Boots wore a long sleeve uniforms year round, where as regular officers had the option of short sleeve during certain months of the year. But then LAPD is a no visible tattoo force so I am seeing a lot more long sleeves and neck ties on officers during the hottest days.
  8. Presumably a Naval Academy graduate at that. How he got through plebe year and the official hazing would be beyond me. Maybe he forgot how after 18 months Rick said that they were in the POW camp. The choreography of the first knife attack made her look like a trained fighter.
  9. I doubt if they break continuity as that was the selling point. A recast of specific roles like Don Chedle replacing Terrace Howard is always possible but besides Phil Coulson and Agent Carter I doubt that any of the NetFlix, ABC, FreeForm or Hulu MCU characters ever show up in a blockbuster movie. Or anywhere once their TV run is over.
  10. S02.E04: Awful People

    They are only firefighters and not paramedics with the skills needed. It seems as if Diaz was a combat medic and I don't know if he was a paramedic before going firefighter career path that most main TV firefighters seem to have while that does seem to be the path Han took while I think Hen is just a paramedic. Emergency's Gage and DeSoto were lucky because the LA County Fire Department actually does use Firefighter/Paramedics and not singly qualified paramedics
  11. S05:E06: Air Drop

    Speaking of super SEALs. If Lt Greene, an actual SEAL, last jumped from an aircraft 7 years ago when did Chief Miller pick up that skill? And they saved their one S bomb for Miller's "holy shit" at that moment?
  12. Just saw it again on The Last Ship. soldiers reloading over 200 rounds into their rifle magazines one bullet at a time rather then using 10 bullet stripper clips to push rounds into the magazines
  13. S05:E06: Air Drop

    You missed last week's episode Wolf is a weapon! Beyond that he was a pre plague Australian equivalent to a US Navy SEAL. and making a character a SEAL in this century is to give him superhuman abilities
  14. We are not talking about water with the water mains busted but a local snack treat, a candy or ice cream alternative. With people stealing cars to use the air conditioning and a spree killer on the loose why would HPD bother with that one?
  15. S02.E03: coMplications

    Not fair but the inspiration for the franchise. You can substitute cops in Mutant/X-men series for a 1953 Sheriff's Deputy in Mississippi with a then Negro or Colored person.