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  1. I watched this whole thing all the way through and went looking for the next episode. I can't remember the last time I did that with GH
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    But she does that same exact thing every time somebody confronts her with some heinous thing she's done. It's as predictable as Sonny having a breakdown when the writers want gin up sympathy over some heinous thing he's done It does not stop her from doing the next heinous thing.
  3. Is the pacing CvE or FV? And which one of them is responsible for the incredible tediousness?
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It's also bizarrely unnecessary in this case because in the original story he was, at most, an accessory after the fact. What was the point in making the crime worse?
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Kiki sucks. But she still wasn't this vengeful and nasty when her mother was sleeping with her boyfriend while pretending to be dead. Ava is currently displaying less maturity than a woman who uses Kiki as her professional name.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I actually don't think this is a lack of effort from either of them. I think they both did the best they could with some particularly bad staging and choreography. Also? this physical attraction thing should've happened months ago. The pacing on this story is so, so bad.
  7. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I can't believe that Avery and Leo are both still here when neither of them should exist
  8. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The difference between Operation Alcoholic and what Ava did (and what Carly did to AJ in the 90s) was age and experience. What kind of intelligent woman in her 40s/50s is pulling the same crap as her 19 year old idiot daughter? I absolutely agree that there should have been long-term consequences for Keeks and the Captain-or any at all. And I agree that Kiki doesn't get to judge her mother for that* given what she's done. But it doesn't make Ava less responsible or less reprehensible. *Using Kiki as a honeypot to reel in Morgan over that mob territory crap? Yes Screwing Kiki's boyfriend while allowing Kiki to mourn her "death"? Also yes. Ava is not a good parent.
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    No. Morgan didn't have a history of trying to jack cars or steal things from people. That wasn't about entitlement, that was directly related to the fact that Ava stole his bipolar medication and swapped it out for sugar pills. I think Monica should be allowed to spit at Carly when they pass on the street, and spray her with bear mace whenever she tries to push her way into Monica's house. By the same token I think Carly should be allowed to make Ava miserable for the rest of her life. Ava doesn't get to use "didn't mean bodily harm" as an excuse. She switched his meds for placebos because she was hoping that he would do something bad enough for KiKi to leave him. She's not responsible for the bomb, but she could reasonably assume that he was going to hurt himself or someone else, she was counting on it. She doesn't get any kind of pass because the damage was worse than she anticipated when she set out to do harm.
  10. Or they get a 3 day funeral - or they die without a body and get an annual memorial
  11. If they didn't have a proven track record of (1) terrible writing for women (2) being terrible at creating/establishing/integrating new characters (3) being terrible at casting - I'd hope that this was an opportunity to do something about filling the void where the 20-something crowd should be. I don't think Kiki would be much of a loss but I can't see any good in replacing her with WENEVERCARED Jr.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    True - but it's just Joss. It's not like Michael asked her to respect someone's privacy.
  13. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I hope not. Dante was really the only thing NuLu and Lulu had in common
  14. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Could've been worse - Kristina almost had a sister/niece