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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    That would be great story. But if would also be so damn sad. Until JJ left, there was no question that Lucky was just as much Cam's dad
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The WSB decided not to tell him while he's undercover. They know he's going to be furious but they've decided that the mission comes before the man. In their defense, they really didn't think it would last this long - even the WSB thinks the murderhobo is repulsive
  3. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    OG Sonny/Carly will always be one of my GH OTPs. I lurved them apologetically. Current Sonny/Carly were MUCH better as friendly exes
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I'm pretty sure Jakeson/Drew set up child support for Jake when he and Liz split up
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Kevin/Ryan are supposed to be some of the earlier "twins" from Faison's project, right? Is there a possibility that it is Kevin but he was an earlier experiment so he ended up with some of Ryan's memories but without a complete and permanent overlay? It's Faison, so he wouldn't be looking for 2 versions of Kevin, he'd want a copy of Ryan. Same reason he'd want a copy of Jason instead of Drew. He wanted useful/destructive criminals Plus, I'd be totally ok, if the reason Anna "remembers" giving birth to LWB/FS is because she has an overlay of Alex's memories from her time in DVX.
  6. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Measured against Plywood, Dillon (who frequently felt like a pageant kid) and Keeks - I think she was the best of the bunch. But those three, escpecially Keeks and Plywood kept getting airtime - and at least an opportunity to improve. Cartini just never had any interest in the character/actress beyond Lante roadkill
  7. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    I think the casting was fine, it's just that RV shoved her into that terrible story with Dante without ever developing the character. And considering the fact that she was a long-lost, biracial Spencer, some thought should have been given her character other than obstacle for Lulu and Dante's marriage. She shouldn't have been some throw away Fatal Attraction character; that's on RC. I thought she was really good in her scenes with Dillon and I liked her scenes with Kristina. She got some incredibly shitty writing straight out of the gate and wasn't experienced enough to move past it. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to CL. I think the stories on this soap have ranged between forgettable and embarrassingly bad for awhile now - but the character development, pacing and daily script writing have been especially egregious under FV. And story structure has been really, really problematic. It's been bad in different ways with each head writer, but it's been consistently bad.
  8. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Maybe she's a recast Valerie?
  9. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    A new character probably won't be an improvement because this team is pretty terrible at character development. And I'm not ok with the show just dropping it's only black, female contract character. GH has a pretty terrible record at writing for its minority characters. VA leaving because she got a job that actually lets her act is not an excuse for them to do worse. Recast and do better, GH - to the best of your admittedly limited abilities. I'm still kinda annoyed that she and Jules never had a ONS. They had actual chem - she and Curtis just have a ton of pretty.
  10. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    That was Sam. Sam sought out Kim to ask her to help fill in the blanks for Drew. Drew...listened to Kim talk about their past when they got stuck in her car after she offered him a ride. Even that crap story with Drew/Jim/Franco was driven by the murderhobo's determination to recover some childhood memories, not Drew. Drew has been shockingly, absurdly passive about his past; it's his most consistent character trait. He did it when he initially came out of his coma, he did it when Jason came home and he's doing it now. It's a slight exaggeration to say he's done nothing. He's like a baby bird, he'll accept info if it's pre-chewed and placed gently in his mouth, but he doesn't try to feed himself. But he could live with not ever trying to find out if that happened? No desire to make an anonymous donation to that poor hypothetical soldier's family? Sounds about right. I pay about as much attention to this show as the people writing it.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    It's possible that they still haven't figured out who they want this character to be. Since they kept insisting that he and Jason we're totally alike (until 2 weeks before Jason came back), restoring Drew's memory should change his personality.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    No one was suggesting that they give Drew mission updates. But they wouldn't talk to someone who had been kidnapped and lost his memories about his personal life? Really? That's shitty. It's also not really an excuse for Drew because he doesn't know/remember that. So, the common denominator is Drew. It's Drew being totally unwilling to make even a cursory attempt to find out who he is. Again. Some more. And why not contact someone from his high school? People in group homes have friends. Drew is decently good looking and personable and people with high school friends sometimes maintain those friendships - even if they don't remain close. At minium, flip through a frikkin year book - find out whether you played a sport, or an instrument or d&d, something! He's made zero attempt to fill in any of the blanks in his life. As of right now the only person he knows from his past is a murderhobo who stalked, kidnapped, terrorized and sexually assaulted his wife. That is not enough for any normal person.
  13. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    Well, stories are actually worse
  14. What portion of GH's audience is interested in a love triangle between 14 year olds? At least the actress who played eight-year-old Joss was worth watching. I can't imagine two characters fighting to spend time with this version