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  1. Baskets in the Media

    Louie nominated for another Best Supporting Actor Emmy. Yay! Although, he's pretty much carrying the damn show, so should probably be Best Actor IMNSHO.
  2. Orphan Black in the Media

    Tatiana was nominated for an Emmy 2018!
  3. Trevor is Nominated for an Emmy. (Fingers crossed!)
  4. Casting for next season: When Calls The Heart’: Chris McNally & Kevin McGarry Cast In Hallmark Channel Drama "McNally will play Lucas Bouchard, a charming gambler and saloon owner who is hiding more than a card up his sleeve. McGarry is Nathan Grant, the epitome of the strong, silent type and takes all his responsibilities to heart as the new Mountie in town." Hmm. Wonder if Elizabeth will wind up with new Mountie? Don't really care, I'm pretty much done with this series anyway.
  5. 100 Code: All Episodes Discussion

    Thanks for the merge @tessaray! Unfortunately, there will probably be even fewer viewers with the network moving the show to 1 am, most likely due to lackluster ratings. I really want to know what's up with the flowers.
  6. Elementary in the Media

    Elementary pre-empted for Trump's SCOTUS nomination announcement. [Expletives deleted.] From Deadline:
  7. S05.E02: Cartouche

    It's odd, but I was more bugged by Carol's appearance than anything! She wore red earrings to match her coat collar, not her outfit. Her outfit was yellow and back then, red accessories with yellow was what my mom called "ketchup on scrambled eggs." A fashion no-no. Also, her bloated trout pout was not even "a look" in those days. I found her to be miscast and very poorly costumed. Glad she left town. Have seen two retro detective shows this week with attempted murders by celluloid film fire! A rerun of Father Brown and this. Not one of the best, pretty lame murder plot. Did like Thursday and Joan's reunion, at long last.
  8. Finally, an end to the Sidney/Amanda mess. I liked Tom Brittney in both Outlander and Call the Midwife, so I'm in. A fresh start could be good for the show. We'll see. Glad all the others are still on board, too.
  9. S03.E03: Tarts

    Reminds me of chess pie, which is a forerunner to pecan pie. I think it uses cornmeal instead of breadcrumbs as a thickener. Then there's that mock apple pie made with Ritz crackers instead of apples that barely qualifies as food anyway (ugh). Sorry I mentioned it! Poor Victoria had a bad week, but I don't think that makes her -- or any of the others -- a "loser" just a non-winner. I'm so glad we're getting this old season, even if it seems dated in comparison. I think the popularity of the show attracted better bakers and created a higher level of competition.
  10. Ghosted in The Media

    And officially cancelled: https://tvline.com/2018/06/28/ghosted-cancelled-season-2-fox-adam-scott/ Yanked from Sunday schedule and unsure whether final 3 eps will air. Took them long enough, but I think the handwriting was pretty much already on the wall. It's a shame, but they really screwed the show over.
  11. Current Timeline: News and Media

    Bummer. Especially since Comcast owns SyFy and USA, both of which would have been a decent fit. Bleah.
  12. Younger in the Media

    In depth review of "Marriage Vacation" on Buzzfeed. Good review, but the book sounds dreadful! Read this and you won't need to read the book (not that I planned to).
  13. S01.E01: Pilot 2018.06.21

    Light fluff for the summer. Not much substance. I'll give it a chance since not much else on at this point. But mostly because: Yeah, that. Well, if Sam is so keen, why doesn't she take the training and get a P.I. license? Of course, difficulty varies depending on where this takes place (LA?).
  14. S02.E09: Picasso: Chapter Nine 2018.06.12

    It's already been picked up for a third season. The subject is: My mom, an artist, always hated Picasso. Not just his art, but his personal life. I never cared much for him, but I think I hate him now, too. What a womanizing jackass!
  15. Suits in the Media

    Here's a good one: "Could Meghan Markle Win an Emmy for 'Suits'?" Apparently, she's been submitted for nomination. Hmm. Well, if she does, there is only one reason. Yeah, no. And that's my final MM in Suits dig.