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  1. S02.E08 Part VIII

    I was going to say, kudos to whoever it was that called it on cop daddy being Julian's daddy. Unfortunately, I thought it would have been consensual, but it wasn't, it was basically rape. UGH. Odd that Julian doesn't favor either parent. Glad that big sis Heather is going to be there for him and take him to Niagara Falls and all, but I can't say I really cared for the whole ending, especially Ambrose's revelation.
  2. Will Farrell was beyond pathetic. Why are these presenters dragging out their bits longer than the winners are given to say "Thanks."?
  3. The Miniaturist

    Well, I think Marin may be pregnant by Franz, her old BF. Or it could truly be a tumor or an hysterical pregnancy. Doubt it is her brother's child, for obvious reasons. My theory is (and I haven't read the book) Nella will fake a pregnancy, Marin will disguise hers, and the child would also be a cover for Johannes (unless it's Otto's, in which case, all bets are off). I'm really looking forward to the next and final episode when, hopefully, all is revealed!
  4. S08.E01: The End

    I wonder if the Outpost is built on the site that was once the Murder House? Hence the ghosts still there? Felt bad about the driver. "You just endangered your own life for these a-holes and they won't even let you on the plane?" *splat* Yeah, right. I would have loved a "Who's on First"-type dialogue: "It's stew." "It's STU??? We're eating Stu?!" "We're not cannibals, it's stew." "AAAAGH!!! We're eating Stu!!!" The thing is, I think they were eating Stu stew. Remember they faked his radiation count by tweaking the geiger counter. He wasn't really irradiated, therefore technically edible.
  5. The Miniaturist

    I figured Johannes was either 1) gay, 2) lacking, or 3) shagging his sister (doubtful) or the woman in the blue cloak (more likely). No surprise there! I like the creepiness and want to see where it goes. I want to see the miniaturist! I want to know why the sister seems to be a Puritan (?) yet has all sorts of occult trappings and love letters in her room. That was her room, right, where the fur-lined dress/cloak was? That's a bit sensual for someone so buttoned up. Intriguing! Apparently the dollhouse is a real thing and the inspiration for the novel. They were all the rage among the rich of the time.
  6. So agree! Patty McCormack's scene was the very best part. So funny! The original is still best, but I think this is a bit better than the '80s remake. Although, David Carradine as Leroy was priceless in that one. I liked the role reversal with Dad and the nanny. They could have done more with the nanny, though. She's not as memorable as Leroy. What a waste of a lake house. Dad turning off the "gas" on the electric stove was worth a chuckle, but I really missed the lightning strike (the part you weren't supposed to tell) in the original. Left the door open for The Bad Seed II, Return of Rhoda Emma. We'll see!
  7. Been binging a bunch of episodes and so far my absolute favorite is the brothers using the a-hole appliance dealer's appliances to run their bakery. Did not see the twist coming of them being triplets and totally fooling the high tech facial recognition security system. I know they were doing wrong, but you had to feel for the guys a little bit. They even brought their own generator! Plus, the owner was full of himself. Maybe the real-life trio and boss were far different than portrayed, but I thought it was a hoot!
  8. S14.E04: The Ick Factor

    Agree! I think of her as the "Unwoke Okie." "Ah got to larn ta cook so ah kin marry a cowboy!" Give me an effin' break. I have friends from Oklahoma and none of them sound like that! What year is this? Honey, you want a cowboy, shell out some $$$ and mosey over to the Pioneer Woman's (ugh) special mediocre cookin' at her ranch. I call total shenanigans on this one.
  9. We in US just got this on our PBS Streaming "Passport" channel. Dropped the first 2 eps and are adding 1 per week. Wanted to like it, but can't say I care for it all that much. Such 21st century sensibilities for that era! Too PC for the times rendering it unbelievable. Nice sets, costumes reasonably period (more or less), but it just doesn't work. Like many others, don't care for Frankie. Not sure if it's the actress, the writing or both. She's being billed as the next Phryne Fisher and that sure isn't the case for me! Uh uh.
  10. S05.E12: Lizability

    Wow. What a slap to Diana, who is probably the only competent person on staff! Kelsey running the whole show? Yeah, right. That's even worse than Charles and we know how bad he was. Strictly Harlequin Romance territory, by which I mean "ugh." Laying odds Zane is running Ducky. Direct competition. I loved his grin as the elevator doors closed. ETA: Of course Claire is pregnant. And just when we were all so very glad they didn't go with that tired-ass trope.
  11. Harry the CGI Lizard

    Love Harry. He doesn't get enough screen time, but it's probably expensive!
  12. S04.E04: Talk

    Did anyone else think of "The Great Escape" cooler scene when Jimmy was bouncing the ball? Same moves. Jimmy is trapped, but he will escape!
  13. The Media Thread Emanation

    It's time. It's been time. I still enjoy the show, not as much as the early seasons and not as often, but I'm not against them pulling the plug at all. I hope they use this last season to wind things up in a sensible, enjoyable way and not bring in useless new characters (a partner for Raj being the exception) or lame storylines. We can only hope.
  14. S05.E11: Fraudlein

    Maybe he'll sell Millennial to Claw-zilla. Which I find very odd, especially for Millennial! Ditto, and I'm decades older than you! I don't know anyone my age or older that uses them. They went out about the time PCs were invented (by boomers, I might add). That's just ignorance on the writers' part. Are they 20? Do they realize 40 isn't ancient?
  15. All Episodes Talk: Chillin' In the Woods

    OK, if they're going to play the "I've got a hunch and I'm right." (and then he is) card every week, I'm out, despite my love of Kristian Brunn. It's not one of his best roles anyway, despite how good he is at it. I'm on Team Sam and would have dumped the idiot ASAP, mayor or no mayor. Have a feeling this is a one and done. I can't see it getting renewed.