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  1. Mykelti

    She's trolling us, right??
  2. I adore my Sleepytime tea. I picked up "Sleepytime Extra" the other day and my daughter and I swear it works. I do not, however, add molasses, ghee, butter, coconut oil, herbs or spices to my tea so I might be doing it wrong.
  3. So when Audge joined up with Snowflake, I wonder if she knew she'd end up having to follow her all over Chicago, constantly on the lookout for that next deep photo? Don't these two have homework or something? And I tend to think the other way around, with Mariah demanding shot after shot from Audge, all the while deeming the photos not deep enough, or artsy, or whatever stupid mood it is she's trying to capture.
  4. Shhh...everyone - can't you see that Mariah is thinking?? Behold the thinker's pose! She's got her eyes cast downward, contemplating the sidewalk upon which she treads towards her uncertain future and thinking about where she will get her next serious cup of coffee, and also where she put her emotional support dog. The hand in the hair signifies the momentousness of this occasion of the serious thinks. The black shirt tells us that she's serious, but the flannel shows us that she can also be hip while thinking seriously. And the STOP sign behind her is indicative of the fact that we, too, must also STOP and think about what Mariah is thinking about. Think about that!
  5. Aspyn, we WANT to like you! But the #hashtags are bringing you down, hon. Look at what your sisters are doing and then do the complete opposite (especially that snowflake in Chicago).
  6. Mykelti

    In the first one she looks like a toddler. The second - well, it took me some time to figure out that it was her bent leg under the gigantic sweater. For a hot minute it looked like she was hiding Fat Tony under there.
  7. Props to ALL the Mad-Lib challenge accepters! I am snort-laughing at every single one!
  8. I don't know why Mariah and Janelle have not yet teamed up and produced a yoga video series, since they're both sooooo into yoga and fitness and what not, and apparently neither of them has anything better to do.
  9. I totally thought you were joking...and then I scrolled down to her official "Strive" site. This is hilarious, and also sad that there are people who would actually pay money for a consultation with a morbidly obese Z-list "celebrity" who shows absolutely no progress in her own weight-loss journey.
  10. MAD-LIBS: JANELLE BROWN "STRIVE" VERSION Now that it's (insert weather condition), I am feeling (insert generic complaint). I am struggling to (insert any action that a human being does on a daily basis). Because I also (insert any health ailment), I have been trying (insert latest health fad or food item). I am not really sure about (insert new generic complaint) but I am finding (insert food) to be a (insert overblown cliche)!
  11. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Just know, @potatoradio - although I gave up watching this show after episode three, your recaps are still pretty much the best thing on PTV. (but I sure would like to know the answer to your above quiz because any of those choices would be viable. "A" seems like the most logical answer). Wait........pin the tail on the donkey? Shoot, I might have to watch after all.
  12. She'll end up looking like the little brother in A Christmas Story...so bundled up in his winter clothes that he couldn't move his arms or legs. Of course, the fact that she insists on wearing jackets that are several sizes too small, I'm betting she can't move her arms anyway.
  13. Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Good description. I have compared it to looking at things while underwater, or watching a dubbed tv show where the voices and mouths don't match up. First I get that weird aura, then I get the overpowering feeling that I want to cry - which is odd, because I also get that urge to cry when I'm at the tail end of the migraine too. Mine were definitely related to being pre-menopausal, and now that I'm towards end of that barrel of fun and games, they are tailing off significantly. At least I think that's what's happening - I have also taken to yoga in the past few years, walk every day that I can, and per my doctor's advice am sticking to a more even sleep/wake cycle.
  14. She's spent her entire life believing that as the only daughter of the beloved and legal (Ha!) first wife of Kody Brown, she is indeed the specialist snowflake to ever flake. Upon entry into the real world, she still believes it. We are supposed to stop and gaze in wonder and awe at her deep, deep soul. Her yoga. Her coffee. Her girlfriend. And as long as she has sycophants drooling over her missives, she'll keep it up and we will continue to be subjected to hot beverages in various locations and her seemingly constant yoga classes. And considering who her mother is, she's not going to stop anytime soon.
  15. in five separate cars............