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  1. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    I tried to quote my fave parts of your recap and then just gave up because it was all awesome. Remember that one time when we were going to play "Real or Snark?" I'm not even sure if we can actually play anymore, because it's ALL REAL. If I hadn't occasionally glanced up at the show while trying to level up on Candy Crush watched these two episodes, I would've smirked and rolled my eyes at your recap, knowing there is no way that any of this stuff really happened (rainy insta-love carnival, Tobe dumps all the meds, Dr. Baby tells Kate that she will be the one exception to her rule, etc). But no. It's real. All of it. Because the Pearsons are at once both the most persecuted family ever, but also the specialist snowflakes that ever flaked. No wonder they are so full of angst. I have Jones for algebra-trig........Dooooooooom, I am NEVER going to get into Berklee at this rate. And I have heard no water-cooler talk as of yet. Maybe they just stop talking when I walk in the room. Your logic is sound and reasonable and has no place in the world of Jack Pearson.
  2. Would someone PLEASE tell me what is up with the avocado toast obsession? As possibly the only person in the USA who isn't an avocado fan, I just don't get it.
  3. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I have long suspected that she actually did like Scottie but felt that she was expected to get with the big studly jock rather than the nerd. Time will tell.
  4. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Couple of other things: I see there is a great kerfuffle being made over Franco Harris, football, Steelers, everything ties into the Pearsons and the universe, etc. But when they showed footage of the actual football game, I would swear the announcer called that player "Michael Harris." That confused me even more, because I was all, "Michael Harris? Is that Franco's son? Is Michael Harris Deja's father? WTF?" I mean, I am all for some good misdirection once in awhile, but this is like trying to solve a puzzle with several pieces missing. It's not fun, it's confusing. And then there's the big misdirection at the end, where an older Randall and Tess are - I think - going to see someone at a hospital, and Randall calls a clearly non-functioning Toby to come and join them. Who are they visiting? Kate? If so, why would Tess not be "ready" to go and see her? Is it Beth? If so, why would Randall be calling Toby? Is it Annie? Again, why Toby? So my feelings tend towards "meh, whatever," because I'm getting accustomed to either a "make it up as you go along" storyline with this show, or a big ol' dangling red herring that ends up not meaning as much as we think it should (see also: little boy at adoption agency, the Crockpot Couple, Jack's brother). I wonder if we will be told what this non-sequitur scene means by the end of this season, or will it become another beginning with no ending? I think these types of misdirections could work if there weren't so many of them, as well as so many extraneous charcters that we have to weed through who is important, who we will be seeing again, and who we can discard. Given that this show is about the Pearsons, and everything has to have "meaning," it's like cutting away vines in a jungle to find the clearing: the actual storyline.
  5. Unpopular Opinions Thread

    Hello, UO thread! I missed you. (looks around, wonders when I'm gonna get my @potatoradio recap)...........;) Two things stood out to me this episode that IMO could have been handled so differently with better results: Kate's party: Kate attends her birthday party and makes a wish. She'd just gotten some bad news from her doctor, but rather than sit there and explain her entire story to every single guest (and honestly, how did she get those friends in the first place - she's such a wet blanket - but I digress), why couldn't she have excused herself, walked away, and maybe just told her sad story to Madison, who likely would have followed her to ask what was wrong? It's this damn Pearson speechifying that bugs me so much - the tendency of these people to let EVERYONE within their vicinity know just how sad/upset/etc. they are right in the moment, rather than doing it in a more private and believable way. Honestly, who could handle a friend like Kate? And then Beth talking to Kevin about dating her cousin...just no. Where does Beth get license to be so blatantly rude to her brother in law? "My turn to talk. Nope, still me. ME. STILL ME!" I think this is supposed to make us think that Beth is such a cute lil' badass, but it just makes her come across as someone I would avoid at every family reunion. This show really doesn't know how to write strong women. I mean, they really suck at it.
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    So look, you live feeders... This season was my first dive down the rabbit hole of the live feeds and the live feeds thread. And now that the show is all done, I find myself following the HG's on IG, checking out who is hanging with who, watching their cute lil' videos, hoping that they all check in so I can make sure they've adjusted back to real life...etc. It's like I can't quit them yet. Is this normal? Or do I need some kind of BB intervention?
  7. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*(&%**%#%**(( noooooooooooooooooooo.......... Also, I've been wondering the whys and wherefores of how Kaycee decided to put her amazing physical abilities on the back burner and play a social game, until it came time to beast several comps in a row...in other words, how did she manage to tamp down her natural competitive nature that has gotten her to where she is in her career? That's actually pretty amazing - to know you have the chops to give everyone a run for their money in physical comps, but also know when to make it happen.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I think Bayleigh DR'd at the start of the season that her biggest fear was how she'd be perceived by others, she didn't want to do anything to embarrass herself and her family, etc. So it just makes me not care one iota about her and her stupid fiancee since she basically sunk her own ship by hooking up with this jerk on live television.
  9. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    OKAY I have to defend Scottie one last time (because I still like the guy, can't help it)...in an interview he mentioned ED because he was hoping it would get him noticed, but he actually, for whatever reason, named Chicken George as his fave. There, I'm done. I think. :) Just co-signing the fact that this has been a fantastic season with a fantastic jury and pre-jury, with many stories and so much left unsaid...and instead we wasted three precious minutes watching this proposal dreck. What a horrible waste of time in a show that was already ridiculously rushed. Get lost for good, Swayleigh. She did indeed do this, and in a super close vote, it definitely mattered. And I don't blame Scottie for flipping...Tyler played an awesome game but he did indeed ignore the two relationships that he should've nurtured just a bit better. Whoever mentioned that he started to ignore Sam after he became Tangela was spot-on, especially when Sam thought she had a final 2 with Tyler the entire time until her eviction. As for Scottie, I think he might have been okay with Tyler's using him if perhaps Tyler hadn't been so flippant about how he did it? He sort of rambled about it during his apology to Bayleaf, so he was apologizing to her at the expense of flicking Scottie away like a pesky fly. But given that Tyler and Kaycee had about 14.2 seconds to cram in their entire 99 days worth of gameplay to the jury, I also can't blame Tyler too much for not being able to juggle the entire jury's various feelings towards him. Again, GET LOST, SWAYLEIGH. And #FUF. Thanks for a fantastic summer! You guys all rock.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Could you give me a brief synopsis of the differences between BBUS and BBCAN? I'm tempted to pay for a channel to catch CAN - it seems like the superfans of this season were well versed in BBCAN and I feel like I'm missing some good stuff by not having seen any of it. EDIT: just read closely that you haven't watched much CAN, so anyone else, please feel free to answer! I'm old too and I thought Scottie was the cutest guy on this season, no lie. A lot of that was based on personality as well as looks - I thought Winston was like a walking piece of blank paper, Brett's bro shtick would grow old real fast, Tyler was too "duuuuuuude," Swaggy was - well, Swaggy, and JC was disGUSTing. OMG WINNER!! Can't WAIT to see y'all on BB21!!
  11. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    +++++++++1 to this entire post. Regarding the sensory overload, I keep thinking of more unsettling things that could happen to a HG on the outside...I would think that acclimating to those four walls and the tiny backyard would be very difficult at first, but they all do seem to get used to it. After being so limited as to where you can go, is getting back outside going to be overwhelming? What about those long and numerous DR's...will it be strange that suddenly, no one necessarily cares about what you think about every little thing? And while I'm rambling, I don't recall ever seeing a HG like Sam - a HG who really did seem deeply affected by the claustrophobia of the house. This surprises me quite a bit, as I would think many of the HG's would have some difficulty adjusting. But given that this has been my first foray down the rabbit-hole of the live feeds, maybe I just haven't noticed. Thanks to everyone in this thread! It's been a blast. On to Survivor. And #FUF.
  12. Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    My interest in this show started from Season 1. I was keen to learn how a family so different from mine functioned. I wasn't watching to judge, I was sincerely interested in these three (then four) women, any one of whom could be someone I worked with, or saw at the grocery store, at our kid's school, etc. The only plygs that I had ever seen on tv were the women who wore their long hair in a braid or bun and wore neck-to-feet dresses. I was even fascinated by the creative way the Brown wives layered their clothes. The Brown women were different and that drew me in. However, after a few seasons, I started to have some serious reservations about them, starting when they sprang it on their children that they all had three days to pack their stuff and say good-bye to the only lives they knew. That struck me as unnecessarily, harshly cruel. Whether they did it for ratings or not, the kids were clearly stunned and many of them started crying, which was heartbreaking to watch. Then came Robyn and her skeevy pencil sketch of Kody with her young children, essentially re-writing her children's histories. Also the "rules" of the Brown house suddenly seemed very bendable, which made it difficult to understand the "whys" of polygamy as lived by the Browns. Then, of course, the CATFISH came a'calling, with so many "therapy" sessions that I've lost count, with the wives alternately visibly depressed, struggling with weight, crying, overwhelmed, etc - and in the middle was man-child Kody who, when confronted with the varying emotions of the four women he chose to spend eternity with, does his very best impression of a bored caveman who cannot possibly be expected to understand or deal with these messy lady feelings. And yet - the women still state at the beginning of each show that this arrangement makes each of them better. Wouldn't have it any other way. Got something really awesome. Shoulda been together from Day One. Multiplied, not divided. And as we plainly see each week, all of it is CRAP. What we're really seeing is four women who would gladly step on each other to climb to the top of Kody's totem pole. Who can barely stand being in each other's presence. Who claim to love all of the children equally but will not take care of another wife's child. Who clearly are not being given enough one-on-one attention from Kody, and who attend therapy together and dance around and around the big elephant in the room - that they signed themselves up for a life of polygamy but IT'S NOT WORKING FOR THEM. I don't see this board as overly bitchy. I think we all see what we want to see, but for the most part I think we're reacting to the dissonance between what the wives say and how they act. Their flowery words at the beginning of each show do not reflect their realities. It couldn't be any clearer, IMO.
  13. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Do we know why that is? Isn't he kind of the supreme BB and Survivor podcaster? I freaking love his snark.
  14. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I didn't even think about their sleep patterns...also, what would it be like to have a camera on you for months and suddenly having it gone? Would they actually miss it? Would it change their behavior on the outside? I suppose they're all sworn to secrecy but if a former HG wrote a book about their experience, I would be all over it.
  15. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I've often wondered what it's like for them to re-assimilate back into their lives after having been locked up for three months, and having no clue how they were portrayed or what was shown on the actual show (let alone what people saw on the live feeds). Would they want to dive right in and binge the show? Or would they need a hard break and some time to disengage from it all, knowing that probably everyone they know in the real world is going to have a ton of questions and opinions? Seems like it would be a tough transition.