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  1. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    I think an extra $25,000 a year would be wonderful. You could invest it wisely, save up for a down payment on a house, use it for the mortgage and upkeep of the house, while you still work your normal job. It could help put someone through college or any number of things. Giving someone a million dollars in a lump sum would be a heavy tax burden and then they have that lottery effect where their whole life is changed and not for the better.
  2. Marcella Season 2: All Episodes Talk

    Marcella isn't in any shape mentally to join another cop's team under an alias. If they do have a Season 3, is Marcella going to ditch her kids, go undercover or underground and continue to be a police officer or detective? Is her half-Glasgow smile going to miraculously disappear or would we have to look at that ungodly gash for a whole another season? I was fully expecting Marcella to jump off the roof into the traffic below. Now that we know she killed Juliet, albeit accidentally, there isn't really any redeeming value to the character, is there? How are we supposed to admire and want to follow a woman who we know is directly responsible for her baby's death because she couldn't cope with a crying baby? I hate Jason and wonder if the reason he started acting like a bastard is because deep down he knows Marcella was responsible for Juliet's death and couldn't love her anymore.
  3. Marcella Season 2: All Episodes Talk

    Actually, she's wound up in her old coat at the end of this series.
  4. Roseanne: Aftermath

    Roseanne Barr and ABC came up with some sort of settlement. They must have paid her off to go away and let them get their money's worth out of the actors who already got paid for Reboot Season 2. They are spinning it that Roseanne agreed to the settlement to keep the 200 people who lost their jobs with ABC's cancellation employed. Since she did state that she was sorry about the consequences, I'd say it's probably true that she feels that way. Roseanne Barr still owns the rights to the character she created, Roseanne Conner. She just will not have any input, writing or otherwise, in the spinoff called The Conners nor will she gain financially from the spinoff. This is not to say Roseanne Barr cannot use her own character somewhere else sometime in the future. It is not known yet how Roseanne will be written out of the spinoff show. She may not be dead as so many people are hoping.
  5. S02.E04: Qualifiers 4 2018.06.19

    Shallow is good. You wouldn't believe how shallow I can be. I'm particularly judgmental about lipstick, lip color, lip gloss, but don't post my observations because no one really would care. ;) As for Eva's costume, it was reminiscent of her costumes last year. I was excited to see her back but her routine was just about the same as last year's but without the fancy sets. I kind of agree that she's not really dancing dancing, but acrobatic move dancing. She needs new tricks besides her leg up moves.
  6. S13.E04: Auditions 4 2018.06.19

    These sob stories have got to go. I'm an only child and I feel so alone and isolated, I need a dog. Doesn't the child go to school and have friends like all the other only-child kids? Why doesn't Simon give all the kiddies a dog? My father is disappointed I'm not a jock, so he disconnected with me while I danced my way into his heart and acceptance. OMG. The trapeze story is probably another ruse. He's not going blind; he's just saving up for lasex surgery.
  7. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    Courtney came off as more of a spazz than Janis Joplin, who I think she's trying to emulate. As for the dance troupes, their backstories are probably manufactured or embellished. I'm way cynical about everything that comes out of this show now.
  8. Roseanne: Aftermath

    A pay off to Roseanne Barr to continue this thing in any incarnation is wrong. ABC was so quick to cancel the entire show, they need to 'suck it up buttercups' and 'put a fork in it,' to use two cliches. If they want to get their money's worth of having to have already paid the rest of the actors such as Goodman, Metcalf and Gilbert, they should create an entire new show, have the actors depict new characters, and run it for one season. If there are contractual requirements that call for the Roseanne characters to remain Dan Conner, Jackie and Darlene, then they can spinoff into the same character, without ever mentioning Roseanne, as if she never existed.
  9. S13.E02: Audition 2

    Oh my! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The phoniness continues! I think AGT has lost the plot. They've got too many already famous and experienced people posing as first timers, too many Got Talents from other countries who've already been winners or highly rated on those shows. This is far from the amateur talent show it pretends to be. With that and the continuous antics of Mel B. who I was hoping would have been replaced this season, and Tyra's mugging for the camera on the side stage during each performance, and acting like the fairy godmother to each kid who graces the stage, I'm already sick of this season.
  10. S13.E03: Auditions 3 2018.06.12

    Another AGT Audition, another donut. I'm not a fan of precocious kids, so the little boy asking for a donut after their act was so staged to be cute, it was cornier than a cornfield. Sophie singing "My Way" was not cute either, despite the judges and audience going gaga over another Stage Mom Darling. I hate the phoniness of everything we see and am thankful to read here about how fake it all really is. Golden Buzzer Joplin. Well that was weird. After the shy girl/huggy huggy with Daddy shtick, her eyes bugged out like she was possessed and she broke out of her shell, but it was not a good performance voice-wise, and the song was a little inappropriate for a 13-year-old girl to sing. The acts I did like were Miss Trysh, Hans - International Superstar, and Noah Guthrie.
  11. S02.E03: Qualifiers 3 2018.06.12

    ^ Thanks for posting. I'm glad Michael is already a winner! I love his dancing and his costumes.
  12. All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I'm a Keith fan too, but do you really want to be the murder victim and have your hubby be the prime suspect? We know every woman who lights up every room she enters is the one who went missing and winds up dead! LOL
  13. S02.E03: Qualifiers 3 2018.06.12

    The only act I really liked was Michael Dameski. The dance crew acts are blending together for me too. I don't like hip hop music so it doesn't do anything for me. I didn't really care for Josh & Taylor's chair act. JLo getting into the act after Derek at the end was, again, trying to make the show about her. I don't see what was so bad about LD Dance compared to the other groups to have been the ones sent home.
  14. S02.E03: Qualifiers 3 2018.06.12

    Censored! LOL Thank you ElectricBoogaloo for posting the YT vids each week. Thanks to you, I only had to watch them online and skip the "JLo, et al. Judges' Show." After seeing last weeks' dance routines, I had no desire to watch the whole show on Hulu. Will do the same this week. So, thank you! Anything Latin is JLo's favorite and she always almost pees her pants with excitement about how much heart and soul the act brings to her beloved Latin culture.