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  1. He is doing an excellent job!
  2. No, he has not had work done. He is too young for starters, for a man anyway. He looks good.
  3. He still has that boyish face, slender neck and vibe. His hair has to be longer. That cliche of a hair cut he has, does not work for him. At least he does not have the exaggeration that can happen [very tight sides and longer top]. Go back to allowing your curls to shine. That will be back in style in about 25 minutes. He is very attractive but to really see that, grow your hair!
  4. Will is doing a good job. It is true that Dom had no clue she outed anyone. She was too caught up in auditioning for a Christian talk show!
  5. Yeah. That is just the episode and I have seen it. I thought there was more with Julie.
  6. This link just takes you to the CBS BB page. There are no interviews that I see.
  7. And with grace. She is good.
  8. Paul must have felt sure he won when Cody was the last key and he said he stayed true to his word. Foolery! That was arranged by production. What a perfect moment that was!
  9. Sadly no. He was talking to Julie as everyone else hugged their families.
  10. Wow, I knew it! LOL No I didn't.
  11. Very satisfying end to a nasty season!
  12. Kevin was disappointed his daughter wasn't there. She lives in LA
  13. Josh's good bye messages helped open eyes. Good move.
  14. Jason gIves good comic relief.