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  1. I wish I would have paid closer attention to how it was made. I have thought about that dish many times. They had to create 3 dishes. A dessert is always tricky but they are done on IC often. IC has a team and much more time so to ask the bottom 2 to make 3 dishes in 45 mins (?) you are going to get at least one that does not measure up to the show's reputation. Relevant to nothing, I abhor Anne Burrell. I think for another dish I would make a Thai shrimp curry (green) with pieces of fried plantain in it. Since plantain has to be the star maybe just a vegetable curry with plantains and small friend shrimp for texture as a finish on top. I like something sweet with meat and often use chutney on a grilled steak. YUM. So you could do something with pork, too. The trap is with banana being the main ingredient because a protein is usually the star automatically. Chicherrones could be the crisp factor on a banana desert. A rip on Bananas Foster but it would have to be way outside of the box on that one. ETA. I love plantains and they are not sold here. In FL I made them often. sigh
  2. Refrain from naming the season something that can be questioned. All season we read posters saying, "how are they a game changer, what did they do?" The answer is not necessarily anything, they just needed to fill the cast with players wanting to do this again. One name I could get behind is Voted First Off. That cannot be argued!
  3. One thing I like about Alex is her nod to dishes that would not be considered high class. This time it was creamed corn. She doesn't seem to turn her nose up at childhood favorites or old school recipes. She is constantly suggesting Chopped chefs stuff peppers though, something I despise and there are VERY few foods I dislike.
  4. I immediately thought of a dish I had in Boston years ago. It was fish served with a banana and potato mix, that seemed to be put through a ricer, that was around the edge of the entire plate and had a crispy edge and top. The plate was hot and had just come out from under the broiler or oven. The sweet banana with the nicely browned fish was delicious! He grew to annoy me over time so I am fine with Alton.
  5. I would have chosen Christa's meal too. I am not fond of creamed coRN so I would have sent her home. I love homemade onion rings. I think this was the finish of this battle.
  6. I am surprised Sawyer didn't win but I have to remember they find fault with every dish to create suspense. They really came down hard on 2 of Shota's dishes not being integrated and I thought that was the kiss of death. His score was much higher, not even close. The chocolate cake did Sawyer in, clearly and his presentation wasn't good, now that I think about it. I am rooting for Izzard, I adore her. I like the 2 other men who I don't know, too. Not fond of Sarah and it isn't because I remember her it is because she is the reason Nyesha left. Petty, I know, I know.
  7. Well shape up! ;^)
  8. I watched the entire trial on Court TV; didn't miss a minute. It consumed me. LOL. I sat in horror as I watched the prosecution team do nothing as the lies about George rolled on. No one said anything! The parents were on Dr Phil shortly after the trail ended. George said he thought her death was a chemical baby sitter gone wrong. Cindy was furious and said, "this is the first time I have heard those words come out of your mouth!" I was shocked that they had not discussed that between them! Everyone watching knew that Xanax killed her. Zanny the nanny, oy. Even Casey said so with that.
  9. I have tasted it. Must be well over 10 years ago, now. Mark, a friend, made a delicious meal. On top of some delicate fresh pasta he had small thin slices of fried egg plant and some other vegetables plus mushrooms. He drizzled a little truffle oil over the top just before serving. It was delicious. I knew it was considered "bad" by chefs, he did not. I was very curious and I loved it. Yes and a shot of the level left in the bottle when she finished. That might have been staged but still funny.
  10. Ha ha ha ^^^^^ Good one!
  11. Well of course. I am speaking generally.
  12. Very high on my list, certainly. :^)
  13. Sexual identity is one thing, sexual orientation is another. Zeke was a woman who changed to a man. If he is gay it means he is attracted to men. I don't know if he is post op but he would have a hard time attracting a gay man if he didn't have a penis. Then there is the issue of functionality. A pump is used after reconstruction.
  14. I agree. Tai over does the physical attention he gives the men.
  15. I though Zeke came out as gay. Anyone else remember that?