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  1. Seems the male producer has the final say. He disliked Vinnie day one and trumped Guy's desire to keep him. Vinnie was not good in front of the camera but it was more than that. I bet there was a discussion about his weight that did not air. An obese man shoving, and he did shove, pastries into his face is not compelling. It is a bit of a turn off if you watch your weight. He almost sends the message. DO NOT EAT THESE THINGS. A few of the men at the round table favored RJ. He has a calm authority they appreciated. I think Guy exhausts the male producer. It showed when Guy stopped to comment on the the new tattoo. That was funny but he was not amused.
  2. I thought he eliminated Vinnie, too. I guess not. He is clearly Guys favorite. I agree with the producer, I don't like him either. The bald black man is my favorite and I like the dads. I will never watch any of their shows so I am going on peronality alone.
  3. Anorexia paired with distress over big Kevin cheating on her is enough. He is so blatant about it! And the mistress is wearing a diamond engagement ring.
  4. I wonder if the actors will become box office poison after a few seasons. Ann Hathaway became hated because of her obsession and constant blabbering on how good, important and meaningful staring in Le Mis was because her mother had played the same role many years before. It became gag worthy. I agree with every post here. I am waiting for those who love this now, to turn on it and storm the village with burning torches and join us here.
  5. I suppose. At the rate he is going there will be many more. Fine with me, I have come to like him a little better and really like his new shows.
  6. Yes. I wear the skinny jeans. I was happy when bell bottoms and elephant leg pants died. I am not skinny, I am normal. Lol
  7. I have come to like Justin a lot, it wasn't always that way. Love his sense of humor.
  8. I am 5'1" and do the same. However Old Navy has ankle length in most of their jeans and those are a regular length for shorties. Petite proportions are very strange and never seem to work.
  9. And I said, oh goody, Aarti and Justin!
  10. I like Guys Ranch Kitchen. There should probably be a Guy forum with all of his shows under that one heading. He invites chef friends to his ranch and they cook. They are the usual suspects, most of whom I like. Johnathan Waxman was there which surprised me. It changes each episode as to cast.
  11. Clearly Kevin came up clean. Dr Phil's contacts surely vetted him. Although he is from Kenya, not Nigeria so who knows. Her husband was hoping Phil would uncover something. Yeah, the show was a dud, I was hoping for so much more but still better than an addiction episode. Her smile said, 'I am checked out, I will do whatever I choose regardless of what you say.' I don't know what she thinks life in Africa with a 20 something will look like but I doubt it is an accurate fantasy. No way will she give up Kevin for 90 days to work on her marriage. I didn't get good vibes from that husband. He came off as oppressive and strident in his ideas on what marriage should be. Get divorced and move on, both of you.
  12. LOL! Time to clean out drawers.
  13. Today is the first time I have watched Pioneer Woman. She is making Thanksgiving dinner (of course) and doing some things 3 days ahead! Mashed potatoes with 6 sticks of butter, 3 packs of cream cheese and several cups of cream. Granted she is cooking for a big crowd but take that down to a reasonable size and it is still too much. I don't want all that fat in them and gravy on top, too. Dishes like this is why people lie down on the living room floor after dinner and moan. She is having cheese cake for dessert! Jesus. I digress, sorry. I am moving onto Christmas for my food plans, I am sick to death of Thanksgiving now. My xmas food is different every year. Sometimes brunch with a lighter but fabulous meal in the evening or if I make a big meal it is never turkey. Prime rib usually. This year it is just going to be one son and 2 grandchildren. I am going to make clam fritters to have with cocktails and lobster for dinner. The kids will have none of that, so I will make what they want. I am still working on small plate courses centered around vegetables.
  14. It happened during the brief peek we had at the Last Chance Kitchen thing. He cut his wrist badly.
  15. ^^^ googled it, OUCH!