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  1. Tina won Season two.
  2. Thank you. Dogs are resilient and want to love you. I have many happy and very funny stories. Dogs are so, so very precious.
  3. Thanks. I have stories of rescuing dogs who have been caged. I picked up 3 small terrier mixes from a caged situation. I took them home with me after a vet visit including nail trimming, bath, worming, ear and anal gland cleaning. They were pathetic and fearful but ohhh so fucking cute! They slept with me every night for 3 weeks. and we cuddled, big time. They liked being on my head! I had them for 3 weeks teaching them how to be, really. I took them everywhere to socialize and get them to see the world as loving. This doesn't take long, dogs are joyful by nature and loving. Just make the fucking effort!. Sorry, I digressed. It is my passion and work.
  4. The dogs. Oh my. She puts them in a cage in the basement so they don't jump on guests. Good god. Dogs have to be socialized and learn how to behave around people for crying out loud. No wonder they go nuts when let out. Of course they run around and jump up, they are starved for attention and full of joy having been set free. I have worked in dog rescue for many years. We never place a dog where they are going to be caged, crated or left outside when you are not home (or anytime really). For this reason I am not fond of Danielle. If you don't know how to care for an animal, what is wrong with you?
  5. Things have changed. Now with 3 teams, two trips to TC can decimate your tribe so it is logical to boot the weakest. Entering the merge with fewer alliance members compromises your longevity. Challenges are mostly physical now. The puzzle is at the end of a course that takes some athletic prowess most often. This is a major flaw in how this show has progressed. Bigger/Better has become more strenuous. The mental/memory challenges are long gone. Eating gross creatures, gone. Those whose brains are their best asset have a handicap.
  6. Yes, Jeff is the head guy now. I doubt Burnett is involved much anymore if at all. Jeff will do what he chooses. He must get feedback from those around him but they are probably on the same page. I bet many have not even seen some of the earlier seasons. And if so they probably look back, in horror, like I do at TV shows from the 50s.
  7. Pregnancy is healthy in your 30s, after 40 is when it can get tricky. I had both of mine in my 30s. I think low IQ is in play with Sheila's dad. He was just being think in the head and could not grasp the details nor did he even try. It was beyond ignorance. I didn't know Ashley was with a man for 7 years, that is a long time.
  8. It has been given a lot hype lately and it hasn't even been made yet. I think they are told/paid to gush and talk it up. I doubt it will be the huge success many think. Or maybe I should say hope it isn't. I know her name is Suri. My iPad said, no way are you going to type that word; I guard Siri and she will not be disrespected.
  9. I just spent some time on youtube watching old challenges. The simplicity was refreshing and more interesting. Winning a shower (set up at camp) with soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc, thrilled them. Winning a flint was huge. It was a fun ride. The food auction could easily be fixed, I miss it. Jeff says, this envelope contains the name of the food item that comes with a game advantage. I will read it when the auction is over. One IC I liked was akin to the card game of Go Fish. 3 teams, all had boxes with identical items inside. You asked someone if they had a bar of soap, say. If they did you put your 2 soaps on a table and one point for your team. It was fun to watch and all 3 teams interacted with each other, something we don't see now. We can talk until blue in the face and they will not change their trajectory toward more elaborate courses to traverse to reach the even more elaborate puzzles. Endurance with no lure to jump off for food (miss that, too). They don't listen to what fans want because there are too many opinions and where would they find constructive critiques? SM is full of haters and trolls. It appears they are proud of themselves for making things bigger and "better" (no) with the limitless twists and advantages. They are all caught up in their heads and have lost the original premise. sigh
  10. I don't remember this! Off to google. Thanks, I never go to the past seasons threads!
  11. Of course not. I am not going too deep with this show! Pretty girls attract more men, so she must have had opportunities to make something work, more than others.
  12. She must have been declared an SP. Katie must be very happy he is out of her life, though. As for Siri, very sad. It will be a lot to wrap her head around as she learns why her father has abandoned her.
  13. Given the stir about his contract I would think that someone would give a believable reason for his absence. Not buying 'having a good time in Boston with family.' It reads as a kiss off. Be genuine when you say where he is. At niece's graduation would work. Be specific or I won't believe you.
  14. Another interview with Brad.