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  1. Her 2 diseases will ramp up now. She will be vocal at meal times about what she can't eat. WATCH for this too. LOL
  2. Taking the stitches out will be VERY painful and her foot will hurt worse for awhile. WATCH.
  3. Raven- I have to wear a sock on my left foot so it doesn't get infected. [The stitches are out tomorrow, it is totally healed.]
  4. Keep it up girl and you will be next, well after Mark the sneaky snake, of course! LOL! Christmas threatened Josh, you ruin our games and you go home (he cannot be happy). Good grief. It will "ruin" everyone's game on Thursday. So you are just buying some time? Stupid has gotten stupider from everyone.
  5. Funny how Mark is now enemy #1. It doesn't take much. Raven, put the lint roller away! Jesus. BB told her to stop it. It squeaks and obliterates the voices! She has to be lint free. She is overly attentive to her appearance. Stating the obvious here but it has gotten worse. I don't think so.
  6. He just admitted he got 2 weeks.
  7. He went in the DR to get his key.
  8. This makes no sense to me. Christmas says that if Mark is on slop for another week it is a good time to get him out. Why would it make a difference? Mark is not telling anyone he got the extended week. Why? Does he sense it makes him vulnerable for the block? I don't get the logic.
  9. Cory is making Alfredo sauce and putting mozzarella in it. NO, it does not melt and incorporate itself. He was also going to put flour in it. NO flour either. This is not going to be good. There is no fixing it though they are brainstorming how, now. LOL Their cooking drives me nuts. Oh please yes! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  10. I think he does. He and Jason talk on their morning walks. The one subject Kevin avoids is Paul. He will talk about everyone else. Jason has a big mouth and Kevin knows this. Has anyone heard Cody say that he trusts Mark now and willing to work with him again. I think this may be something Mark wants and thinks he has established by hanging out up there last night. Cody may come around to that when he figures out who voted for Josh and who didn't but I doubt he is there now. He saw him as disloyal and pretty pissed about it last I heard.
  11. Keep it up Jess. Love you. Yep Bastard. Stitches out on Monday
  12. Yes, that turned me off too. I have a single minded viewing mind (at the moment) and it is all about Paul out and max chaos. Shit, Kevin just told Jason that Alex is the best player here. Well there goes that hope down the tubes. I thought Kevin might go against Paul but Alex will talk him out of it. Fuck you Alex, Paul also has a deal with Mark and Raven for F3 because he wants to sit next to either of them and not you. Oh, and fuck you, too, Paul.
  13. Yes, that is gray territory. What I see in Kevin is a smart man and street wise, as well. He sees and watches; he is playing a role, one that comes to him naturally so no acting necessary. All he has to do is continue to be the witty guy who everyone likes and not choose a side, be the guy they need for a vote. Not saying I respect him. I am talking about the game and focusing on who is likely to be the first to step forward and either put Paul up or suggest another do it. Jason has already mentioned he has to go.
  14. Kevin and Jason walking. I joined the conversation and heard Kevin say, what? Josh doesn't come out for anything, not even to watch a pool game, something is going on. Does Kevin not know the plan? Kevin is now grousing about Cody and his story about shooting a gun is a creative way and his constant pawing of Jessica. That is what I thought, at first, but he is smarter than he appears. LOL. Seriously. Some of the stories he tells makes me see where he would be able to read people. He travels a lot with his bull, and to different rodeos hired as a clown and he does metal art. He talked about visiting the Georgia O'Keeffe house. He is not PC or culturally aware but he is much more into the swing of this house now than when he arrived. And he doesn't give a shit about how well he is liked, and that is key. This is my take on him NOW and that can change, of course.
  15. YES!! I do. You are as happy as I am! Mark said he was going to try. Paul is trying to talk him out of it.