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  1. I would like to know if he was deported. They were both despicable people but she was far worse in my estimation.
  2. Shocking. I want to know how she escaped the man who owned her and managed to get on TV with her story. Surely she has been or will be approached to give details to FBI so they can try to catch him and free women in his control. Probably impossible now since he will have fled to a country with no extradition.
  3. I just bought one but haven't used it yet. I got it for zucchini noodles, too. I love that vegetable and make pancakes with it often. This will be a change.
  4. Yes, playing cards were frivolous! I had forgotten about those. I do see your point that just PBJ and rice should have been the stopping point.
  5. I don't see any expenditures as frivolous. Tents, pot and food seem like necessary purchases. Cody and Makani whine about this but are not offering any positive solutions as to how to budget. They are nasty and hurl insults at the 4 continually. Cody and Chris bought their 15k luxury, Alonzo and Eilish did not spend any. Yes, the 4 not sharing the first purchases was not wise nor good sportsmanship but it came as no surprise how that happened. They are all young and have not learned anything about conflict resolution. Cody and Makani have one narrow minded view, don't spend any money. That is not possible but they refuse too see that and sit down with the others to express budget ideas. Cody sees Eilish as bad with money because she lives in a trailer and slams her with this judgement. I suspect he lives with his parents or has received help from them. Nothing wrong with that if you don't sit in judgement of others who don't have this. Either Alonzo or Alex leave next week if the preview is giving us a clue. Someone does anyway unless the helicopter has another reason to land there (medic). It may be delivering medication for their distress at getting some bacteria from the water. It seems that Cody and Makani will be at the end, either alone or with Eilish. Things can happen so nothing is s given.
  6. Erika admitted she overreacted on WWHL and that is good enough for me. I have warmed to her this season and chalked up her emotion to jet lag coupled with Dorit chewing on her face like a sewer rat. Sometimes it is difficult to stay in control. Rinna never does!
  7. Rinna and her cocaine question may have been a product of her being an actor and desire to give them a good show. I keep going back to an interview she gave, in her first season. She liked Brandy because she was easy "to play off of." There have been other comments eluding to this being a TV show, implying fiction, when asked about her behavior. "It is a TV show guys!" was one response. If it is job security she seeks, she has it! ETA. She has even said she wants to give them a good show!
  8. This isn't Survivor with rice in the pantry and an ocean for fish so they do have to buy food. I continue to despise Makani. I find myself whishing she would break an ankle. Looks like Alonzo flairs out next week or we are led to believe that so it is probably Alex.
  9. First let me say I don't care either way. Clearly, they are having an affair so he acted familiar and was not going to touch her but intentially placed his hand there to be titilating. He did not think it would be seen. I don't particularly like him having nothing to do with this incident. He is a cocky one.
  10. Gwen's hair. Come on. I am not fond of her to begin with. Do they wear the same look all through the battle rounds? Say no.
  11. I think he meant after having a baby and it made no sense.
  12. I agree. I think she got a wake up call with Len and CA's comments. She and Nick both have enough fans to keep them in for awhile. I like them both and would love to see an upset. I just love those!
  13. I am with all three of you. Since she is using the name Erika Jayne, I think she signed on thinking she was going to be raunchy in every dance. She might change her tune.
  14. Charo is obnoxious, not funny and not cute. The judges reaction was curious and obnoxious, too! Ugh. Nick did very well for a first dance; he has potential. I hope he outlasts Chris, Mr T and Bonner. Simone will win. zzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. I have had chicken breasts cooked correctly, I just find them blah. I buy boned, skin on thighs from Costco often. Very delicious.