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  1. Pet Peeves

    I give good rant. Always feel free to PM me. I am very creative. :^)
  2. What's For Dinner?

    I love green beans cooked that way too. I haven't see yellow waxed beans in decades, unfortunately. The best way to cook them is in milk until soft. The milk evaporates leaving solids behind that cling and coat the beans. They are soooooo good. Every other vegetables I like al dente. I don't care for collard greens or kale at all and I have tried. People will say, you will love the way I cook them though. Well, I didn't.
  3. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Yes, I get that. She now will have another girl seeking daddy's attention and get more being in the same household. I think her mother has struggled with all of this, too. My guess is that she suffers from unrequited love.
  4. Kate: Chrissy Metz

    She is much heavier.
  5. BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    The tassel on the bottom is pink AND blue. This angle showed more pink but you can see the blue from the other side peeking through.
  6. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    And someone who took her own photographer with her!
  7. I am not surprised that Heidi and Tim are done. She is doing AGT and must prefer that and will move onto other things, plus she lives in CA and does not want to commute to NYC. I am assuming it will go back to the east coast. Tim is just done with all the personalities and petty stuff that go along with this industry. This is all good with me.
  8. S11.E01: Fake News

    I think the gist of Murphy with a flip phone is having internet with her at all times would be logical. Not necessarily about politics alone.
  9. I think Christian will make an excellent mentor. I am looking forward to it. He will be direct and is current in the fashion scene, big time. Tim, love him, but he is out of touch with current fashion to a fairly large degree. I remember his short lived show. He didn't know what back fat was and was shocked to learn that large butts were a positive attribute. Not saying he wasn't a good mentor, he was. Just time for a fresh and current approach. I like Nina's acerbic judging and definitely some continuity is needed. I don't know the others but have high hopes this new incarnation will be better than the seasons on Lifetime.
  10. It's much less stressful to deny aging, so I am with you on this.
  11. Kate: Chrissy Metz

    I was hoping Kate would lose weight too. I don't watch anymore but I did keep up with the unpopular opinions thread for awhile. I am drifting away from that, too. I stopped by here because I saw that she had worn a bathing suit for the first time recently. I cannot imagine that would be a good experience for her. Her weight is so profound that I doubt she will lose weight on this show. It is far beyond a low carb approach. A medically monitored liquid diet is probably her only option for success. And even then could that be maintained. I know how I feel wanting to lose 25 pounds, I cannot imagine her situation. I feel badly for her.
  12. I went to amazon to read reviews the day he announced his diet book knowing full well there would be many. All were all 5 stars and full of praise. The book hadn't been out one full day, never mind long enough to claim great results! I expected to find this to be the case and why I looked. Not one of them mentioned getting an advanced copy. I wonder how many he sold. Enough I guess for a lawsuit. **shrug** I don't have a problem with Phil per se but it is time to change the topics/guests or something. Every show is the same with an occasional exception. I record his shows but watch very few. I haven't watched since Tyler Perry's 'wife' was on and I think that was a summer rerun. I can't blame him for saying the same things repeatedly because he has the same situations over and over again. Wild children and addicts.
  13. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    I wonder if they mentioned swimming with the fishies or cement boots. :^)
  14. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    I fixed that for you.
  15. "The View" Week Of 10/8/2018

    Meghan looks beautiful today. She looks great in the deep red, earrings are fabulous and her hair is the best yet. She is also dressed well for her body shape.