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  1. All buttons missing from forum pages

    Sorry, I've been sick in bed for... ever. If you are missing the icon buttons like 'edit', 'like', etc then something on your end is preventing loading from our webfont service FortAwesome.com. It could be a simple as clear your cache or as complicated as javascript blocking or things of that nature. The view in the last screen above is what you get when the screen size is less then desktop.
  2. Thread Disappears From Followed Content After Posting

    Huh. I’m going to chalk it up to being a couple versions behind on the core software which is going to be updated in October. If it persists after that we’ll have to dig in but I haven’t seen this reported elsewhere so it’s probably going to go away after the update.
  3. All buttons missing from forum pages

    This usually because you have something that is blocking 3rd party loads (the icons are loaded from a 3rd party service) or JS. Usually a blocker of some sort. Then it remembers this state in cache. This wont be the case in the new refresh of the forums coming soon though.
  4. Notification Glitch?

    Whoa that’s weird. We’re working towards a forum refresh in October that’ll hopefully kill a few of these floating bugs but I’ll alao see if the devs have a hit fix. First time I’m seen by this one though. Thank you.
  5. Settings for Notifications On Followed Members

    Nope sorry
  6. You Don't Know Jack Ryan

    She grew up in a hippie commune.
  7. On/Off Air buttons missing

    Sounds like Javascript wasn't running/didn't fire on your end or something along those lines (which could be a weird one time sort of glitch on this end but it smells local).
  8. Can't "peek all shows" w/Chrome

    Confirming this bug. We'll be ditching the custom homepage and peek system for something different soon so in the meantime I would suggest like using the link below for all shows. http://forums.previously.tv/forum/5-shows/
  9. Can't sign in via Twitter

    This is fixed in the next release of the forum software and is due to changes in Twitter's API.
  10. Lisa Robertson

    This topic has been hidden pending a DMCA pulldown request review. Please do not restart the topic.
  11. FAVICON Notification in Tabs

    Can I get a screenshot @Netfoot? I'm not 100% what you are referring to. Thank you!
  12. Unsecure connection?

    Yeah, that's normal. :)
  13. Unsecure connection?

    Hey @Haleth sorry for the delay in replying, I was traveling this week. Can you please send a screenshot or description of where you are seeing this? Is it a pop-up or are you getting this from the icon next to the site URL? We use secure pages (https) for logins where personal information is sent from you to the site. By definition the other pages (reading the forums on http) are "insecure" but that's normal. Google is trying to get the universe to serve all pages on https (the extra S is for secure!) but we don't do that yet. We're working towards that as is most of the web but all the tech we use (ad servers, online fonts, etc) need to be on https too or we can't be https. Google's wording can be CYA hyperbolic but https everywhere is happening... slowly.
  14. [Not A Bug] All of S03 Orphan Black are missing

    It was my fault, I am sorry. Originally I killed S2, S3 and S4 but realized my mistake in time to save the others.
  15. Does Making It Work?

    Yes but that character... ugh.