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  1. Suggestion: make follow preference sticky

    Heh, I was just trying to find this out earlier today for the new site and unfortunately it is not. I put it in as a request to the devs for future builds but for now, no.
  2. Home page asking switch to German

    I was able to apply the potential fix tonight. The following meta tags were added to all themes: <meta name="google" content="notranslate"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en"> Please let me know if you still see the German issue in Chrome.
  3. Home page asking switch to German

    Ha okay. The account name is one of the first pieces of text google will see and I think it thinks it is German. Why now? No idea, some update I assume. I found a solution I can apply to make Google keep it English which I will apply tomorrow. or in other words: Ha okay Der Kontoname ist einer der ersten Textteile, den Google sehen wird, und ich denke, er hält es für Deutsch. Warum jetzt? Keine Ahnung, einige Updates nehme ich an. Ich habe eine Lösung gefunden, die ich beantragen kann, um Google Englisch beizubehalten, die ich morgen anwenden werde.
  4. Home page asking switch to German

    Weird. @PrincessPurrsALot and @bilgistic could you test this when you are NOT logged in and tell me the result? Working on a hunch.
  5. On the new CHP it'll be auto included like the old CHP.
  6. Shows lost in the reorg

    Yeah, I would have turfed that. Orville, RH Potomac are tech issues FYI.
  7. Followed Content page issues

    Right, this is the 'default' layout you are currently seeing.
  8. S05.E00: Bandersnatch

    FYI, this does not work on Apple TV natively due to gremlins or something.
  9. Broken RSS feed link

    It's a valid RSS feed but it includes a personal key in the URL (since it is YOUR content you follow) so that might be tripping up whatever Chrome is sniffing for to pass it on to its RSS handler. I just tested it in my reader (Feedly.com) and it is accepted when imported by URL. There is no RSS for the forums in a general sense as it is not serialized at the top level. The RSS feed you are talking about is the closest you'll get to "new stuff" via RSS. There's RSS feeds for forums but I believe they will only ping you when new topics are created, not when posts in those topics are added. It's of limited use so we don't expose it on the front end. That said you you want to grab those RSS feeds just add ".xml" to a forum url like http://forums.previously.tv/forum/698-bugs/.xml
  10. Customizations

    That's what you can do in the meantime. The CHP will return (ETA Jan/Feb) that uses "follows" to create a custom homepage. It's all in the annc here:
  11. customized forum page

    No but the homepage will be shorter each day as we process stuff. Compare the bottom half of the list (N-Z) to the top to see what I mean.
  12. Shows lost in the reorg

    Bad news on RHOP. I cannot recover it as it's the same issue we had with Orville. I've restarted the topic with info here: http://forums.previously.tv/topic/89222-the-real-housewives-of-potomac/
  13. The Real Housewives Of Potomac

    Hi, Dave the site admin here. We are in the middle of processing the forums, going through everything and converting some forums into topics and doing some general housekeeping. During this process our server crashed and we seemed to have lost about 3 forums including The Orville and RHOP. Unfortunately due to a perfect storm of timing, our backup isn't much help. We can see bits of RHOTP data but nothing that's going to allow us to export it and import it here. My sincere apologies to our readers and the mods here, we had a couple hundred posts in here dating back since the show's debut. RHOP was one of the lower traffic RH shows so thanks for small miracles but I know how much this sucks to lose history. The show was slated to be combined into one topic so please continue to discuss it here.
  14. Shows lost in the reorg

    Ugh, no it should be there. We lost "The Orville" and a small UK show due to a perfect storm of crash and backup timing. Potomac might have met the same fate. Let me check the backup data to see if it is lost in there. Argh.
  15. We said that the custom homepage functionality would be shutting down on 3.0 and will return, rebuilt in 4.0 (ETA: Jan/Feb).