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  1. How to use a cover photo

    If you are on desktop, you can mouse over your name on your post and a hover card will appear. The cover photo does work there ATM.
  2. Did you collapse the shows area? Looks for the ^ symbol to expand
  3. How to use a cover photo

    I think you found a bug. I get the same thing though it is working on the "Hovercard" when you rollover your name in a topic or post so I suspect it's a small style issue with the source. I'll make a post-it to check this after the next update (we are a little behind the current release).
  4. The big update has not happened. You'll see it when it does. It's not happening super soon.
  5. Fixed the embed (podcast subs should be fine, just had last week's ID in the player on the website).
  6. That's weird. There's a big update coming soon and I'm probably going to take that vector as an opportunity to remove a lot of the custom stuff I have in this forum as it getting all very spaghetti-y code-wise and maintaining it only gets harder and more buggy. This might be because of that but it's difficult to diagnose remotely.
  7. http://previously.tv/the-a-team/france-added-lyrics-team-theme/
  8. Strange formatting for links within quotes

    It's only happening with that one user. They probably have some browser extension adding those styles in.
  9. Now Re-Entering Westworld

  10. Now Re-Entering Westworld

    Note to self: no more Doctor Who questions.
  11. Casting The 'Cast

    Break out a can of peaches.
  12. Signing in

    A sign in is a sign in. Doesn't matter how you get there. If you are having trouble staying logged in then you have a cookie retention issue on your side. You may have a security feature / cookie blocker removing the cookie (which will log you out). You also may have a corrupt weirdo cookie set (it happens) it which case I'd recommend deleting the forums.previously.tv cookie and re-login. https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-delete-cookies/
  13. Casting The 'Cast

    I'm irreplaceble!
  14. My saved shows on my home page are gone

    @Jobiska I had a quick peek and your homepage is good on my end and has BOTH selected. If you still have issues I'd recommend removing the forums.previously.tv cookie only, closing the browser, restarting it and logging in again. LMK if that helps.
  15. My saved shows on my home page are gone

    @SVNBob The short answer is it needs to be fixed and the coder I had on it... died? Disappeared in to the abyss? The long answer is I'm working on a summer forum reset that'll probably change the nature of the customized homepage. There's enough differences between the vanilla codebase and PTV that it's becoming nigh-impossible to update it properly on a decent schedule. Also the vanilla version now has some customization option built-in I can probably use to help people bubble up what they want to see.