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  1. Small Talk: Ughngnggh! Ugghhnnn!

    Okay, if you people have anyone on your list for whom you haven't yet gotten that special gift, don't worry! Bobby Kirkman has just the thing! https://store.skybound.com/products/the-walking-dead-the-quotable-negan?refSrc=10231432774&nosto=productpage-nosto-2
  2. Ugh. The kind of cases I dislike. Give me more lawyers! First were the battling lovebirds. I had to turn on my CC for this, and was surprised to find out the plaintiff's name is "Bruce" when the def called him "Boos." Def's new squeeze, Mr. Hughes, was literally slack-jawed and appeared to be heavily sedated here. Anyway, fighting and brawling and busted windows/doors and smashed up apartment and a video of def beating Boo's motorbike with a shovel. That woman has staying power. She just beat the shit out of that thing, then moved on to something else. Def says about "Boos", "He hit me all the time" but that wasn't enough for her to end the big romance. It seems that only happened when Boos came over, broke down her door and started "tusslin'" with Mr. Hughes. It's nice when middleaged people have all the impulse control of toddlers. Anyway, we did learn a new term for people gettin' it on over a period of time: "Dealing". "We wasn't dealing no more." At first I thought she was talking about drugs, but no, she meant bumping uglies. JM is disgusted at their savage behavior and awards both sides the same amount, so neither gets anything. Now piss off. Then we had another silly, overgrown baby snowflake. This one is a 28-year old man - a elvish, pin-headed idiot - who needs Daddy to guarantee a lease on a condo for his baby boy. I guess Baby either couldn't afford to do it himself, or he really wanted to live across the street from the beach but couldn't pay for that, and Daddy agrees he should have it. He deserves it! Daddy is here today to speak up for his moronic child and fight for his baby's security deposit. Def landlord shows damages The Boy did, and other things, like leaving a profanity-laced paper in a public area after someone stole his shoes which he left outside his door. No one should steal Baby's stuff! How dare they? JM rips him a new one for his immature stupidity, while his girlfriend, wearing skin-tight clothes that were not flattering, sits there grinning as though her darling is just too clever and cute. What does the pushing-30-Boy care? Daddy pays. I guess 28 is the new 14. Finally, an amazingly boring case about credit card debt and a cell phone bill. Plaintiff, who speaks in slo-mo, gave his hard-rode "fiancee", here with her purse clamped to her shoulder, a CC and put her on his phone plan. She pays until they break up. He wants the money. Snooze-fest.
  3. Negan: Lucille's Devoted Boyfriend

    Because Negan is Kirkman, in his sweaty little dick-swinging, torture-porn fantasies. He's never going away, no matter who has to be trashed to keep him around. I felt nothing either, well, except maybe for a eye-rolling, FFS! reaction when he was whisked into the Magic Invisible helicopter by his groupie, where medical miracles are performed. But he tried! It's not his fault some mystical force field made him empty an entire clip into windows and be unable to hit Negan with a single shot. "I'm gonna kill you!" x 10 sounds in retrospect like some zany sitcom.
  4. Yeah, it stupid and boring, but I did enjoy one aspect: JM oohs and ahhs over defendant's weight loss, acting like they're besties now. I love when litigants get lulled this way, because all the friendly chitchat didn't stop JM from telling her, "You better shut your mouth!" and "Get a JOB!" Haha! I think I'm going to try def's way for my line of credit. I'll just tell the bank, "I don't work" and I'm sure they won't expect me to pay them back. I wonder how long it took def to think up the "I didn't say Yes to the Dress!" She really liked it since she repeated it numerous times. I also enjoyed Momma holding up the dress like one of the presenters on The Price is Right, while her darling daughter yammered on. A step up from the usual boring "As is" nonsense. Plaintiff is a 30-year old man, with his sparse, carefully oiled locks and wearing an Al Capone costume several sizes too big. He's so stupid he can't drive without getting his license suspended, even though it was all a big screwup and not his fault. Those stupid cops and courts! Anyway, his dream car is a 21-year old Mercury Sable! Bwahahhaha! He has a whole 780$ to purchase this vehicle he's watched and waited to make it his very own. Then we get all sorts of garbage, not the least of which is that both litigants admit they're tax cheats. "It's the American way!" def. exclaims. He's also a fan of "street justice" and admits he threatened to kill idiot plaintiff, who felt the need - at 30 years old - to bring his Mommy with him for moral support. She also tried to speak for her darling boy, but was told he can tell the story himself. After all, he's a big, grown-up boy. Yes, he knows he signed a paper saying the heap is "as is" but feels he's so special it shouldn't apply to him. He even got def's son's ex-squeeze to say the car is shit, cuz you can't expect a 30-year old boy to find that out on his own. It's a 21-year old Sable. It's default position is "shit", you fool. Yes, I'm sure there are people who had this model and loved it, but I wouldn't buy one. JM needs to Google "bed bugs" because I'm pretty sure that picture plaintiff showed was a harmless beetle and looked nothing like a bed bug. We've seen this before - where any insect is automatically a bed bug when someone wants to stiff their landlord.
  5. Ugh. Mangled English, suspended license, no insurance, arrests, bail. And we hear about those mean cops, who, when bored, just pick names out of a hat and suspend licenses. Plaintiff is just a fool, but his ex-squeeze is a vile creature, nose-ringed and weirdly bewigged, who is sassy and sarcastic to JM. But she can't possibly take a bus to work! She's much too good for that (I took a damned bus to work every day for more than 12 years and even in snowstorms) so numbnuts plaintiff gives her a car, even though the car is also not good enough for her. It's a POS and she ain't puttin' no money in it. Anyway, plaintiff got all "bitty batty" (biddy baddy?) whatever, so she cut him off. Enough of this stupid BS. And she has kids, of course. Why didn't she call the baby daddie(s) to bail her shopworn ass out of jail? Ooh, next case is the kind I love. A lawyer who doesn't think or know he needs evidence in a courtroom: "Why no. I never thought of bringing the invoice or email outlining the charges for which I'm suing. I don't have that! I never thought I would need it." Take his word for it! He's a professional. Fantastic. Def, although soft-spoken and polite here, gave the impression that he makes his neighbours' lives a living hell and they all seem to detest him. Lawyer gets his money contingent on if he can provide evidence of his invoice within 72 hrs. Not sure why JM gave a lawyer leeway on that. I have a feeling he never did. I even forced myself to listen to the Shortass Outside Troll to find out too, SRTouch, but that verbose nitwit didn't tell us. We disgusted ourselves for nothing. I am never, ever hiring a lawyer. Wow. Whoever coined the phrase, "With age comes wisdom" never watched court shows. Plaintiff appears to be around 60 or so, wants a boat, so contacts def. on FB. The damned boat is a quarter of a century old, and won't really start and the engine floods when he looks at it. Does it occur to him to have it checked out, or take on the water? Why, no! Of course not! He totally and completely trusted def, a total stranger, so agrees to buy it! Def was very friendly, you see. Well, duh, you fool. Do you think he's going to be hostile and nasty when trying to unload this old hulk for 6900$? I love how def. gave him a new contract that says "As is" and plaintiff still trusted him with all his heart, and signed it. But his mechanic told him it was a "catastrophic failure" in the engine and def must have known that. Does he have something to that effect from the mechanic? Gee, he doesn't. So glad he got zip, the idiot.
  6. Testifying: Best litigant quotes.

    Ladies and Gents, "Bumface" Has Updated His Blog: http://litigantsofjudgejudy.tumblr.com/page/2
  7. He seemed to think it was perfectly okay because his forgery didn't work. He's so stupid he tried to lie and say he never attempted to pass it off, but duh - obviously he did since it was detected. Dumb and amoral. Nice combo if you don't mind failing all the time.
  8. S09.E08: Evolution

    I don't know about "attractive." I guess that depends on your point of view. They certainly try to make them look like sex objects (only if they are young), although little sex is ever allowed, with their skin-tight pants and low cut tank tops in which they sweat even though the men seem comfortable in jackets and long leather coats. ... and took the time to get someone to pull out the hair from the bun, around the base of his skull and trim it in a perfectly uniform and trendy semi-circle. Really, you wonder how they have time to sit around thinking about their complex hairdos or hair "dont's".
  9. The Walking Dead in the Media

    I've seen that and it leaves me torn. Nothing I love more than men who are kind to animals, yet I hate Negan with passion, not because he's a "bad guy" but because he's so horrifically boring, cartoonish and ridiculous. JDM seems like a nice, regular kind of guy. I hope this TWD stint doesn't ruin his career.
  10. I enjoyed today's first case, in which plaintiff, acting like a total clown (or maybe it's not an act) is suing the def. a dive instructor, for a ton of money because he didn't get what he paid for. Plaintiff wants to go diving on his Mexican vacation, but waits til the last minute to start his instruction. He says he completed the online class and also the swimming pool portion of the course. He claims the def didn't give him his open water testing because def "said he hit his head" and never showed up. Of course def has another story and says he couldn't take plaintiff out on the open-water portion of the course because the days he wanted were unsafe to go due to weather conditions. Def goes to Mexico and claims to the dive shop there he is certified and gives them papers with def's name forged on them. Luckily that dive place called def. who informed them in no way was plaintiff certified. JM cannot believe plaintiff stands there, admitting nonchalantly and more than once that he forged def's name, thinks it's no big deal and is actually suing def. JM is so outraged at the plaintiff's chutzpah (which she wants to bottle and sell) that she awards def 250$ for the time and trouble he endured dealing with The AssClown. I muted and FF'd but I guess Sleazy Levin was getting all the expert opinions on diving from his intellectuals out on the street. Next case, filled with schemes and scams right down to the ol' "I need money for my sick relative in Nigeria" claim gave me a headache. Def. "Latoyette"(? I think) wanted her young son here to hear and witness her nefarious dealings with plaintiff. Both she and her son had huge, googly eyes that alarmed me and even JM commented on the kid's peepers. I really don't know what the case was exactly, since JM said she wouldn't believe either of them if their tongues came notorized, but there were used cars and pawned cars, w hich plaintiff (who says he's a used car dealer) could no longer pawn since he's "done it too many times" and and "financial problems" and title loans on borrowed cars and "Yes, we dated/no we never dated" since plaintiff apparently has some baby momma somewhere. Anyway, in the hall, scammer/liar plaintiff rants that def. is a liar. As we used to say as kids, "Takes one to know one." I'm saving the 3rd case since I couldn't take any more.
  11. S09.E08: Evolution

    I'm pretty sure on rewatch (although I FF'd a lot) that someone took what looked like some knitting yarn, tied it at one end and pinned it on the back of Eugene's head and we haven't seen Zeke. But otherwise, yeah - all the men seem to have good barbers and stylists. Well, except Daryl, but as noted, his hair grew only so long and then stopped.
  12. Economy travel or not, it's still expensive I don't think people should be blowing money and changing their furniture all the time as long as Byrd is paying their rent. Pay your own rent and then do whatever you like.
  13. S09.E08: Evolution

    Yes, but first they have to find intelligent, creative writers. Oh, dear. I would get upset all over again at the mention of Ken's sad demise if I could remember who the hell he was.
  14. S09.E08: Evolution

    It was clearly revealed. Addy seems to have cornered the market on sweaty, dopey, horny, teenaged boys as girls seem to be in short supply. Or maybe any other young girls aren't out and about, drinking and carrying on with said dopey boys. I forced myself to rewatch some of this ep, and this show really needs to open the coffers and get better damned wigs! Michonne is the worst, I think, with half her head shaved (I can only assume she sat in the mirror and thought about what to do with her coif) and looking like a scalped shag rug and the other half hanging directly over her left eye, like some sort of post-AZ Veronica Lake. Very appropriate and practical. Carol's is hideous and looks like a dried-out horse tail she cut and stuck on her head. Pathetic, and they really need to think of better ways to denote the passage of time than making women look ridiculous.
  15. I got all cases I had never seen, though I skipped the last one because I have no interest in hearing about awful things happening to dogs in the custody of assholes. In the first case, the stupidity was so strong it had JM stunned, disgusted and wanting to know why plaintiff doesn't seem to have connected brain cells. Plaintiff lets her sister and her sister's useless, freeloading boyfriend live with her. These are all people of middle age, btw. Boyfriend works, but doesn't pay any rent of course. Plaintiff is such a doormat she doesn't ask him to. He has no money, he says, and no credit because he never pays his bills, so plaintiff thinks it's a fine idea to rent a car for him in her name because he really needs one. She was trying to "be nice" and we know how well that always works out. He'll pay her back for it! I guess it came as quite a shock to her when he didn't pay. He owes her for the car and the best part is that he's still living there, freeloading. For a parasitic, fugly loser, he has quite the little attitude, even with JM. I can see why plaintiff's sister is so enamoured with him. Then we had a vile little Penguin-like character, suing his former landlord for for 4K all kinds of stuff. He wants rent back - rent he never paid! When JM asks him why, he doesn't reply, just gives her a "I'm trying to scam and get a boe-nanaza for anything I can get" smirky look. Maybe he thought his sexy grin would sway JM. Seems he helped def in some case by filming drug dealers outside the slum building, so feels he's owed. He has to be careful, since he had an 11-daughter living with him (I'd like to see the woman who wanted to breed with him) and has to keep her safe, but seems he thinks it's okay to have her living in a slum, infested with roaches and mice. He shows JM a pic to prove the mouse problem. These are special mice, who climb and balance on the edge of the baseboard only in one place to poop there and nowhere else. Oh, def says that picture was in back of plaintiff's stove with all kinds of grease and debris left by him. Oops. The little creep gets nothing and def gets 800$ dollars for the rent owed when he had never planned to sue for it at all.