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  1. People are still visiting, and without even sending an arrow message or microwave letter first? Haven't they heard there's "all out war" going on and that none of the guest rooms have windows?
  2. This is quite true, and advantageous for a little entertainment. I hope these phonograph records they find are 78's, even though "You're the Cream in my Coffee" blaring might attract walkers, ne'er-do-wells and maniacal despots.:O Everything we've seen lately - all the gimmicky groups, incredible human feats, etc., are pure comic book or cartoon where such things (like superheroes) are just fine. In live-action drama they just do not work, IMO.
  3. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Not the kind of people I mean, or knew. I"ve already forgotten that case, because yeah - wine - but cyclops. omfghaha!
  4. The Walking Dead in the Media

    Whatever his reasons for the total destruction of this show and for giving the finger to all the fans who have stuck with it, no matter what crap was thrown at us, I hope they're good ones.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Not sure how many men are hunting to stave off hunger these days. All the guys I knew at work who did it certainly didn't need to do it to fill the larder. They did it for the plain old fun of it.
  6. S08.E11: Dead or Alive Or

    Glenn: "We know what we're doing." Hmm, okay.
  7. Someone was hoping for a little "freaky-deaky." Sorry.
  8. Oh, come on! There's so much to snark about here and that snark is the only pleasure to be had now. A phonograph? Not a record player, which is what I've called them my whole life until record players went the way of the dodo. Are they going to use one of these?
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Yes, because hiding at a distance and gunning down defenseless animals just for the pure enjoyment of it or because it makes someone feel like a big, brave man is so admirable. If their victims could shoot back it would be a very different story and the mighty hunters would be crying for their mamas.
  10. The Walking Dead in the Media

    Not sure if this goes here, but this guy speaks for all of us. Warning: "Possible Spoilers" (if anyone still cares) I like best that he says "Scott Gimple" and "dense" in the same sentence and explanation of Gimple's reasoning really makes me wonder if he's playing with a full deck.
  11. Really, what are the odds that if you're wandering around a couple years after an apocalypse, you run into - one after the other - a group of murderous, feral lunatics with a "W" cut into their foreheads, assembly line cannibals, a medieval group with a King sitting on a stage with his tiger, a group of cops who immediately turned evil, sadistic rapists, a bunch of nuts living in a dump and doing arts and crafts, and yet another murderous group led by a bat-wielding maniac and his merry band of synchronized whistlers? The only truly realistic gang was the Merletones. When one facepalm is not enough:
  12. And Henry and Sam. Ten years ago people were still naming their babies "Henry"? I know. I have a huge library of DVD movies and no working DVD player on which to watch them. I still had a bunch of VHS tapes and just this week chucked them. I have a lot of vinyl records dating back to the Jurassic period, but can't remember the last time I played any of them. Everything I have becomes obsolete overnight. I need to go the TWD world where everything I have is the latest technology.
  13. LOL, whut? I have a cabinet full of "Phonograph" records but I hardly think they contain any important secrets of life. I've said this before, but TWD seems to live in a world gone by - a world of phonograph records are the norm, of teens who have model airplanes in their bedrooms instead of video games, where prisons still operate all the cells with giant keychains and where the local "General Stores" appear to be lifted from "Gone With the Wind." Fanfic afficianado? The world where, if two men have even a casual conversation, it means they want to have sex.
  14. "My Baby Daddy's a Thief!" That would be a great title for a new reality show or a sitcom! So this is how they behave on camera and in a court. Can you just imagine the savagery when at home or on the street? I can see why plaintiff's momma was concerned about murder and mayhem. This is a world where someone gets her tax refund and puts 2,000$ in cash in a sock drawer. I refuse to believe she had no inkling that her baby daddy is not exactly legit. I have some advice for plaintiff: Stop having daddy-less babies (yeah, I know - the more you squeeze out, the bigger the tax refund!) the last with some nasty guy you've been "dating" for a year and who refuses to say what he did with the socky 2K he stole. It's personal. Yeah, I'm sure it is. Maybe he used it to make an anonymous charitable donation? Yet for some nutty reason, plaintiff thought he was going to pay child support? Sure. She knew damned well the 2K wasn't to get his truck registered. She knew what he did with it but didn't want to say either. The screaming and fighting - "She a ball-headed woman! She ball!" - even though her lack of hair didn't seem to bother him while they were having unprotected sex - while plaintiffs screech and they all scream at the same time. No wonder they can't get along. Did they think that by repeating the same phrases over and over it would get heard and considered? Wow. Douglas needs to step up his game. As charming as he is, he seems unable to deal with unruly litigants. Byrd would have shut that shit down pronto, no exceptions (credit Negan, TWD). I just bet Daddy IS a bully - a swaggering, cement-headed, smirking asshole as well. Insurance on a business that would cover all their inventory? Why would anyone do that? Oops, hurricane comes along which is hardly a shocking surprise in FL. Bet they didn't think the money saved on insurance was such a great economy then. It certainly isnt' the fault of def. that everything was not fixed right away. There were thousands of other people needing emergency reconstruction and not just for uninsured gas stops. but for their homes they desperately needed to get back into. Daddy thinks he should be top-priority. Sonny-boy needs to branch out on his own. Daddy is no asset. Okay, we've heard just about every BS excuse for not having insurance: The check got lost, the ins. company cancelled my ins. without warning 10 minutes before I crashed, I was 'working on it' but today we got a new one. Def. had no insurance on the car he just bought because he was in the process of "building everything up?" Gee, when I buy a new car, one 10 minute phone call builds up everything to the point where I have insurance right then. Then we had both defs who couldn't agree on if the street was one-way or not, which direction they were driving, which side of the street - not surprised there was an accident. The "kids on bikes"? I thought they were 10 years old, but apparently the "kids" were 25-year old men who have no understanding of traffic laws. I hope they weren't planning to sue def. They're out of luck because his ins. wasn't yet built up.
  15. It must have been beyond obscene, because I remember JM reading aloud a text from a little creep, which said: What do you want from her? She's new to car ownership. Can't expect her to deal with laws and rules and all that technical crap. I'm thinking she must have had a car before and racked up a zillion tickets or had multiple accidents and/or no license, or why would the insurance for a 38 year old woman with a 17-year old car be so high?