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  1. Hey, what about Jerome? Women, when are you going to learn that when you have a man as sexy, handsome, articulate, intelligent and successful as Jerome, other women are going to want him too? So plaintiff gave him 3,000$ because she wanted so badly to live with him, in spite of her now complaining he was doing drugs and cheating on her (well, of course he was! All those other women who want him, remember?) but that wasn't enough and he kicked her butt out and now she wants her money back. Lady, maybe you should have thought about 5,000$, maybe. That might have kept you in GQ's Man of the Year's graces a few more months. Judges give plaintiff her 3K back, along with a short lecture about being smarter. Not happening. It goes so much deeper than being smarter. I just bet after this she wrote a check to the next man who looked at her more than once. Too bad jsmall claims udges can't order psychiatric care. Sad, it is.
  2. Oh, okay. Thanks! I didn't watch this one. Cell phone cases are like dog cases to me. I skip them. That does sound kind of intriguing though and I may need to learn about that 007 app even though I never had a boyfriend I distrusted so much I felt I needed to track his every move. I got a cell phone last year and still haven't figured out just how it works, other than "texing." I'm always amazed at litigants who can't speak past a kindergarten level, can't read and can't write yet know all the ins and outs of the latest phones and social media. Interesting.
  3. Plaintiff, Ms. Lovato (geeze, the missing tooth when you're going on TEEVEE? Stick a damned Chicklet or something in there!)wants to fight with her ex-lovah over a 21 year old Chevy. She was totally enamoured with the tiny, wizened little def. with the pic of his dearly departed Mommy pinned on the tiny little lapel of his tiny little jacket. BUT, he got another girlfriend!! The desperation of the women we see here makes me embarassed to be of the same sex. Tiny, the little wizened def, after the case was dismissed - "I feel... " Wrong choice of words, little man. He's still raving how he wants his dog as Byrd is escorting him out and the announcer is saying, "And now for the next case." Why was I not suprised that the dog is a Rottweiler. I guess a big, tough-looking dog makes a tiny little zero twerp like him feel like a Big Man. Take your pathetic new squeeze and bugger off, you silly little shit. The Amblance bill did not keep my attention. Now I'm confused. Is Lavisco the plaintiff who wants the def, Ernesto(?) - who can't speak, at least not in any way that might be understandable by human beings - to pay rent and damage to her car that she didn't discover for days after he used it? Lavisco just knows that damage couldn't have been caused in the parking lot of her workplace, or anywhere else. Ernesto was a "sales associate" at a Halloween store? Then Lavisco's b/f speaks and he's nearly as incoherent as def. Is that the case?
  4. Oh. Guess during the shit talk I was zoned out or maybe going in search of more wine. Guess I should pay more attention, by keeping a bucket of ice water near and dunking my face when I feel myself slipping into a boredom-induced coma. Someone did think this would make a good musical.
  5. Especially when just a week(?) or so ago, heads snapped around as Rosita and other CDBers stared as hungrily as beggars at a feast at the ONE empty shell casing that dropped on the street when Negan shot out a window. Guess that little problem was solved somehow and now they have more ammo and explosives than were used in the Battle of the Bulge. It's a miwwicle! Yeah, and it's hard to imagine even the newest rookie doing such a thing. Actually it's hard to imagine even a non-cop being so nonchalant when there was no indication whether or not the perp was still alive and capable of shooting.
  6. Or drove him in at gunpoint.
  7. "Soap on a Rope" might be better.
  8. Yes, of course that makes sense but couldn't happen because getting rid of Kirkman's wet dream/alter ego isn't happening. I feel that watching this show is making me lose brain cells, thinking, "Maybe all this "I'm going to kill you. I"m going to kill you. Okay, here's my perfect opportunity to kill you. But I absolutely won't." somehow makes sense and I'm just too dull to realize it. What happened there would be the equivalent of when Rick killed Gareth with the machete. Instead of killing him, we'd see Rick hack up all the church pews. "There. See all these busted up seats? That will teach you."
  9. Okay from that recap I found the name of the only person on this show I can stand anymore. It's Gavin. He doesn't revel in sadism. He doesn't smirk, twirl his mustache and leer evilly. Best of all, he doesn't monologue every time he's on screen. He says and does what he has to do. This is just a job to him and one he doesn't particularly like. Even I remembered that. Maybe the writers didn't?
  10. Oh, I'm sure we'd have no difficulty keeping the mockery going and going... Anyway, I just can't decide if Gimple and his crew are giving fans the big ol' finger, or if he actually thinks what they've created is good. It seems there's going to be a whole bunch of job openings in the movie/TV industry. I'm thinking road trip so we can go en masse - maybe a convoy! - and apply for writing jobs. There must be some so-called writers on this show who are going to get the boot. We can pack lemonade and FidoBurgers for the road.
  11. Agree! Especially after knowing what the alternative was. And lemonade! A fairytale place where barbeques are held and Doberman Pinschers are not on the menu!
  12. That was awesome. Yeah, they'll leave the lights, safety, fresh water and medical care and food and laundry and run off with a bunch of feral kooks who looked like they'd been living in a cave for the last year. Another good moment was when Andrea refused to leave Woodbury and go on the run with Michonne, for no reason(I never read the comic). I could see her thinking, "Okay I can either stay here where there's electricity, it's warm and clean, where the food is good and I have an attractive man in my real, soft bed every night OR I can go with you, huddle on the hard cold ground, eating bugs and twigs and waiting to get eaten alive any moment. Let me think about that and get back to you, Michonne."
  13. That recap is a zillion times better than this episode!
  14. I do not recall a single word of that conversation. I think my mind is doing a "Peanuts" thing, where all the adult voices just become a "Wah wah wahhh." The bites always look like dental impressions that were copied and stencilled unto the skin of whoever the sad victim may be.
  15. Well, maybe he can't do two things at once. He never, ever stops talking, so...