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  1. I really didn't want to comment again, but must say that in today's climate, being a "bad boyfriend" and/or a complete jerk IS a crime which can destroy someone's career and livelihood.
  2. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    Yes, as I mentioned that bugged me most in this ep. Emergency!! while Prissy is strolling down the street, humming and running her fingers along the pickets, or June, gazing at a picture, standing in the street for what felt like ages or with Serena who wanted to dandle the baby with drawn-out teary goodbyes and June says, 'Okay" with the bad guys and sirens and flames all around. Take your time, Serena. Not saying this is only in this show. It's a worn-out plot tactic that has been used, re-used and over-used for many decades: Someone, in a desperate bid to escape/bad guy who finally has good guy at his mercy - they take the time to talk talk talk/gloat about their motivations and their feelings and (in the case of the bad guy with gun in hand cornering good guy) goes into minute detail about how he managed to catch good guy, and confesses all his crimes and details how and why he'll enjoy killing good guy. Of course, everyone who is desperate to get away talks for so goddam long it gives the cavalry/army/police just enough time to get there at the last minute and save the day. This trope is so old, trite and weary it needs to be retired but you can still see it enacted weekly on shows like "The Walking Dead". Yawn. Unlike June whose life was hanging in the balance, at least Prissy had a good excuse for her dawdling: she had no reason whatsoever to care about the coming baby or the Union army.
  3. Mrs. Waterford, the gender traitor

    I get the understanding, even though their relationship has been rocky, to put it mildly, with June bearing the brunt of Serena's misery and frustration. Getting down to basics. they are both women who are the helpless property of males who dominate and subjugate them and that alone could be enough to forge a bond, no matter how tenuous.
  4. Alert to anyone here living in NY state: If you get assaulted, mugged, beaten up by your significant other or whatever, make sure you don't try to defend yourself. The new law there is that anyone who defends themselves from violence will be sent to jail for about eight months, while your attacker will go free. I loved this meek, soft-spoken girl with a really bad wig, relating the injustice of her going to the slammer when she was only defending herself by stabbing her former b/f. Of course she has a kid, who probably witnessed this. Def. has a kid too. He was supposed to pick up his daughter but decided he would skip that, so he could keep watch on his place and roll around in bed with his new squeeze. Just "talking" I'm sure. Poe-leece get involved again. I really don't know why JM awarded this woman anything. She just got out of jail when she moved in with def. How could she have all this expensive stuff, including a "fidgerator"? Not a single receipt for anything, other than those she dredged from the bottom of her purse, as JM noted, but still awarded her money. Oh, plaintiff also had a "situation" with someone else she lived with, but none of that is her fault. Oh, those silly boys and their toys! Yeah, I'd pay 17K to some stranger for a few parts, and get nothing in writing, when I know the kit is not complete and said stranger says he can get them, sometime, from his virago of an ex-wife who hates him. I guess plaintiff can use his car for a yard ornament.
  5. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    One would think that a repeat view of these cases would lessen the impact, but not so. "Amanda" who is 21 and has been arrested at least 3 times, suing the man of her dreams, the eye-rolling, grammatically-challenged "Tommy" who looks about 50 and who thinks he's a comedian, is more sordid this time around. How is that? But anyway, as Sarcastico mentioned, these two CAN compare their arrest records, something which should have cemented their love affair and bonded them. Sadly, this was not so, and a 'physical altercation' called an abrupt halt to their billing and cooing. I guess so, anyway. And Mr. Musgrove, the dull-eyed, small-brained petty crook and waste of oxygen who lugs around a partially-deflated beach ball under his ill-fitting tee shirt is more despicable this time in his stupid, dumb scamming of plaintiff. He belongs in jail, that lowlife POS. I hope he got his 'future daughter-in-law' to the welfare office in good time. The kids need to start their marriage off on the right foot.
  6. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    As twee as that would have been - certainly not. They were gentlemen who waited at least three weeks to start asking me to put motorcyles and cars for them "underneath" my name because they had bad credit/no job/just got out of jail/had a "situation" or "discrepancy" with their banks or owed back child support to more than one baby mama. But I loooooved them!!! I wish I had thought of asking! And we were never in "relationships." We were just "talking."
  7. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    My husband and I discussed getting a new mattress after so long I'd rather not say because it's embarassing, but we didn't discuss particular brands. I had no idea that mattresses come in nearly as many models as do cars and some of them cost nearly as much. But I can honestly say that not once with any short-term boyfriends I had (and with whom I never even lived) did we ever talk about various brand names of mattress and what would be the most suitable for the health-conscious. It just isn't something that came up, but that's just me!
  8. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Hope you're having a swingin' time in Jolly Old, Spunkygal. Don't offer to put anyone on your phone plan while you're there or invite strangers to share your hotel room just because you have a big heart!
  9. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I heard him say "indifferences" during the case but missed it in the hall. Yes, even better!
  10. All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    Gee, I never saw the case of "Uhura" (I guess her mother was a big fan of Star Trek: TOS but didn't realize that "Uhura" was the character's last name) Davis and her son Jycari who at first I thought was Uhura's husband since they looked the same age, suing the slippery, weasel-like defendant, Albert, over a 10-year old GTO. Probably missed it the first time due to the mass shooting of that week, or maybe it was raining or snowing and the show got pre-empted for an extended weather report. Not really interesting, other than the names. I did get a chuckle from the repeat of the Purple Mattress-loving, health-minded, High-End Juice Squeezer who lives in a 'residence', he says, but really he lives at home with his siblings (plural meaning one brother) and Mama or whatever. His conniving g/f got him to buy her stuff, including a car and the Purple thing (he had to squeeze a lot of lemons to buy that) before she dumped him. No wonder the audience was in hysterics. Mr. Juice's profound and insightful summation of the ill-fated love affair, in the hall: "We had our differences. She's a little more... um... ah... different than I am."
  11. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    That's the only place I saw her as well. Her character killed the show, IMO, especially since Scott Buck was so mesmerized by her he felt the need to bring her back in the last season, where she transformed from a merciless murderer who killed anyone who got in her way to a sad, weepy little victim of domestic abuse. I thought her acting was abysmal, but now after seeing her in this show, I realize she did the best she could with the dumb, idiotic material she was given by the smitten Buck. Her Serena is impressive! I miss a lot, due to seeing this about 5 days after the majority here have seen it, but I don't recall anyone feeling that rape would be a just punishment, even for Serena. although personally I'd prefer that to having a finger cut off or an eye removed.
  12. I swear even if I saw this 10 times it would still make my blood boil. Both of them living in a shelter, plaintiff has 4 kids - all of them autistic(!!) - but let someone else feed them because she takes the 3K that Byrd had to shower on her and spends it not on the kids she brought into the world, but gives it ALL (because she's such a nice person!)to the low-down, mouthy, scumbag criminal def so she can buy playstations, gigabytes (lot of movies being downloaded there), a 70$ vibrator (oh, sorry, I mean a "personal massager" which is vital for someone who is in dire circumstances) and wigs and I guess 3" fake nails and jewelry. All the necessities of life. Def has a husband, draped in gold jewelry too and plaintiff thinks it's a good idea to give HIM more of the taxpayers' money to fix his car. What really pissed me off was JM awarding all that money she never earned to plaintiff, instead of directing a check made payable to the welfare/SSI or whatever other gov. entities handed over the cash. I love how the gov. is so generous and never questions when they are throwing MY money down the toilet. There are people out there who really need help and can't get it because of these goddam scamming parasites. They may be illiterate, but they know just how to work the system. Beyond outrageous. I worked all my life and paid back-breaking taxes. Nice to know I can buy a vibrator for a criminal who doesn't "do" electronics because of course those daggers (how much do those cost, anyway?) glued on her fingers don't allow for that, and who doesn't know any better than to call a judge "Sweetheart." Grrr... Time for a taxpayer rebellion, I think.
  13. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    No, nothing wrong with flashbacks or staring or pondering or weighing all options but standing in the road right in the middle of a desperate escape attempt where the enemy may appear at any second isn't the time for all that.
  14. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    Hell, yes! Meant to mention how it drives me mad when someone is in a desperate situation where haste and stealth are key (June's many escapes/escape attempts) yet will stand in the middle of the road to contemplate things, take yet another trip down memory lane or have a long-drawn out "farewell" scene. I think I may have actually yelled "Just GO, FFS!" out loud. At least Emily didn't mess around or make a speech but did what any normal person would do when fleeing their prison - she just WENT.
  15. S02.E13: The Word 2018.07.11

    It's also a job that keeps them mostly under the radar and mostly free of scrutiny. Nameless and faceless, the men don't notice their existence until they want tea or dinner - much in the way we don't really notice our washing machines or stoves until we need clean clothes or hot food. This near-invisibility allows them more freedoms than have the wives or handmaids.