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  1. No problem, jcbrown and Irlandesa! You're very welcome. When I saw how long the Facebook thread was and how many questions Clinton actually answered in that thread, albeit redundant ones, I felt compelled to pull the most interesting and/or important things from it! lol I forgot one other funny thing -- someone asked him something along the lines of, did he think that he and Jamie Lee Curtis would be friends, or a similar question. Does everyone remember JLC's loopy appearance on The Chew 2 or 3 years ago? It was one of the more controversial segments of The Chew, as a lot of viewers were very annoyed with her that she didn't seem to take her segment with Clinton very seriously. (I found it entertaining because it was so awkward! lol) Anyway, Clinton didn't say much in response to the question other than to laugh and to snort, if I recall correctly.
  2. Clinton was live on Facebook this morning -- not in video form, but he was answering a LOT of questions in a thread. He said he would "...answer as truthfully as good taste and contractual obligations allow" (meaning there were some ABC-specific things he could not get into, and also probably no heavy Mario-related talk). Since Clinton had to essentially keep answering the same questions over and over, in different ways, I will try to sum up and paraphrase the key points that were made (in no specific order): Clinton was just out in Los Angeles, taking meetings about different potential jobs; He will not appear on Trading Spaces again, and will only decorate/design for people who appreciate and want it; He is open to doing a new, fresh, modern version of a makeover show, but he is not interested in rebooting What Not to Wear; He, Michael and Carla text each other all the time, and their friendship is 100% real; He does not keep in touch with Daphne or Mario (this kind of surprises me, as I thought that he and Daphne were friends at one point -- I guess not!); He said that Daphne was not mentioned on the Chew finale because she could not be mentioned without mentioning Mario too (someone else here in this Chew section of the forum said that very same thing!), and he said Daphne had been gone for a year at the time of the finale; He did not know the extent of Mario's behavior; He doesn't really know why ABC cancelled The Chew (which, to me, implies that he does not fully believe it was low ratings alone), but he thinks that the 60 Minutes piece on Mario did not help anything; When asked if The Chew could be "moved" to another network, Clinton said something along the lines of "You can't move what you don't own" (meaning that ABC owns the show); Clinton reiterated what he said on The Chew -- that he really didn't realize how much viewers loved him/The Chew until the cancellation; He said that, while the chances are slim, there IS a small "glimmer" of hope for The Chew (in a new version, I suppose) on another network -- he said that someone IS shopping it around, but he "doesn't know if anyone is buying it" (yet); He said it is unlikely that ABC will change its mind, as he has never known of any network execs to change their minds on anything; He doesn't want anyone to boycott ABC on The Chew's behalf; If nothing happens with another network, he is willing to accept that The Chew cannot be saved in any way and is over, but will remember the fun they had; He said he is open to different formats and topics/subject matter (on a totally new show), but is hopeful that he, Carla and Michael can work together again in some way, although it's really up to the discretion of a new network; He is open to doing Chew-inspired holiday specials with Michael and Carla, but he is not willing to pay millions of dollars to make them -- someone else would have to pay!; He is considering many different projects, including another book and a possible YouTube series featuring drinking and crafting; He is going to France for one week (maybe he is going to craft in France like Carla just did??). and In an attempt to deter the chipmunks, he did not grow any vegetables this year. Only flowers. Here is the link to the entire thread with all of Clinton's replies -- https://www.facebook.com/Clintonkellyofficial/photos/a.556678817718989.1073741826.122930177760524/1713191935400999/?type=3&theater
  3. TSDF Army are now saying this (about the Rick-dying-in-Episode 5 info):
  4. Gene speculation thread

    I've always thought that an eventual Jesse appearance of some sort would make sense. Even if he is not interacting with other regular characters on the show, I figured we would at least see a reference to him or hear something about him in the Gene/post-Breaking Bad timeline. Now I don't know if Jesse will try to get Gene/Saul to pull off one last heist, just out of the blue. In other words, I don't necessarily think that Jesse will just randomly find Gene/Saul in Nebraska or actively hunt him down there, though that's certainly possible. What I think could happen is that Gene/Saul/Jimmy won't be able to stay confined to his mundane life at Cinnabon, even though he is safe and mostly out of trouble there. I think that he won't be able to stay out of the action, and he will somehow leave Nebraska and/or carelessly make himself visible or noticed by the wrong people... and news of his reemergence would then trickle out... or get to Skinny Pete and Badger, and then to Jesse, opening up the pathway for a reunion. Skyler is another one who could have an eventual Gene/Saul encounter too (as she had dealt with him before), but also probably because Gene/Saul gets sloppy and makes himself visible again. But I think a Jesse-Gene/Saul interaction makes the most sense, though, because they did a lot of "business" together.
  5. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Lady Calypso! I truly appreciate it. I am sending you a big cyber hug! Even though the season just began and the feeds just went live a few days ago, I feel as though I have missed one entire month of developments! lol In just a couple of days on this show, as we all know, important things can happen in the house. I am hoping to be able to get into the swing of the feeds sometime in this upcoming week, but I was completely out of the loop. I did wonder if the whole Sam-as-a-robot thing would get old to the viewers after a while. It was funny at first, but I suspected that it could wear out its welcome fairly soon. At least it can't go on for the whole season, and has a definite end date.
  6. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I have not yet been able to start actively watching the feeds for this season, and I have also missed all the episodes of Big Brother After Dark thus far. Though I will eventually get to the feeds at some point, all I have seen are the CBS episodes from Wednesday and Thursday, and about 10 minutes of the feeds 2 days ago. Would anyone here be so kind as to give me the rundown on these things: 1. Have any prominent alliances been formed? 2. Is there a specific target for eviction, or someone that everyone in the house hates? 3. Have any showmances begun? 4. Who are the annoying ones this year? Every year there are some annoying houseguests who stand out as being worse than others -- though sometimes it takes a while for them to show exactly how annoying they are. lol 5. Has anyone been bullied, ganged up on or shunned yet? 6. Is anyone emerging as a "one to watch" -- someone smart who seems to be playing the game well, strategizing, etc.?? Thank you in advance!!
  7. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    ML89 -- Yes, indeed! The main reason I enjoy The Chew is that it is not a serious show discussing all the horrors going on in life, and around the world. I like it because it is a lighthearted, non-serious show that still manages to provide some good info and ideas. It's also a funny show -- because the hosts are naturally funny people, I think -- but it's not a straight-up, joke-cracking, forced comedy show, which I appreciate. It's educational, but usually easy to follow and not too tedious. It's the perfect showcase for segments on holiday foods, parties and crafts. And they do cover a tiny bit of news or current events -- but it's usually silly food-related news or just fluff entertainment items that don't mean anything. (I always got a giggle out of Clinton saying "I'm an influencer" when he was poking fun at today's random social media stars.) It was neither all talking nor all cooking, but was a good combo of both. And, although the guests could be very hit or miss, occasionally they had some good ones, or kooky guests who were riveting because they were peculiar. Sometimes even the fill-in guest co-hosts were good. The last time ABC tried another hour of GMA in the afternoon, it didn't last too long, did it? I don't think anyone wants another hour of GMA, even if The Chew never comes back. Even if that extra hour of GMA decided to be lighthearted and fun too, and not focused on serious news, I still would not be interested in seeing it. I've never seen or heard anyone say "I could sure use another hour of GMA in my life."
  8. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    It could possibly have been the hosts' choice to not mention Daphne, for some reason, but I still have strong doubts about that. The hosts are not the ones who edit and package up the clip reels to show. The end clips were put together for the goodbye show without a single glimpse of Daphne. Not even a random, wayward strand of blonde hair off to the side of the screen. Not even a mention that she was at the chemistry test with them, when Gordon was casting the show. Even if the hosts decided it was just better to not mention Daphne for whatever reason (and I still don't think it was their decision alone), they couldn't control what went into the clips shown at the end of the episode, for example. That's all the handiwork of the network, the legal team, the producers, etc. -- via the editors. It was as though everyone involved with The Chew was pretending that 6 years of Daphne being on the show never happened, which is very weird -- because she did nothing wrong. She is not the first -- nor will she be the last -- person to either get fired from or choose to leave a series (and we still don't know what exactly was the specific reason for her departure because it was never really stated). And she is not Mario. She should not be lumped in with Mario in the "do not mention or acknowledge" category. Not mentioning Mario in the finale was never even a question. Of course they're not mentioning him. He is being accused of some heinous acts. But pretending Daphne was never there points to something else being involved. It's not Carla, Clinton and Michael that chose to leave her out. I am positive about that. Michael even actually mentioned her once on the show this season, when he was remembering something specific that had happened on the show in the past at one point -- he referred to her as "Daph", if I recall. And I have seen Carla comment on Daphne's Instagram posts -- one comment was very recent, about Daphne's daughter. So, one would assume that they have no ill will towards her, and are presumably on good terms. Well, even with the curious omission of Daphne references in Friday's show, I was still wiping away tears and cursing ABC by the end of Friday's finale. It's sad to see it go.
  9. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I went back and watched today's episode again (since I was distracted by the late delivery guy earlier today and I missed at least the first 15 minutes). I didn't realize that Daphne was shown in none of the clips. I knew they didn't mention her name, but I thought I had caught a fleeting glimpse of her in one of the clips they showed. But... nope. Now I realize that I was getting confused because I had just watched a clip of one of Anthony Bourdain's appearances on The Chew within the last 36 hours, and Daphne was in that segment, asking him a question as he was cooking. So, in my mind, I was thinking I saw her today. In any case, I still believe it was the network's choice to not reference or show Daphne, and not the choice of the 3 hosts. I think they gladly would have mentioned her if given the chance. But it was strange that everyone had to pretend like she didn't exist, when she had been there for 6 years. In fact, although I usually thought that Daphne was the weakest link on The Chew (especially in the earliest seasons), I would have been interested to hear her story of how she got the job, just as we heard from Carla, Clinton and Michael. Michael was known on Food Network. Carla was known from Top Chef. Clinton was known on What Not to Wear. Mario, of course, was already well known on Food Network and respected by his peers. But Daphne -- being the least known cast member to end up on The Chew (and the youngest) -- must have an interesting story of getting that call from Gordon, meeting 4 strangers and then doing the chemistry test at the table. I wonder what she thought of them on that first day. Did she feel out of her element when she was chosen? Did she feel intimidated because she was sitting there with 2 Iron Chefs? Was she worried that viewers wouldn't like her because no one really knew her? And, it would also be fascinating (to me) to know who the other 150 people were who were being auditioned and tested during the casting process, and which other combinations of people did the chemistry test at the table. For example, was there ever a scenario in which Michael and Clinton sat at the table to test with.... maybe Sunny Anderson? Could Daphne and Mario have done a chemistry test with Anne Burrell and Ted Allen? Curtis Stone and Paula Deen? Who else was being considered? I'd love to know! In one article I read in the last couple of days, Clinton said that he thought the show was going to be cancelled about 7 weeks after its premiere. He thought it was doomed right when it started. Michael thought it would be cancelled even sooner than that. And, of course, Carla explained today that she was prepared to leave quickly and get out of New York if she got fired. Coming from that perspective and knowing what they were thinking in Season 1, it must feel really amazing to them that they lasted for 7 years/seasons, and that they made a bigger impact on viewers than they first realized they did.
  10. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I am 100% positive that it was the network's decision to not let the editors and producers show Daphne in more clips (I saw her in at least one), or allow the hosts to mention her (or did they mention her and I missed it?). That indicates, to me, that Daphne's departure from the show might not have been under the best circumstances. I always had the feeling that she did not want to leave The Chew completely, but probably wanted to reduce her schedule, and then ABC nixed it. I didn't think it was completely mutual. I feel that if Daphne had chosen to leave and it was a mutual parting of the ways with ABC, we would have seen her in more clips. We probably would have seen her on today's show too, even just waving from the audience. And she was/is in New York. So, yep.... she probably did not leave under great terms and the network wants to pretend she was never there. But I highly doubt that Michael, Carla and Clinton wanted to pretend like Daphne, or even Mario, did not exist. They seem like decent, caring, kind people. That was the network controlling them. I don't blame the network for wanting to forget about Mario because of all of his antics, but it wasn't fair to Daphne to not even allow the hosts to mention her (unless I missed it), or talk about her time on the show with them. Anyway, I was so annoyed at the beginning of this episode because a delivery I was expecting was late, and the guy showed up right when The Chew was starting and it distracted me for 15 minutes. Of all times for him to show up.... But, by the end of the episode, which ended 15 minutes ago, I was, as usual, wiping away the tears. I almost thought I was going to make it all the way through without crying, but I was very wrong.
  11. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    One person on Facebook said that she tried to get in the audience for yesterday's taping of today's final show (she had been to several tapings of the show in the past), but she was told when she showed up that the seats were all taken by family and friends of The Chew's cast and crew. I haven't seen anything revealed as to what actually went on or who appeared during this final show. They did play Food Pyramid with their friends and family (there are pictures on Facebook and Instagram), and Gordon brought them food. I have to wait another 3-1/2 hours for the episode to air here
  12. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    Towards the end of this clip from today's show, Clinton mentions that he knew that people liked The Chew, but he didn't realize how deeply people felt about it and how much it has meant to viewers until everyone starting posting comments after the cancellation news. Michael seems quite surprised as well. I don't think ABC quite realized it either. They underestimated how much viewers love this show. https://www.facebook.com/thechewonabc/videos/1834875049905466/
  13. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    This is a sad, sad photo. It's the staff of The Chew, going over the final shows. Also sad is that Carla has been busily clearing out her dressing room (which was a mess at first), and a bunch of food from the show's freezers and pantry has been cleaned out, thrown out or given away (even things like ice cream) in the last couple of days. (But... Daphne is still in NYC, which is very suspicious!) I am so mad at dumb ass ABC for doing this... mainly because I know, in my heart of hearts, as I think we all know, that this is not just about ratings that dipped. That might be part of it, of course, but they are not even trying to save it. They are not trying out new hosts (which might be for the better, as that could have been a disaster). They are not moving the show to a different time slot or schedule. And they have given long, long, long runs to other daytime shows, despite years with lower ratings. It is clear that ABC just wants to be done with this show after all of the Mario controversy. We can only hope that no more nasty stories or allegations come out that directly point at things going on behind the scenes at The Chew. I hope that does not happen. I fully expect to see Carla getting her own show somewhere -- either the Food Network or Cooking Channel -- which will be great, but not quite the same.
  14. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    Here is the clip of the segment from today's show, with the discussion about Anthony Bourdain -- https://www.facebook.com/thechewonabc/videos/1832289726830665/
  15. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I am guessing that the intro segment, in which Michael and Carla talked about Anthony, will be posted on Facebook, or on The Chew's website sometime later today or tomorrow. Maybe on YouTube. As shoregirl indicated, Michael was visibly shaken and holding back his emotions as best he could. I think that some viewers on Facebook still get confused about the taping schedule, so they didn't realize that yesterday's show was taped last week, before Anthony passed away. Some of the viewers assumed that Carla, Michael and Clinton were just choosing to not talk about Anthony (even though both Carla and Michael posted about Anthony on social media on Friday, right after the news was announced). I think that Mario and Anthony had a friendship at one point (I don't know how close they were, in other words) and a definite respect for each other in the culinary world... until all of the Mario news came out late last year. When that happened, Anthony gave a couple of quotes about it, and it did not seem like he had any feeling for Mario left at all. Who knows if they talked behind the scenes about the allegations, but Anthony seemed to remove himself from any friendship he may have had with Mario after that (which made sense, as Anthony proudly supported his girlfriend, Asia Argento, in her emerging presence in the MeToo movement). But I'm sure Mario is quite sad that someone he once had a friendship with, someone he admired, is gone so suddenly and under such tragic circumstances. Carla is on the Harry Connick Jr. show today. She did not mention The Chew being cancelled (before my local news broke into the show to report a fire), so I wonder if it was a repeat?? I will miss the rest of the segment, because of the news. I remember when Harry Connick Jr. first appeared on The Chew years ago. Was it in Season 1 or 2? Carla was sooooo excited that he was there because she had a crush on him. And now he calls her a "culinary cutie" and "future Broadway star"!