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  1. Since the link got buried on the previous page when it turned, let me link it again here. All 36 of Hallmark's upcoming Christmas movies are listed here, in Entertainment Weekly, and there are new faces mixed in with the familiar faces -- https://ew.com/tv/hallmark-christmas-movies-2018-air-dates/#heres-when-all-36-new-hallmark-christmas-movies-will-air As for Andrew Walker, he filmed a Christmas movie with Rachel Boston earlier this year, and that one has always been expected to go to Lifetime unless Hallmark somehow wrestled it away, which does not appear to be the case. Rachel Boston is working on a series now, so I don't know if she will have time to do a movie. The only Hallmark movie she has worked on this year is "Love at First Dance," and that was as a producer behind the scenes.
  2. Hallmark's 36 new Christmas movies were announced today. https://ew.com/tv/hallmark-christmas-movies-2018-air-dates/
  3. Here are the 36 new Christmas movies coming to the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel this year... https://ew.com/tv/hallmark-christmas-movies-2018-air-dates/
  4. Tatyana Ali, Dondre T. Whitfield, Dennis Haysbert and Patti LaBelle will star in the upcoming Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie... https://themusicuniverse.com/patti-labelle-co-starring-in-hallmarks-christmas-everlasting/
  5. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Where is the gator when you need him?
  6. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Well, Beer Dude has to go!
  7. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    I figured out early in the original TWD series that I would not survive longer than one day in the ZA. I'd never make it.
  8. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Couldn't have ever guessed that they'd be in danger in the hospital...
  9. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    Beer Dude is a thorn in their side.
  10. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    That whole thing blew up and magically didn't hit any of them?
  11. Season 4 Live Posting Topic

    lol I thought the same thing. Overacting a tad.
  12. S08.E01: The End

    I think it was said somewhere earlier in this thread that this season has fewer episodes than usual -- but it looks as though it is supposed to have 11 episodes, which is what last season had as well. No difference (unless the "11" number for this year is incorrect). So, in other words, there is still plenty of time for it to become a hot mess and for the plot to go in 20 different directions. And yet.... I look forward to this show every year! Here's the thing... it can't be taken too seriously and I can't have really high expectations because, quite frankly, I know better after all this time. I know that a lot of things are not going to make sense, and I know that there will be a whole lot of unnecessary stuff thrown in for shock value, leaving it to be a jumbled mishmash of gore and confusion. I just go along for the crazy, twisted ride. I know that the first episode of any season will usually be pretty interesting, and that the remaining episodes might not be. But I love that this show is there every year, helping to usher in Fall and Halloween. It's the perfect show for this time of year, as it helps to set the appropriate spooky tone (even if much of it makes no sense). Sure, some seasons are much better than others, but I would rather have an underwhelming season of American Horror Story than to not have the show on the air at all. I only wish that it were still carrying into December, as it used to, so we could get a couple of dark Christmas episodes again (like in the earlier years). I liked the set-up in the first episode this season. The scenes of everything going haywire at the start of the episode were chilling (because that kind of missile scenario could happen at any moment). I love Joan Collins and Leslie Grossman as comic relief. Evan Peters, as always, is amazing. I love that Kathy Bates is back, and that we will see Jessica Lange once again. I know that many people are tired of Sarah Paulson, but I like her on this show. And I expect that there will be some surprise cameos too -- people that we have not heard about yet, who are being kept a secret. I, too, thought that the bit with the newscaster's comment -- "I can't believe we did it" -- was very odd. Did "we" start a nuclear war? There is more to that story. And I thought it was bizarre that we didn't see how the people (Evan, Leslie, Billie and Joan) got off of the pilot-less plane. Did the plane crash, or did it directly fly everyone right to Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates? Are we going to find out that they actually died in a plane crash and ended up in some sort of Purgatory with all of those other people, before going on to hell? Did the demon child "arrange" for them to conveniently arrive at the outpost? Whatever the case, there is more to the story of how everyone got off the plane and ended up where they did, and I am guessing that it will somehow be revealed at some point in the season. I agree that there will probably be some sort of twist as to who the demon child actually is. We are supposed to think it is one person, but could find out that it is someone else.
  13. S04.E06: Pinata

    I wasn't talking about DVD or Netflix. I was only talking about what aired on AMC. (And I don't want to derail this thread about the BCS episode by going on with this specific subject, but you quoted me so I am replying.) I did not watch first-run episodes of Breaking Bad until the final season -- prior to Season 5, I only watched repeats because I got into the show late in the game and had to get caught up before Season 5 premiered. So, if Skyler's use of "fuck" could be heard in that episode on the night it first premiered, then I missed it. But in all of the repeats I have watched on AMC since then, the word was blanked out. The same goes for Walt's use of the word -- if it could be heard in the original premiere of that episode, I missed it, but the sound dropped out for the repeats. I could see what they were saying, but the sound went blank. However.... Jesse, Mike and Hank all let the F-bomb fly in Season 5 (although Season 5 was broken into 2 halves, separated by one year, so Mike said it in the first half and Jesse and Hank said it in the second half), and I did watch those episodes when they first premiered...... and the sound dropped out for each one of their uses of the word in those first-run episodes on AMC -- at least on my AMC channel it did. I am on the West Coast, so maybe the word could be heard on the East Coast and then was dropped by the time it aired here? Who knows? All I know is that the sound dropped out when Jesse, Mike and Hank said the word in their respective episodes, and that was in the first-run episodes, on the night they premiered, as well as in all repeats that I have watched. I mainly just wanted to know if Howard's use of the word in last night's BCS episode was the first time "fuck" was said and/or could be heard on BCS instead of blanked out/dropped, and PeterPirate and Bryce Lynch helped solve that mystery for me!
  14. S04.E06: Pinata

    Also... I have never tried lucuma. When Gus was describing it, it sounded delicious. I had no idea! It makes me think I have been missing out on an overlooked gem of the produce world. I never hear anyone talking about lucuma.
  15. S04.E06: Pinata

    Apparently Jimmy did say the word -- PeterPirate just said that he did as well -- and I completely blanked out on that, which is weird, because "pig-f***ker" is pretty amusing and should be memorable! Now, in my mind, I am going back over the seasons, trying to remember who said "fuck"! lol