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  1. Well... when I remembered that I could watch one movie (Christmas at Graceland) live on Hallmark Channel Everywhere's EST feed, and watch the new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie (Return to Christmas Creek) on the West Coast feed later on, I realized I could juggle them both in one night and not miss anything. So... I gave Christmas at Graceland a good try. I was going to sit there and watch it all the way through to the bitter end, just to see the story come to a conclusion, but I had to get up and deal with something in the kitchen about 1 hour and 25 minutes in. I think I missed about 8-10 minutes of it and then I picked it back up for the final stretch. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but, alas, it is not one that I will be watching again, year after year. It was just kind of dull. There was nothing to it that really stood out, and there were some annoying things about it that made it hard to get through at times. About A Veteran's Christmas from last week... I thought it seemed like it was a couple of scenes too long (even though I know it was the same length as every other movie, it just felt long). I thought that the people in the town were too overbearing, constantly buzzing around the pretty vet at all times. I thought it was questionable when the judge's sister showed up with an outfit for Eloise Mumford to wear to church -- what if she hadn't wanted to go to church? What if she had wanted some time to herself? As one of the guys was saying on the Deck the Hallmark podcast, it was if the whole town was conspiring to keep "Grace" (Eloise Mumford) in the town and not let her leave, which was weird. Also, I think she forgot about that dog 2 minutes after it showed up! lol
  2. I think so. Hallmark is going after the huge country music audience, between LeAnn, Kellie and the Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas movie on HMM based on a Blake Shelton song and a book written by Blake's mom. Kellie Pickler is probably not the only one in disbelief that she was offered the lead role without an audition. I wonder why they didn't try her out as a supporting character in a movie first, before casting her as a lead who carries the movie. Well, I will hope for the best, although I don't think I will be watching Christmas at Graceland on the night it premieres.
  3. Your guess is as good as mine. I was truly baffled and bewildered when I went to the page for A Veteran's Christmas (on Hallmark's website) and counted the number of showtimes. Now I am usually very lenient and understanding about the generous repeats -- except when they only show a movie I like two times in two months, at which point I become bitter and resentful of the other movies with many showtimes -- but only up to a point. I can understand that, in a 2-month event, people will be tuning in at different points and might not be able to catch certain things if they only air a couple of times early or late in the season. I have used the repeats to my own advantage. I sometimes wish other networks were repeating movies a lot too, as I have missed movies I wanted to see on Lifetime and ION because of a lack of repeats. However... that said, I see NO reason for 18 showtimes in two months, especially when other movies have so few showtimes. Hallmark loves their "feast or famine" approach to scheduling, and I don't understand it. They don't seem to know what balance is as far as that goes.
  4. For some inexplicable reason, Hallmark has banished certain movies to mornings only, or, even worse, to the middle of the night, and given them only a couple of showtimes. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (a quiet, sweet gem of a movie starring Brooke Nevin and Robin Dunne, from 2015) is one of them. It seems as though they are deliberately trying to bury it, even though Brooke is starring in one of their new movies this year and you would think they'd want to expose newer viewers to her previous work. I have not been able to catch it yet. Naughty or Nice (with Hilarie Burton) is another one that has been banished to morning showtimes only. Then there are the movies that were shown very early in the season, but are strangely not on the schedule again for all of November or December. Angels and Ornaments (from 2014 - with Jessalyn Gilsig and Sergio Di Zio) is one of them. It was shown within the last few days of October, and then it vanished from the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries line-up completely. I don't understand why the people who put together the schedules for Hallmark have such a problem with simply rotating the movies around (on both channels) and distributing them more evenly throughout the 2 months, so that every movie gets a showtime in the morning, a showtime in the afternoon, a showtime in prime time, a showtime in the overnight hours and a showtime on the weekend. Hallmark shows a lot of movies in 2 months (old and new), between the 2 channels, but I would bet that many viewers don't even know half of what is on because a lot of the movies are not shown when they can watch, and Hallmark does a very bad job of promoting the lesser-known movies shown at odd hours. People who are on different schedules will not have the chance to discover some of the great movies that are only shown at the times when they are not available. Despite Hallmark's questionable scheduling choices, I have managed to catch a lot of my favorites, including: Mrs. Miracle #1 (I am a fan of the first movie; not as big a fan of the second movie) Nine Lives of Christmas (this one never gets old) Christmas Getaway (from last year, with Bridget Regan and Travis Van Winkle -- absolutely delightful) Let it Snow I'm Not Ready for Christmas Snow Bride Crown for Christmas The Christmas Ornament My Christmas Dream Christmas List My Christmas Love A Very Merry Mix-Up The Most Wonderful Time of the Year A Christmas Detour A Bramble House Christmas A Bride for Christmas (although I am starting to get a bit tired of this movie, the chemistry and sparks between Andrew and Arielle are undeniable) Matchmaker Santa (I love this for Santa more than for the romance) I have also re-watched a couple of movies from 2017 and I liked them more this year than I did last year, including Christmas Next Door and Christmas at Holly Lodge. I am still trying to catch Trading Christmas this year. I love it, but it's never on at a good time for me. I am wondering if The Santa Suit and Farewell, Mr. Kringle are getting banished to the Hallmark Movies Now streaming service in December, as they are not scheduled on the Movies & Mysteries Channel at all. As for the new movies that have premiered so far this year, there is nothing that has really jumped out as one that I instantly love and need to watch again right away, but I also have not flat-out disliked any of them. I will probably like some of them more over time. Christmas at Pemberley Manor (it was better than I expected it would be, though flawed, and Michael Rady is growing on me -- he is very charismatic in this movie) Christmas Joy (I tried watching it once and was bored and distracted. I gave it a second chance and watched it again. I liked it much more the second time around. Plus, it has the mom from Let it Snow and the mom from A Very Merry Mix-Up in it, which is a bonus!!!) Road to Christmas (I could not get into it when I tried watching the first time. I gave it a second chance and enjoyed it much more. It has a lot of good things about it, but I think they needed a slightly stronger and better reason/excuse for why the family at the core of the movie had not been as close in recent years, which would have made me more emotionally invested in their reunion.) Marrying Father Christmas (I actually kind of liked the first and second movies in this series, but felt that this third one was just a bit blah. It wasn't offensive or terrible, but the uncle story was silly and just a forced way of inserting some drama into the plot. The actual wedding was sweet. I think they should have just stuck the wedding into movie #2 and skipped making #3.) It's Christmas, Eve (Much, much better than I expected. I knew that LeAnn had done at least a couple of movies in the past, so she'd had some acting experience prior to this movie -- unlike Kellie Pickler, whose new movie is premiering soon. I wasn't sure what LeAnn and Tyler would be like together, but I was pleasantly surprised. And I thought the final scene of the movie, at his door, was really cute and well done.) Tonight is the dilemma of Christmas in Love (with Daniel Lissing and Brooke D'Orsay) vs. A Veteran's Christmas with Eloise Mumford and Sean Faris (which, by the way, is currently scheduled to air 18 times between tonight and the end of December!!!!!!! Why?????). I will probably watch Christmas in Love, because I prefer rom-coms and because I know I can catch A Veteran's Christmas on one of its remaining 17 showtimes. lol
  5. Breaking Bad In The Media

    I was thinking in terms of one of the Gene-era flash forwards as well. I wasn't expecting something to be revealed about Jesse's future fate before the events of Breaking Bad have even unfolded! lol Again, as I said above, (prior to news of this Breaking Bad movie) I was expecting that a Jesse reference on BCS could be something as simple as a newspaper headline or a mention of him by a reporter on TV -- which would not take up much time. I mean, given the way Better Call Saul has already evolved and who we have seen, it's not going to be out of the realm of possibility to merely mention Jesse's name or show it in a headline, or otherwise get some kind of fleeting info about what happened to him, especially when we are seeing some scenes in the "future." But... we also don't know what kind of timeline BCS will be playing with in the next season (or any subsequent seasons, if there should be any). We could jump ahead to the middle of Breaking Bad's timeline, or we could jump beyond that point to the future and get even more Gene scenes, and then go backwards in time again. We just don't know. In any case, it will be interesting to see what this BB movie is about and when it will actually surface. lol I laughed out loud at your helicopter comment because that stupid helicopter is fresh on my mind. Maybe it was the same helicopter that Walter hypothetically boarded ... with the same people/person on it. Maybe Walter will be there to greet the new arrival -- which would make for an interesting meeting! lol
  6. Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas line-up -- https://freeform.go.com/25-days-of-christmas/news/25-days-of-christmas-2018-schedule-full-list-of-movies
  7. Breaking Bad In The Media

    It's not that Jesse wasn't annoying -- even when he was funny, he was often an immature brat, and he was certainly erratic and could be a loose cannon -- but his fate in the post-Breaking Bad time frame has always been a big question mark for me. At the end of the series, I really wanted to know if Jesse somehow managed to go off to live somewhere else under a new identity, or if he was caught and taken in, or if he stupidly returned to the drug world. I assumed that at some point in time we would see or hear a reference on Better Call Saul about what happened to Jesse -- maybe something as simple as a newspaper headline, or a reporter mentioning Jesse on a TV news segment, etc. But it could be that Vince Gilligan decided that the Jesse update was too big of a story to tell within the context of BCS, and that it wouldn't do it justice to just explain Jesse's fate with a quick sentence or two. Also, at this point we don't know how long Better Call Saul will be on the air beyond the next season, so this movie could possibly be timed to conveniently appear after BCS ends (I am just running possible scenarios around in my head). Then again, perhaps this movie is going to focus on some totally new, random, unexpected character that is connected to a Breaking Bad character we already know, and perhaps it's not about Jesse at all! lol That seems unlikely, though. I am thinking Jesse is the focus.
  8. Just a quick drive-by post, because I wasn't sure if this had been shared (I didn't see it, at a quick glance). The ION network finally put out their list of Christmas movies, and there are 6 this year instead of the usual 5 they give us - https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2018/11/05/1645012/0/en/ION-Television-set-to-Bring-the-Holidays-Home-With-Six-All-New-Movie-Premieres.html
  9. Spoilers and Speculation

    It seems as though this "Rick's departure" episode could go several different ways -- and whichever way it goes will probably be disappointing and/or anticlimactic. Although it would make sense if the helicopter somehow played into it, it sounds like it would leave us with another under-the-dumpster-ish scenario of sorts, as we wonder about whether or not he survived. If Andy is truly leaving the show as an actor and is not coming back outside of directing, I'd rather that they just rip off the Band-Aid and get it over with. Give us something final that doesn't leave us guessing. Not that I want Rick to die from some problematic rebar, but I also don't want him to be ripped to shreds by a horde of walkers. Maybe he can shoot himself in the head, or someone else can shoot him if they find him.
  10. Oh, Carla, Clinton and Michael probably know all kinds of things and were parties to all sorts of discussions behind the scenes, post-Mario and pre-cancellation, and we will never know what they know or what they were told! Everything that they have publicly said or that ABC has said has been approved by ABC's lawyers, but it's probably not even half of the real story. Wendy Williams was one of the people who spoke up right when the news of The Chew's cancellation was first announced back in May. I remember that she suggested that she thought it was related to Mario's mess, and I think she also said something to the effect of thinking that ABC should have tried to keep the show on a bit longer, after the post-Mario dust had settled a bit. I know she thought that ABC was cancelling it too soon, without enough time away from the Mario scandal. (I am paraphrasing, but that was the essence of it.) While I don't doubt that the ratings dropped to a level that ABC was not happy with, I am also positive that they could have tried different things to freshen it up for one extra season, to see if that worked in bringing up the ratings -- like changing the format a bit, getting rid of some segments or adding in new segments, or maybe cutting it down from a daily show to a weekly show, or reducing the number of new episodes in a season, airing it at a different time of day, etc. They could have even added in a new permanent host or continued the revolving door of co-hosts. It's not that I would have wanted ABC to change anything on The Chew, but that is typically what a network would try to do with a show like that, with multiple hosts -- change things up. It was as if they were just trying to detach themselves from the show and dump it as quickly as possible. I am convinced that at least some part of that decision was based on wanting to jump ship before anymore potential Mario news came out. They could have been afraid that something was going to come out about Mario's behavior with people on The Chew's staff (which was not part of the original allegations). There could be all sorts of discussions that took place and things that were said behind the scenes, which we will never know. Also, I remember when Clinton answered a bunch of questions on Facebook a while back, and when he was giving his responses to different people, one thing he said was that he "didn't know why" ABC cancelled The Chew. He didn't say "It was because of the ratings." He also said (to someone who asked it the cancellation had to do with the Mario mess) that he thought that the 60 Minutes segment on Mario probably "didn't help" the situation. He couldn't say what actually happened, obviously, but the fact that he brought up the 60 Minutes show as something that "probably didn't help" makes me think that it was mentioned behind the scenes, by frantic ABC execs. Anyway, I could have missed something, but I didn't see this mentioned in the couple of threads I checked. Daphne is doing a new sort-of-show called The Dish -- which will air every Wednesday, in the second half of her dad's show! In other words, every week on Wednesday, the second half hour of her dad's regular show will become The Dish. The Dish is going to also feature Valerie Bertinelli, Jamika Pessoa and Jessie James Decker. Daphne responded to someone in a comment to say that Marcela Valladolid is going to be on an upcoming show too. So.. essentially, The Dish is going to be a show-within-a-show, but to me it sounds like this is a trial run to see if they can pick up enough viewers to make it its own series later on down the line. If they get viewers, it will probably leave the Dr. Oz nest and become a real show in syndication. I would not be shocked to see Carla pop up as a guest at some point.
  11. I actually love the marathon and am so glad it's here every year. I don't love some of the movies, of course, but the event as a whole brings me joy, and it has become a big part of my holiday season, just as watching TV shows I love on other networks brings me joy throughout the year. A big issue for me with the viewer response to Hallmark movies is that it is either way too positive, as everyone effusively praises Hallmark, expressing how much they love everything, and every movie is wonderful, and every decision Hallmark makes is the best decision ever, and Hallmark never makes any mistakes, etc., OR it is way too negative and critical, and everything Hallmark does is wrong or terrible, or otherwise unsatisfactory, or not like it was done years ago, and everything is just an endless stream of "let's bash Hallmark movies" comments, which can seem very much like beating a dead horse after a while. For someone such as myself, who is an actual fan of the movies -- but is not oblivious to Hallmark's occasional questionable decisions, faults and flaws as well -- it's hard to find people who chat about these movies who are neither approaching them from an overly positive perspective nor an overly negative perspective, but, rather, just keeping an open mind about each movie. However, one hilarious podcast from some mostly non-fans of Hallmark is Deck the Hallmark -- https://audioboom.com/channel/deckthehallmark Deck the Hallmark features 3 men reviewing and chatting about Hallmark movies, with occasional guests sitting in. One of the guys is supposedly a Hallmark fan and loves the movies, and another one hates the movies, while the other guy kinds/sorta likes the movies sometimes (but not often). It's mostly critical and full of snark and humor, so if you want to hear a funny take on the movies from men, I recommend Deck the Hallmark. They have not reviewed all of Hallmark's non-Christmas movies, but they have reviewed some of them. They are taking on all 37 of the upcoming Hallmark Christmas movies, though, which promises to be wildly entertaining!
  12. I saw a mention of that earlier today and was very surprised! I think they had a Pandora channel for the last couple of holiday seasons, although I could be remembering that incorrectly (I don't have Pandora). I do listen to some of the holiday channels on SiriusXM during the season (when I need background sound and am in the mood for music more than movies), but I'm not sure about this Hallmark station. I mean, I'll check it out to see which songs are being played, of course, but I usually end up going with whichever channel is playing more of the specific versions of songs that I like. I don't know if I am the only oddball who thinks this way, but sometimes I gravitate towards one channel or the other because it has better versions of "O Holy Night" or "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" than the other channels. lol Or I might stick with a channel that throws in a couple of more recent/modern Christmas songs (not classics, in other words). Here is info on The CW's holiday programming this year -- http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2018/10/23/the-cw-gets-into-the-spirit-with-its-schedule-of-upcoming-holiday-specials-314/20181023cw01/?fbclid=IwAR1ZVesVYwrNouwXViWvugfyu7vcphLQjQEgtO0hKa_TBMkTu9BB5Sax7Ps
  13. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I think Cheese Rat looks better in this photo than he did in the video.
  14. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    I was shocked that Facebook was working well for me. My PC and Internet connection are always unpredictable. It only buffered one time, and that was early on in the hour, but then the rest of it was smooth sailing. However, I saw a lot of comments from other people who said that their videos kept freezing and crashing throughout the hour.
  15. All Episodes Talk: It's My Jam

    As soon as I hear Michael laugh, I start laughing. These three are so much fun together. I miss the daily show so much. At the peak of viewing on Facebook, there were 10.9k people watching at one time. Then it dropped down to 10k, and then hovered around 10.3k and 10.4k. I would imagine that there would have been more people if it were not a workday. Clinton said that he filmed a series (8 episodes) in New Orleans, for Food Network. He can't talk about it yet because FN has not announced it. He said it was very hot in New Orleans when he filmed it. Clinton did say that there are no plans to bring back The Chew or reboot it -- but I think he was saying that because a lot of people assumed that this live "show" was leading up to an announcement of a new show for the three of them. I think he wanted to make sure that people knew that this video was just for fun, and because they happened to be in the same location to do it this time around, and that it was not some sort of indication of a new Chew-ish show. Now that doesn't mean that they can't or won't work together (professionally) again -- especially since Clinton is in the Food Network family now too. But, as Michael said, they are "not coming back right now." And even if they end up together on some show at some point, it might not be a show like The Chew. It could be some other competition show or something like what Food Network seems to churn out a lot these days (I am guessing). Clinton also mentioned at a different point that it takes a long time to get a TV show together and on the air (I am paraphrasing). So, as I suspected, even if there were any plans to put them in a new show -- which there are not right now -- it would not happen quickly. It would take a long while to get a new show together. And in the meantime, they have to work and make money, so they will get busy with other things anyway. Clinton's dog, Mary, is adorable, the way she tilts her little head when he is talking to her! As General Days mentioned above, they did say they'd be open to doing one of these live shows again around the holidays. (It didn't sound as though they had put much thought into it at this point.) But it seems that they are all mostly living in different places now, so it's harder for them to get together. I loved the Cheese Rat segment because of the fact that it was so much less polished than it would have been on The Chew. For The Chew, it would have been perfected in the Chew kitchens before it ever made it to a show. The types of segments I always loved on The Chew were the ones where something didn't go quite as planned, and the hosts had time to react to it and deal with it on the fly, laughing and being silly all the while.