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  1. S10.E11: Episode 11

    Those dresses looked like something a cult would wear. Harry's, one of the larger subscription razor companies, already launched a women's spinoff brand (I was already using the men's one and have no reason to switch because razors are indeed all the same; at least they're charging the same price though), and there's also already a popular women-targeted company called Billie. "Our razors are pink!" doesn't seem a very strong point of difference, and the company's whole aesthetic looks really dated to me. I don't really wear makeup, but I really liked the makeup bag lady's presentation.
  2. S05.E02: Love Letters

    It's actually pretty common for robbers to indicate they have a gun in their jacket or pocket (I have to read a lot of police reports for work), and it's also common for their victims to err on the side of caution and hand over whatever they want rather than risk that it is a real gun. Of course, yeah, it became clear towards the end this guy probably didn't have a gun (though he could've had a holster) but in the real world I think the police would've still taken this seriously.
  3. S10.E09: Episode 9

    The kid selling the cold brew maker was a good hustler, but lying that people otherwise have to spend hundreds on machines. Even your local uber-hipster coffee shop is probably just using a Toddy, which costs like $35. The Sproing definitely looked not fun. Running on the spot sucks.
  4. You answered your own question: Australians luuurve cheese. That song, I'm sorry to say, was a big No. 1 hit (seven years ago, but still). Australia's Got Talent is also not one of the better reality competition shows in the country (even by the standard of Australian reality competition shows, which...) and doesn't attract that much, yknow, talent. A lot of kid singers and adult performers who pull on the heart strings more than they're actually good. This is really the only good thing to ever come out of it.
  5. S02.E11: meMento

    I have been aware that Marcos and Lorna have zero chemistry since the first episode, but it was really brought home in this one when you see how much more he has with that other light-up mutant lady.
  6. The Masked Singer

    Ricki Lake's husband died a few years ago, so it fits.
  7. S02.E10: eneMy of My eneMy

    To other countries with better laws or at least to one of the headquarters in the US, I guess. You may recall the underground was originally supposed to be getting the Struckers to Mexico, but then Reed decided they should stay and "help" because he's a moron who likes bossing other people around. Lately, though, the underground (or at least this part of it) doesn't seem to be doing much more than fixating on finding Andy and Lorna.
  8. S02.E10: eneMy of My eneMy

    Yeah I find I'm rooting for the Inner Circle now just because it's fun to see all the new powers whenever they free a bunch of mutants. Every time the Mutant Underground gets a new group of refugees it drives me nuts that they don't just go one-by-one seeing what cool shit people can do.
  9. S02.E10: All Alone

    YES, Joel is totally Christopher.
  10. S02.E10: All Alone

    Yes. But he also just wasn't that funny in the conventional way.
  11. Enjoyed the season, but it could've done with a lot less Joel and a lot more Lenny Bruce. I maintain my critique from season one that it's a shame they didn't go with a Lenny Bruce-esque character to have more options there. I don't think he was ever intended to be anything other that Midge's antihero guru, but it's unfortunate for the show he wound up being more interesting and charismatic than the leading man (or whatever Joel is). The stuff with Benjamin did feel rushed, but at least he had chemistry with Midge and was a fun character.
  12. S10.E06: Episode 6

    Although I don't think measuring out protein powder is really that hard, having worked sorta in that industry and seen how much people are willing to shell out for convenience, I think it'll do really well so long as the powders don't taste markedly worse than other brands. The cookies will do well for a year or two, but I agree with others that people will move onto the next thing faster than you can say "Zone diet." I was pretty shocked at how well the beer thing had sold, but I guess it probably does great in the "lazy gift" market -- ie, "Ugh, it's dad's/brother's/uncle's birthday... he likes beer, that will seem like a nice gift." Also, it's been my observation that Facebook ads have picked up the mantle from Sky Mall in convincing people to buy gimmicky trinkets they'd never purchase in a real store. I wonder if it would do so well if the company stopped paying millions to push it into people's feeds.
  13. S01.E04: The Switch

    I'm confused by the problem over the relationship between the two rookies. Are they saying any female cop would be frowned upon for having a relationship with any male cop? Is it the age difference? I understand slut shaming and double standards and all that -- and if the situation was a one-night stand or a relationship with a more senior cop I could see where what might happen -- but I don't really get why there's be such judgement around two officers of the same rank in a committed relationship? Am I missing something?* * this is highly probable, as this show struggles to hold my full attention
  14. S01.E03: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

    I find this show a bit tonally weird -- it's supposed to be a dramedy, but only Nathan Fillion gets to do the comedy part. It's like he's on Castle and everyone else around him is on Law and Order.
  15. Memorable Products: As Seen on Shark Tank

    And they did it without the name "Bagel Stuffins"