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  1. S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    I doubt they'll stay broken up for even the whole next episode, but I think it's right for the show to force some action on the "secret relationship" front. Liza's too old for that shit, but it is also hard to imagine them being open about it at work given the power imbalance, so something has gotta give. My guess is Liza quits to work at a different publisher at the end of the season, and that'll be the set-up for the next season. Shut up, Josh. Him still holding a candle for Liza is all on him (and maybe Caitlin). She hasn't encouraged his affections, and wasn't obliged to divulge a new relationship that's only, what, a month old?
  2. The Bold Type in the Media

    There's was good interview with showrunner Amanda Lasher and Aisha Dee (Kat) on NPR's It's Been a Minute this week.
  3. S02.E10 We'll Always Have Paris

    Ugggh, so much stupid in one episode: Jane just ditching her job and going to Paris with no money (even with flights covered, there are still expenses!) Kat sticking her nose into her girlfriend's work. It's not your business! Pinstripe sticking his tongue down Jane's throat despite her having a boyfriend. Now I hate him. These apparently fashion-mad women went to Fashion Week and attended precisely one event -- their own? Sutton ditching the most important event of her career for dull Richard, ugh. Richard apparently wasting that other woman's time Sutton going to a wake when she had a flight to catch. I don't care if it was a red eye, you need to be there two hours ahead and allow a good hour for travel time to any New York airport. It made me very stressed!
  4. I agree Kate Atkinson is great, but found it hard to enjoy thinking the whole time, "Nooooooooo, not the Freak again!" Speaking of acting, I also really like the younger of the new women, Ruby. My favorite under-the-radar character is Miss Miles though. While the blokes have meltdowns and dramas over their bad behavior, she is has just been consistently low-key corrupt without a care from day 1. It was nice to see her do a good deed for once, though.
  5. FFS, please don't let The Freak be alive.
  6. Sashi was lovely, but I'd forgotten how insipid Australian morning shows are.
  7. Few weeks old, but this video of Roy & HG commentating Masterchef is gold.
  8. The Block 2018

    It's back this Sunday. This year's bunch include professional netballers, a breakfast radio host, and a pilot-air hostess team. They're renovating a historic hotel-turned-flop house in St Kilda.
  9. How would you improve the show?

    They had Paul Carmichael, who's Bajan by way of the US, last season for a pressure test, but yes. Have they ever even had an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander chef on this show? Yeah and they used to be much harder on the contestants for not actually being inventive.
  10. How would you improve the show?

    At this point, where they've probably reached the pinnacle of what you're going to get with non-professional cooks and only a Reynold-esque prodigy can really shake things up, I would happily watch a season that did something very different. For instance (and this is probably cost prohibitive) going to a different part of Australia each week. Or Australia vs NZ. Keeping the core cooking challenges but changing the format enough to show viewers something new. I could also do without the service challenges. Why would or should amateurs know how to run a professional kitchen?
  11. S02.E09 Trippin

    I think she's just the social media editor, so probably not technically in charge of the website. It's unclear if there's a separate website editor or if it's just Jaqueline. Still, it sounded like Kat was involved and it was a big enough deal that she should have been there. Meanwhile, I think most media sites getting rid of their comments would be pretty non-controversial these days, because most people understand that they're garbage fires that undermine articles and are nightmare to moderate. But there are still sites some where the comments threads are well loved and well trafficked: like many of the old Gawker network sites, AV Club, and until recently The Awl etc. So I guess I can buy that Scarlett has that kind of culture? I liked Drunk Jane. But they keep trying to find excuses to have these girls sing and, yeah, they have good voices, but they're unrealistically good and it takes me out of the show.
  12. IMO, Sundays (Australian Sundays) when they reveal the rooms and Mondays, when the contestants inspect each other's latest rooms and bitch about them. The rest is only good if you like people screaming at tradies, Scott Cam, and McCafe advertorials. Australia never met a reality TV concept it didn't want to draaaaaaaaw out over five nights a week. Works great on Masterchef, terrible on renovation shows.
  13. There's an Australian Survivor thread here that seems to have some enthusiasts. The Block one is usually pretty quiet simply because The Block is only interesting twice a week. Not sure about elsewhere. Maybe Reddit?
  14. Honestly I would've 100% guessed a Ben win if it wasn't for the betting outlets having Sashi in first place for most of the season. Wish Khanh had been in the final, but what can you do. Anyway, the important thing is that someone with a personality won, so the mandatory winner's media appearance tour will be tolerable. I know most people have been down on this season, but I liked it more than other recent ones overall. There was no one I really hated, which is rare, and several people I really liked, which is also rare. And it was a more diverse batch of contestants than usual, which is great because a) I already know how to make a meat pie and would rather be surprised by moments like Hoda hand-spinning fairy floss, and b) Australian TV is way too white. Onward to Australian Survivor and The Block!
  15. S05.E08: The Bubble 2018.07.31

    Charles grew that beard in 10 days?