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  1. Ben pretty much always does an Aussie meat-and-veg plate, it's just that he has the benefit of not being considered "ethnic." I don't mind the judges dinging people who only ever cook dessert or make the same dish each week, but I'd be annoyed if Sashi or Aldo were told off for cooking their own cuisine all the time because the Anglos are never held to that standard on this show. I thought Sashi was done for when he picked such a common combination (did he learn nothing from Khanh?) but he was lucky the chef undercooked his lamb.
  2. I just wanted to transcribe the masterpiece of oration that was Ben Explains Bread: Glad he was able to give us the inside scoop on this exotic ingredient. I liked the bread challenge in theory, but I think the judges needed to be stricter with the contestants about actually featuring the bread. Instead, all those tasted did breadcrumbs?! It was tough but there were options -- panzanella, bread pudding, bread sauce, French toast, French onion soup, bread dumplings. I actually thought Rhys's toast ice cream was a clever twist, even though he didn't really pull it off (and even though: ugh, ice cream). I found the spaghetti bolognese challenge too confusing -- was the point to make a dish that was still reminiscent of spag bol, or just to take the ingredients and do whatever you wanted? And in the latter case did it need to be inventive at all (because pasta alfredo is not inventive)? Even Matt noted the contestants seemed confused, but then made no apparent effort to clarify.
  3. Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    Holy shit, I genuinely didn't think this would get picked up due to ratings. Netflix really is best case scenario, too -- less bloated seasons, fewer network content restrictions and less reliance on the police procedural stuff. What a nice surprise!
  4. Yeah a show with both of them is being pitched to networks, although Avenatti -- a man who's never met a TV camera he didn't want to shove his face into -- claims has "no interest in television right now.” I don't know if this was supposed to be a proof of concept, or if Colbert's people just read that and thought "Hah let's make that happen!" but either way, I don't think the networks will be fighting each other to make this a reality.
  5. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    Every time I hear it, I think of the (deliberately) terrible song "Love Autopsy" in the Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore film Music and Lyrics.
  6. Well this episode certainly did nothing to to contradict the non-Aussies' belief that Australians subsist on a diet that's 90% beetroot. I too think blue should've lost over that pork. If you go out to dinner and the entree and dessert aren't amazing but the main is, you'd be happy. A great dessert never makes up for a crappy main though. (And after a crappy main, you probably won't order dessert anyway).
  7. Younger in the Media

    “Younger” Is “Gossip Girl” for the Publishing Industry -- a nice piece in the New Yorker
  8. S05.02: A Titanic Problem 2018.06.12

    This BTS video on the emergence of "Bitchy Charles" this episode is pretty funny. His face transitioning from "Liza's a hip young person who wears zany fashionable outfits" to "Oh shit, Liza's just a middle aged woman throwing random wacky crap together because she has no idea" was great.
  9. Not necessarily if she was a features writer. In the interview, I think the editor tried to entice her with the idea of doing a story where she was embedded somewhere, so that could take months. Assuming this place is supposed to be like Vice, they have writers in the news section who are doing multiple stories a day, and then those off doing long "I took acid and then went pig farming in a war zone" features that can take ages. But usually you're overlapping multiple articles at once. And that particular article shouldn't have taken weeks. (At a magazine like Scarlett, I can imagine she might also have had duties like compiling those product roundups that fashion mags usually have up front, or pitching in on other recurring sections of the magazine; also these days probably blogging smaller stories daily in addition to whatever she's working on for print). Except for that one girl who kept tweeting the wrong thing last season, have we ever seen anyone actually working for Kat? Would she really be the one at the fashion shoot doing the Snapchatting these days? Shouldn't she have minions for that?
  10. Depending on the publication, editors may wholesale rewrite the entire article -- I've certainly done it many times. It will also vary by publication (and editor) on whether the reporter gets to see it before it's published. I personally like them to read it because I don't want factual errors that can occur in a heavily edited piece, but I don't necessarily care if they don't like the way it's (re)written. Reporters can get too close to a story and their sympathy for the subject can cloud their judgement -- which is exactly what happened here: the menstrual cup woman was doing something super shady (she didn't just make a mistake, she was trying to cover up what had happened) and the editor was right to make that the lede, not some wishy washy "well, she means well." (The actual edit was some bad writing though; "Bloody fraud" is a decent headline however). All that said, from memory, this editor sold Jane on the job by saying she wanted her specific voice and also really seemed to be offering her more of a features writer position than a news writer one, so there's obviously a disconnect there. If it's the case that Jane just happened to stumble across some real news when writing what was supposed to be a puffy feature, they probably should've talked about how to handle it. But Jane should also probably have had some inkling of the kind of publication she was signing up for (I think Incite is supposed to be like Vice-lite?). Anyway, I really liked Kat's storylines in both episodes and hope Sutton gets to move on from that dull executive/lawyer/whatever guy with the doctor.
  11. Yeah fair play to Khanh for screwing over the chef, it's pretty much the only way to win a pin unless they mess up. In fact, immunity challenges would be better if there was a really bizarre ingredient every week; it would be a fairer fight and the pros wouldn't face so much embarrassment by losing.
  12. I'm going to stick my neck out and say I thought the 3D food printer was cool! Visuals are important in food and I reckon I'd be wowed if that was served to me. I'd be pretty disappointed to pay $190 for a meal and get a regular lemon pie at the end. I can't hang too much shit on any of the contestants this episode because it seemed pretty hard and fiddly. I do agree Ben probably deserved the most accolades for finishing everything, but I can't get too worked up about it. I'm just happy Hoda survived.
  13. The criticism of Sashi's dish not being seasonally appropriate was some bullshit. Since when has than ever been a requirement before? I actually liked the look of Jess's flower thing with the apple. Way more creative than ice cream + crumb + twill/praline/whatever. Why did Sarah say pumpkin "bark" when it was clearly chips (or even crisps) and "chips" sounds 1000% more appetizing? I'm glad the judges told her straight up that "bark" sounded gross even if it's a trendy word.
  14. Ocean's Eight (2017)

    I thought the writing was a bit weak... but the amazing cast overcame it and the result was just a plain fun movie that never dragged even if it never quite hit the heights it might have. Loved all the characters and would absolutely watch a sequel. Definitely a strong queer lady presence in my opening night screening, although the rest of the crowd was a real mix age/race/gender-wise. Big cheer went up when Debbie Ocean said she wanted to inspire young girls to become criminals (or whatever it was). I wish a film like this had been around when I was a little girl, I can tell you. Say what you will about "gender flip" movies, but it is fresh to see female characters just get to be cool people who rob diamonds or hunt ghosts without being overtly sexualized or traumatized or exist mostly in relation to a dude.
  15. Mauritian creole is based on French, so I'd guess it probably has some relation to "roux." I thought it looked great! I wish we'd seen more Mauritian food from Brendan, because it isn't a cuisine I know a lot about.