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  1. S16.E02: Bourbon, Barrels and Burgoo

    If she were on a private plane instead of a commercial flight, it'd be very easy.
  2. New Episodes Discussion: DuckTales (2018) Season 2

    I'd argue Della's being on the moon in general is a nod to that video game (or if it isn't yet, it will be shortly).
  3. Because the entire show is possessed by an Exposition Poltergeist.
  4. The most conspicuous aspect of the Kardashians' voices is vocal fry, but they are also from Southern California. I don't hear vocal fry from Jiwan, but being from San Diego, it's possible he does have some SoCal vowels that might sound similar to the Kardashians. I don't hear similarities between them, but to one who does, I suspect it's just recognizing a general SoCal-ness to it.
  5. S04.E01: Cake and Pastry Week

    Right at beginning, one of the Spices (I forget which) said something to the effect of "Here we are in England" <big overhead cam shot> I was bothered by two things in this episode (or these episodes): 1) New Judge was giving a lot of nothing-comments. Usually the judging on this show, and I'm including all the various judges in both British and American permutations, are quite specific. It's one of the things I enjoy about the show compared to other cooking shows. She literally said "party in my mouth" and I wanted to stop her like a training puppy and say NO. Bad judge! Use your words! That was the worst one, but a lot of her other remarks, at least what the editing left in, were totally useless for giving me a sense of the bake beyond the fact that she liked it or didn't. 2) I am very perturbed Paul also committed pointless TV cliche commentary. "I don't like this..... I LOVE IT". If I want to hear that sort of nonsense I'll watch fucking MasterChef thank you very much. Try again, Paul. Don't do that. You're better than that.
  6. S03.E10 Saving Christmas

    I didn't mean the hair color. I did mean the second episode. They've had a bit of a pendulum on just how dumb Taylor is, but they've been hitting the "Taylor is dumb and that's our primary joke about her", to me, since all the way back then.
  7. S03.E10 Saving Christmas

    Same time they recast her.
  8. Season Five Episode Talk

    I'm under the impression that part of the casting process is to confirm they have such photos and stories, and any prospective contestants who did not (or could not come up with some when pressed) would not have been cast.
  9. Season Five Episode Talk

    I know Nancy was saying the texture was "challenging" as a euphemism/trying to lighten the blow, but for me as a viewer it was as useless as her saying "bad". Like, hello I am at home watching on television and have no way of knowing what is wrong with it say maybe paint a picture for me?
  10. S09.E10: Better Off Sled

    In terms of hill vs flat, they're just being dicks. Without knowing the topography of the rest of the park...it's possible that was the most open/free of trees (or other stuff) area and thus they did have some reason for not wanting to go elsewhere when the sledders showed up. Not that one can't have a snowball fight in a tree-heavy area, but if I'm trying to come up with a reason why they chose that specific spot in the first place...my point is if I squint I can come up with some other than just being obstructionists. Because you know since they're locals that they know that's The Sledding Hill. It's also possible other flatter areas might be more well-traversed, so if it weren't a hugely deep snowfall, it might be the hill was best because (other than sledding) no one is really traipsing through there. But then, given Teddy was able to drive over there without creating a giant mud-filled, tiretrack disaster, it seems like there was probably enough snow around that trafficness shouldn't be a factor in terms of supply...it might be in terms of being out of the way of random bystanders to not seriously injure someone other than their intended targets. I've put way too much thought into this in the past minute. I hate snow.
  11. S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    The first time they did the gag I was very 'meh. It's been hit or miss for me, and I forget if I laughed at the one from this episode, but a couple of them did have me cracking up. It's a non sequitur bit and dependent on its non sequitur-ness, and I'm OK with that and accept that some of them will be duds.
  12. This suggests the actor is from Boston or thereabouts.
  13. S04.E08: Manager's Conference

    My point was not that Mateo should/could get away with it. I'm saying it was weird to me he hadn't either come up with a better lie and/or ploy for sympathy. He was expecting to have that conversation with someone eventually. He had a ton of time to think of how he would attempt to talk his way out of it (or if his plan was not to attempt to talk his way out of it...then why scramble for a lie). It didn't play to me like he'd thought it through many times over and in the moment panicked and lied poorly. It played to me like he'd spent all his energy worrying about getting caught but put no thought into what he might do when he finally was caught. If he'd resigned himself to be found out and get deported there's not point in lying at all, but if you're going to lie, put some effort into it. Either go social engineering and try to Frank Abignale your way out of it, or go for sympathy and hope maybe they just fire you but don't turn you in, or SOMETHING. We've seen plenty of episodes that involved him scheming, but in this one he just made something up on the spot (in a way that was obviously him making it up on the spot, even to someone as flaky as Glenn) and I found that narratively unsatisfying.
  14. S02.E10: Quarantine

    For me, I thought it was pretty clear the camera was focusing on the pickle slice hanging out of the sandwich and he either saw or smelled it or both before tossing it.
  15. S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    I might still be laughing about Kamala Hare-ris.