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  1. S04.E02: Baby Shower

    The reasoning I've always been given for "no showers after the first kid" was because in theory you have stuff already. Amy's point is a good one that things like car seats expire, but I'm pretty sure it was implied earlier in the show that Glenn and Jerusha until recently were still accepting placements, and have adopted a large number of the kids they fostered. So they especially would be likely to have baby stuff in their house. Unless they're not certified for infants, which I suppose is possible.
  2. S09.E03: Tweentrepreneurs

    I don't understand why Frond and Zeke both kept saying PBS. Should've been BBC? The whole conversation was weird and distracted me from the episode more than it should've.
  3. S04.E01: I Want to Be Here

    I don't think it was about penance for Nathaniel. When Nathaniel listed other things he'd done at other times, I took it to mean one of his go-to coping mechanisms is that when he feels very bad (emotionally) about something, he seeks out activities that will make him feel equally bad or worse physically. Whether that causes some sort of comparative effect (dehydration and a bloody nose is more unpleasant than his emotions so then they don't seem as bad/he has something else to focus on) or if it's more of his just wanting a physical manifestation of bad feelings that he can control (now I have an actual reason to feel this bad, so now it is acceptable to feel bad), I'm not sure. Given what we saw of his relationship with his parents I'm guessing more the latter? But it's that sort of thing where he's either replacing emotional pain with physical pain, or distracting himself from emotional pain with physical pain.
  4. S04.E02: Baby Shower

    I thought baby showers after the first child was generally Not Done? So neither Jerusha nor Amy really should've had one. Although I get why Amy wanted to go with Jonah's discount scheme since it's been so long between children.
  5. S03.E03 Katie Girls

    I thought the show said she was 28 when the kids were born in 1980? So she did go to high school in the late 60s.
  6. S12.E04: The Tam Turbulence

    I don't really think the age difference between Sheldon and Tam matters a ton to the "betrayal", nor their specific ages at the time. When they first started the story I expected Sheldon's grudge would be baseless or him overreacting since that's usually the case, but even if they had both been 20, if you make plans with a friend that "we will both move to different state X together and be roommates" and one, last minute it sounds like, suddenly bails and is all 'nah, I'm staying here, that's a pretty crappy thing to do. Not saying everyone would end the friendship over it instantly or hold a grudge for 20 years, but it's pretty reasonable to me that anyone would be perturbed by that.
  7. S04.E01: I Want to Be Here

    Rebecca Bunch cannot sing at all. Rachel Bloom can and has plenty before. This episode had way more of Rebecca singing in-story than any one previously (as opposed to musical delusions in Rebecca's head).
  8. S2, E3: 36 Hours

    I think she's just as socially inept as Shaun is, just in different ways and for different reasons.
  9. S2, E3: 36 Hours

    The endometriosis plot really bothered me. Before they even started arguing in the OR they were being unprofessional, and I am not a lawyer (or a doctor) but to me as a layperson, seemed like they were looking at malpractice anyway. It was absolutely absurd that the doctors kept saying "wow it's so much worse than the imaging!" That is a shit excuse. The only way to diagnose endometriosis definitively IS SURGERY. It is extremely common for it to not show up on imaging at all. There are certain things you can see on imaging that classically accompany endometriosis, so a doctor might look at an image and say "yup, this is totally that", but all of Melendez's surprise at how bad it was and all the "no wonder she was in so much pain" made him sound like a moron. It would've been more likely that an OB-GYN specialist would've diagnosed very likely endo based on the symptoms alone, and then used imaging to confirm the need for surgery to check it out more. They were expecting an hour surgery and it took 27? Before even going in they should have had a clear plan with the patient: what do you want us to do if the lesions are more severe than it looks, what do you want us to do if it's all on the outside of your ovaries, what blah blah blah. They shouldn't have needed the husband to choose live in that moment. These surgeries are often exploratory. I don't know if it's true with all surgeons, but to me, it was suggested the first basically be "confirm it exists" and if the lesions were small and easily gettable, take them out. But there was the distinct possibility always of the surgery being just "yup, this is what you've got, here are the remaining surgerical and non-surgical options" with it not all happening at once. They were morons to be so optimistic and over-promising before the surgery started...which I guess is very common on TV but even without ominous TV music implying this one was about to go south, everything he said to her before they started was way overpromising.
  10. MLB Thread

    I believe so.
  11. S44.E02: Awkwafina / Travis Scott

    I don't think having Pete discuss the Kanye thing was in any way related to his relationship or his being a "favorite" of Lorne (even if both those things exist/are true). It seemed to be a very intentional choice to have him do that bit. They called it out at the beginning on purpose. They were anticipating at least some degree of reaction to be "well, hey Kanye's mentally ill, Kanye's had a TBI, cut him some slack". So it was entirely purposeful that they had Pete do the talking, as a means of getting out in front of that and saying, no, look I'm mentally ill, let's not excuse all behavior with "but he's mentally ill". I thought the entire bit worked.
  12. S05.E13: Let's Hear It for the Kids

    When he first did the cut and restore I thought "gee why bother, they know that's done!" but then he did...other stuff. I was still a bit surprised he was a fooler.
  13. S04.E01: Back to School

    I was frustrated with where this went, even though what I thought was happening initially wouldn't have been very funny or dramatic. At first I thought the staff had been given some sort of advance talking-to before Jonah and Amy came back to remind them not to say anything about the incident, and then they weren't because they were actually being, ya know, professional. I didn't think it was a "treat Amy differently because she's a woman" thing. I thought it was just that the majority of the staff were acting like grown-ups, and Jonah happened to be working with the two guys incapable of behaving appropriately. I do understand Amy coming to the conclusion she did, but it was unsatisfying that they presented it as though she were correct? It also infuriates me that the 14 year old propositioned her, she said no, and somehow it turned into a discussion of how she harassed him. I probably shouldn't be surprised, and it's probably realistic, but it's still...flames...flames on the side of my face.
  14. S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    This is how it played to me. I don't think they were presenting it that Penny never wanted children and oops she and Leonard really should've discussed it before. It's not like when Bernadette originally was thoroughly anti-kid. I think Penny was previously either ambivalent or maybe assumed she'd have kids because "it's what you do" but the more time she spends with Bernadette since having children, the more thought she's put into it, and consequently came to the realization that actually she really doesn't want them. In fact I think it may have happened in the moment when Bernie was pushing the issue that something clicked with Penny and she shifted from "meh whatever maybe later" to "nope!" That's why we saw her immediately go home and try to talk to Leonard about it. It wasn't some secret before. I think she realized this within the span of the episode and promptly tried to have the conversation.
  15. All Episodes Talk: I'd Like To Buy A Vowel

    I was surprised he didn't get biking to work. I had it before he'd finished his letters.