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  1. Scandalous Quotes

    Will: This is a decent cunny house!
  2. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    And in Dan's place they'd have done just what he did.
  3. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    Maybe they ordered a prepared dinner, and that's why it came in so close to the deadline. Tried to remember whether Chuck had really been Dan's best friend all along. Maybe he's the only one still living.
  4. S10.E09: Knee Deep

    Was it cold, or has Roseanne lost her sense of smell? She shouldn't have been so surprised to see it. Of course she didn't want her nipples moved -- she got that with her breast reduction surgery, back in the day.
  5. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    Remember Jerry? They weren't empty nesters for very long. I get the impression that they were maintaining a precarious financial balance till Darlene and the kids showed up. I think they were all hoping Becky would "comp" that meal (you know, steal it from her employer).
  6. S10.E08: Netflix & Pill

    Well, Darlene could have taken over but she didn't. And when she told Dan something like "we're doing OK," I thought, "Who is this 'we' of which you speak? You don't pay the bills." (Of course, if David hadn't abandoned the family she might not have ended up on her parents' doorstep before the ink was dry on her severance check.) Maybe the job will give Darlene something to write about. The Old French Whore outfit cracked me up.
  7. S04.E21: Blue Valentime

    I just assumed that after the episode about the vasectomy-that-wasn't, Bow and Dre were playing contraceptive "chicken" -- she was saying, "If you don't get snipped, you know what could happen," he was saying, "If you don't go back on the Pill, you know what could happen," and both were thinking, "If it could happen, it would have happened by now." They weren't motivated to prevent it.
  8. S03.E22: Town Hall

    The camera switched on when the main camera switched off because that's the way Garrett set it up. Maybe the condom mention was supposed to establish once again that Jonah is better than Adam, who really was a dog if he wore his Obama shirt with intent to seduce and still showed up unprepared.
  9. S03.E22: Town Hall

    I liked how even Carol got scared. One more thumb in the eye for Kelly. It reminded me of Garret filming Cheyenne in labor, and the image showing up on all the TV screens (all identically pixelated).
  10. S10.E06: No Country for Old Women

    To a slightly older generation, he'll always be Jim Ignatowski.
  11. S03.E20: Gender Reveal

    Was she inspired by the first season of Cheers, where Carla explains why she's pregnant by her ex-husband? The scene seemed eerily familiar, right down to the Very Special Shirt.
  12. S10.E04: Eggs Over, Not Easy

    Maybe her first bad decision was a grief-fueled drunken hookup with a community college teacher, and her second was dropping out so she'd never have to face him again.
  13. S10.E04: Eggs Over, Not Easy

    I'm just assuming that the Connors never mention Andy because it's such a sore point with Jackie.
  14. S10.E04: Eggs Over, Not Easy

    And comes over to do her laundry. And Mary throws herself into Granny Rose's arms. Looks like they don't see each other all that often, and it's a treat when they do. I just want to know why she lost her job. If she had to uproot her kids after she was fired for cause, that would explain her guilty indulgence of Harris.
  15. S04.E19: Dog Eat Dog World

    Saw Roseanne earlier -- was this Get a Dog night on ABC? I was starting to think that Dre might have a point about Junior.