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  1. Andy Cohen is ridiculous at times ! If he means Ryan shouldn't underestimate how nasty , petty, and vengeful Kelly can be, he is right . But after Kelly's public hissy fit , I doubt anyone with a brain at ABC, or Ryan are expecting that Kelly would not act like a spoiled, nasty brat , and make them look like the monsters if she feels threatened. The fact that ABC paid mega bucks for Ryan and put him in the chair next to a supposedly experienced cohost, shows they no eay are under estimating how difficult Kelly can be with someone she can feels above in the cohost chair, or if she feels slighted . Also, Kelly is so so fake with her non stop gushing and complimenting of Ryan . It's so obvious she is overcompensating for her insecurities. it is great seeing Ryan and not some butt kissing newbie having to walk on eggs with executive producer " Kelly! She showed ABC twice how she will be vengeful and rude to cohosts when she feels in control. It is so entertaining watching her grovel at Ryan and not be the big cheese ! Bravo to ABC for giving nasty Kelly her consequences, but not playing into her hands so she can play victim! Instead of her being butt kissed, she is now doing it to make sure more powerful Ryan doesn't take over ! She so deserves this !
  2. I think the difference between dissing a heavy person and talking about Kelly's situation is that Kelly keeps saying how far she is and how her clothing is bursting if she supposedly eats a meal. She also constantly acts like she's eating so much, especially fatty, greasy and sugary food . Also, Kelly constantly looking for the "beautiful " comments when she says how fat or bloated she supposedly looks . it would be as if a very heavy actress sat around saying how she worked out and never eats and somehow is over 250 lbs . Also, both very thin and very heavy are not healthy, but Kelly and other skeletal women are held up as the ideal beauties . That is not Kelly's fault. But she does act like teen girl obsessed with being size zero and putting down her body constantly . Kelly will soon be 50, that doesn't mean she has to be a certain weight . But, it just is sad and annoying to see her obsession with putting down her boney body as being "fat", pretending she eats all day, and also needing her fragile ego to be boosted based on how skinny she can get . I feel sorry for any girls who are being raised by women who seem to need to look like preteens and also put down their own bodies all the time. Kelly seems to be a good mom in many ways, but the way she speaks and acts about her own body is not a great thing for Lola, as it's not a great thing when any parent puts such importance on looks, and seems to be unable to accept their own body . Also, if she thinks she is far and mocks her own body, it's kind of inderectly putting down any woman who is not s size zero.
  3. What is disturbing and sad is that the media pushes females who look more and more prepubescent. They don't have hair "down there", as Kelly would say, and their bodies look like they are still pre-teen. It's almost like the more equal women get in other areas of life, the more they are pushed to look like children and where size "0", so they are less threatening. The other disturbing thing is Kelly's obvious need to either inform us of how much she works out, or how much she eats. Her little statement on how Google search automatically goes to "how many calories are in....". Yeah right Kelly, it's not that you are looking for that in previous searches.
  4. I had a roommate in college with an eating disorder and sadly she was always talking about how much she ate, but she would barely eat . Many times the obsession and cooking of food withou eating can be a sign of a problem. Kelly barey puts food in her mouth when it's on the show. I also remember her talking about going for s second run in the heat when the show was in New Orleans because she had eaten a few pieces of fried food . I think it's the haircut . Her body looks prepubescent in tight clothing . And I am sure her stylist finds padding to give some shape . i do not get why she thinks it's normal that she was wearing GAP kids in her 30's and also weakening Lola's clothes when her daughter was 9 years old .
  5. I like a lot of celebrities that would be considered talented, have long resumes of acting or other jobs on entertainment, and who probably make much more than Ripa and her hubby. i also don't envy someone who seems to have major issues with being skeletal and is inderweight by any healthy standard . I also don't envy someone who has to resort to plastic everything to try to stay young looking . iMO women like Hoda or Valerie Bertinelli have a natural realness about how they speak, and seem to be able to get outside of themselves when they are with others Those are women who IMO are better choices for a host . I am not jealous of them, nor am I jealous of kelly . I find Kelly phony and super unprepared to interview or to host chat on most days . She literally makes every conversation about herself. Her behavior when she felt entitled to something she didn't get also showed a side of her I just find sickening and very out of touch with reality as to her importance. So, no it's not jealousy. I admit it is kind of interesting and fun to think that her lousy behavior toward others on the air and her grudges might get some consequences now!
  6. Yeah, looks like they are amping up the embarrassing, adolescent, sex talk and innuendos for sweeps! It's just pathetic to watch. I'll take Today any day over disjointed, childish host chat, with fake Kelly.
  7. Suddenly there are all of these nice articles and interviews with Kelly. Looks like her management is making sure she is looking like the nice , sweet little host as Ryan comes on board, and just keep her in the news . Looks like Live was just part of a package for Ryan and they really do not care if Kelly leaves or not, or if the show goes awa. Or maybe the rumors are true and they will just expand GMA and dump Live, along with Kelly. Seems like Ryan is the one they really want . I wonder how Kelly is feeling about being with someone on equal footing as a cohost , and also being offered other things with ABC . i doubt she'll be carrying books to put down ABC and having tantrums, or skipping work anytime soon. She has to know they don't need her as much as they did a year ago- unless she's stupid .
  8. I thought they said he was going to be on the same day that Caitlyn was on, but suddenly he was on Wednesday. It seemed like they ran out of time since Caitlyn had 3 segments on Tuesday.
  9. Caitlyn Jenner got three segments and John Legend got pushed to another day! Ugh . I felt bad for Bruce two years ago , I just can't stand Caitlyn. Not because she's transgender, but she had to put salacious details of her marriage to Kris, and details about things Robert Kardasian, the father of his stepdaughters may have said in confidence. No matter what Kris is , she is still the mom of two of his children, and Robert K is still the dad of his stepdaughters, and he's not alive to defend himself . Watching Kelly gushing over Caitlyn was nauseating. I think Caitlyn is very selfish and had no care for how anyone else was treated when voting, but only got you when her candidate turned on the transgender community. I wonder if Kelly and Mark will have Caitlyn guest star on their gay reality show about fire island! Or maybe she'll bee vacationing with them soon with her new boyfriend or girlfriend! I am surprised that Kelly and Mark would produce such a tacky looking show. I thought they might do a show to promote gay awareness, not some gay reality show which looks like a raunchy, stereotypical portrayal of gay men. I'm also surprised that they would be involved in a show like this when they have kids who will know their parents are involved in this tacky show. I would say that about any reality show that was so raunchy and stupid looking, not just because it's about gay men.
  10. Seems like Kelly makes sure she constantly gushes over her cohost's looks so they respond by telling her how she is also great looking ! She's doing that a lot with Morris Chestnut since h doesn't come out and instantly gush over her ! Since she didn't get the response on Monday when she said that that men are not watching her boney butt to get turned on during spin class, she had say something like " men are not watching me ...", again on Tuesday . . No one was talking about that again, but Kelly did have to bring that up. Finally, she gets the response she wanted ! Morris says "I beg to differ".... Kelly's insecure ego is satisfied! No one can ever sit next to Kelly and not tell her how beautiful, sexy, talented .... etc.... when she does her fake modesty act ! Morris is actually a good cohost , so was Scott , but I have a feeling Kelly wants no permanent cohost, and maybe Disney would rather not have more drama by hiring someone , since Kelly has s lousy track record when cohosts don't do what she thinks they should do!
  11. Poor Kelly just flew in a few hours before the show because there were delays? They were on bacari N for two weeks . Maybe you should fly in a day earlier so you can make it without rushing to your 20 million dollar a year job.
  12. Yes, it did the other day! Oh, today Kelly once again said that her teen aged kids sleep in her bed when Mark is out of town. I kind of get Lola getting in bed and having kind of a sleep over with her mom. I just find it odd to think of Juaquin at 13 or 14 sleeping in his mom's bed .
  13. I actually saw a movie that Jerry and his wife were in on Hallmark. It's weird seeing a calm Jerry, and he and his wife had good chemistry. I read months ago that Kelly didn't want a co-host , she apparently wanted the show to be her's alone . Now that ratings are down , she's probably pushing to hire someone . Anyone who has seen her pattern of being a bitch to her co-hosts when they leave, and not speaking to them after years of working with them, probably would think twice about taking a permanent job with her. Also, Kelly's little display of passive aggressiveness toward Disney, when she behaved as if she was some coal miner or underpaid factory workers who was mistreated, I am sure did not go unnoticed. You don't not fail to show up for work, and then publicly diss your employer , and basically say they disrespected you, while you show no respect to your costar and insult him on the air. Kelly thinks she's "all that", and she's no more than a teeny part of a huge corporation. When Michael was on the show, they consistently were #12 , and were "top talker". Now they are down to # 19. They apparently are down over 20% in ratings. Maybe if Kelly didn't have a a history of her unprofessional behavior, and grudges things would be different.
  14. Was home because of a snow day yesterday. Kelly with her usual phony entrance tells a man who works at National Geographic that the applause is for him ! Yes, the audience all know this man from National Geographic! He eeems like a good guy, and he was less annoying than Jerry or Christian , but the crowd is yelling because they are told to yell! Then came the wonderful story about Kelly looking in her children's butt holes at 1am for pin worms ! You know it's bad when the cohost who works for National Geographic, where they show animals being eaten alive in nature, thinks that your conversation is gross ! Kelly has some funny moments, but she is still not a good host after how many years? Host chat is reduced to stupid clippings, toilet talk , and add talk . And as much as the cohorts might be nice, you can tell they are now putting anyone in that chair.
  15. OMG, I wanted to see some of the guests so I sat through host chat . So , so annoying ! Christian Slater has one of the most annoying, boring voices . He also interrupts about as much as Kelly! Kelly is her usual self . What is it with the pretend cigarette? It was priceless when she was acting like Gelmann was all elite because he has a home in Long Island, while she has a mutil-million dollar mansion in the Hamtptons, along with her multi-million dollar home in the city ! i can totally see why the ratings are down . The show is still pretty well produced, but host-chat, which was why many people tuned in just sucks now .