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  1. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I feel weird even saying that someone's smile grates on my nerves, but Hoda's does! For me, it's hard to really dislike Hoda, because she seems like a good person, but I find myself constantly annoyed when I see her picture or see her on screen lately. I just can not stand a constant huge, toothy, smile, and sometimes with the open mouth all the time. I am not sure why it bugs me, I am thinking that it doesn't look real, because no one is that happy happy all the time. It just looks fake at times, and it's weird looking. Seriously - close your big mouth! I guess Hoda fits the trend of woman needing to not appear to intelligent, so they are not threatening. It sad because women used to try to dress professionally and show intelligence. I get that women do not need to be all dressed in male looking suits to be professional, but wearing skirts and dresses that show your spanks, and no sleeves when it's 10 degrees outside , is just odd. Men wear suits and ties, and the women were clothing that looks like they are going to the beach or a party. I am not a prude, I don't care if someone does that on the 4th hour of Today, but it seems like women are almost making themselves look less threatening by wearing party dresses and no sleeves while reading the news. Then again again, the "news" is not news anymore after a few serious headlines. The first hour of Today always has some silly entertainment story which sounds like E network! Maybe I am off base here, but I am around Hoda's age, and I remember when women tried hard to be taken seriously, and would not act like a ditzy thing while reading the news. Now it's like they act stupid with the "whaaaat", or other dumb things, that make them come across like high school girls. I think Hoda is so well liked because she is non threatening, most of the time only partially informed, and also immature at times. It's too bad this is the trend but I guess this is the way things are going.
  2. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Kathie Lee is so annoying , but this may not be a popular opinion but I find Hoda annoying too. i think it’s great that Hoda has a baby, but having to hear about every thin the baby does is a bit much . Also, the constant “inspirational “ Saying is just annoying too. i am glad she survived cancer , but I hate to say it I have known women who had chemo for months , lost their hair, had radiation and mastectomies and still do not talk about being survivors as much as Hoda who basically had one lump removed ! I get it is traumatic to hear you have cancer , but she is over the top . It did not change her life or health .
  3. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    OMG the “what...?” nowas its own segment on Wednesdays ! So ridiculous! They sound like idiotic teens who can’t let go of some catch phrase ! I think Kathie Lee has been through a a lot and now she has no filter on her preaching . Her twitter account is filled wirh Bible quotes and now she apparently has written some biblical book . Hey , of that helps her get through day , that’s fine, but a morning talk show is not that place to constantly talk about your religious views and sing religious songs . Not everyone subscribes to her faith and wants to hear that . And the fact she likes #45 when preaching about appropriate behavior and kindness just shows she’s a hypocrite too ! That along with gushing over Craig Ferguson who is raunchy and not even funny , he’s like a middle school boy who has to say worlds like “ejaculation” on morning tv repeatedly. And Hoda is so damn annoying with the kissing up to Kathie Lee and just bring so dumb and clueless all the time .
  4. Kelly Ripa

    There is a picture of Lola from May or June last year on the red carpet of some New Jersey Hall of Fame induction wirh Kelly . I didn’t realize Kelly was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame ! I do not get letting a girl her age dress like that . I think it’s even a bit much for an adult woman . Oh remember when Kelly was de upset that Lol was wearing legging with a short top. Not it seems like she either approves of the wardrobe or she’s given up trying to control her choice or clothing .
  5. All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    KL showed up my news feed smiling and introducing Trump and wife . She went from blubbering over a known sleaze and saying she adored him, to the tree lighting . Interesting that she acts horrified at a movie if it doesn’t meet her moral standards , or a song that isn’t country or a broadway hit when Hoda plays music, but she can smile and support men who have done and are doing things that don’t seem to fit her religious beliefs at all , and hurt people with their words and actions regularly. I feel bad for KL, she does seem like a person who is sincerely trying to be a good person, but it seems like she is way more forgiving of men who assault and indirectly blames women for assault . She always will say that she never had any problem with any known, and how she would never do things that she felt would make her a target, and she never seems all upset for the female victims of assault . I actually was glad to see Jenna Bush today instead of having to get my daily preaching from KL. She really needs to go on a Christian Network where she can sing and preach about her beliefs everyday . i wonder how long Hoda will put up with her on that show , and if she would jump at a chance to expand her role on the first hour of Today, and quietly get away from K L.
  6. Matt Lauer: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

    She wasn’t great at her job, I never liked her either , but that doesn’t change the fact that the old boys club led by Lauer were out to get her. I am sure id She wa someone that’s Lauer wanted sexually, she would be on the job .
  7. S13.E10: Who Wants a Pilot?

    I think Jason was better on the baking championship. Now it seems as though he found out his little persona helped him win, so he is overdoing it. It seems a bit forced and like it's so exaggerated. I don't see Jason's folksy personality helping the image of southerners. If anything, like Paula, he is acting like a stereotype. Even Damaris with her nasal, twangy voice at times can be irritating. I also find Damiano who is everywhere now annoying. I know FN likes people who "stand out", but sometimes it's nice to just have a good chef who is good on camera, and stop with the little gimmicks.
  8. All Episode Talk

    The tick conversation went from funny to disgusting when Kelly had to take over and talk about her male childrens' "beans and franks" apparently referring to looking for ticks in their genitals ! Gross and inappropriate, especially since Juaquin was in the audience. He was on FF with her after the show . Mark was away so much when the kids were little ? He seemed to spend his time working out all day, and was home a lot until they got older . WTF is wrong with her ? She has no boundaries and is desperate to take the spotlight to the point of embarrassing her kids . I remember when she talked about Michael doing "you know " in the bathroom on Jimmy Kimmel because he hit puberty And Mark is into MMA fighting ? What is that ? I love Anderson Cooper too, but sometimes with Kelly he's just a little too goofy, but he's s still fun.
  9. S13.E07: Beat Bobby Flay

    Damiano annoys me too, but in all fairness, his accent is real , he's from Italy .
  10. S13.E07: Beat Bobby Flay

    Ann Burnell can grate on my nerves , but she is a good chef ! At least we didn't get Damiano (yet). He was on Dessert Games as a judge and Cutthroat Kichen this week ( of course he won). He is way more annoying than anyone so far on FNS .
  11. S13.E07: Beat Bobby Flay

    Pioneer Woman, Damaris Phillips, she even has a special Southern Fried Georgia, this weekend. She also had Sourhern at Heart. Then there is Nancy Fuller, Farmhouse rules . So many of the cooks are or have had a country or southern point of view .
  12. S13.E07: Beat Bobby Flay

    This thread is the best snark thread yet ! I really liked Jason shutting down Matthew, but I really am sick of him also. I didn't mind him on the baking challenge, but now he is almost cartoonish his over the top stupid sayings and his overdone accent . Jason is reminding me of how they transformed Rachael Ray and Paula from likable cooks into over the top annoying personalities. I think FN has enough country and southern cooks , although I do not mind Rusty because he seems to not be putting it on as much as Jason . I would like to see a good chef and cook with out the gimmick. As arrogant as Cory is, I think he is a good chef and probably would be a good host of a show. it sure seemed like Giada was over acting and out to make Cory look like he poisoned them with just a chili ! She showed her giant smile for Amy, who messed up constantly. She is now totally annoying . I think David made a way better dish, but he was too "normal". Now we have dramatic, ditzy Amy, arrogant Cory, folksy Jason Gump, and annoying Matthew . And Rusty is killing no ofna Guy Fieri type . They want the "personalities ", even if they are annoying . It keeps the show interesting in their view .
  13. All Episode Talk

    Yesterday I wasn't looking up when the trivia dancer was opening his fan , and I thought the man was passing gas! I finally heard it again when he opened the fan! What a strange sound for a fan !
  14. Kelly is a first class fake . It is fun watching her get payback for her ridiculous display of playing victim last year, and also her horrible treatment and unprofessional behavior with Michael on the air . Glad he didn't sink to her level . I am sure Kelly can retire and she and Mark can produce more tacky reality shows, but she is very competitive , and her fragile ego will not handle Ryan being the darling , while ABC probably will not worry about making sure she is happy.