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  1. Damiano annoys me too, but in all fairness, his accent is real , he's from Italy .
  2. Ann Burnell can grate on my nerves , but she is a good chef ! At least we didn't get Damiano (yet). He was on Dessert Games as a judge and Cutthroat Kichen this week ( of course he won). He is way more annoying than anyone so far on FNS .
  3. Pioneer Woman, Damaris Phillips, she even has a special Southern Fried Georgia, this weekend. She also had Sourhern at Heart. Then there is Nancy Fuller, Farmhouse rules . So many of the cooks are or have had a country or southern point of view .
  4. This thread is the best snark thread yet ! I really liked Jason shutting down Matthew, but I really am sick of him also. I didn't mind him on the baking challenge, but now he is almost cartoonish his over the top stupid sayings and his overdone accent . Jason is reminding me of how they transformed Rachael Ray and Paula from likable cooks into over the top annoying personalities. I think FN has enough country and southern cooks , although I do not mind Rusty because he seems to not be putting it on as much as Jason . I would like to see a good chef and cook with out the gimmick. As arrogant as Cory is, I think he is a good chef and probably would be a good host of a show. it sure seemed like Giada was over acting and out to make Cory look like he poisoned them with just a chili ! She showed her giant smile for Amy, who messed up constantly. She is now totally annoying . I think David made a way better dish, but he was too "normal". Now we have dramatic, ditzy Amy, arrogant Cory, folksy Jason Gump, and annoying Matthew . And Rusty is killing no ofna Guy Fieri type . They want the "personalities ", even if they are annoying . It keeps the show interesting in their view .
  5. Yesterday I wasn't looking up when the trivia dancer was opening his fan , and I thought the man was passing gas! I finally heard it again when he opened the fan! What a strange sound for a fan !
  6. Kelly is a first class fake . It is fun watching her get payback for her ridiculous display of playing victim last year, and also her horrible treatment and unprofessional behavior with Michael on the air . Glad he didn't sink to her level . I am sure Kelly can retire and she and Mark can produce more tacky reality shows, but she is very competitive , and her fragile ego will not handle Ryan being the darling , while ABC probably will not worry about making sure she is happy.
  7. Ratings are back to where they were with revolving co-hosts. I still believe that the combination of Kelly's behavior when Michael left, along with the fake "cohost search", complete with Kelly acting like people actually had a chance to be the permanent co host, was a major turn off to most viewers. I don't know if Kelly knew all along that Ryan was the choice, but I have a feeling if she didn't she would have had a tantrum again. So, when she would say things to the guest co-hosts, where she gave the impression they would be doing remotes in the future to Fred Savage, or Jerry O'Connell, it now comes off as rude to the cohosts and the audience. I think people got invested in thinking their opinions mattered, and suddenly out comes - Ryan? It seems to me that they did want someone that would be at least on equal footing as Kelly, after her past behavior. But it also seems like they are thinking more of the network's future, than Live. It could be they are phasing out Live, and they wanted to make sure they snagged Ryan for other shows. When I see GMA, it looks crowded with the four co-hosts. It's actually annoying. I still wonder if they will expand that to another hour, and Michael and someone else will be co-hosting. Ryan will do Idol and other projects, and Kelly will do ???
  8. I was thinking exactly the same thing last night! I never cared for Melissa's cooking, but from what I see of her as a person on social media, she seems to admire strength in women. I was surprised that she didn't call out Matthew for being such an obnoxious, unprofessional jerk. I have a feeling Bobby might have been more annoyed with Matthew and called him out on his behavior. I didn't like Suzanne, but she had Rusty screwing her over a couple of weeks ago, and once again, the judges blamed her for not somehow condensing her 'story" into her cut of segment. Are they trying to appeal to rude, crude, pushy men, who feel they are entitled to push women around? Is it too "politically correct" to have manners now?
  9. Exactly! Women are always held to some impossible standard between "weak", and "bitchy". I think that FNS reflects exactly what happens to women who dare try to have the spotlight or attention, compared to men. We see it all the time in other aspects of life. A woman is can be insulted, interrupted, have a man in her physical space, and she has to some how keep her wits about her, come up with clever ways to get control, but not be too controlling or else she is seen as mean or bitch. If she doesn't respond, and doesn't have an instant perfect reaction to asshat behavior, she is somehow incompetent. FNS is a reflection of our society today, and I won't get into the examples in our everyday life, but they are around us all the time!
  10. Deleted
  11. Andy Cohen is ridiculous at times ! If he means Ryan shouldn't underestimate how nasty , petty, and vengeful Kelly can be, he is right . But after Kelly's public hissy fit , I doubt anyone with a brain at ABC, or Ryan are expecting that Kelly would not act like a spoiled, nasty brat , and make them look like the monsters if she feels threatened. The fact that ABC paid mega bucks for Ryan and put him in the chair next to a supposedly experienced cohost, shows they no eay are under estimating how difficult Kelly can be with someone she can feels above in the cohost chair, or if she feels slighted . Also, Kelly is so so fake with her non stop gushing and complimenting of Ryan . It's so obvious she is overcompensating for her insecurities. it is great seeing Ryan and not some butt kissing newbie having to walk on eggs with executive producer " Kelly! She showed ABC twice how she will be vengeful and rude to cohosts when she feels in control. It is so entertaining watching her grovel at Ryan and not be the big cheese ! Bravo to ABC for giving nasty Kelly her consequences, but not playing into her hands so she can play victim! Instead of her being butt kissed, she is now doing it to make sure more powerful Ryan doesn't take over ! She so deserves this !
  12. I think the difference between dissing a heavy person and talking about Kelly's situation is that Kelly keeps saying how far she is and how her clothing is bursting if she supposedly eats a meal. She also constantly acts like she's eating so much, especially fatty, greasy and sugary food . Also, Kelly constantly looking for the "beautiful " comments when she says how fat or bloated she supposedly looks . it would be as if a very heavy actress sat around saying how she worked out and never eats and somehow is over 250 lbs . Also, both very thin and very heavy are not healthy, but Kelly and other skeletal women are held up as the ideal beauties . That is not Kelly's fault. But she does act like teen girl obsessed with being size zero and putting down her body constantly . Kelly will soon be 50, that doesn't mean she has to be a certain weight . But, it just is sad and annoying to see her obsession with putting down her boney body as being "fat", pretending she eats all day, and also needing her fragile ego to be boosted based on how skinny she can get . I feel sorry for any girls who are being raised by women who seem to need to look like preteens and also put down their own bodies all the time. Kelly seems to be a good mom in many ways, but the way she speaks and acts about her own body is not a great thing for Lola, as it's not a great thing when any parent puts such importance on looks, and seems to be unable to accept their own body . Also, if she thinks she is far and mocks her own body, it's kind of inderectly putting down any woman who is not s size zero.
  13. What is disturbing and sad is that the media pushes females who look more and more prepubescent. They don't have hair "down there", as Kelly would say, and their bodies look like they are still pre-teen. It's almost like the more equal women get in other areas of life, the more they are pushed to look like children and where size "0", so they are less threatening. The other disturbing thing is Kelly's obvious need to either inform us of how much she works out, or how much she eats. Her little statement on how Google search automatically goes to "how many calories are in....". Yeah right Kelly, it's not that you are looking for that in previous searches.