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  1. Seems like Kelly makes sure she constantly gushes over her cohost's looks so they respond by telling her how she is also great looking ! She's doing that a lot with Morris Chestnut since h doesn't come out and instantly gush over her ! Since she didn't get the response on Monday when she said that that men are not watching her boney butt to get turned on during spin class, she had say something like " men are not watching me ...", again on Tuesday . . No one was talking about that again, but Kelly did have to bring that up. Finally, she gets the response she wanted ! Morris says "I beg to differ".... Kelly's insecure ego is satisfied! No one can ever sit next to Kelly and not tell her how beautiful, sexy, talented .... etc.... when she does her fake modesty act ! Morris is actually a good cohost , so was Scott , but I have a feeling Kelly wants no permanent cohost, and maybe Disney would rather not have more drama by hiring someone , since Kelly has s lousy track record when cohosts don't do what she thinks they should do!
  2. Poor Kelly just flew in a few hours before the show because there were delays? They were on bacari N for two weeks . Maybe you should fly in a day earlier so you can make it without rushing to your 20 million dollar a year job.
  3. Yes, it did the other day! Oh, today Kelly once again said that her teen aged kids sleep in her bed when Mark is out of town. I kind of get Lola getting in bed and having kind of a sleep over with her mom. I just find it odd to think of Juaquin at 13 or 14 sleeping in his mom's bed .
  4. I actually saw a movie that Jerry and his wife were in on Hallmark. It's weird seeing a calm Jerry, and he and his wife had good chemistry. I read months ago that Kelly didn't want a co-host , she apparently wanted the show to be her's alone . Now that ratings are down , she's probably pushing to hire someone . Anyone who has seen her pattern of being a bitch to her co-hosts when they leave, and not speaking to them after years of working with them, probably would think twice about taking a permanent job with her. Also, Kelly's little display of passive aggressiveness toward Disney, when she behaved as if she was some coal miner or underpaid factory workers who was mistreated, I am sure did not go unnoticed. You don't not fail to show up for work, and then publicly diss your employer , and basically say they disrespected you, while you show no respect to your costar and insult him on the air. Kelly thinks she's "all that", and she's no more than a teeny part of a huge corporation. When Michael was on the show, they consistently were #12 , and were "top talker". Now they are down to # 19. They apparently are down over 20% in ratings. Maybe if Kelly didn't have a a history of her unprofessional behavior, and grudges things would be different.
  5. Was home because of a snow day yesterday. Kelly with her usual phony entrance tells a man who works at National Geographic that the applause is for him ! Yes, the audience all know this man from National Geographic! He eeems like a good guy, and he was less annoying than Jerry or Christian , but the crowd is yelling because they are told to yell! Then came the wonderful story about Kelly looking in her children's butt holes at 1am for pin worms ! You know it's bad when the cohost who works for National Geographic, where they show animals being eaten alive in nature, thinks that your conversation is gross ! Kelly has some funny moments, but she is still not a good host after how many years? Host chat is reduced to stupid clippings, toilet talk , and add talk . And as much as the cohorts might be nice, you can tell they are now putting anyone in that chair.
  6. OMG, I wanted to see some of the guests so I sat through host chat . So , so annoying ! Christian Slater has one of the most annoying, boring voices . He also interrupts about as much as Kelly! Kelly is her usual self . What is it with the pretend cigarette? It was priceless when she was acting like Gelmann was all elite because he has a home in Long Island, while she has a mutil-million dollar mansion in the Hamtptons, along with her multi-million dollar home in the city ! i can totally see why the ratings are down . The show is still pretty well produced, but host-chat, which was why many people tuned in just sucks now .
  7. I think for a huge salary, and the name recognition, some celebrities think they can move on when they can't take her anymore . Now is is constantly saying how the cheers are for Jerry, and gushing over him, just like she did to Michael in the beginning. But. When it was obvious Michael had a bigger fan base, she got increasingly nasty. Her behavior in the end was so un professional. Poor Kelly couldn't work, but she could foto an island and celebrate her anniversary! Also, her snotty divorce remarks to Michael were so over the top and showed what her real peersonality is like. i can totally see her being s snot to Anderson if he got more attention. Maybe they should just let her keep driving the ratings down and dump her, and start over again.
  8. The whining from Kenny was just too annoying . The plot was funny, but he can be so irritating ! Must they write him so over the top and obnoxious?
  9. Sorry but it's kind of obvious they had to put a girl in the finale. Kainiya grabbed something out of another kid's hand in another challenge because she wanted what the other kid had, that should be disqualified. Not to mention she's disrespectful and snippy to the judges . Is this what we want kids to think is acceptable behavior?. its one thing to help with something that isn't required , but she didn't do her own required element . Personally, I don't think they should be allowed to have help when going for a big cash prize. It is a competition, and if you are winning a prize, you should do your own work .
  10. Maybe Cole's crust was raw but at lest he actually completed he tasks that were required . It's kind of obvious to that Kaniya's tears kept her in the competition, along with them needing to have a girl in the finale. And why are disrespectful, little bratty kids thought of as "cute"? Kamiya is every kind of annoying . She has that annoying baby talk thing going on, she also had a snotty, disprerctful tone . But, it seems as thought if you cry, you stay, even if you couldn't complete the required tasks . She should have been automatically eliminated for not finishing her tasks . in general, I have a problem with people assisting their competitors in s competition where you win $25000. Although it's a nice gesture, it's not realistic, and it's plain unfair to the others who are doing their work by themselves . i know they are kids, but teaching kids that if they tear up, someone will do their work for them, and they are judged exactly like someone who did their own work, is not s good message . If they can not do their own work, and not sea orb being eliminated if they cry, they shouldn't be on the show . Kaniys isn't the first kid on this show to stay on because of crying and it's ridiculous.
  11. Hello makeup looks good for the after Oscars show, but it was good much for the Oscar night .
  12. Wow who did Kelly's make up for the Oscars? Awful ! She looked creepy ! Why did they pack it on so much? Now I know why her hair looks so ratty sometimes and so nice at other times . They put on some major extensions so get her hair looking nice ! When she says she's a human piñata, where everything comes off , and and it's like her real self is scary, she really is telling the truth! She really needs a lot of fake hair, makeup and camouflage of her skeleta body, to make herself look good !
  13. What has happened to Kelly? I haven't tuned in a lot, but she just looks different somehow. First of all, her hair is really thin, it looks like her hairline is receding. Then her face, which always looked nice, even when she is at her thinnest, looks very white, and very fake looking, and drawn. I wonder if she's been hitting the botox a little too often. She looked creepy skinny during the boxing segment. Beyond all of that, her fake persona, and her kissing up to celebrities is just so boring. She overdoes it all the time. S I see the ratings are not as high as when Michael was on, Ellen is beating Kelly in the ratings now. She was down to #20 in December. I wonder if Disney will just let her get her way and not hire a co-host, since they are saving a lot of money, and just let this sad show die a slow death. It's sad it has morphed into Kelly sitting around discussing life with her rich friends, so so boring and unrelatable. I agree that when I tune into any other talk show with women hosts, like Ellen, Hoda and Kathie Lee, or even Rachael Ray, they all do not come across like Kelly who is trying way too hard, and is so phony. I caught Fashion Finder online, and Kelly is even worse than she is on the air. Her posing and modeling is nauseating. She reminds me of some of the moms of my friends when I was in high school who just needed to always act and look like teenagers.
  14. Kelly with her own show is just unbearable! She has parade of her rich, celebrity buddies on co-hosting and they are gushing over each other . Did you know that Anderson danced with Madonna? Snore ! How many times do we hear the same stories ? Then we are treated to her constant talking about her "traumatic" childhood stories about her mom doing horrible things , like dipping the bread too long in eggs for French toast ! It was funny when her cohost yesterday sarcastically said that she needed therapy! Whet is with her hair? It looks dry, thin and ratty . She usually has very pretty hair .
  15. Kelly's boring stories over and over since we have a revolving co-host door! I read somewhere that she did not want to rush the search and enjoys the changing co-hosts. Of course she does! Now she can be the center of attention with no one competing for fans as a regular co-host. She can also make her fake gushing comments over the co-hosts, so that she receives similar compliments, and then puts on the fake modesty act when they say how "beautiful' she is! It's not surprising that ratings are going down. Speaking of that, she sure is showing her age for someone who is constantly botoxed. Once again we not only heard Kelly make her mom sound psycho, but say it in a way that makes her sound like she needs a shrink to get her past her anger. If her mom has problems, it's weird that a 46 year old woman like Kelly would not know enough to realize that she shouldn't be mocking her on tv, and also carrying around anger like a silly teenager.