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  1. S2: E4 Tough Titmouse

    Heh. I think I let out a "What in the Swiss Miss hell is going on with that hair?" when I saw it.
  2. S03.E04: Vietnam

    I admit, I found myself kinda drifting and my attention a little fractured. One thing I saw that I found interesting was that the episode was co-written by Tim O'brien, an Vietnam vet and author who wrote several books about Vietnam including the only one I've read The Things They Carried
  3. S01.E01 Pilot

    I never watched the original so I had no allegiance to it nor any strong feelings one way or another about the reboot. I went into with a 'this is a CW show' mindset and I mainly decided to catch it because I like Madeleine Mantock. I liked it. From a plot/writing perspective, It was exactly what I was expecting. The three actresses together were a pleasant surprise. Chemistry is always an iffy thing. I think they have it together and they seemed to have embraced the different personalities that the script calls for very well. I had read some of the comments before watching so I was braced for the 'Rah-Feminism' stuff. But it wasn't as intrusive as I twas prepared for. Some of it was said clearly tongue in cheek. Some was serious (the intense sister). And some was a little comedic. I do agree it was a little overstuffed. Too many plot elements thrown i all at once. And I do think Macy being accepted into the sisterhood was way to quickly and easily accomplished. All three should have felt very betrayed by this big secret and struggled more than they did to reconcile this. But overall, this was rather fun.
  4. So I am wondering where all the additional information about due date and how far along she is is coming from.? From what I can see Kensington announced the pregnancy gave a very vague Spring as the expected arrival and thanked well wishers. Are all the other reports sourced anywhere other than 'Reports from the Palace say.." Some reporter said with complete certainty and authority: "Prince George and Princess Charlotte are delighted to have a new cousin." How do you even know this? Did you talk to them. Also "she had her 12 week scans" just mean she had her scans at 12 weeks, not that this is week 12. She could be a little farther along. I would imagine with the Australia trip and them knowing she was pregnant well before the announcement that a lot of strategy and discussion went on with the Palace, The Sussexes and her physician about her travel and Zika precautions etc. well ahead of this trip. I'll bet the immediate family knew (Elizabeth, Charles, William, Kate) way before this weekend. They probably announced to the extended family who were all gathered, at the wedding. ETA: I am also getting a chuckle about the wording. Everyone keeps saying they told every AT the wedding. So I envision them all doing a "Psst, Meghan is Preggers, pass it along" from one royal to the next in those seats during the wedding.
  5. Most of what I am hearing is some variation on the 'Couldn't she have given Eugenie just one day in the spotlight" Basically snarking on Meghan for usurping Eugenie's thunder. I think she tried to fade into the background as much as she could. Everyone else wore popping jewel tones she she wore subdued Navy blue. Sure the buttoned up coat gave rise to speculation, but it was only speculation. If she had worn anything more revealing she really would have usurped Eugenie's day. Also, if she is showing (which she probably is because of the announcement) she couldn't have held off much longer in making the announcement. They went from the wedding straight to Australia. They are going to be everywhere followed by a phalanx of press and every move documented and photographed. She can only carry so many purple binders!
  6. Characters We Hate

    I wholeheartedly agree with both of these. Pierce had some terrible moments but they were reigned back at bit. But I think I started to really dislike Pierce completely with the Dungeons and Dragons episode. Later, I would wonder given all that I've heard about Chevy Chase, if Harmon pulled an art imitates life thing and wrote in some of Chase' personality into Pierce. I always disliked Chang even from S1. I think the character really affected how I viewed Ken Joeng as an actor, because I could never become enthusiastic about any other his other projects even though I'd at least give a try to other projects by the rest of the Community actors (minus Chase) out of remembered affection for the show.
  7. I dunno. Not feeling that one. It makes her shoulders look really wide. I love the draping and the waistline. And the 16th century vibe the bodice has, but the shoulders....
  8. Here's a portrait. Heh. The one little boy has the same expression on his face he had during the first kiss.
  9. I am not getting the vibe that Jon and Ashley were involved. I am getting the vibe that she was just his uber assistant who knew everything he did. My theory is that 1) she is his complete ride or die. He was up to some shady shit and she is deeply in the know and is now trying to cover it all up after death. This is why she read the letter and didn't give it to Delilah. Jon must've confessed everything in the letter and there is something in the letter that implicates Jon and Ashey herself and she doesn't know how Delilah will take it. or 2) Ashely herself was up to some shady shit and Jon's death will uncover what she was doing. So she is trying to cover her tracks and throw suspicion back on Jon. Regards his reasons for killing himself, I wonder if the show/writers would just make it about depression a la Anthony Bourdain and not necessarily something shady. Someone seemingly has everything to live for and has a great life but they are really sufferring. I think the show already alluded a little to this with Rome trying to find a video that shows Jon not smiling. It could be a case that this guy does all this altruistic stuff and is always smiling to hide an immense well of pain.
  10. Happy All Together Talk: All Episodes

    I loved Amber on Greek which I think the character of Claire is very much like her character of Ashley on Greek. She does comedy well. She and Damon work so great off each other. But then again, I also agree that DWJ is just brilliantly funny anyway. I don't think she got to really flex her comedy muscles on The Carmichael show enough she was the humorless straight man. Here chemistry with DWJ is miles above her chemistry with Jerrod Carmichael did. I watched two seasons of the Carmichael Show and Tiffany friggin' Haddish barely registered for me. I mean, I read an Essence interview of the all the actresses in Girl's Trip as part of the press ahead of the release of the movie and Tiffany just just jumped right off the page in a print interview. I had no idea it was the same person. So when a show subdues Tiffany or all people, then it is no surprise that Amber wasn't shining as bright as she could. Anyway, I agree I am enjoying this. I also think the pilot was a little stronger, but this was still funny. That doll was creepy as hell. I am loving her parents. And also agree Claire and Jake are the best parts.
  11. S01.E03: Save the Date

    Heh. I agree with all the assessments except Regina's. She just seemed so deeply disappointed in Deliliah. A silent "i am judging you" but she stayed and finished helping with the office clean out acknowledging that now was the not the time. I actually thought Gary's was the most excessive. I mean, he acted out more than Katherine did. There was a tone to his reaction that felt more over the top than it had to be. I could buy him being biting and sarcastic but you'd think he was the wronged wife the way he was acting. I think everyone else was on point, though. I still think Delilah got off way too easy.
  12. Thank you. I think Eugenie's dress worked for her and I think Meghan's dress worked for her just like I think Kate's dress worked for her. All are lovely in different ways. I also think you are right that Meghan would have come under heightened scrutiny and no matter what style she chose it would have triggered comment no matter what.
  13. S01.E03: Save the Date

    No, I agree with this. As much as I have come to like Katherine and despise Eddie for his affair, Gary's personal opinion of her may be valid. Since we have no context except the minimal one that has been presented it could be that Gary has his own relationship with Katherine that isn't great. It may not just be Eddie poisoning the group. She may be rigid and controlling. Or it just may be that is how she is with Eddie because he is slacker. Her being a little rigid and bossy and being likable for some thins and unlikable for others is not mutually exclusive. Which again, goes to speak about how weak the writing is on the women. If you are gong to include them and make then viable parts of the story, than that needs to happen sooner rather than later.
  14. S05.E01: Nora - 2018.10.09

    Yeah, this is the vibe I am getting as well. I can imagine also Iris constantly having to be the voice of caution and reason when all Nora wants to be do is emulate daddy. What I would love to see now, though, that Nora is here and in the presence of Barry and Iris with Barry that some of her blinders come off. That she learns as we have that Barry isn't perfect. That however the Iris of future is, who has live through her husband disappearing and having to raise a child (or children?) alone, that she isn't this Iris right now in front of her. If she got to see her parents interacting and understand their relationship and love, she might learn a few things about her mother. I would love this to be true. It might also explain some things as well. If, say, the sibling was more like Iris or less hero-worshippy of Barry, they might have a closer relationship and Nora might have felt a little distanced. I have to say I did like this premiere and the intro of Nora is very well done. JPK as perfect casting and she is pitch perfect with the slightly hyper-speed personality that one would expect of the speedster child who would go back in time to meet a missing (presumed dead) parent. If it is more a case of her coming back in time to prevent Barry going missing, then I am liking the parallels between her and Barry who went back in time to try to save his parent too. The scenes between Iris and Barry were excellently done. Emotional, loving and the chemistry between those two just continues to leap off the screen. But dammit Barry don't you lie to Iris all season long! Also loved the scene with Barry and Nora in the vault. Man, GG can do man angst so well. Here's hoping they don't muck up the big bad this year.
  15. S01.E03: Save the Date

    I have to agree that I love that the affair came out so quickly. I also love the way the scene played out. Katherine is my new favorite. She is such a goddamn lawyer and I love her for it! She calmly let Eddie spin out his lie and then hit him with the facts that she already knew. Room 312 indeed. Ha!! I almost wanted to be sorry for Eddie when it came out, but then I just laughed my ass off. And that poor limo driver had to cool his heels while they had their little drama. Dude just wanted to drive them to Hockey camp! I am having a hard time liking Delilah. Even outside of the affair. But her reasons for the affair are so shallow and I just don't find her sympathetic at all. And as much as I am not a big fan of Eddie's, I hate that he is the one getting all the flack an she's getting treated more delicately because she's the widow. It takes two to tango. And I have to giggle imagining the scene that happened while Delilah was in the bathroom doing the face-wash of despair and Regina called Rome: Regina: "Hi honey, how's Hockey camp going? You guys having fun?" Rome: "Hockey camp, Shmockey camp! Delilah and Eddie are having an affair. Katherine found out and she pissed. Jon probably knew!" Regina either had to have had the phone on speaker so Ashley and Maggie heard the same way she did. Or she immediately dropped dime, which, would be kind fucked up because of course the first thing you do when you find out your BFF is having an affair with a man who is her husband's BFF, is to tell her husband's secretary and some new chick y'all just met a week ago. Yeah, the writing for the women kinda sucks. Wondering about Jon's place of work. Is that his own business and if so, is it a two man show with just him and Ashley because I have not seen any other employees. Also, if that in the case, how is business still happening now that he is dead? Is Delilah just letting Ashley handle stuff? Does he not have a lawyer who is handling his estate? At some point, business is going to stop happening if Jon isn't there wheeling deals, so does Ashley just keep showing up to the office?