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  1. That explains it. I wasn't sure I was looking at the right dress. Sooo not Marchesa's style. Her style is more fairy maiden in the glen. Or princess being dressed by mice and birds. Or Elfin creature running through a forest where flora and fauna attaches to the dress. Not that slick (and honestly rather unflattering dress).
  2. Well, if they are anything like The Flash writers, they'll manage ways to make his speediness not so speedy. The show fudges on the whole "fastest man alive" thing when the plot miraculously needs him to not to be. I think it would be analogous to how when someone without Sarah's specialized martial training manages to either stick with her in fights or even sometimes best her. I mean, c'mon, no way would Ava been able to beat Sara in a fight, unless plot called for it. I am glad if it is Wally, I like the actor and the character and let's face it, as another speedster on The Flash he is pretty redundant. I mean, he is canon in the comics but for the show I feel the writers wrote themselves into a box with him.
  3. Loved his line delivery on that. Since it followed his and Amaya's guilty face, sneaking poses it was perfection. I am giggling just thinking about it.
  4. Honestly, this was probably a great venue to bring this up. The movie, Wag The Dog is about sexual misconduct and covering it up. It is about the absurd and shady lengths people in power go through to cover up a sex scandal. To me, the idea that they would be celebrating this particular movie and its themes in the current climate and not consider that someone may comment on the obvious connection is yet another indicator of the hubris of the power players. And it is likely if it had been someone other than John Oliver moderating they would have politely ignored the elephant in the room. But I think this is why people have been getting away with this stuff for years.
  5. And we're back! Great episode. Three things stood out for me: 1) The pants Terry borrowed from the Boyle cousins were soooo effin' short on him. Perfection. 2) The entire Nakatomi plaza picture taking frenzy. I can remember all those scenes exactly just from Jake's re-enactments. 3) Amy allowed to shine without anybody dumping on her. The amazed applause after she mapped out their return trip was great. This is why I don't miss Gina one bit. Gina is always ragging on Amy and I can't help but think that Gina would have spoiled that moment.
  6. Yeah, there are way too many holes in the murder. First one is motive. Why would Barry want DeVoe dead? In about 72% of murders the motive is a crime of passion (romance, DV) or money. Why was DeVoe at Barry and Iris' house in the first place? It would look worse for Barry if DeVoe had lured Barry to the Devoe's home. But by being at Barry's house he has set up reasonable doubt. Barry has proof of an intruder alert on his phone. The house was dark, couldn't Barry have thought he was an intruder? And yeah, if the wife suddenly starts spending all her time with this young hottie, then she starts looking mighty guilty.
  7. Let's see... Beebo Ray lecturing about God, evolution and science while choking on cotton stuffing, The montage of plans, Ava looking like she really could have been an extra on Vikings, Puppet Stein and Shrink Leo, Young Stein, Nate's beard, Damien's hair, Jax's exit.... this show really knows its strengths. Such fun.
  8. Yup Iris was not pleased by wedding interruptus. Added to that her shade included their non-registry gift. Ha! Poor, hot psychic dude. I couldn't help flashing back to Get Out after Devoe brain swapped him. I don't mind the development of Barry going to jail. I am looking forward to see where this is gonna go. Also, Mrs. DeVoe looks like she is not quite 100% on board with new guy.
  9. I think the Claire harassment story is actually smartly done given how brief it is. They first show her discomfort and her inclination to down play it or even doubt that it happened. When she does actually say it out loud to someone, Jared, he immediately gives an alternate explanation despite not being there and dismisses her concerns. This is pretty typical of people to wonder if the victim isn't perhaps 'reading it wrong' with the result being the victim hesitates to report for fear of not being believed or it injects some more self doubt. Then comes the abuse/praise cycle (truncated here because it is only one episode) . But after feeling her up and making her uncomfortable where she shies away, he backs off and praises her professional skills lavishly, making her forget her unease and feel gratified in the praise. When he harasses again, she confronts him, he deflects and threatens retaliation. This is why a lot of women who have been harrassed still maintain relationships with their harassers. They are kept off balance by the abuse/praise cycle and employ a variety of methods of appeasement to stave off retaliation. Claire's comment about not wanting to go to HR and make the complaint and her fear of being labeled difficult and not being believed have a higher probability because of her gender and her complexion are very real (data based) concerns. So yea, this episode hit all the right points in a remarkably smart fashion without feeling too 'special episode' abut it all. I am real curious to see what the final fall out of this is. Did she get a chance to present her issues with handsy doc? It sucks that Charming Doc was a creepy harrasser because the actor is pretty damned easy on the eyes. Sigh. Also what is up with harassers and massages? I swear all the accounts we've been hearing about in the news recently all include the perv asking for or promising a massage. I liked the smallish scene between Shaun and the custodial guy. But "Would you be happy if you died tomorrow" said by a strange guy to you in a closet where you are alone while he is holding a mop with a long handle, would make me start looking for an exit. Looking back on the pilot where I didn't like many people and hated the romantic relationships, I have to say here at midseason I pretty much like almost everyone now. But still hate the relationships. Jared and Claire do nothing for me as a couple. Also Melendez and Jessica are even worse, they have zilch chemistry. She definitely is the least interesting of all the characters. Maybe it is because she has very little to do and the actress just doesn't infuse her with a lot of personality. Man Freddie Highmore is soooo good as Shaun. That last scene with Schiff was felt so real. The way Freddie has Shaun hold his body in odd angles and his lack of eye contact is simply full body acting. He doesn't even look like the the same guy who was Norman Bates. Excellent job.
  10. Can I say how much I want to just high five John Oliver for that? That took guts because I believe 100% most people would have just stayed politely on script and had a meaningless little chat to vibe up the movie and make the audience feel good. But he is correct, here is a movie about a sex scandal and given the current climate how could he have not gone there? Good for him. There is one paragraph on Deadline's report of the incident that made me see red: Are you fucking kidding me right now, lady?
  11. I am no Supergirl watcher, but I have to admit, her Overgirl was very different from Supergirl. She seemed like she had been someone who had been indoctrinated. I think she sold her Erde-X character much, much better than Stephen Amell did his.
  12. I read that, I am of two minds. 1) They may have some insider info and therefore is floating this theory in order to later say "see...we were right" 2) They are making too much of a grand conspiracy theory of a smallish scene. The show could have just been emphasizing the waitress in such a way to make sure the people in the cheap seats in the back realize that she was someone way more important than just a random waitress at a wedding. Since most people guessed that she was a descendant, possibly Iris and Barry's daughter, the overemphasis of her on the scene is mission accomplished.
  13. I think it would have been nice to see more recognizable faces from the CW shows as part of the resistance overall. After having a real killer moment in the first hour, Wally disappeared. He could have been a resistance fighter. Him getting speedster powers on E-1 was the result of a very specific set of circumstances that didn't have to happen on E-X. So he could have just been a regular guy fighting against Nazis. I agree about Joe or even Diggle being the leader that would have been nice. Winn could have still been an objector to the plan, just not the leader. Seems weird that E-X dopplegangers all seem to have be pulled from Arrow or Supergirl.
  14. I loved the scenes of Randall at Howard. Especially the scenes where he and some of the other students all acknowledged they'd gone to predominantly white schools. We obviously know why Randal in particular would find Howard so attractive. But that element of being sometimes the 'only one' in your school makes it a a real heady possibility when you can change the circumstances some. I was just like Randall in school, plucked out of my pubic school to go to a predominantly white private school because of good grades. When I got the chance to go to college I definitely considered an HBCU. In end the end I didn't go to an HBCU but the school I did go to had a sizable, yet very close knit, black student community. I was determined to be part of it, LOL. I also loved the conversation with him and Jack in the car coming back and their foray to the Vietnam memorial. Regarding Deja, I don't see Randall and Beth's initial reaction in a negative light. They were blindsided by Deja's mom showing up at their home, acting a damn fool, and demanding they release Deja. As Deja said, her mom already knew how the process should work. And no, wanting her kid back is not an excuse to go to someone's house and act a damn fool. Let the process work. Randall and Beth deserved the right to have their knee jerk emotional reaction to process that. They were not warned she was out and she just rolled up on them. A lot of people would react the same in a similar situation. As we saw, given some time to process (less than 24 hours later) their more reasoned responses kicked in. Also corny Randall trying to bond with Deja over Beyonce and Lemonade is the best Randall. ETA: "She's safe. She's with Kevin. He's just been arrested with a DUI" is really a rather unintentionally funny line.
  15. Nate's beard action is cracking me up!