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  1. My Melania-Trump level conspiracy theory this week is that they allowed this to leak to distract from the howlingly bad reviews he's getting for his latest movie, The Snowman. The one from The Daily Beast has given me some of the biggest laughs I've had all week.
  2. I do find it fascinating that he chose to take a moment to interrupt his very special rehab to refute Lupita. My knee jerk is to just roll my eyes and say "oh, he had to try to discredit the one black woman." (which I totally did). But I also have to admit, of all the accounts I've read, hers feels the most damaging. It is so detailed, so well written, so damned authentic that even if he did have any breathing room in the coffin all the other women built around him, her account drove in the final nail in and sealed it tight. So while on the one hand, I can almost see the calculations in his head as he picks her out as the possible weakest link he can use to discredit because, well, black women, erasure, mysogynoir, and the history of sexual assault that has never been addressed because of the skewed value system and where we place in it. But on the other hand, she is one of the few who have had a full page Op-ed in the NYT to minutely detail everything, she is well respected, adored by fans, never worked with him so her success is despite him not because of him, also, she took control of the situation and 'beat' him. She won. So her account had to hurt. It makes sense, If you are going to do damage control, zero in on the thing that feels like it can do the most damage.
  3. This was a 5-star perfect episode. Everything about it just hit. - The betrayals and counter betrayals were fast and furious - everyone was always one step ahead of everyone else, fantastic timing - OfAmy - Scully's pick up line - 'This bitch!' - 'I pity the child who has to sleep under this solar system' - Amy being all hardass and competitive 'Boring!' - The proposal was fantastic. Hats off to Andy Samberg he sold the nerves and longing perfectly. - His realization that he wanted to marry Amy was because of her outrage of a typo in the crossword puzzle. Again, Andy Samberg's face! You could see him saying "Yeah, I am a goner." This put it over the top for me. Again, a fantastic episode.
  4. I really, really really wish Michaela would just tell Laurel to kick rocks. Laurel just gets worse each episode. What is up with her? I am so in love with Tegan that I will be so bummed if she is dead. Boss Bitch indeed. Connor's dads had a weird vibe for me. Felt not parental enough, I guess. Felt a little bit a little too buddy-like. Instead of Connor and Oliver being their son and his boyfriend, they were just younger gay male buddies. I dunno about Analise thinking that Michaela is looking for mother figures. It could be true. But it could be just as true that Michaela is looking for strong black female role models to emulate because she never had that in her life. WOC are often thirsty to see other WOC in positions of power and authority mainly because it is rarely shown and it is incredibly aspirational. Doesn't necessarily need to be a mother figure, just a powerful symbol of representation. I do however think it was very much a case of it takes one to know one considering Ana's own relationship with Wes and what he represented to her.
  5. I thought parts of it were very funny. For instance, the spiraling out of control baby kidnapping scenarios and whether you should intervene if you saw a baby being kidnapped. "What if the baby was Hitler?" "What if you don't know the baby was Hitler, what if the baby was baby Oprah?" "What if the baby Oprah was being kidnapped by Beyonce?" That entire conversation plus the reactions of the listeners had me dying! Bonus when new girl said she was more of an Ellen person, everybody gave her the "we are not here for your Ellen over Oprah preference" faces. Also the security guard bit. But the rest with Dana and Jonah and the Sandra parts were uncomfortable to watch. Dana really felt like she was bullying. I normally like her overbearing personality but here I thought she went too far. Also the Sandra stuff went to kind of a dark place.
  6. The "Chest Peckwell" thing was interesting because it was a he said, she said situation that the show never cleared up. He said they were arguing and he grabbed her arm, she freaked out on him. She said he grabbed her and she freaked out (flashing back to her DV) and whaled on him. In the end he ended up in the hospital with a brain bleed and asked for the cops because he wanted to press charges. But, infuriatingly (and what kinda made him more sympathetic to me than her) when the guy was in the hospital all bruised and beaten, Alex strong armed him and shamed him into not pressing charges claiming he didn't want to be the guy who was known as having been beaten up by a girl. And that he should never hit a woman (which it was never established that he even did) and if a woman hit him he should just take it or walk away. I 100% agree that nobody should be beating on anyone, man or woman. But I don't agree that a man doesn't have the right defend himself against assault just because the assaulter is a woman. I mean, reverse that and tell a woman that if she is being beaten that he should just "take it or walk away." Derek witnessed the little speech and was disgusted with Alex and said it was shameful what he just did.
  7. Right? I mean, didn't Barry essentially stick a sort of epi-pen into Kilgore to get rid of his "virus"? (At least, that is what it looked like to me). While Barry was making lightning and distracting the guy, it would have been cool for everyone to look down and see that Wally (all but forgotten) had stuck him with the pin. Callback to what he did with the insulin shock girl.
  8. Oh man, that line is fucking brutal. And acidly funny.
  9. Since he was basically a tech based/hacker villain he could have gotten back at them in so many ways that resulted in them being poor or if they still worked in tech, discredit them in some way so that their reputations are ruined in the industry. But, well, he decided to turn that one guy into Sriracha instead.
  10. This happens so much. Anyone can come forward and report and even be believed, but then what? The culture is to protect the accused, not he accuser. Shoot, Dylan Farrow was given a full New York Times Op Ed to tell her story. Her brother further reported how much pressure media outlets got to NOT talk up the story (See a pattern? happened with him and his Harvey story). And then the following week, Woody got a full page rebuttal in the NY Times, casting blame on Mia as some bitter divorcee who suggested the whole story to the little girl. People like Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow who couldn't go 20 minutes without blasting Bill Cosby and lamenting about why did it take 40 women for people to believe he was such a predator were silent about Woody, a man both lionized. Scarlett Johannsen called her "irresponsible" for naming actors in Hollywood for continuing to work with him because 'they know nothing about her allegations.' Initially she felt cathartic about being able to tell her story, but she said the blowback was brutal. And look at the woman who accused Nelly just this week. She refused to press charges citing the trauma of going forward with the charges is worse than the assault itself. Let that sink in for a minute.
  11. Motherboard of the month. ha!
  12. Aw, that was fun. The therapy session was well done. The first half was humorous, especially enjoyed the rundown of all teh funerals they went to to explain the "stress" they'd been through. The second half had the more serious stuff. Neither thing was too over the top. Cisco had all the best lines all episode long. I especially enjoyed all his justifications for all the tech he put in Barry's suit as the meta-human guy was messing it. His line delivery was perfect. Poor Wally. First his hair is looking all perma-waved and then he was basically passed out while Barry saved the day. The scene of Barry catching the grenade shrapnel was great. Like last week's at the wind farm.
  13. Aww RIP Mychael. I enjoyed that season on Project Runway. Mychael the model he used most often to walk his stuff, Nazri, were a great collaboration.
  14. New show on SYFY called Superstition centers on a black family named the Hastings whose family business involves fighting witchcraft, occultism, end evil using arcane weapons and are supposed to be bad ass. Stars Mario Van Peebles as the patriarch. Looks like the pilot episode is on the SYFY on demand but the tv premiere is supposed to be Friday at 10:00 pm. I haven't seen it yet, but sounds interesting enough to check it out.
  15. It is nice to see that they are fleshing out the rest of the cast from their mostly broad and horrible outlines introduced in the pilot. Claire and Glassman obviously have the most development and I like their respective relationships with Shaun. I liked that they showed Dr. Andrews teaching Shaun and Claire and actually seems to being showing a glimmer of a sense of humor in his banter with Shaun. I thought there had been a glimpse in the second ep that his character wasn't just the villain he was shown to be in the pilot and this seems to be the case. Jared came through with a good idea to prove that he isn't just handsome and dim (like he was appearing to be). But rather worthy of his inclusion in Melendez's team. Nice touch there. And Melendez, while still kind of a jerk, I like that the last two eps have shown that he treads a line where he does want to advocate for the patient but he isn't up in his feels about the person but is still perfectionist enough about the surgery to want to do well by them. On a funny (not really) note, for one horrified second I thuoght the tumor they took out of the mother was actually the baby's head. The angle of the camera made it look like they had lopped off the head of the baby. I was like, OMG!! And then I realized what I was seeing. LOL. I think I was just anxious for that family.