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  1. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I think part of that might be because Aretha, moreso than almost any other major voice than I can think of, is still very closely associated with her gospel roots. Her vocal intonations and even her piano playing (which, btw, she was a fabulous pianist) is flavored with what I can only think of 'black church gospel choir.' I know a lot of people know so many of her big R&B hits, but I also highly recommend her 'Amazing Grace' album which is a gospel album. I mean, there is one song called 'Precious Memories' where she hums a few bars while the choir is singing in the background. The woman can hum better than most singers can sing.
  2. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Rest in Power. Miss Franklin. Much R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I love this live version of Dr. Feelgood. This is one of those songs you need a dark room, a hard drink and some time to think about the choices in your life while listening to it. LOL.
  3. I agree. Chloe has stated that her goal in writing her essay was to speak to her particular experience about the insidiousness of emotional abuse and hopefully be a voice to let other women in similar situations know they were not alone. It was not to harm his career. Her decision not to participate in the AMC investigation is right in line with her stated goals from the beginning. Also this:
  4. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I've been on A Sharon Sala kick. She writes romantic suspense. So far I've read four of her books: In Shadows, Next of Kin, Family Sins, and Mimosa Grove (written under Dinah McCall). So far what I am enjoying about them is the fact that unlike a lot of rom-suspense where there is a big climatic showdown at the end of the book between the villain and our intrepid hero/ine where the villain finally gets his just desserts, her books often have the villain's plans unravel because of some really random or unpredictable event that comes out of left field that all their nefarious planning could not account for. I think that is what I am liking about them, the unpredictability of how she dispatches with her villains or how their carefully crafted plans all come falling down while still managing to keep the protagonists in some sort of jeopardy.
  5. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    There was an article last year that talked about the audience make up of some of the more popular shows with predominantly black casts. It turns out they have a majority non-black audience. Regards the fragmented audience, I think it is a combination of more channels to watch and more ways to watch them. In the 70s before even cable tv had the opportunity to saturate homes, most people had only 4 channels to watch and the only way to view them was on an actual tv set. Now we not only have broadcast channels, but syndication, cable, streaming, apps, and web channels. And you don't need a tv anymore to watch, but you can watch on phone, tablets, computers, through your Xbox or fire sticks. The thing is while the method of watching tv has changed drastically in the last 40 years, Nielsen's method of collecting ratings data really hasn't. They are still using their same methods: diaries, people meters, sample extrapolations etc. for their fast nationals and overnights. There is some data they can't measure (Netflix, Hulu and the demographics of people watching non-tv platforms) and even when they do have the ability to get raw information (DVR usage for example) they don't really use it as part of their ratings because it is all about how they count people who watch tv live who can see the commercials. There is a reason CBS dominates ratings. Their audience skews older and those people tend to be the ones who still watch tv on a tv set and that plays right into Nielsen's collection methodology.
  6. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Bingo. She has gotten very used to controlling how she is perceived in the media by the public. She has very carefully curated her image successfully moving it from vaguely scary blood vial wearing, possibly incestuous, vampy succubus to sexy rainbow tribe globe totting earth mother. For a long time it has really worked. The split has undone all that careful image manipulation and now she just comes off the same as every other party in a bitter divorce who ends up using their children to score points. I always thought the scary succubus version was closer to the real truth. I have always thought that Jenn would have been fine with her and Brad just being childless, laidback stoners. He obviously had other ideas.
  7. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I immediately thought Julia Roberts. Only because Jennifer Anniston's movie career is pretty forgettable and Friends has only been off the air for 14 years. But I didn't take her statement as necessarily as a 100% condemnation since she does acknowledge there is intense pressure to replicate success and actors do get typecast. But It is interesting (and a little disappointing) that given the tenor of the interview and how incisive she is about sexism in the industry, she singled out an actress when there are a lot of actors who also play the same role over and over. And especially given how limited Hollywood sees roles are for women in the first place.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I loved reading all of this. I liked Kathleen Turner in a very generic, "oh I think she is a good actress and I like her movies' sort of way. But this interview really gave me a new perspective on her that made me like her a lot differently. I know people are enjoying the article for how she is frank in some of her discussion of the famous (Taylor, Cage etc.) but I really enjoyed her insights on acting. I got that she really has a respect for stage work. I kinda agree with her assessment of Taylor and Burton in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf." I remember reading the play in college and found it to be much much darker, funnier and sharper than the movie. The movie did feel like a drunk bitch-fest. Also I remember my drama prof taking every opportunity he could to shade the movie version, LOL. That said, my favorite quote in the whole article is "Listen, I made it work , Honey" in reference to her working with Nicholas Cage in Peggy Sue Got Married.
  9. Not having any clue about what internal dynamics go on inside the royal family, I always thought that they just had no taste whatsoever. Also, I took it as a bit of "LOOK AT MEEEE." I mean William and Kate's wedding was a pretty big spectacle. I imagine they had read/heard all sorts of things about the wedding of Diana/Charles and knew the Kate and Wiliam's wedding would be nearly as big on an international viewing scale considering there was a lot of nostalgia with William being Di's oldest child.
  10. What Are We Currently Reading?

    I've had good luck with waiting a bit before choosing my Amazon First reads book. I try to get a sense from the Goodreads reviews if I'll like them and they tend to be more reliable than the blurb. I am not thrilled about any this month so far. I waited til almost the end of the month to get July's First Reads and I am reading it now, Jane Doe. The blurb made it sound like some run of the mill psychological thriller so I was pretty meh. But I read a few reviews and they made it sound more interesting and , dare I say it, fun, than the blurb. It is a pure revenge fantasy and it is pretty entertaining so far.
  11. Yeah, Charlie Rose is no Les Moonves. He had fairly high profile but he simply isn't the power that Moonves is. I think I read in Variety that the CBS board chose to take no action against Moonves (opting for the outside independent investigator) after a meeting that included Moonves. Imagine being in the room and being part of the decision to determine how (or even if) you get investigated. I also read that he is one of the major people holding up Redstone's move to re-merge CBS and Viacom. That is a very high level of power there. On the one hand, CBS deciding to go with an independent outside investigation is a good idea because based on Farrow's article, they clearly are unwilling doing any real investigation themselves or holding the offenders to any consequences. Their response to multiple complaints in the past seems to have bee "he has no recollection of that happening" or "the issue has been resolved" or to settle with the accuser and make them sign an NDA while allowing the accused to keep their position and continue on business as usual. Honestly so much of what was written in Farrow's report was eerily similar to the Weinstein expose, including Miramax's response to complaints. But on the other hand, not suspending Moonves at the very least while the investigation is ongoing feels rather disingenuous.
  12. S02E13: They Reminisce Over You 06.22.2018

    I just finished watching this. Overall I liked it better than season 1. First half of S1 with Cottonmouth was great. But as soon as we got Diamondback the show got cartoony and not is a good way. DBack was just a bad villain and he took the whole show down. This one started slow but I think as the show progressed it got much more interesting until it ended on an intriguing note. It helps that it made Mariah a straight up human monster. No fancy name, no weird special FX, just a woman who became increasingly corrupted by her own power and madness. Also that Bushmaster was a rather sympathetic villain as well. I always enjoy a show more when the antagonist has real motives that go beyond just being generic evil or having megalomaniac tendencies. One thing I did roll my eyes at was how quickly Mariah adjusted to the brutality and rose up the power structure in prison. I mean, what hardened, long time prisoner who has clawed her way up the top of a power pyramid in prison is gonna be so stupid to just hand Mariah a shiv? And there was no other badder bitch waiting in the wings to take over in case that one fell? And Mariah changing her will so quickly even though she hadn't actually realized she been poisoned yet just struck me as a bit too convenient. Oh well. I thought this season did better by Misty overall as well. Loved the way she looked in that last scene, her hair was pure Awesome! She looked very Nefertiti like in that entire get up. As a matter of fact, Tilda also looked gorgeous in that last scene. My ear is attuned to Jamaican speech pattern/accent so I had no issues understanding. But I have CC on anyway because we watch a lot of British shows and the variety of accents on those shows make understanding what people are saying difficult as well. Even with the CC though they used a lot of patois and some of it you could get from context e.g. "bomboclaat" is spat as a curse, but some might be missed e.g. "bredren" dropped casually in a sentence.
  13. Paper Books or Ebooks

    I was an early adopter e-reader. Had a first gen kindle. Got it mainly because back in the early days before the Big Six/Apple collusion lawsuit Amazon was offering ebooks at a huge discount as a lure to move Kindles. At any rate, have been an e-book reader for so long, I find it difficult to adjust back to paper. I do read graphic novels exclusively in paper, though. But novels I prefer now to read in e-format. I like the search function. Sometimes if I am reading a book and have a bad feeling that a character I like might not survive in the end, I'll cheat sometimes and search their name to see how far into the book they make it. I think it takes a little getting used to the functions on an e-reader to get good at this. On the kindle, if you swipe your finger up, the reader keeps the page you are reading in the background and it superimposes a copy of the page you are on in a large box over the front of your current page that with arrows on the edges of the text box so that you can flip through (and arrows at the bottom to quickly navigate forward and backward by chapter jumps). If you tap outside the superimposed box, it takes you back to the page you were on. Or you can tap in the upper right hand corner and get the bookmark symbol and bookmark the page you are on and then flip around.
  14. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Just finished Iron and Magic by Ilona Andrews. Very good and softens the blow for when the final book of their Kate Daniels series comes out later this year. This already feels like a worthy successor and they did an admirable job of moving an antagonist from the previous series into a creditable anti-hero in this one. Currently in the middle of The Calculating Stars by Mary Robinette Kowal. An alternate history story about how the US space exploration program began. In this one Dewey actually did defeat Truman and a big meteorite demolishes DC, thus ushering in the imperative to explore space. Including women astronauts! As I am reading I am also feeling the book was in some way influenced by Hidden Figures since the book heavily acknowledges racism along with the sexism and the intersection of both how they all play into and the plot and the key figures at the forefront of new space program.
  15. Oooh, I think this is one of my favorite Meghan looks.