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  1. I actually like the outfit. The hat is fab. Honestly she is giving me minimalist Eliza Doolittle at the Ascot races cosplay vibes.
  2. Snort. The only thing those two outfits have in common is they are blue and white. Diana's is obviously a different fabric & silhouette. It almost looks like she's wearing a modified salwar kameez, not a flowy summer frock at all.
  3. TV Tropes You Hate

    This brings to mind the creator of Boy Meets World's revelation on why he had Shawn and Angela Break up. This quote kills me because it basically it sounds to me like he is trying to reassure us that he didn't break them up because they were an IR Couple. But the alternative reason sounds even worse. It sounds like the Shawn/Angela pairing was as popular Corey/Topanga pairing and they had to break them because they were threatening to overshadow the main couple.
  4. That dress has a blouson top which drapes and yards of filmy skirt. It looks poorly fitted, but that is the way it is supposed to flow. There is a side shot of her where the dress looks a little more flattering. There is a red version of the dress that isn't blouson with a nice fitted waist that I think would have looked much better on her. But then it displays shoulders and we wouldn't want another shoulder-gate so soon. I like that she is wearing something so summery and floral, but even with the fit being designed that way, that is just not her dress. It doesn't work on her as is.
  5. There is a long, long, long tradition of people writing to work through some sort of personal triumph or trauma. In their short form they are essays that have often been published in magazines, journals or papers. In their long form, they are memoirs or books. Twitter is just a newer delivery method of the old tradition of people telling their story. There are people arguing about whether Chloe's story of domestic violence shouldn't be treated as something purely personal and questioning if it should impact Chris Hardwick's job and should it be conflated with #MeToo. He has already been dis invited to moderate the Dr. Who panel at ComiCon and some of his shows are being yanked from AMC. But I think the fact that he used his power in their relationship to have her blackballed in their industry (in a classic DV move of isolation to increase dependence on the abuser) does move it out of the private into the public. I never really paid him much attention. I only know him from the Talking Dead and my overwhelming impression of him was of smugness.
  6. The FUG girls commentary is really the perfect accompaniment to each picture. Goes right along with our buddy road trip fan fic.
  7. Now I can't remember. Did the detective actually every say what they were arresting Liam for. If not, then Liam's arrest is one of those things that you have to fill in the blanks on. As far as we know Liam was never seen in Tandy's presence by the Rapey or his friends. So if he was arrested it would be 1) because someone identified him as a known associate of Tandy's and the detective is arresting him to lead to Tandy and 2) the detective had something on him to arrest him for his own crime(s). His arrest, even if on unrelated charges, has to be all about getting Tandy because otherwise his arrest by that detective just at that time is too coincidental.
  8. I finally got a chance to watch it. I like the potential. But I kept wanting something to really happen to make the story exciting. I get the need for set up but the backstory and angst went on for just a beat too long. A couple of other things bothered me -- like why was his coach so determined to see him in the wrong? There was obvious dirty plays during the game and bad reffing. Why did no one else on his team see it? I get that for plot purposes they wanted him to be alienated from his team, but that just stretches credibility. Also once he found the cop, why didn't he got to his parents and say 'Hey remember the red headed cop with the scar? I found him, his name is Connor and his uncle was the guy that told us he didn't exist." I think there were too many artistic gaps in the storytelling that contributed to some of the feeling of set up and not enough action. Also I agree that Tandy is a terrible grifter. She preys on people in a place that she is such a regular at that the bartender knows her regular drink? The guy didn't have to track her down at the ballet, he just had to go back to the club. Also who lifts wallets at a place where the people are going to be needing them right there to buy drinks and immediately realize they've been robbed? A pickpocket picks the pockets and leaves really quickly. She was still hanging around. Also it looked like she and Liam were the last guests to leave the wedding? The banquet room looked deserted and the maid of honor was tipping the staff. But then why was the 'just married' car still there? Usually the married couple leaves driving away in the car while everyone throws shit at them as they drive off. And don[t get me started about her driving around in that car...talk about an open invitation to get pulled over by the cops given that she just robbed the wedding! Kinda of a shame I liked Liam more than I liked Tandy. At first thought he was shady, but then they went in the direction of him just being a schmoe in love. He could still be shady I guess, but her little trip into his mind didn't lean that way. I'd really pissed off at her if she just lets him twist in the wind like that. Even though this sounds like I hated it, LOL, I didn't. It is still interesting enough that I want to keep watching. I just hope it moves into more decisive action pretty soon.
  9. S01.E01 Pilot 2018.06.03

    Nah. When a subculture gets discovered by the mainstream, their vernacular is quickly incorporated. Some idioms get used to death and die out and some endure. For instance the term '24/7' is widely used, but it actually started out as black street slang in the 80s. I always thought it was a sort of nod to the 7/11 store name, just expanded out. When disco went back underground in the 80s only to emerge again as house music, I used to go to the Paradise Garage, a dance club in the Village that mostly was mostly a gay club, but a lot of us college kids went just to dance our asses off he great music because during our college parties all of our DJs would play house music, and I remember hearing the term 'shade' but had zero clue about what it meant -- no context given in random overheard conversation. It wasn't till I saw Paris is Burning a few years later that I finally got it!
  10. I like Meghan's outfit, but not a fan of the flying saucer hat. She needs to up her hat game. I headwank that she is starting off rather conservative and will bust out some edgier stuff once she's a little more secure at The Firm. I agree that if shoulders were not allowed, then shoulders would not have been seen. Also wherever she and Harry went it was hot and sunny. Some woman on twitter was talking about how Meghan should have toned down on the bronzer. Refused to even acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, Meg's natural melanin had made an appearance because Harry needed all the SPF-100 they packed. I mean, if we have ever seen Meghan overly made up on any public occasion since she'd become royal adjacent, I'd probably think ...maybe. But not even on her wedding day did she wear any obvious looking make up. So this woman insisting that she spackled on the bronzer just doesn't make sense. With The Sexy Sussexes being so fascinating right now, anything remotely royal now has heightened attention on it. It looks to me like Kate is taking the opportunity to look more future queenly. Even though Charles is next in line, it was Kate who was front and center. Go on with your bad self, Miss Kate! Too bad you feel like you need to dress in a way that says 'matron' more than it says 'modern royal.' It is a nice enough dress, but it is a tick aging. I do like her hat though.
  11. In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I am completely shocked by this. Naive, I know, since you really don't anything about anyone's inner life, sometimes not even the people closest to you, but definitely not celebrities you only know from their work. But....man....wow. RIP.
  12. With Megs on the Kazoo and Betty on he Ukulele?
  13. The Buddy road-trip we didn't know we needed. LOL.
  14. S01.E01 Pilot 2018.06.03

    On the one hand, the ball culture from the 80s is so specific that the show couldn't help but feel derivative of Paris is Burning because what you saw there is what walking a ball was like. The show couldn't deviate too much from that. On the other hand, it feels like it cribbed a little too hard from Paris is Burning. Did we really have to have Pray say '10s across the board' in just the inflection of the original? It felt like a steal not an homage. Also Angel's character (with her 'what I want' speech) was giving me big Venus Xtravaganza vibes. But I do admit she is simply stunning to look at, like a cross between Amandla Sternberg and Zendaya. And it wasn't just Paris Is Burning that the show felt like it just stepped into. Instead of seeming to present what life like was in the 80s, it felt like it was giving us what life was like in the 80s as seen through movies. James Van Der Beek's character felt like he had wandered off the set of Wall Street as an understudy to Gordon Gecko's character and the insertion of Trump felt too meta and again not nearly as clever as I think they were going for. And Damon's cringey audition was just a Flashdance call back. I want to keep up with this and hope that it settles into itself. I really want the actor who plays Electra Abundance to improve. I thought she overacted a bit, emphasized words in all the wrong places and her speech was too inflected to sound natural. And yet, she has such charisma and presence (and fantastic cheekbones). The ending of the opening scene where she put on her game face and pranced up to the police with her hands held out was fantastic. Just the right amount of theatre and pagentry, that her audience in that ball would have reacted just the way they did. I liked Blanca and felt she came off as more natural. I do wish the show had built up to the schism in the House of Abundance rather than just having Blanca leave and Electra come off as Mother that is less 'Mom' and more Mommy Dearest. It would have been nice for us to see the nurturing side of Electra instead of the ego/bitchy side and therefore make Blanca immediately more sympathetic and Electra less so. But then again Ryan Murphy and 'nuance' are not friends. The music selection was straight up FIRE though!
  15. S01.E01 Pilot 2018.06.03

    Yeah, the acting was ...not great. But not surprising in all, it appears that none of the actors have any real acting credits prior to this. Billy Porter, of course, is a Tony award winner with an MFA in drama. So of course he stands out. And of course Kate Mara and Evan Peters are professional actors. But I think those are the only three. The rest... the print is probably still wet on their SAG cards.