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  1. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Yup. That is the one that won. Deservedly so.
  2. Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I would say that the show is better than him. I like Master of None a lot, but mostly because I love the depiction of New York. And I love his circle of friends and I like the stories it tells. The biggest weakness is when it veers into Aziz being a lead romance guy. I simply don't buy him as a romantic lead. I'd recommend the Parents episode of Season 1, his real parents play his parents on the show and they really make the episode. For Season 2 I'd recommend the New York I Love You episode where he only makes an appearance at the end. And Most especially the Thanksgiving episode. He is in it, but it centers on Lena Waithe coming out to her mom played by Angela Bassett over a series of Thanksgiving days that span several years.
  3. S01.E01: Eleven Eleven

    I agree with everyone that the reviews of the show seem overly harsh. I had been anticipating this and then read some reviews and was like, 'oh bummer' but decided to watch anyway and was pleasantly surprised. What were they expecting? It felt like the pilot -- and hence suffers from typical pilot-itis where there seems to be a lot of self aware exposition. But overall i liked how... messy the family is. I loved the sense of place the show has. As @ElectricBoogaloo points out, kudos for the very Portlandness of the place. I only visited Portland once and just watching i felt like I knew it. The overcast look of the sky, the bikes galore, hot gay barista dude rocking a beard and artfully slouched knit hat. I like how snarky the kids are about their upbringing and the performative aspect of their parents' parenting. I totally get them just wanting to be normal American kids but having to suffer their parents' well meaning (or not) attempts at keeping them connected to their culture. Mostly I am intrigued by he family dynamics. The two older sibs seems closer to each other while the two younger sibs seem closer. Why does Audrey seem to dismissive of her son-in-law -- he seems nice and harmless. Is he too whitebread for her? Did she want Ashley to marry an African guy? Their relationship with Dad looks interesting -- a little more disconnected than with mom. I love that Holley Hunter seems to have that her character's number down cold. I could totally see this mother and why her kids are the way they are. All in all I think the actors are adding layers to what, in this first episode, feels like clunky dialogue and this need to push all these elements out in front. I am hoping as it goes on it settled into itself. But so far I am intrigued enough to keep watching.
  4. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    This is a great point. Colorism is and has always been a big issue when it comes to first-look casting decisions. Hollywood is pre-disposed to tilt in favor of lighter skinned women of color no matter their ethnicity. I too rail against the bias while still celebrating a woc getting a choice casting part. The creator of this reboot is a woman of SE Asian descent and the show is also going to be fairly centered on the main character's Indian family. I imagine she is thrilled to be able to bring one of the first shows on a major network that will showcase an Indian family, not just a single one-off Indian character.
  5. Black Panther (2018)

    I thought this was pretty cool The Wakanda Royal Family Tree
  6. What Are We Currently Reading?

    Seconded. I especially loved their first meeting, the dialogue was a lot of fun. It also ended a mini book slump for me. Started and stopped about six books before I settled in with this one.
  7. S03.E10: Daddy Darhkest

    As usual fun episode. I liked Constantine and his brand of scenery chewing. I especially liked Mick not being able to tell him and Rip apart. Damien's line about family reunions being painful could be the theme of the episode. Between him and his terrible parentage of Nora contrasted with Amaya trying desperately to reach out to Kuasa. And yeah, I can't help but wonder if Nate is grandpa considering Amaya's cryptic line about Kuasa needing him. Yeah, so not here for the Ava/Sara thing. It feels too.... manufactured. Man, Jitters' insurance rates must been through the roof.
  8. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Kinda reminds me of a few weeks ago when Eartha Kitt dropped the bomb that she had a threesome with Paul Newman and James Dean.
  9. S01.E13: Fishtail

    I hear what y'all are saying. But I still can't Co-sign on essentially hand waving away the purposeful actions of Kevin and Tyler that led them getting where they are now in their relationship to ascribe esential fault to Yvette who did nothing to invite Tyler's attentions or feelings nor strung him along. In essence the act of a woman being visible for a couple of hours is being ascribed as the root cause of these two men's friendship becoming rocky. They aren't being held to the same level of responsibility even though it was one guy's obsession and another guys lies that pretty much created the situation.
  10. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    It doesn't seem as if it was just good drugs though. Apparently Richard Pryor was bisexual and very open about it amongst friends. I guess that fact about him either just never penetrated public consciousness or the drugs & comedy just overshadowed it.
  11. Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    I read this entire interview just careening from one revelation to the next. He has spilled all the tea! The Pryor/Marlon Brando sex, what terrible musicians the Beatles were, he dated Ivanka 12!!! years ago, Cyndi Lauper was being a Diva on 'We are the World.... I have to say I just loved how he basically gives no fucks. And to top it all off, in the middle of giving some long answer he asks the interviewer his sign. Ha!
  12. S01.E13: Fishtail

    Why is Yvette the one with the responsibility in the Tyler situation? IMO, she isn't the one who created it. Tyler and Kevin did that all on their own. All she did was sit down at restaurant thinking she was anonymous, minding her own business. Tyler came to her. She was polite, they shared a drink, conversation, and a dance. Then she peaced out. Disappeared. She never even told him her name. I think they spent no more than a few hours together in Laos. He was the one one got obsessed with her absent her involvement or encouragement. She didn't lead him on. Kevin is the one who decided to create a fake person and correspond, again without her involvement or encouragement. Actually I think the writing on this is rather shitty and irresponsible because it does encourage the viewers to believe she has some culpability here. By making Tyler's borderline stalker creepy obsession with her 'adorable' and ooh-worthy because he is so much in love and is such a sweet guy. At one point Kevin even says "he was hurting and you weren't doing anything." It explicitly places the responsibility of a guy's feelings back on the woman who did not encourage the guy in the first place, but somehow she is the one who has to make him feel better about it. If further explicitly burdens her because in this episode Yvette says "we have been leading the guy on for so long" and "I full take responsibility" even though she had been telling Kevin to nip all the Leslie stuff in the bud for two episodes now. That is just wrong. Kevin did lie to Tyler. All the stuff that happened, Kevin did that. If Tyler is upset at being lied to then he should be upset at Kevin. Yvette didn't make that decision, Kevin did.
  13. S04.E13: True Colors

    Marlize seemed upset and mad at the killing of Wolfe. But not the metas. She was only upset that whatever plan they had for the metas got blown to hell because he accelerated it before they got all the 12 bus metas. This makes me think that it might not be that unrealistic to believe that the other metas might still be alive? From the beginning their plan seemed to be about some grand scheme to make something better. They were super intellectuals. And yes while it is inevitable that there might be some collateral damage in getting to their end goal, overall I didn't get the feeling the Devoes were supposed to be evil murderers. They were too cerebral for that what with their warm fireplaces, fancy brandy snifters, and mac & cheese. But DeVoe is messing it all up now. I wonder if somehow inhabiting Dominic's body and seeing all the additional insights he got from Dominic's psychic power somehow messed up his own thought processes. He is no longer just thinking and calculating the odds. The DeVoe we fist met doesn't seem like he would have roofied Marlize. I do agree that I miss the actor who played DeVoe. He was excellent and had the right amount of menace and just actually looked like he was super smart.
  14. S04.E13: True Colors

    I like that DeVoe is starting to deviate from his grand master plan because of the growing megalomania. And that growing megalomania is creating cracks in his formerly solid marriage. I also like that the wild card element of Ralph having a power that DeVoe could never predict and them using it in a way he could never predict is what derails his plans and show that he isn't as omniscient as he thinks. This is the kind of thing I want to see more of. Liked Ralph's comment about Wolfe's sharp cheekbones. LOL. When I saw them showing the previously on scenes with Camille's mind reading I figured it would be used in this episode. Nice deployment of it for real plot reasons. I really loved seeing Barry do Science! And aww he and Iris together at the end. Sweet.
  15. S01.E14: She

    Oh man, That was her? I binged the first three eps of Altered Carbon Monday and not three hours later watched this show and totally didn't recognize her. The hair was radically different in this one and I think I too was distracted by her nipples in AC. To be fair, they did enter the scene a good five minutes before she did. She inhabited both roles so differently though. Good acting.