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  1. TV Star Crushes

    Isn’t he though? It is really not fair for someone to be that beautiful.
  2. It wasn’t a signature. Meghan used to be a professional calligrapher. There is a picture of the ornament and you can tell the text, including her name, is all calligraphy
  3. Given the amount of scrutiny and rudicolous “expert” commentary she gets, if Meghan never cupped her stomach there’d be headlines featuring body language experts proclaiming that the fact she doesn’t touch her stomach means she’ll be a hands off parent. Or people would think somehow she’s not doing pregnancy right because every expetant mother cradles her bump and the fact Meghan isn’t is unnatural. It doesn’t matter what she does, to some squeaky wheels it’ll be wrong.
  4. In this particular case, yes. This was a case of very specific incidents of workplace harassment on a tv show set where neither Perette nor Alexander were present. This was also something that was already mediated over a year ago. The fact that there was literal video evidence that backed up Duskhu's claims is what allowed her to walk away with over 9 million dollars. The only reason that this even came to light publicly is the external investigation because of Moonves. The fact that this is now being reported publicly is being held up as further proof that there is actually a toxic, sexual harassment environment at CBS and in this case Weatherley was part of it. That he did this stuff is not being presented as opinion but as evidence based fact. Sure Perette and Alexander can make all the statements they want about what an awesome guy they believe Weatherley is forever and ever amen, but for this particular situation their input is utterly irrelevant.
  5. Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I think the Rock and Roll hall of fame uses the original meaning of the term “Rock and Roll” which was originally coined to refer to popular music with its roots in Gospel, R&B, Swing, Jazz and country that crossed over from mostly black artists to appeal to white youth and from white artists who used that amalgm as inspiration and began creating their own sound. Nowadays People use Rock and Roll synonymous with Rock, but pure rock came later. If you look at the very first inductees which included Fats Domino, James Brown, Chuck Berry and Ray Charles none of these I don’t think would be characterized as Rock but are still considered huge influencers of Rock and Roll.
  6. Unpopular Opinions

    my biggest peeve with the epilogue is that Harry named one of his kids after Snape and hailed him as a hero. I feel likeI am the cheese that stands alone, but I lived through seven books of Snape being an utter asshole to Harry. No amount of the trip through his memory and love for Lily could ever make me like him. Harry may have been Lily's son but he was also James' too and I always felt like Snape got a perverse pleasure out of torturing James' son even as he had to protect Harry because he was Lily's too. And IIRC, didn't Snape intimate that he would have happily co-signed on Voldy killing James and Baby Harry is Lily got to live?
  7. Personally, I think there is a difference between criticism and nitpicking. Criticism, is an opinion, sometimes backed by supporting evidence sometimes not. To me someone saying that they find Meghan's style dull and safe is a criticism. I personally think her style is minimalist and spare, but I don't consider that person who called her 'dull' is wrong. I can totally see why some people would characterize her style that way. And to me that is totally valid opinion. Or saying "the black nail polish she wore detracted from the overall look of the outfit. A gold would have been better and would have highlighted the bangle" is a criticism. But someone who says 'wearing black nail polish is classless" or "She cradles her baby bump to much" or "she crosses her legs wrong" or "she is always fiddling with her hair" or On this very board someone said she had no right to impose American traditions in her own wedding because the British ones were better since they've been around longer. These are nitpicks and are usually stated as facts, not opinions, and carries with them the value judgment that she is doing something wrong. When objectively she isn't.
  8. Maybe the reference is only to the people who actively hate her? Typically people who just don't care about her or for her just ignore her altogether or say something relatively inoffensive like "I just don't get why everyone loves her." But the reaction to her from people who really dislike her has been vitriolic from the moment it was officially announced she was dating Harry and they are relentless. I think the people who get online and call her names, make disparaging remarks about her class and her race, insist that she is a gold-digger, try to paint her as some Diva actress who simply isn't good enough for the pristine Monarchy, believes that she has ties to Muslim terrorists, and makes poor Kate cry on the regular are people that tend to get called out as haters. Those people aren't just the casual "meh" reactions or people who simply don't agree that she's the bees knees all the time.
  9. S04.E08: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow

    Oh man, that was AWESOME! I think I laughed hysterically during the shoot out at the Time Bureau where both Ray and Ava were going all Rambo on each other. Ray had this look of demented glee on his face and Ava just looked plain demented. So frickin' hysterical. Not only was the constant hair-flipping of the sirens great, but the step-step-step turn way they entered every room was fabulous too. Also singing puppets aww, makes me nostalgic for HR Puffenstuff! Also, I liked the team up of Zari, Charlie and John. Most I've liked John since he joined the team.
  10. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I had very low expectations and little interest in this crossover. I only watch Legends & Flash. And since the Legends were not part of this and in every crossover so far, the Flash episode never, ever feels like a Flash episode -- hence my reluctance. But I knew I'd watch at least the Flash episode. I know people are saying the Flash writers wrote this but again it feels all wrong. Not like a Flash ep at all. Actually I take that back there are at least three place where this did feel like a Flash ep: 1 - Imprisoning Barry and Oliver. Team Flash will imprison people like a Muthafuh' 2 - Team Hero standing around like "derp." to give the Bad guy time to power up. The Flash episodes do this with stupid regularity. Barry can stop bullets or an already deployed nuclear bomb, and yet with regularity some half-assed meta gets the drop on him. and 3 - Iris and real Barry scenes. Even though so much of the ep everyone felt out of character -- and I am not just talking the body swap with Barry and Oliver -- at least the scenes with Iris and Barry felt normal. Otherwise this was really and odd episode that felt like a bunch of imposters wrote it. For one thing, the initial reaction of Team Flash once Barry and Oliver told them the truth was not how real Team Flash would act. Given how weird Oliver!Barry was was acting that morning Iris would have agreed that something was off right away and not dismissed it out of hand. They all would. A typical Team Flash would be throwing out possibilities/solutions in weird psuedo science babble before Barry and Oliver had even finished talking. Not having them disbelieve them completely. Also, I get that we needed Oliver to be freaked out by Iris's affections but they made Iris say shit she would never say and act in ways with him that she has never acted with real Barry. She loves Barry but not in that weird schmoopy way they made her. Also the intro of Clark and Lois felt like an unnecessary info dump. Just unnatural in both concept and execution. I will say that I noticed people commenting on Lois' reaction to Oliver. Honestly I can't say I disagree with her on that front. If that had been my first intro to Oliver I'd think he was a jerk too. Oliver during the entire Smallville segment was being a pill. Also no Nora at all? A completely missed opportunity and again not something the Flash writers would have ignored given how important she is to this season as a whole. A couple of things I did like: Cisco hugging Oliver!Barry "Oh Barry what have you done this time?" From Oliver as he sees himself in the Flash suit for the first time. The small look of hurt on Iris' face when Oliver!Barry said "I'm gonna go talk to someone who better understands me." The dislocated thumb /phasing instruction swap Like I said, this did not feel like a Flash episode at all. Not part of the continuity of the show and the characters all acting out of character. Total miss for me.
  11. True, but then again, this sums up 100% of the people on the planet. Everyone, non actors included, 'act' in ways that are not necessarily their most authentic self in specific situations. I can tell you right now I am on a long standing committee with a person that I dislike so bad that I would pause and think before throwing them a life preserver if they were drowning (i am not a psychopath so I would throw it, I would just pause for a moment). But you'd would never know it from the way I interact with them professionally.
  12. S01.E07: I Dare You

    Yeah, this is a valid interpretation. In my own, I am using tv anvil logic in that this voice message was the coda to the episode where it was revealed he knew about the affair because he had he necklace in his desk and it was right after Delilah gave Eddie back the necklace and told him that Jon knew.
  13. S01.E07: I Dare You

    Honestly, in my opinion the show really hasn't shown any steep price either Delilah or Eddie has paid for their affair. Sure Katherine kicked Eddie out, but he was making firm plans to leave her anyway. The end result is the same, the only difference is that it didn't happen on his timeline. Gary gave him an episode long excoriation, but Eddie is still firmly lodged in the bosom of his friends. Gary zings him about the affair once in awhile, but still loves and supports him. Eddie hasn't been shunned, hadn't lost the love and affection of his child and even has a reward in knowing that the woman he supposedly loves is carrying his child even if they can't proclaim it to the world. Meanwhile Delilah got two scenes of puppy dog eyes and disappointed frowns from Regina and a group cry from Katherine. She is also still firmly lodged in the love and support of the group. Gary never even once gave her any shit for what she did, and even jokingly asked her "Not for nothing, how upset should I be that you picked Eddie and not me?” Even Jon gave them absolution from beyond the grave with his final voice mail to Eddie revealed in episode two: "Love Each Other" I'll agree the show has allowed them to show some guilt, but it almost feels like wallpaper guilt. Neither one of them feels overly affected by the guilt. In fact I get the impression that if Delilah gave the word, Eddie would continue right on with the relationship.
  14. S01.E09: Perspective

    I think the big problem with the Jon/Delilah dynamic is that we've never gotten to really see it. We've had just the one episode with the Friday pizza dinners where he comes off as a rather involved family man who warmly welcomes people into his home every Friday night. if they were smart, and wanted the audience to at least sympathize even a little with Delilah they would have sprinkled more flashbacks with Jon giving us glimpses of this supposed distance and neglect. As it is, we get the rather self serving little statement from Delilah and are somehow supposed to believe it because no one and nothing is there to refute her. It doesn't help that I just don't find Delilah believable in any setting. I don't know if it is the direction or the acting or what, but even her supposed deep love with Eddie doesn't feel like it is all that deep on her part. I actually believe Eddie when he says it because Giuntoli sells it. Eddie feels more authentic to me. He's an asshole, but I feel like I can buy that he is a conflicted asshole. He loves Delilah but he still has some unresolved emotional stuff still going on with Katherine. Delilah, otoh, just doesn't sell any of that with Eddie. She comes off as rather cold and studied. Again, this may just be a limitation in the actress who can't quite convey all the complexities that character is supposed to embody or it may be a deliberate character choice. Hard to tell at this point because I think they are making up Eddie and Delilah as they go along.
  15. This is it in a nutshell. She is constantly given these big ass platforms to perform her own special brand of entitled narcissism. It is rather sickening. Her apology was nothing of the sort. It was a masturbatory faux mea culpa and she used Aurora's name to get people to read it. She is the actual worst.