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  1. S11. E08. Chalk This Way

    But color or not she didn't hit the challenge. She didn't really do a naturescape and her tattoo lacked dimension. Maybe it would have saved her as the eagle tattoo was pretty bad but we will never know.
  2. S11. E08. Chalk This Way

    I think it was a really good drawing of an octopus, but the color in it wasn't tattooed very well. Even then I still think it is better than the eagle. I think Turk tattoos what he would want tattooed on himself. So as an older guy he wouldn't want a bright colorful tattoo so keeps doing these dull tattoos. He does really need to start listening to advice given to him. What was with Team Christian all turning up in matching red hoodies?
  3. S11. E07. No Wasted Space

    Teej did the Africa tattoo. Funny how he did a great face but was let down by his galaxy, but Chris did a great tattoo with a bad galaxy which was ok because it was in the same style. I was surprised that Austin went home as I thought they might even up the teams, but Austin was long overdue to go home.
  4. S11. E06. Fight Your Own Battles

    My only issue with the tattoo was scale. The aliens were huge, pretty much the same size as the dinosaurs. The one in the "giant robot" looked more like he was in a suit of armour because his head was so big that his body would have filled the arms and legs. But having said that it was the easy winner. And you have to be totally open to subject matter and style. Wouldn't you freak out a little if you were getting tattooed by Austin and he is constantly asking for help from everyone? It wouldn't really fill you with confidence that you are going to end up with a good tattoo.
  5. S11. E05. That's Going to Leave a Mark

    I think his biggest problem is he will be hard targeted by Christian now. I think he can expect one of the hardest canvases every time Christian gets the skull pick
  6. S11. E03. Right On Target

    They didn't get that many colors of dominoes. They probably saw the orange and thought a tiger.
  7. S11. E03. Right On Target

    I actually liked Austin's tattoo, I think it was a lady made out of birds. I thought the musical lion was very good but a little hard to read. I think it is a massive advantage, I think the 2 people who have gone home are mostly due to skull picks. 2 strong tattooers gone because they were given tough tattoo's while weak people get their pick of what they want to do and still end up in the bottom.
  8. S11. E02. Not On My Watch

    For the first elimination tattoo the standard was actually pretty good, from what I can remember there weren't many bad tattoos.
  9. S11. E02. Not On My Watch

    One benefit could be it effectively makes it a bottom 2. If team cleen had put in a good tattoo that had no chance of going home then maybe the bald guy from their team would not have gone down. But that could always backfire and one of the team christian guys could have been saved. I am a bit disappointed by the opening credits after how awesome they were last season. The animated opening last season was so cool.
  10. S11. E02. Not On My Watch

    I found it funny that one guy wanted to fly under the radar and then got tattoo of the day.
  11. S11. E01. Opening Shots

    I think I preferred the format of having 3 teams as well. Flash challenges can be a bit boring when it is only 2 groups.
  12. S11. E01. Opening Shots

    I think it is a good way to cut contestants who don't do well in the pressure of the Ink Master format. You see some artists portfolios and their work is amazing, then they get on the show and the tattoos they produce look terrible. Some people just don't do well under stress and with the time pressure of 6 hours to tattoo. So cutting 4 people in the first episode means they can cut those who are never going to do well on the show but take up airtime.
  13. S11. E01. Opening Shots

    If the whole season is going to have this annoying trash talk between Cleen and Christian then it is going to be a hard slog. Funny how it has been 2 seasons in a row they have done teams and both times the winner of the team picking challenge has been someone quite inexperienced.
  14. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    I think where Cleen was a little cheated was up until that season the winner was decided based on the artists performance over the whole season. Based on that Cleen won by a mile as Jason was up and down all season while Cleen was mostly at the top. But in that season they changed the judging to be based solely off the finale tattoo, where I agree with you as to why Cleen lost.
  15. S10.E16: Return of the Masters Finale

    They called it grudge match or something similar. They had Cleen and Christian come out and try and talk tough about how they are not afraid of each other. So it could be another rivals season.