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  1. S11. E15. Prelude to a Bloodbath

    I think the tag team tattoo only counts for the contestant as otherwise it is a bit unbalanced as Cleen would have done 2 tattoos to Christian's 1. I think lately Teej has been getting a bit of the bad guy edit as he is shown to make negative comments during other peoples tattoo critique. Like in the last episode asking if the highlights were on the right parts of the face. Could be that he is not going to win.
  2. S11. E15. Prelude to a Bloodbath

    Not that much to say about the episode. - I was happy with the judging and agree with their decisions. - Really happy that the contestants get to do 2 tattoos in the finale and the coaches only 1. I was annoyed last season when the coaches did 2 tattoos and the contestants only one as it made the show more about the coaches when they didn't have to fight every week to stay in the game,
  3. S11. E14. What Are You Crayon About?

    I think they probably found it a bit annoying that he kept doing safe tattoo's rather than going for the win. It would be a bit boring if everyone just did safe tattoos, the show would prefer if everyone either had a massive success or a massive fail.
  4. S11. E14. What Are You Crayon About?

    I think for the last part of the competition they were happy to keep Amanda around as the last woman as long as the person they sent home wasn't that good. Now that we have gotten to the pointy end of the competition she had to go and the last 4 are probably the strongest 4 of the season. I felt the opposite, since he had been in the bottom the last coupe of weeks, they needed to give him a win to give him some credibility in case he makes the finale.
  5. S11. E14. What Are You Crayon About?

    I agree with you, but at least the judges were consistent in eliminating the hardest to read tattoo over meeting the challenge which seems to be the trend this season.
  6. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    This Week we are testing......Versatility. So Team Cleen got to tattoo whatever they wanted in the first challenge, and then from winning they got to tattoo whatever they wanted in the head to head. So when were they tested on versatility?
  7. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    Dave did say he liked the skin breaks in the orange flowers as it allowed it to breath, but I agree with you they looked unfinished.
  8. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    I find it a bit funny that I am annoyed Chris went home and Angela stayed, but then I was thinking that I am going for Team Cleen and that is actually a better result. When Tiffer and Tony picked Angela and Tim to tattoo head to head with it was total bs that it was because they wanted a challenge. They picked them because they are the weakest tattooers left. I thought Tiffer and Teej were a very good chance of being in the final with Tony and Chris battling for the 3 position in the final. Now that Chris is gone I think Tony has a really good chance of making it. Christian throwing Chris under the bus at the elimination critique I think was a bad strategic move because he got rid of one of his best tattooers.
  9. S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    I agreed with all the judging until the flower tattoos. I think Chris should have been safe because I though he was the only one who pulled of the photo realism. The other 2 looked more like illustrations. It was pretty obvious that Chris was going to go home with the edit he got in that episode and the rest of his team turning on him. And it wasn't so much that Amanda didn't go home, but that big smirk on her face when it was announced Chris was going like she had pulled off some master plan......
  10. S11. E12. Too Hot To Handle.

    I agree with you there, when Turk won tattoo of the day it was because he did a simple tattoo with bold colors. Other than that he was always middle to bottom of the pack because of too much detail and poor color choice. He didn't improve as the show went on. Teej is the opposite, he has learnt that the judges just want sticker tattoos and so that is what he gives them. That isn't his style but he is better off giving the judges what they want. Is there anywhere where you can see the tattoos? Normally I would go to the ink master website but the only gallery they have is of cleen and christian's work.
  11. S11. E12. Too Hot To Handle.

    I do find it a little funny that Cleen lost his first Ink Master season to Jason Clay Dunn because he didn't meet the final challenge of doing color realism, and now loses a artist from his team when both the other artists in the bottom 3 didn't meet the challenge of doing a reflection. The inconsistent judging must sting a little. I was surprised Tiffer chose that canvas. If he wanted to go head to head doing the space helmet, I thought it would be easier to have an alien as a reflection rather than earth blowing up.
  12. S11. E11. In Deep Waters

    Or it could just be that we are up to season 11 and the show is getting a little stale. So much manufactured drama, and they keep tinkering with the format but it is still pretty much the same show. Maybe he is just not that excited by it any more.
  13. S11. E11. In Deep Waters

    Flash challenge was an absolute blow out, not even close. I was blown away by Christian's teams piece. I found it funny hearing Amanda say she was growing in confidence and thinks she can hang with everyone when she has been in to bottom and lucky not to go home for 4 weeks straight.
  14. S11. E10. Put up or Shut up

    LOL!! That's just Crazy! With the first challenge I thought Christian set a much harder challenge than Cleen. I was a little surprised, in my opinion, that Cleen's team got closer to matching Christian's tattoo, than anyone on Christian's team got to matching Cleens. I thought what Cleen did with the grip of his tattoo gun (the spikey bit in the middle) looked 10 times better than what any of the other tattooers did. That alone made it no contest that anyone matched Cleen. But I thought everyone on Cleen's team only had 1 or 2 very minor things that stopped them from matching Christian.
  15. S11. E10. Put up or Shut up

    As above no flash challenge, well Dave says no flash challenge and they are going straight to the elimination tattoo......but they don't. They all tattoo to maybe make themselves safe, and then get to tattoo again which is what would be the elimination tattoo. Something that annoys me is every time they announce the challenge everyone is so negative and freaks out. I think it would be ok if on say portrait day a couple of people who are not good at portraits freak out, or the black and grey artists freak out on new school day. But every week in every challenge they are all swearing and acting like they are being given impossible tasks. I think they just need to dial back the drama.