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  1. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I was annoyed that they cut to commercial just as Tyler was finishing hugging whoever it was (maybe Brett?) and seemed to be turning toward Angela. I wanted to see their reunion! JC was so dejected, sitting in the jury. I almost felt bad for him. Almost, but not quite. I can't believe Haleigh and Fessy are a thing. Ugh. Swayleigh deserve each other. Though at this point Swaggy is probably closer to Bayleigh's dad than to Bayleigh herself. I thought I was okay with either Kaycee or Tyler winning, but I'm honestly a little sad it wasn't Tyler. He was the man behind the curtain for the entire game. But I'm glad he's walking away with $75k, and the girl. If he was going to lose, at least he lost to a decent person.
  2. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Thing is, Rockstar isn't from Baltimore, she's from Columbia, MD, which is 21 miles from Baltimore. It's an upper-middle-class suburb that attracts a lot of families with parents who work in DC or Baltimore. That's what makes the blaccent thing even more obnoxious--she's not some street-smart woman who grew up in the hoods of Baltimore and knows the struggle of growing up poor in an urban environment; she's most likely just another soccer mom driving around in a Range Rover, dressed in her Lululemon athleisure and never missing her morning Starbucks after her Pilates class. The fact that she has three kids and can afford to be a stay-at-home mom while living in Columbia likely means her husband is making a good chunk of change. Her persona is as natural as her hair color.
  3. S20.E39: Head of Household #15

    Maybe I'm giving TPTB too much credit, but I would have figured that in the case of a show like BB, TAR, or Survivor, contestants would only be allowed to participate if they were in good health, and especially not recovering from any recent surgery. You're not even supposed to do moderate exercise for like a week following wisdom tooth extraction, let alone go stand on a tiny ledge on a tilting "tree" and hold yourself there for an hour. I would assume insurers would not want to cover a HG who is at higher risk than usual for injury, especially when there are thousands of other contestants to choose from.
  4. All Episodes Talk: And the Blame Goes To...

    @raiderred1, I just didn't get what the "resolution" today was, and the episode felt weirdly short. Mom doesn't support son's dream to be a DJ but he's also waiting to have a clean drug test to join the marines. So he tests clean, and now the show is going to pay for him to meet with a therapist/life coach in his hometown. Uhh...okay then. What about joining the marines?!
  5. S20.E39: Head of Household #15

    Did they address the bleeding at all? I didn't see where it was discussed. She must have chomped down really hard on her cheek to bleed like that!
  6. S20.E39: Head of Household #15

    I mean, Bayleigh was screaming so intensely at him that her mouth literally started bleeding. I can't say that wouldn't have me retreating, either.
  7. All Episodes Talk: And the Blame Goes To...

    The sound issues make me crazy. I understand they need microphones to capture audience reactions, but when Vivica is doing her final thought at the end of the episode, she shouldn't sound like she's in a bathroom. Also Vivica just has weird body language, she makes really awkward movements while she's talking, and it looks so unnatural. It's like she's trying to give emphasis to her words with her movements, and failing miserably.
  8. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I'd say there's a 90% chance Angela goes, but there's this niggling thought I've had that maybe Kaycee and Angela made a F2 pact, but production decided to keep that in their back pocket (especially considering Sam's shaming of Kaitlyn and Haleigh weeks back) for a shocking ending, where the girls turn on the boys completely.
  9. I watched last night's show on Hulu this afternoon and FF through all the backstory, and didn't even watch the last three or four acts at all. I caught Shin's act tonight (with Matt and Akbar--hey, Tyra, maybe you could have practiced his name a few more times before the finale?!) while flipping channels, which was fantastic. I don't know how he does what he does, but MAN he is great at doing it. However, I didn't want to watch the entire show, because I was POSITIVE that Michael or Courtney would be the winner. I'm relieved to hear that Shin won--now I can watch the episode tomorrow without dreading how it ends.
  10. Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    I thought that's what I heard, but didn't know where the sound of that number of people could have come from. I would have thought production would have edited that out when putting the episode together.
  11. It's Kanye West's "Heartless." Kris Allen did a really good cover of it on the semi-final of American Idol in 2009, which hit #16 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  12. So, I binge-watched the entire season over the course of the last week. I'd never watched BB before, though I did watch CBB this past winter. Honestly, I do think Tyler and Angela are the real deal. They've both played the game so well that I can't imagine that they would risk their game for a fake romance, and by this point, where we're, what, 80-something days in, there's no benefit in the game to spending so much alone time with one individual unless you actually are unable to stay away from them. I also think they formed a solid friendship along the way. If Angela was using Tyler, I don't think she'd be saying "I love you," she'd be getting him to promise that she's his choice for final two. Tyler's social game definitely is suffering a bit as the numbers dwindle, but he's had to wrangle JC and Sam and their ridiculous emotionality NONSTOP for the last almost-three months. That has to wear on someone...especially someone who seems to otherwise be a pretty laid back person. I'm really over Sam. Choosing to be the housekeeper, and then whining about BEING the housekeeper, does not mean you've earned $500k. Neither does being a "good person."
  13. I only caught the last ten minutes of the show, so I'll probably FF through it when it's on Hulu tomorrow. Did they address Simon's inability to stop laughing after the cat act last night? Was it Heidi's terrible puns or was he actually laughing at the act? I'm sorta glad Riana didn't go through. I couldn't understand why it cut off so quickly when she seemed to only be halfway up the wall, and tried to see if there was a longer version on YouTube. On that version it shows the lights cutting out once she reaches the top, then cut to commercial. If the trick had been the same as the one from Asia's Got Talent, and she had reappeared behind Mel B, that would have been way better. But otherwise her tricks were kinda meh, and Mel B's refusal to play along just added to that. Plus Riana won Asia's Got Talent so it seemed really disingenuous to advance her on this show. But I also feel that way about other contestants who have been on other country's versions of the "Got Talent" franchise and gotten to the live shows, like Aaron Crow, Junior New System, and Yumbo Dump, to name just a few. But we also have a Canadian, two Brits, and a German judging America's Got Talent. 🤔 Oh, and I am really just waiting for Tyra to come out on stage holding the Blu-Ray of The Greatest Showman and encouraging everyone to go out and buy it, because so many acts singing the songs from the movie is really starting to feel like product placement, right up there with Dunkin.
  14. All Episode Talk: They Did BLANK?!

    The contestant was from NJ, where there are a few "famous" flea markets. When Jason (a NJ native) walked down and immediately nodded his approval of (and looked a little surprised, too, that she wrote it) Anjelah's answer, I figured that it was market.
  15. The Last Defense: Season One Talk

    I just spent my Saturday watching the entire seven episodes of this show. For Darlie, I don't know if she did it or not, but I do think there was enough there to show reasonable doubt, and she should not have been convicted. I also think it's interesting that they put her character on trial and basically called her a shallow gold-digger, but what woman who is so vain would willingly cut her own neck and chest, where she'd be scarred for life in a very conspicuous area? And if she wanted to get rid of her kids, why kill the older two but leave the baby, the most dependent of her children, alive? I don't understand why the defense didn't show the surveillance video of the morning prayer service, or the entire video of the "birthday party" at the graves. She didn't bring the silly string, and at one point after shooting off the string she walks over and stands behind her sister and places her head on her shoulder, and she's clearly crying. I also don't understand why her attorney didn't tear apart the first responding rookie officer, who made so many mistakes, not the least of which was telling the HYSTERICAL woman with her throat slashed that SHE needed to do something to help her children, instead of doing something himself. And how could the prosecutors get away with showing the nurses photos of the boys' injuries as part of "preparing" them to testify about how Darlie behaved while she was in the hospital? How is that not some version of witness tampering? Really, I found the prosecutor to be a sanctimonious ass, and by the end I wanted to smack him across his judgmental, holier-than-thou face. But then we got to the Julius Jones case! While I'd heard of Darlie before, I'd never heard of the Jones case. That poor, poor guy. My adrenaline was racing by the end of the last episode, and I was so angered by this clear miscarriage of justice. He was railroaded. There is no way he's guilty, but his defense team didn't do anything to create reasonable doubt! I was so angered by his lead counsel, who, judging by his clothes and his office in a high-rise, clearly has made quite a successful career for himself in the last 20 years. I appreciated the fact that he admitted to screwing up but, jeez, it's like he didn't even try. He didn't even put on a case! And I felt for his co-counsel, who was barely out of law school. While I understand public defenders offices are spread very thin, I cannot believe it's procedurally acceptable to put a recent grad on a capital murder case. Someone is up for the ultimate punishment, and the person defending them is brand new to practicing altogether. I know Elle Woods got her client off for murder when she was still only a law student but, oh right, Legally Blonde is a fictional MOVIE, not a documentary!!! Then we have the other side of the aisle. The rampant corruption and outright racism in law enforcement in Oklahoma County and especially in Edmond, OK, was absolutely sickening. I honestly believe they focused on Julius over Chris because Julius was very smart and athletic (I mean, he had an academic scholarship despite the fact that it also appeared he was a talented athlete!), and they just couldn't let that black boy get too uppity. It was heartbreaking to see what's become of his family, particularly that his mother has basically hoarded up their house. But to see the condition that their house was left in after the search was just...beyond words. That police department violated that family over and over again. I don't pray often, but I will be praying for the Jones family, that this awful thing that's been done to him and his family will not be further compounded by putting him to death. And while I have wanted for many years to visit Oklahoma City, after seeing this, now I don't think I will ever spend my (I'm sure quite-welcomed, since I'm white) tourism dollars there, knowing that money goes to pay the salaries of these terrible people.