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  1. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    As others have said, I have LESS THAN ZERO sympathy for Sam. Oh, boohoo, I conned a bunch of rich old men out of their money (and the children out of their inheritance) and now someone is reminding me of that. Why does this show constantly want me to side with criminals? Speaking of, shut the fuck up, She-beast. Truly, Carly is an awful, awful person. Zero understanding of a daughter being devastated to find out her father is dead and her mother was complicit in it. Not to mention holding her husband, who PULLED THE TRIGGER, with no responsibility. And do the writers think if Carly blames Margaux enough for "putting me in Ferncliffe" that that will make it so? We all saw how that storyline played out. Carly thought she could con the system and it didn't work. Be mad at Dianne or hell, be mad at yourself for letting Nelle get the best of you--but it's not Margaux's fault.
  2. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Seriously. After having to hear about #Justice4Dewq for the better part of a year, when he eyeballs deep in the mob, it's pathetic watching Margaux being demonized for wanting the same for her Dad.
  3. If a Sam falls off her ridiculously high boots, knocks herself unconscious and a Jason isn't there to rescue her, did it even really happen? /deepthoughts
  4. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Yeah, the writers actually think we like having Carly shoe-horned into yet another story that she has no business being in. And it's not like we don't know how this will end: with Carly being rescued by some vile combo of Sonny/Jason/Sam and then Kevin profusely apologizing to them while they dogpile on them for his complicitness in Ryan being on the loose. Because THEY were the ones so affected.
  5. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    If Carly always wanted privacy when visiting Morgan's grave, she and Sonny should've erected a family crypt in the backyard like the Q's have. In other words: go to Hell, Carly, you don't own the cemetary.
  6. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The Jax custody suit was particularly vile because Carly sat back and let Sonny frame Jax for sexual assault. Lowlife scum, the both of them.
  7. Can't wait for the cult leader, Daisy, and Stella's ex's wife to have scenes together. Maybe throw in Milo and Epiphany, too.
  8. Table for two. From the beginning this story has just been another ~showcase for MB and I'm over it. The well has run dry on me caring about "poor Sonny." What's next? Avery gets a wicked case of psoriasis--how will Sonny cope?????
  9. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Now and forever. This storyline was dumb enough when they did it back in 2007.
  10. GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    I thought the same thing. I share a birthday with Tyler Christopher, Demi Moore and Leonardo DiCaprio. Which kind of sounds like the makings of the dinner party from Hell, tbh.
  11. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Over 12 hours since I watched and I'm still rolling my eyes at Sam and her oh-so-clever Midwestern accent. Which, totally unnecessary, but I guess that's supposed to illustrate what a crackerjack P.I. she is. Also, her "he wasn't a nice guy so it was fine I took his money" defense was so obnoxious.
  12. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So now they're going to play up the dullard's long-dead relationship with Kiki as to why he's acting like he needs to be personally informed of all developments about her murder? Take several seats, Michael. Don't you have a multi-billion dollar company to pretend to run?
  13. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I love when he told Margeux that his dad left him when he was a kid, so basically they're the same. Yeah, except MARGEUX DIDN'T SHOOT MIKE DEAD, you narcissistic asshole.
  14. Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Don't feel bad--we ALL missed it. As usual, GH is attributing traits/friendships to two universally ignored/offscreen characters as a way to pump up the storyline. Go home, GH, you're drunk.
  15. So now there's going to be a story about Mike getting flirty with Stella's ex-boyfriend wife. Yeah, THAT'S compelling. Mike, the true definition of a peripheral character, gets more airtime than established veterans.