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  1. I am now more than worried for her; her IG posts have gotten so, so much worse. So much so that I literally want to yell at people in her life, "Why isn't anyone helping her?!" Of course, the truly sane and loving people in her life have probably tried to help her, but I'm sure she's cut them out of her life. Her posts are totally nonsensical and so out there. She posts screen shots of her phone that make no sense to me and rambles on about all kinds of things that I can't make heads or tails out of. She seems to have taken more trips to the ER and various police stations to file reports on different things that it makes me wonder if the hospitals and the police thinks she's a nut case. She's posted a couple of videos of herself recently and even though it's not like she's slurring, I think her eyes show signs of her being on something. What she's saying in them is so random, too. I truly suspect she's abusing some sort of illegal narcotic, maybe even mixing it all with alcohol. On top of that, she's coming across to me like someone who had a psychological break or maybe treading the line of paranoia schizophrenia. I can literally picture her being one of those crazy people wandering the streets of LA muttering and yelling random things at people. It's so unbelievably heartbreaking to see.
  2. Does anyone follow Diane on Instagram? I started to follow her a few weeks ago because, like many of you, she was my favorite out of everyone featured on this show. (Lee can go kick rocks, ugh!) As much as I was a bit disappointed that there is not going to be a second season, I think it's a blessing in disguise for Diane at least. I don't know what happened exactly, but she seems to be a total emotional trainwreck and then some "in real life." I actually feel bad for her because I could totally see myself being friends with her, but there seems to be A LOT going on with her and not in good, stable way. In a recent Instagram post, she revealed that she has lost the job and home that she had on the show. It sounds like she quit her job because she developed PTSD from witnessing someone get beat up at a coffee shop or something and she was the only witness? I don't know, it's really confusing and hard to understand. Actually, most of her Instagram posts are really hard to understand. She seemed SO put together and like she had a good head on her shoulders on the show, but her Instagram almost reveals someone else entirely. She tends to post a lot and much of it is a somewhat rambling, incohrerent mess. I'm sort of sad about that and about the fact that even though I would totally be friends with her, she seems like she is the type of friend who is super exhausting to have (she sounds super clingy to a select few and like she just tells people to fuck off if they try to have her look at herself in the mirror, so to speak). She really sounds like she needs psychological help and I'm not sure if she's getting the kind of help she clearly needs. :(
  3. Flipping Out In The Media

    Jeff and Gage had their baby girl today! As Jeff stated, "At 4:22pm today, I grew up. Welcome Monroe Christine Lewis."
  4. S09.E06: It's Not Your Fault

    I thought they already played that card with her last season, though? And she finally spoke up about being overwhelmed. She seems happier to me this season.
  5. S09.E06: It's Not Your Fault

    I'm thinking this was editing trickery/fakery. Even though the previews for next week showed Zoila and then Jeff yelling that they have the same argument every week (who knows who is included in that "they"), they also showed some guy who was walking away from an argument/disagreement during a conversation of some sort and Jeff asking him not to walk away. So, Jeff probably later got him on the phone and is threatening to fire him if he didn't come back. I'm betting the editing monkeys just want us to think it's Zoila so we tune in. :P
  6. S09.E06: It's Not Your Fault

    Right; that was my point. At least, that's basically how I see it as well. Although, he was clearly alluding to how disorganized and half-assed the work of Living Spaces was when he was comparing to his experience working with the staff of Walter E. Smithe, complete with interjecting flashbacks of last season. I can see how that could make the company think that he's potentially influencing people to see them in a negative light. In any case, I was just wondering if even that would piss them off enough to seek a legal order to have Jeff leave "Living Spaces" out of his mouth completely when speaking publicly. Jeff has a lot of fans; even if he is only speaking about his own negative feelings about them and what transpired, that can still influence many people to think negatively of the company. Like I said, regardless of whether or not Living Spaces has a leg to stand on in seeking a gag order of some sort, it still makes me wonder if Jeff going on and on about them the way he has could still piss them off enough to even try to shut him up.
  7. S09.E06: It's Not Your Fault

    I really enjoyed this episode as well. Jeff is no doubt high maintenance, but he has a genius to back it all up, and we got to see his genius at work and at its best while doing the vignettes for Walter E. Smithe. I thought Jenni's analogy of Walter saying he knew it wasn't Jeff's fault with Living Spaces to the scene of Robin Williams telling Matt Damon, "It's not your fault," over and over again in "Good Will Hunting" was pretty on point. Sure, the two scenarios are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, but I think the sentiment behind the words were the same. Walter E. Smithe, his family, and business seem like good people. I hope this business partnership is a very prosperous one for all parties involved and lasts a very long time. I would love to see how the commercial turned out, but I can't seem to find it online (yet), unfortunately. Anyone see it posted online somewhere and can link it? (I do hope it turned out better than some of their past cheesy commercials I did find on YouTube, though. LOL) I briefly perused the Walter E. Smithe website and like what I see, but damn if it's not a little too rich for my blood at the moment, which is especially unfortunate since I'm getting ready to move into a new place of my own within the next couple of weeks. I think I can at least get some inspiration, though, and perhaps find similar pieces I like elsewhere for less. I couldn't help but wonder throughout this episode - could Living Spaces seek and demand a gag order of some sort be placed on Jeff? I guess he's not outright slandering Living Spaces, but carefully phrasing his words in a way that expresses his feelings on what happened. But judges place gag orders on plaintiffs and defendants for all sorts of reasons. Even if Jeff is no long pursuing legal action against them, I can't imagine that Living Spaces is too thrilled with all that he has to say on the matter this season.
  8. S10.E01: Zoey's 4th Birthday

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to chime in here about his ability to put on his own shoes and perhaps dressing himself in general. As I've mentioned before in this forum, I am a little person, so I literally have a lifetime of personal insight and experiences to draw upon and compare to when watching this show. I would respectfully ask people back off a bit on judging Will and Zoey's daily and self-care skills as it is completely unfair to compare them to an "average" child and nearly impossible to expect them to be able to do all of the physical things that these other children can do. While growing up, all of my "delays", if you will, were strictly physical, not mental/intellectual. So, even though I was way ahead of my peers in many respects, being able to dress myself without any assistance took a long time. Most of that was due to having shorter limbs. It's not as easy to pull our pants up and down with one quick motion as it is harder to reach behind and/or below; button or zip our clothes because our fingers are shorter and unable to "normally" grasp and pinch things (for me, I also have some fused joints in my fingers, so I literally cannot make a closed fist, but I have ways of grabbing things just fine otherwise); and even put on our shoes with ease because more often times than not, we also have wider feet. Due to wide feet and our unique fingers/joints, learning how to tie our shoes can take longer and grabbing/pushing/pulling our feet into them is tough as well (laces or no laces). Hell, I literally have never been able to wear flip flops because my feet are a bit wider than most kids' and even if they do fit, they just don't stay on my feet while walking. This totally sucks because I'd love to be able to slip a pair of flip flops on and off my feet with a quickness and run around with them, especially in the summer! Will and Zoey will also probably have to use some assisstive devices like a dressing stick when it comes to dressing themselves as they get older. So, not only are they children learning how to dress themselves, period, but they are also learning how to manipulate these devices so that they can dress themselves with greater ease. There really is no right way or wrong way when it comes to utilizing these things, so it's going to be an individual learning process for each of them to lock down a technique that works for them and only them. If you were to compare me to another adult my age in our self-care skills, I would hope you'd understand that I'm never, ever going to get dressed as quickly as the next person. I'm going to do it differently, too. So, Will and Zoey will most likely never be "age appropriate" when it comes to this stuff, but that does not mean they are delayed or incapable of learning how to help themselves. As for their speech, while I'm sure their delays has lot has to do with their orphanage background, please also remember that many little people are also born with various types of speech impediments and hearing loss. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought it has been mentioned by Jen and Bill that Will suffers from hearing loss.) I was not only born with some hearing loss in one ear, but also born with a cleft palate (fortunately it was only in the roof of my mouth and not my lip/nose), which made my speech not so clear as a child. With surgery to repair my cleft, some speech therapy and a hearing aid, I made great progress in no time. I understand that this show puts these children out there and open for criticism, but please, please remember that most if not all of Will and Zoey's delays are a result of a genetic disability, not lazy parenting, not lazy children, and not any other outside environmental factor. I'm pretty sure Bill wasn't seriously asking Will where the store was. I think it was more of a dad to little kid, "Hey! Which way shall we go?" and hope your kid guesses the right direction. I'm also fairly sure most kids Will's age don't have the stores memorized at the mall, not to mention Will most likely isn't yet reading well enough to be able to read the names of the stores to figure it out. Besides, who knows how many times Will has been at the mall, let alone Build-A-Bear to be familiar enough as to where it was? So sorry, I don't see any reason to feel sorry for him then. He certainly gets a total pass from me on not knowing where a stupid store was at a large shopping mall.
  9. Yes, Steven's parents specifically spoke about how he has mosaic Down Syndrome and how it has affected him growing up. That was interesting to me because I had never heard of it (maybe because, as his parents stated, it's so rare), but made perfect sense once I heard it because I found myself thinking at certain points that sometimes Steven didn't even look like he had Down Syndrome (like maybe he had a "mild case" of it, if you will) and that he seemed a bit higher functioning that most with DS. Yes, please do check it out if you can! I believe it's still available through the Instant Watch. John could possibly have autism as well. But as I stated in my previous post, I still cut him some slack for how he interacts with others because of his DS. However, just as Elena was suggesting phrases he could say to her when he wanted her to "tone it down", I wish Elena would have suggested things she could say to him to knock it off when he was doing or saying things that were on the verge of hurting her feelings. It works both ways.
  10. I am so glad I found this show. I only started seeing commercials for it about a week ago and was intrigued immediately. So far, the first episode has me hopeful that this will be a true documentary showing the actual lives, struggles, and triumphs of several people with Down Syndrome rather than a fake and exploitative piece of crap most reality shows turn out to be. (I'm sternly looking at you in particular, "Little Women: LA" and "Little Women: NY.") I will first and most importantly say I cut Elena a lot of slack. A LOT. For one thing, she has Down Syndrome for God's sake; she's naturally going to have a harder time than most in processing and controlling her emotions. And obviously, and most sadly, it seems her struggles with accepting Down Syndrome has a lot to do with how her mother handled it. Therefore, I cannot blame one bit of how Elena is on herself. I have to admit that out of everyone featured on the show, so far, she has broken my heart the most. I am really, really not the type of person who cries at movies or TV shows, but I can already tell she's going to make me tear up the most (she already has). :( In some ways, I can actually relate to Elena. I was born with a disability myself (although, it's a form of dwarfism, which, for me, is only a physical disability, not an intellectual one), and while I was incredibly lucky enough to have a great childhood with very little, if any, bullying by other kids, I still naturally struggled in some ways similar to Elena as many kids with a visible disability would. Additionally, she and I come from a similar background; my mother is also Japanese originally from Japan and my father is Caucasian (but from the US, not European as Elena's father appears to be). Knowing my personal experience with my mother and Asians in general, I am honestly not that surprised that her mother has handled it the way that she has, sadly. Although I never explicitly had such a conversation with my mother, I think my mother struggled in accepting me and my disability in a very similar way as Elena's mother. Maybe that's a huge reason why I didn't and don't have the typical mother/daughter relationship with her, who knows. But that's a whole other story and topic of discussion not fit for here. :P Anyway, Asians seem to have a harder time accepting such differences and they can be very, very blunt in their criticism and views of someone. I know that sounds very stereotypical, but again, this is coming from my experience with my Japanese mother and many other Asians in my life. (Random, but interesting and kinda freaky to me sidenote: Elena's mother and my mother have the same name!) I wish I had an answer as to how Elena may overcome her difficulties with herself, but I am hopeful that in conjunction with this show and perhaps other loving people who will step in to help her and, as she so heartbreakingly put it, not give up on her, it will help. I like everyone else on the show so far with the minor exception of John, though. Even though I cut him some slack for obvious reasons, too, he still seems high functioning enough that if people consistently worked with him on boundaries and knowing when and how to use filters, I think he could be more likable overall as well. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Megan, the one who moved to LA and wants to be a film producer, is behind this show? Just wondering given her dream of being a film maker. Plus, moving out to LA so easily with her mom, even if just for a "test run," seems suspect. Anyway, as I said earlier, I am enjoying this show thus far and remain optimistic that I will continue to do so. It reminds me of a documentary I watched on Netflix earlier this year called "Monica & David", which was about an engaged Down Syndrome couple. If you like this show thus far, I highly recommend watching this movie as I think much of the struggles featured in it will be similar to the ones featured on this show.
  11. S03.E15: Reunion Part 2

    I hope your house was okay after it caught on fire! ;) Okay, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. One, I didn't think it was such a "let's all pile on Rocky!" reunion. Unfortunately, Andy obviously asked questions that had a lot to do with Rocky and her antics, so people had to answer the questions and/or express how they felt about them. I think for the most part, everyone was very diplomatic with their answers, especially Amy. And I don't really care that Connie said something like, "I didn't say I 'hated' you; I said I don't like you." She was being honest and not fake, so I can appreciate that. Again, even Connie was being diplomatic at that point because she said she had good conversations with Rocky when the cameras weren't around and that if they went away on vacation together, they'd probably have a good time. Boy, for someone who said she felt like she didn't have any friends but one on the boat, Rocky sure did feel like she had a lot of friends on the boat! Here's what I mean: - Rocky literally jumped ship when Leon was fired because she felt like he was her only friend on the boat. - It hurt when she saw Amy saying some negative things about Rocky behind her back because she felt like she and Amy were actually friends. - It hurt when Rocky thought Connie said she hated Rocky because she genuinely thought they were friends. - It sucked when Eddie started treating her like crap because she thought they were friends and that "friends with benefits" usually act like friends. - Rocky thought it was absolutely fine to tell Emile about her and Eddie hooking up because she felt like Emile was her only friend on the boat. Jesus Christmas, Rocky... make up your mind! Did you think you had friends or not?? I truly think Rocky is so desperate not only for attention (I know, hello, Captain [Harold Lee] Obvious!), but for everyone to like her. When Kate was "softening up" to her (I'll get to that in a second) and saying that she was entertained by Rocky's singing at times, that she did want Rocky to be on her side, and now was willing to give Rocky "the list," Rocky, nearly gleaming with pride, was immediately ready to accept her "apology" and practically leapt off of the couch to give her hug. I do also think that the starving need to be loved and accepted by everyone is even greater with males than with females. Look at Rocky's face with the big Cheshire cat grin whenever Don, Ben, and Andy spoke about how the guys thought she was hot and did things to jeopardize their jobs because of how hot she is. She craves that as desperately as a crack addict craves their next hit. It does make me wonder if she specifically chose to do things like diving and surfing because they were things that showed off her body and ass in a bathing suit at all times. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if that was even partially true. I almost wish Kate didn't accept a hug from Rocky. Partly because I think it was fake deep down and partly because I feel like it opens the doors for the producers to team them up again for another season and go for a Kate vs. Amy friendship redemption arc. NO, just NO. Make Rocky go away NOW and FOREVER, please and thank you. I once again want to so desperately believe that Rocky and Eddie didn't hook up two more times after filming the show, but sadly, I do think there's some truth to that as well. 1) Why would Rocky get so specific about when it happened (she mentioned that each time was when they were doing interviews or whatever for the show) and bold-faced liars don't tend to get very specific in their lies, and 2) I think the only reason Eddie denied it so nonchalantly is because he knew, without a doubt, that she had no tangible proof this time. When it happened after filming, there were certainly no cameras around that could've picked up any video or audio like they did on the boat, so he didn't run the risk of Bravo cutting in with that footage. Plus, he probably made sure there were no texts, e-mails, record of calls, etc. before, during or after their subsequent hookups because he learned his lesson the first time. (I'm sure Rocky would've jumped right in with any tangible proof like she was so willing to do on the boat with Emile if there was any.) While he said he wasn't back together with his girlfriend when they hooked up after filming, so he could've freely admitted to it, he probably still lied to cover his ass because he said he was at least working on getting back together with her during that time frame and I'm sure she, like most girls, probably made him swear up and down that he didn't and would never again bang Rocky from the moment he confessed to his girlfriend what happened with Rocky. Maybe he did vow to not give any reaction to Rocky's antics and revelations, but even so, if I were him and there wasn't one iota of truth to it, I still would've pulled a Kristen vs. Sonja RHofNY reunion show moment by jumping up from the couch and shimmying while mock yelling to Rocky, "You're deluuuuusionaaaaal!" (And I so would've high fived him for that all the live long day.) Aaaaanyway, that's all the rambles I have on that for now. Oh, and as for the Mediterranean spin-off, I wanted to look forward to it, but sadly, after seeing the previews, I'm not. The previews totally reeks of when I was such a huge fan of the first few seasons of "The Real World" and then ended up hating it and never watching it again once they decided to jump the shark and only cast people who were "hot" and willing to hook up left and right as well as start bullshit drama. No, thanks.
  12. S03.E15: Reunion Part 2

    Oh, I don't expect anyone to refrain from "ruining" anything with tonight's reunion since it already aired and it's my own fault I missed it (and well, partially Bravo's fault for their random erractic scheduling). LOL But damn, this already sounds brutal.
  13. S03.E15: Reunion Part 2

    Damn you, Bravo, and your decision to air this at 8PM instead of 9 or 10PM and making me miss it! And damn me for not double checking. Now I've got to wait until after midnight to see this trainwreck and, based on the comments thus far, I'm thinking I will be pretty annoyed/disappointed/pissed off. Meh.
  14. S03.E14: Reunion Part 1

    I was going to post asking the same thing. Even if there was no footage of Kate drinking suspiciously from a mug, where was the footage or even audio of Rocky telling Eddie about it and him saying "We take care of our own"? If Rocky and Eddie couldn't be bothered to de-mic themselves during their laundry escapades, then I'm sure that they would have still been mic'd during the speaking and dumping of the mug o' wine, especially if they were still up and in the midst of dealing with the aftermath of the fire. Plus, I believe Bravo would've shown any footage of that in a heartbeat if that existed. However, while I want to readily believe that Rocky is making that up because she's proven herself to be batshit crazy, then why didn't Kate vehemently deny it? Plus, Eddie simply saying, "I don't remember that," instead of vehemently denying it, too, makes me suspicious. To me, saying "I don't remember" to something is akin to a person on trial for murder and suddenly having "amnesia" because they know they are truly guilty. I have a feeling Eddie thought by saying he didn't remember was an easy out in case Bravo decided to air the footage right then and there; if he said he didn't do that, then the footage would've proven him to be a liar. And again, speaking of Eddie and being a liar, I am so, so disappointed as to what Rocky said in the previews for the next half of the reunion. Jesus God, Eddie... ever after all of the bullshit with her, you still went back to that. TWICE? I liked you, Eddie, but if your dick falls off (or your girlfriend cuts it off), I don't think I'd exactly shed a tear for you now.
  15. S03.E14: Reunion Part 1

    She did not provide one iota of "comedy relief"; she was nothing but sheer torture.