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  1. HaHaHaHaHa! When Rachel is amused, I generally am amused as well: "So...this candidate WHO JUST FINISHED HIS CRIMINAL PROBATION MONDAY has gained the endorsement of SOMEONE WHO HAS JUST PLED GUILTY ON FEDERAL CHARGES" -- about the challenger (Omar Navarro) to Rep. Maxine Waters, on probation for illegally putting a tracking device on his ex-wife's car, who just got the endorsement of Michael Flynn, who also is scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for this challenger in Los Angeles. WHAT a rogue's gallery this is! If you did not hear Rachel run through the various excuses of this challenger when a newspaper tried to ask about his conviction, you should try to catch it on the rerun tonight. Basically, tried to deny he was the same Omar Navarro, denied this had happened, denied it had happened in the past year ("it was years ago"), and finally admitted he was the guy. Rachel had a good time with all this. I think I have mentioned that most of the Friday MSNBC shows are repeated during the day on Saturday, which has been very entertaining. ETA: She included some cell phone video of Flynn arriving at the fundraiser. "Awaiting sentencing, and ready to crowd-surf. Apparently you can do that." [go to a fundraiser while awaiting sentencing] And damn. Just as she said goodbye to Lawrence, the crawl at the bottom of the screen said that Sessions has fired Andrew McCabe.
  2. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    That is a very good explanation -- she was paid $100K and the 30% attorney's fee was paid on top of that. It is always so entertaining to watch the really good lawyers on the other side of Trump's issues, like Stormy's stoney-faced attorney on Morning Joe today, compared to the chuckleheads that we see on television "defending" him, but really just tossing chum into the roiling sea.
  3. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Wow, they really look like they have been blown away! Ha, I am actually eating a warm cookie while reading this thread and listening to the Nicolle Wallace show, which she labelled "Porn Friday."** And is quoting extensively from the Morning Joe/lawyer interview. Jennifer Rubin (WaPost writer) was giving a great critique of the MJ interview. Even if you don't like how Mika asked the questions, she certainly got responses that are playing over and over on the other shows today. **Come on Nicolle, be fair, *every* day is Porn Day at this point.
  4. I guess The Board is just for paid staffers, not family members who decide to separate or divorce from Trump and company. I'm sure Rachel has more sensitivity than me in thinking of Vanessa Trump as another departure.
  5. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    "Someone left the cake out in the rain," said Joe last week, quoting "MacArthur Park". Didn't know actual cake was so important to Mika.
  6. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    Sounds like a television pilot I'd watch for the first ten minutes. Seriously, I said that at the same moment! I had just been watching an old episode of that last week with Edgar and Candice Bergen. It was exactly the same rhythm! Heh, Kitty Carlisle.
  7. Morning Joe All Episodes Talk

    I am loving the "Stormy" attorney's answers. "Yes." "No." "None." "I can't answer that." While the panel is spinning around him, jabbering. He might as well have been sworn in on a witness stand. It reminds me of an old television show, "What's My Line," where a mystery guest answers questions with yes or no until a panel guesses the truth. (Have only seen it on YouTube!)
  8. Okay, it is 7:04 (Pacific Time) and Rachel is still talking hilariously to Lawrence O'D, when laughter broke out -- and L O'D said "You have a studio audience," and the camera cut away to his first two guests, in stitches, Michael Isikoff and David Corn. A new level of handoff!
  9. But meanwhile, I managed to transcript the "pasta e ceci" from the broadcast, so am looking forward to making it! Seriously, I am very impressed with everyone who is tuned into this thread! I thought I would post and no one would see it for months...last message had been in January! They made me an offer I had to refuse.
  10. Wow, McMaster reported fired *during* Rachel's show. Should she get a magic Kornacki board so she can write updates on The Board while her show is in progress? Seriously, what a mess in the White House. Gerbils running around without a wheel to keep them in place.
  11. Thanks, wow, it is great to hear from others immediately who had the same reaction! Wow, another level of annoying! This is all very helpful to hear!
  12. Thanks, it might have been you who warned us about this a long time ago! I bleached my mind of this quirk ("Free!" "Except not really!"), and went back full of hope, and even registered to enter the site. Painless, I thought. Then I hit the big 14-day free access paywall. Nope. I don't mind paying for resources I use online, but I wanted one recipe without entering my credit card information. And they keep saying "free" on the program. Thanks for confirming your experience!
  13. I like the ATK recipes and show, but I had forgotten what a pain it is to use their website. They say there is "free" access, but it is only for 14 days, then you pay. Some of the video episodes are there, and I don't mind listening again and writing down the ingredient amounts, but please don't tell us that the recipes can be accessed for "free" on the website.
  14. The Crown In The Media

    Totally agree. We have two different situations, two years ago, and now: (1) when she/agent negotiated and signed a contract, which probably seemed like a dream in terms of the dollars and prestige, and they were working in a vacuum of lack of knowledge of other contracts; and (2) the current realization that there was neither parity nor fairness in those contracts. I can understand all sides agreeing to the original contract; but it is the current situation that needs to be rectified, and only retroactive pay will resolve the inequity. With the producers waiting this long, it makes me think the differential in those salaries must be massive over two seasons. But this production can afford another $500K to $1 million, which is what it would cost if his salary was 50% to 100% higher. YES, she also gained significant prestige and a better bargaining position as a result of this series, BUT SO DID HE!!! Because *SHE* made this series so great!!! New article from Salon today: "How loudly do we have to ring the shame bell?" https://www.salon.com/2018/03/13/pay-her-shes-the-queen-the-gender-pay-gap-on-the-crown-is-a-disgrace/ Yup.
  15. The Crown In The Media

    Of course she is not saying anything in public; Michelle Williams did the same thing (when Wahlberg was paid 1000 times more for reshoots) -- she let others create all the noise. Foy has innumerable publications beating the drum for her, and has both her dignity and public support. I continue to think that Netflix will do something to stop the discussion. (They will say it is to be fair.)