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  1. MSNBC

    Completely agree! I know Ari is trying to be cute, but it is now coming across like that office worker who keeps complimenting you and not thinking you are appreciative enough about comments you never wanted in the first place. Starts pleasant, but then verges on inappropriate pressure. Two days in a row now, spending way too much time in the handoff about Katy's voice and whether it is holding up. Then trying to make up for the pressure by saying "you are only losing your voice because of the outstanding work you are doing." Just "Bye!" would be fine, Ari.
  2. Nicolle and the Daily Deadlines Circle of Friends: White House insiders, past and present Small Talk: Laughter and Amazement
  3. It took me a while to figure out what the heck this was. Thanks for the alert(?!). For those who care to click, the link goes to a Wonkette piece on Rachel and a video of a lunatic who claims to be right-wing, but who makes the actual right-wing look like The Peace Corps. According to him, Rachel has indicated that we will all show up this weekend and basically have a French Revolution at the White House, complete with guillotine.
  4. No, Romney was never offered the job. But briefly, he appeared to be close to getting it. She did not say he turned the job down, and I don't see that in my post, either. (?) (Do I need to add a contraction?!) There was a dinner with Trump with pictures, where Romney looked terrified. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-mitt-romney-dinner-photo-meme-jokes-twitter-face-a7446791.html%3famp
  5. Oh, the "A" block podcast is going on my iPod forever. ("A" blocks are available for download as video.) It is not the salacious parts and Rachel saying "f-ing, but it doesn't really say f-ing," (meanwhile, we are staring at the work "fucking" on the screen, but okay, Rachel), or "word that starts with 'sh'-tty". And it is not even the as-ever golden reading of today's court transcript of Maria Butina and the new character in the form of the expert counter-intelligence official "known to the Court, but please state your name for the record." Rachel saying "butt" instead of "ass" in another quote (not really sure that *is* better, Rachel, but okay.) Rachel about Maria: "Rhymes with 'pie', but starts with an 'S'". (ETA! HA! HA! HA! an update at the :40 mark to note that they did not *mean* to show the actual word "fucking" in the headline, but meant to blur it! Another reason to save this!) No, for me the platinum diamond part of the "A" block was when she got to linking Maria to the older stories about Russian influence on the choice of Secretary of State. When Maria reached out in November to "Russian Official No. 1" to see "what our people think" of the likely choice (Mitt Romney). And then the way Rachel showed how the various social media platforms were saturated with negative influence about Romney. (Bye-bye, Mitt!) And then Tillerson "never served in public office but was decorated by Putin himself" appointed because of backchannel pressure. Think of where we viewers were on the night of November 8, 2016, in shock and disbelief, then more disbelief as the days went on. But as we were sitting here stunned, Maria and her officials Nos. 1 through No. 2000 said "time to get busy". Then (still in the "A" block) Rachel showed us the pictures we remember of Tillerson getting that honor from Putin, and we remember seeing it then -- and now it looks ominous in an entirely new way. And that picture of the hostage dinner with Trump and Romney ("please get me out of here") looks desperate in a whole new way. The pictures from November 2016 to January 2017 (and beyond) now have such a Rashomon quality -- what we thought we were seeing was not at all what we were seeing. Now we see the puppet strings, and Rachel might as well start drawing the strings onto the photographs she is displaying. "A" block. Was that really just 23 minutes? It seemed like it went on for months and months. And Mitt Romney should thank his lucky stars that he did not get mixed up in this administration. (I was no fan of Mitt, but now he could be on Mount Rushmore.)
  6. Oh, holy cow, Jill Wine-Banks's pin on Lawrence's show this evening: big red letters spelling TRUMP with a hammer and sickle instead of a "U".
  7. Endeavour: In The Media

    I appreciate this! And will wait two more weeks! I am so glad they went with six episodes this time; and glad for another season to come! When I first saw the headline in the previous page about the next season, I originally thought it said "all new cast", like "The Crown". I quickly realized that was not the case! Looking forward to both articles in a couple of weeks.
  8. Endeavour: In The Media

    Thanks for this! Are there spoilers in the article about who returns? I have been avoiding an article above on page one about who will return and not. I can wait two more weeks to read these, in case they are plot points!
  9. MSNBC

    Katy Tur has filled in for two vacationing anchors plus hosted her own show today. I just can't* stop watching today, despite having my computer open to work! Ari Melber had a fantastic first guest, a retired Lt. Colonel who was horrified and hilarious. I won't get into the news part of it, but if you can watch it online, watch for the Russian accent parody ("we geeeft from frrriend") around 15 minutes into the show. [*That's "can't", with the contraction.]
  10. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Oh, thank you, Landsnark! That's ridiculous! (And hey, Al Capone is the answer to this week's Sunday Puzzle in NPR, in case anyone wants to vie to win the contestant spot.)
  11. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Yes, thanks, I knew that, but wondered why Eugene Robinson was mentioning him and why it was a shame. It seemed random.
  12. Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I only saw the last hour, and Joe is not even in the bunker. I thought they would show up blazing today. I don't mind Willie, just wonder if they should rename the show: Morning "Joe" Why did Eugene Robinson say it was a shame, what happened to Al Capone?
  13. That was from meowmommy, so I'm looping her in:
  14. TPTB stopped offering full video of her shows on podcast years ago; I can't even explain it anymore, but it had to do with licensing. There is full audio of her shows on podcasts. And the MSNBC app does have her full shows in video, but sometimes not until the next day. I also agree this is more about "Team Trump" than blackmail of him personally, perhaps threats to his family involved in this -- other MSNBC shows have been using that term. I suspect he has a sense that his family is on an indictment list, and I think everyone is waiting for that day to come. Rachel is right to bring in Wendy Sherman's perspective on this.
  15. S05.E03: Passenger

    Yes, they confirmed the French woman's name as Claudine in the following episode, so that is Joan's friend.