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  1. Yes, and it was the uncle who really pushed Philip into the circle of Elizabeth, hoping for a match. Just saw this episode for the first time, and understand better the spate of recent articles about how significant it was to be so accepting the new fiancée of Prince Harry (His Royal Highness to the likes of me). The Queen must periodically stop and consider this vast social history of divorces in her life: from the abdication and this episode with her sister to the very many family divorces more recently. I'll have to read up on the real-live situation with Princess Margaret -- the Queen was certainly put in the most sympathetic light in this episode.
  2. Of all days, there is no podcast up for the Wednesday show. They are always up within an hour. Damn, I wanted to hear the reaction to the election.
  3. Did Mika actually introduce Kasie Hunt without saying her full name? "Your name is Kasie/DC now", as the lightning zaps across her face. The show today is so empty of content-- just a series of "this one will win" "that one will win" over and over. Same footage of same Moore comments we have seen over and over in the past month.
  4. Only getting to these episodes now, a year later. I know a lot about the structure and liturgy of the British coronation ceremony, and was unprepared for how very movingly they portrayed the sacred/anointing aspect of the ceremony. I actually thought the ceremony might be the culminating episode for the first season. For me, John Lithgow earned his awards for his role in the one shot of him observing the anointing; the expression on his face was just full of awe and emotion. So glad I saved this for when I had time to really absorb the series. And that scene where Elizabeth tries on the Crown, and looks at her father in the Crown, and he looks back at her, but never in the same shot -- what a lovely moment for both characters, and what a wonderful dramatic choice.
  5. I want to thank anyone taking care to hide the spoilers in the media links. This show has had pretty tightly held plots-- too bad if they are relaxing for this final season.
  6. Yes, I also had the impression that there was something newsworthy in the special on "The Dossier", based on what she said on Thursday. But it was more like a year-end "these are the headlines of the past year" style, and I did not hear anything I had not already heard reported many times on several shows over the past year. I did think I might have missed some setup, but just heard the opening repeat, and nope. I was disappointed, also, although I am glad Rachel can have a long weekend.
  7. I think I saw all of the TRMS special on "The Dossier", but I did not hear anything new, even in interpretation. It seemed to be a timeline of revelations about Russia connections linked to the Dossier. Did I miss something that was new?
  8. Oh, no, Rachel brought back film of Dr. Bornstein and his "rhyming limerick that said Trump was Superman" (TM Rachel). Also, in the handoff from Chris Hayes (which will not be repeated), they briefly discussed the new podcast of Chris' show (hurrah!) and that once when Rachel was on the subway (!), someone "sheepishly" held up his phone so Rachel could see her own avatar from her own podcast. "Don't tell me what part you're at!" she said to us this evening. Me also, although I have heard explanations of the timing from the Senators opposed to his continuation in the Senate. I'm glad Rachel seemed somewhere between puzzled and conflicted on this.
  9. Thanks -- I was baffled by the Foreman grill ad, even after Rep. Schiff said something about it. I thought I heard something about a special show in Rachel's time slot on Friday -- not Richard Engle, but some special she has prepared? Maybe I heard wrong, a couple of days ago?
  10. In this day of many favorite moments on MSNBC, my personal favorite happened on Ari Melber's show on Friday afternoon, when he invited criminal defense attorney Brian Wice to talk about the Flynn guilty plea. Said Wice: "This is like the Mafia, and Flynn is one of the capos, not a chucklehead like Papadopoulos." ("Capo" = leader in the Mafia organizational structure; "chucklehead" = the kind of language I want my criminal defense attorney to use if I ever need one.)
  11. I thought the same thing -- and that she would become a GIF of high disapproval. It's one thing to know you are on CSPAN -- another to watch your face like that for many long minutes on MSNBC!
  12. Podcast. It's all in the podcast if the original first hour. It's hard to believe this is a broadcast on MSNBC instead of an outtake from a reefer madness film.
  13. Now Mika is sounding like she is talking v.e.r.y c.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y and enunciating like she is trying to convince a state trooper that she is not buzzed. And did she really just compare sexual predators to women "who sleep their way to the top"? But not her, she is careful to tell everyone.
  14. I rarely get to see this show, which comes on at 3:00 AM on the West Coast -- but saw the first hour today. Was Mika drunk? For example, stopping the whole show to keep interrupting to ask Heidi how to pronounce her last name. She's like someone at a party who is loudly walking up to people having normal conversations and shouting random opinions at them without realizing she is shouting or that they are talking about something else.
  15. Why do so many posters doubt that Spiro is married? It has been said many times, even by Louisa. (And he was married in real life, but older, as has been noted here.) I would enjoy this more if they had not named it after the Gerald Durrell memoirs -- the plots are fine, except nothing to do with the actual stories he wrote about the Durrells.