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  1. S05. E10. Tick Tock

    I came here looking for answers on what went on at the end. I'm still confused. Was the asset somehow running things? It seemed too far fetched to me. Did we just not find out who the bad guy was?
  2. S05.E09: Elseworlds Part 1

    I don't like these cross-over episodes. They all crossover into shows I don't watch. These last two crossovers have not gained any interest for me to watch Supergirl. More so this year than last. Whoever plays Superman is kind of goofy looking and I found they have employed that crappy actress, from Grimm, as Lois Lane. I have absolutely no interest in tuning in for the final tonight.
  3. S3 E10 Matty + Ethan + Fidelity

    I never thought I would tear up over a MacGyver episode. I felt so bad for Maddie. It was heartbreaking. Also, what kind of a douchebag goes undercover, lives a dangerous life where he could get killed, then starts a family. Families get used against you. What the fuck was he thinking? The fewer ties you have the better.
  4. Small Talk: The Impala

    I was looking for something to watch on Netflx. I ended up starting up Charmed again. Something about Detective Andy, when he was talking about the witch stuff, reminded me of Dean. I think it was the delivery of his lines.
  5. S03.E08 "What the Puck"

    It wasn't just finding that guy. Cole ends up chasing a bad guy right where his ex's seats were.
  6. S01.E06: One Flew Over the Conners' Nest

    I believe, if the mother wants to give the child up, the father can take the baby. Both parents have to sign the adoption papers. At least in my state. If the mother really doesn't want to raise the baby, the father or the family of the father can raise the baby. I think it is a little problematic that there has been no further discussion with the father. It was like he disappeared. If he ran off, they could have easily written a line that said he took off. It would be weird if he shows up for the birth or something after not being seen on the show again till then. I think the way the lesbian slammed the door on Becky after she agreed to let them have the baby was pretty telling. Becky would have been shut out after. It was a bad idea to begin with. I think they were taking advantage of her situation. It was better to do it now, than to have them go through the whole pregnancy and then have Becky change her mind. People change their minds about adoption all the time. It's heartbreaking, but at least they didn't almost get a live baby. They had a prospect of a baby. Becky decided against it. I found that the 5th season of Bojack Horseman had a good arc on adoption. It does kind of touch on the struggles of having children.
  7. S03.E08 "What the Puck"

    My only thought on this episode, the playoffs are huge, overcrowded events in big arenas. What are the odds everyone would see each other.
  8. S05.E07: O Come, All Ye Thankful

    Gracie, sitting in the principals office - holding the rabbit, made me think of little Parker, from Leverage - walking away as the house blew up. I wanted Nora to return to the future, pretty much the moment she arrived. They aren't doing anything with her character that has caused me to change my mind. I don't think she would exist in the future if she went back to it. She changed too much of the time line by her arrival. I think she can exist now because she has been taken out of her own time. She now exists in the current time line. The chances of her parents conceiving her at the right moment now, is pretty much zilch, but I guess that's up to the TV writers. I will be happy when Sherloque, or whatever the spelling is, goes. I don't like this incarnation. I think it's the accent.
  9. S14.E07: Unhuman Nature

    I thought it was weird that Jack was all hooked up to stuff - like stuff to help him breathe - in the hospital. He was falling down. When he gets back to the bunker, he can stand on his own. Jack's whole episode, for me, was how is he walking around like normal right now? For the record I like Jack. I was actually getting invested in Nick's story. I wanted to see where it led. Maybe we could have explored this Braxis character. Too bring back Lucifer already is just crappy writing. I think they could have lasted the season on Nick's revenge. Getting Lucifer back could have waited until next season - if there is one. I am very disappointed.
  10. Small Talk: The Impala

    I was wondering how bad Misha was going to be at the Minn Con. He did make a few barbs, but it didn't make me walk out. Although, if he had continued, I would have walked out. I don't want to hear about politics at the cons or on the TV show. It bothered me that it was brought up at all. I don't want to hear about their politics either.
  11. Small Talk: The Impala

    Velma from Scooby-Doo.
  12. Small Talk: The Impala

    I received a nice Supernatural mug for participating in the costume contest. I didn't really see who won, but I was told it was the Bobby Singer look-a-like. It was a really good resemblance. I got out of Yes or No on the first question. I knew it was the wrong answer. I got the city right, but the state wrong. Even answering yes, I was thinking, I am sure this is Montana. I would have won if I had answered the other way.
  13. Small Talk: The Impala

    I was going to watch the Supernatural episode tonight, in my hotel room. I DVR it at home, but I wanted to watch it just in case something of interest happened and I didn't want it spoiled at the convention tomorrow. The hotel I'm staying at, doesn't have the WB as one of its channels.
  14. Small Talk: The Impala

    I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a long time. I'm going to the Supernatural Convention in Minneapolis. I'm staying in Minneapolis on October 31st. I was in a Halloween shop today collecting items for my costume. I started to think it would be fun to also dress up for the Supernatural costume contest. Nothing came to mind. It just hit me. My Halloween costume is Velma from Scooby Do. Velma was on Supernatural. I think I can get away with entering the Supernatural costume contest as Velma.
  15. S14.E03: The Scar

    My thoughts were "After School Special" as well. That girl with the spear is a terrible actor. I guess Jody confirmed that Dream Walker Girl and Badly Written Girl had a thing. I cringe whenever they mention her. Even Jody seems tired of her shit. This episode was like a rehash of Demon Dean and the first blade. Only now replaced with Alternative World Michael and a sword that can kill him. Plus Jack's coughing up blood was like Sam coughing up blood during the trials. I felt like I was watching a reboot of past episodes.