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  1. Supernatural Spin-Off Ideas

    The Mrs. Tran, Jody and Donna Spin off can play on Netflix. It would never fit the CW demographic. I would watch the crap out of it.
  2. Taking a look at the episodes in the bracket, I have to wonder if TNT wanted a certain outcome. Kind of like singing competitions, they often pick contestants they know they are going to throw out. On the subject of re-watch, I will be so glad when The Alienist finishes up on TNT. For a while TNT can beat us to death with some other show that they want to promote the wholly annoying crap out of.
  3. I saw this on TCM last night. Something about it made me think that Jensen could play Montgomery Clift in a bio pic. Not that he has any striking resemblance, I just think he could capture his essence.
  4. Small Talk: The Impala

    I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty, Res. It is always a difficult and sad time when they go. They live in your house. They're part of the family.
  5. Small Talk: The Impala

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My Bloody Valentine is on this morning. It makes me want to go out and eat hamburgers.
  6. A Garage Sale Mystery came on after Psych, this evening. I was passively watching it. I happened to look up during some scene and saw Lori Loughlin talking to Rose Thompson from the Playthings episode. She isn't credited, on imdb, in this Deadly Room episode. I had to look her up on the Supernatural episode. It looks like she shows up in another Garage Sale Mystery as well.
  7. S05.E13: The Song Remains The Same

    It bugs me every time John runs out of the house without saying that he was leaving. They were all standing right there.
  8. S02.E17: The Odd Couple

    Yes! But then, I don't like Jordana Brewster as an actress, so I admit to bias. I did like the movie shrink, Dr. Stephanie Woods, played by the late Mary Ellen Trainor. Too bad that character wasn't recast for the series. Then again, she existed just to play the foil to Riggs/the captain. But maybe she still could have worked. But I think Trainor elevated her small scenes. I kind of think her role has been shrinking a little. In the beginning of the series, I thought she was brought on as Riggs's end game. I don't think that worked out for the writers. It wouldn't even be believable now - not just from an ethics stand point - but from a what she knows about Riggs stand point. She has to deal with his nuttiness on a day by day basis. I don't believe she would want to go home to that as well.
  9. S02.E17: The Odd Couple

    It was a good stunt though. I haven't heard if they're renewing this show, but if they don't wrap up Riggs's dad issues, I don't think I'll be watching next season.
  10. S02.E17: All Coupled Up

    I thought it would happen in the future.
  11. I didn't see or hear anything about it until today on Twitter. Someone posted a tagged photo of JDM and baby.
  12. Did JDM and wife just have another kid?
  13. Small Talk: The Impala

    If Star Trek can do a cruise - that included Shatner, I'm sure they could make a Supernatural cruise work.
  14. S03.E16: Infernal Guinea Pig

    It would have been funnier with the 97 year old man. I was hoping Abel would die by the end of this episode.
  15. S09.E14: Written in the Stars

    I don't really watch the repeats of this show, so over the years, I may be remembering incorrectly, but I thought Haley was good at plenty of things - mostly involving fashion. For some reason the show never went anywhere with it. That kind of bothered me when Haley was feeling like she didn't have anything to offer. She could have had plenty of opportunities, but the writers dropped everything that involved her potential to succeed.