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  1. People probably wrote two huge articles - all ready to go. One on Michael and one on Courtney. When neither won, they had nothing and probably had to scramble.
  2. Just a reminder, Michael already has a singing career. He has several albums out and professionally produced videos. I believe his albums are mostly Christian based. He probably is looking to break out into the mainstream. I think I saw him playing the piano in the video I watched. I wondered why he didn't want to play and sing at the same time. I imagine they told him not to.
  3. What an upset. The chosen ones barely broke the top five. I thought MK would at least get more votes than the comedian. I would have been happy with either Shin Lim or Zucaroh. It was a toss up for me. Both worthy of the win. Great ending to the season.
  4. I was looking though the AGT trend on Twitter. Most of the comments were about Michael, Zucaroh, Grace and a couple others. There was barely a post mentioning Courtney. I don't think she's going to win this. She had no buzz after last night - that I could see.
  5. It does save some time if you can fast forward through the show until the first set of commercials end. It was a blur, but it all looked like a rehash. One could fast forward a whole 13 minutes if there is no interest in viewing Brian King Joseph's pre-package. Brian King Joseph - You can see that he gets a lot of joy from playing. Howie said what I was thinking. He got the first spot on the show. He should have gone last. Daniel Emmet - I still think he has a nice voice. It's not my taste in music. I wouldn't buy his records, but nice voice none the less. Vicki Barbolak - She's been doing stand up for 20 years and this is what we get? I hope she has a day job that she should not quit. Glennis Grace - Possibly the best singer in the competition this year. Unfortunately for her, she is not a teenage girl with weird spasms. Also, I think she needed to sing a different song. This one was pretty run of the mill bland. I think she did the best she could with it. Zurcaroh - The choreography was amazing. The whole routine was pretty spectacular. They looked like a professional dance troop. They are going to give the other acts a run for their money. Samuel J. Comroe - He was better than Vicki... but not by much. Courtney Hadwin - An upper middle performance spot for Howie's golden buzzer child? Did she lose favor? I didn't think they would put her last again, but I figured on closer to the end. I don't understand a word she's singing. For lack of better description, it looked like she was in a high school talent show. I think her original schtick was the I'm shy bit but then she suddenly comes out of it and performs these routines. Now that gimmick has played itself out. Courtney would have never made it to the finals without Howie's golden buzzer. She pretty much has nothing now. Shin Lim - In the beginning I wondered how anyone could do a show out of close-up magic. Shin did it. In the little time he had, he created a stage show from close-up magic. It was like magic. The guy does astounding card tricks. Duo Transcend - The poor TV direction of this act really took me out of it. I don't think they upped their game at all either. It was technically good, but it didn't really hold my interest. Michael Ketterer - I don't think that his singing voice is all that great. AGT seems to be pushing the emotions of the voting audience by making him look so saintly. Then he made sure everyone knew he dedicated his song to God. I don't believe that Courtney will win this. She could, but only if her youtube following is big enough. She doesn't deserve to win on talent. Every other act that showed up tonight - whether you liked them or not - came out looking like professionals. She was the only one who looked like an amateur. I thought this was going to be a terrible final, but a few of these acts were brilliant. I only pick Michael to win - due to the emotional factor and getting the pimp spot, but there were much better acts on tonight. Shin Lim and Zurcaroh really brought it tonight.
  6. I was actually shocked when Glennis Grace ended up in the Duncan Save. Not that it matters, she's going to the finals. I was shocked that she didn't just get voted into the finals. I was surprised that the judges went for Daniel over We Three. America has tried to get rid of Daniel a couple of times now. I think We Three got to the semi finals without any setbacks. Simon must really want Daniel in the finals for some reason. When Courtney was standing there with the other two, I was really hoping for an upset. If Christina or the guy from Glee had advanced instead, I almost believe I would have stood up and yelled - loudly. Really, America? Trailer nasty? It is going to be the worst final in AGT history.
  7. I watched a movie from 2004 this evening. It had Dennis Quaid - who at first thought was MacGyver - and House - Hugh Laurie. Anyway, I recognized the recognizable character actor Scott Michael Campbell immediately. I think Scott may be the male version of esteemed Character Actress Margo Martindale. He works all the time, but I have to look up his name every time. Since the info wasn't showing up on my TV, I had to look up the movie. It was called Flight of the Phoenix. I looked through the cast. Jared Padalecki was listed. He must have had a bit part at the beginning of the movie. I came in during the middle of the film and never saw him.
  8. I was thinking the same thing when I was watching her tonight.
  9. Christina Wells - I have never liked this song - ever. No matter who sang it. With that out of the way, Christina was singing the song off key. Both Tyra's hair and Christina's hair looks like they came out of molds. Da Republik - No freaking idea what the intro for them was all about. Later, they decided they needed to get to the beach to clear their names, but they had to have a dance-off with every other street dance gang on the way. Good news, Boppers: The big alert has been called off. When I heard the buzzer, I knew it was Simon. These guys were never good enough to get to the final. The dancing part of it didn't look that strong. Noah Guthrie - Is he trying to throw this? Daniel Emmet - People just don't like him. He barely made it to this round. I like his voice. He's kind of nice looking. Not into the song. He won't make it here, but I'm sure he'll find his place... Somewhere. Angel City Chorale - I think their first audition was their strongest performance. Once again though, the sound was terrible. The piano was too loud and I could barely hear the vocals. There was nothing interesting or special about this performance. They did not "up their game" as they say. So far, all of the acts seem to be off tonight. Aaron Crow - I know it's supposed to be just for fun and a joke, but I was put off by his throwing knives at pictures of the judges. He looked nervous before the commercial break. The way this night has been going, I wouldn't want to be the judge included in his act this evening. I don't like these acts. They drag on too long. It was exactly the same trick he did in the last round - only without the hidden knife - instead of where's the knife it was where's Howie? Vicki Barbolak - She's tiresome. The "Trailer Nasty" thing isn't working for me. She seems likable. I really wanted to like her act, but she's just not funny. The old guy in the trailer park delivered a better line than she did. - "It's in the dictionary - under L". We Three - The band is pretty talented. I didn't like this song. They also sounded off. Plus the sound, once again, wasn't good. I think they were struggling to hear each other. Glennis Grace - the woman chained to her house and left to take care of her son all the time, but still managed to put out 11 albums. How did she do it? It's nice that her son lets her out once in a while. Did she leave her kid back in the Netherlands so she could get her big break on AGT? Her outfit is just wrong. Did AGT pick out her clothes? Good voice. I didn't care for the song choice, but by the way things are going tonight, she's a shoe-in tomorrow night. There won't even be a doubt. Brian King Joseph - None of it sounded good to me. Courtney Hadwin - The pimp spot. She could totally blow this performance and still move on. Just because she's been pumped up so much. Her pre-package was reaction videos and how much people love her on Youtube. They combed her hair out of her face. Wasn't that her thing? Hiding behind her hair? She's really terrible. It's almost like watching a parody. She was just screeching. The only two going through, for sure, tomorrow night - Glennis and Courtney. Every other spot is up for grabs. What a horribly off night for everybody.
  10. I finally caught up on the last two weeks. If Simon is calling out Garth Brooks to write a song, the song has already been written. He will probably even make an appearance on AGT. I'm surprised the Tourettes comedian guy won the Dunkin save. I thought it would be anyone but him. He is like the male version of that lady comedian. You really want to like them, but they don't make you laugh. Although. technically you feel like they should. Shin Lim is amazing. That is all.