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  1. Does anyone know why unnecessary characters are added to TV shows? I've tried to search for an answer, but I can't find anything. For example, season 3 of Sleepy Hollow, they add the character of Betsy Ross to the main cast. She was useless and few people liked her. I'm not sure where she came from or why she was added. That TV show just didn't know how to fix any of its issues. One theory, I read, suggested the actress was under contract with the studio and they needed to stick her somewhere. I don't know if this was the case or if that's even a real thing. Yet there she was. MacGyver seemed to be hitting its stride when they added Cage. She wasn't really needed and seems to be pretty useless. One thing I read about this one was she was added solely as a love interest for Mac. Although, she seemed to get along with Jack better. At least I thought she did. I'm just curious if anyone has any incite into characters inexplicably being added to TV shows who seem to serve no purpose.
  2. Where does the one woman leave her new baby? It hasn't even been mentioned since she had the baby.
  3. I can't believe the Vikings pulled that one out. I was bitterly thinking that they were going to choke, again, in the playoffs.
  4. When Meg commented on Sam spending a year with a girl as being "Lame". Do you think it was a nod to the audience and their dissatisfaction with Amelia and that whole terrible storyline?
  5. While watching Citizen Fang, yesterday, I saw the name Jon Gries in the credits. I knew I had seen the name somewhere, but I couldn't figure out where. He was Uncle Rico in the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Even knowing that, he still doesn't look like him.
  6. Here ends another round of the dreaded Amelia episodes. I have to add, that I did rewind to see the look of disappointment on Amelia's face again. I watched Citizen Fang, yesterday. I liked the Elizabeth character. I think it was too bad they didn't bring her back ever.
  7. We were late for a haunted walking tour in Key West and accidentally hooked up with the wrong group. The host was going on and on about a haunted doll. She mentioned that the doll had sigils on its arm. I don't know what she said after that because I was amused that she just said "sigils". I really liked season 7.
  8. Yes. Yes it is wrong that Dean hasn't been to the beach. Do you think he's a trunks or a speedo type of guy?
  9. I'm vacation in Key West. Key West claims to be one of the most haunted cities in America. They certainly do have a lot of ghost tours. Since it is raining, we were looking at a ghost tour as something to do today.
  10. Happy New Year! I've sent a couple of people texts that say that - from my iPhone. Fireworks pop up when I send the message.
  11. I think as long as she keeps busy, she won't have time for Supernatural. Hopefully, she'll keep being cast in other roles.
  12. If you think about though, Misha Collins probably would make a pretty good Clarence.
  13. It's my birthday. I turned on Supernatural this morning. Death was on the screen. I think some people may look at this as a bad omen. I loved Death. It made me happy. I think it's a good way to start the day.
  14. I was disappointed that LInda apologized at the end. I thought the singer was rude to her as well.
  15. Apparently, Cahill is the only working psychiatrist in L.A. I like Riggs and Molly. However, the thing that killed the sitcom "Go On" was when they lost focus and the show just became about getting the main character laid and or into a new relationship.