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  1. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Have they tried giving trazodone and gabapentin the night before and 2 hours before the vet visit for the nail trim to see if that helps to calm the dog down? I sound like I am really pushing the drugs, but they do help in some cases! We have done sedated nail trims, but very rarely. It's not full blown anesthesia where they are intubated, but we give some drugs that will mostly knock them out, but usually are reversible when we are done. We have refused to do nail trims on animals that are too stressed out, especially if they have other underlying conditions because it puts the animal at risk. We also don't want to put people at risk for getting hurt trying to restrain them.
  2. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    @Mindthinkr - I am so sorry. As a vet tech, I am appalled. Techs that say they 'can handle a 10lb animal' are just foolish and should not be working with animals. They are putting their own ego before the welfare of the animal in their care and that always angers me up. I never do nail trims before the what I like to call the important stuff, i.e. Vet exam, vaccines, and/or blood/urine. You never know when an animal will reach its limit, so I want to make sure the important stuff gets done first. I would rather an animal goes home with its vaccines than a nail trim, even if that means the client isn't happy. We actually even do axillary temps (in their armpit) instead of rectal temps, unless there is some concern the animal is sick to try and prevent undo stress. I would look for a new vet if that is an option. If not, I would request a different tech when you do visit. If your kitty does seem stressed for medical handling, you might want to talk to your vet about trying gabapentin. We usually prescribe it for our kitties that are unhappy at the vet and/or with traveling. It can cause them to be sleepy and we have had a lot of success using it with our kitties that do not enjoy time at the vet no matter how happy I am to see them. I use it for my dog (in combo with another drug) when I have to bring him to work or when a large amount of company comes over my house because he gets really stressed out. He still isn't completely happy, but it takes the edge off. So sorry you had this experience.
  3. I cannot believe she spends that much for her hair to look that bad.
  4. He actually was on the roof. At first, he had his 2 front paws on the ledge of the balcony and his 2 back paws on the roof. He actually put all four paws onto the roof when Bethenny called him and that was then that she grabbed his collar.
  5. Thanks for the clarification of the situation. I see that it was the balcony off of her bedroom on a second viewing. Either way, I wasn't questioning how Biggie ended up on the roof because sometimes things happen, but rather how Bethenny handled the situation by continuing to film rather than just grab her dog with both hands. I have no doubt that she loves her dogs but she just lacks some common sense in these situations.
  6. I just watched an insta story where Biggie was on the roof just outside of a window and she was trying to grab him with ONE free hand so she could continue to film with the other. I don't love or hate her and even find her funny at times, but she certainly makes some really poor choices when it comes to social media. She (and Biggie) were was lucky it turned out okay.
  7. I am pretty sure the church was Blessed Sacrament on West 71st Street. I used to go there when I lived in the area. I found it funny that Dorinda said that was her church because no way would I cart my butt cross-town for a church no matter how much I liked it!
  8. Looks like Cookie had a few more seizures and was put to sleep this morning. Poor Cookie. She had a nice long life though it never seems long enough for us.
  9. I only look at instagram on my laptop and had no idea stories even existed! Cookie is still alive!
  10. @LISIN - I was just about to edit my post because I saw yours! That makes more sense, because I can't believe that she would just sit around with Cookie in that state. She still gets a WTF from me for soliciting medical advice from social media and posting a video of it, if in fact she did post a video (I didn't see it), but at least she did get Cookie to ER vet. Great to have a video to show the Vet, but the world doesn't need to see it.
  11. I totally agree. My friend texted me last night about Cookie (because I am a vet tech in NYC). When we get new clients we give them a card with the numbers for the ER vets and poison control and I tell them to put them in their phone and keep the card in their wallet. You would be surprised how many people lack common sense when it comes to these things. Even before I became a vet tech, I made sure to know where the closest ER vet was for my dog when I travelled with him and I have had to use them a few times. Thankfully, not for anything life threatening, but getting immediate care rather than waiting was for the best. I get that this is very scary and unsettling for her, especially with a child around, but she could have called the closest ER hospital and they would have instructed her what to do rather than reach out to strangers on social media, whose credentials are unknown, for advice. The ER place would have then also had things prepared for when Cookie came in. She replied that there is no doggy 911, um, yes there is, it is the veterinary ER hospitals and you call them to find out what to do. I don't do social media but I wanted to tweet her 'GO TO THE VET' said in her 'GO TO SLEEP' voice from scary island. That being said - I am very sad for poor Cookie. She did have a nice long life and Bethenny did seem to love her very much.
  12. Everyone's Talkin': Industry News

    This is true. Some of the materials used could have been tested on animals years ago by other companies. While the company currently using the ingredient may not have tested it on an animal, they are benefiting from another company having already done the 'dirty' work.
  13. Now I want to watch Major League again. The groundskeepers are awesome. Topic: I give you all a lot of credit for putting yourself out there. Even though I know several people that have met their spouse online, the skeptical New Yorker in me still thinks it is loaded with serial killers and robbers. I blame my Mom. Anytime I visit my parents, she either has on Criminal Minds or the ID channel.
  14. I used to think B was funny. Still do sometimes - her explanation on why they weren't invited to Lu's wedding was hilarious. But she lost me years ago with her woe is me/I have no money shtick. I can't remember the exact scene, but it was years ago and B was crying/complaining to someone that she was so much poorer than all of her friends - she had to sleep on people's sofas when they vacationed in Vail because she couldn't afford her own room or place to stay. Not saying she doesn't have hustle or isn't a hard worker. But I do think she was lucky that she had access to the connections she did through her family and friends and was able to leverage them into a successful business. It was very smart of her to do that and I give her a lot of credit for it. I think much of her 'I didn't know how I was going to pay rent', comes from a place of trying to keep up with her wealthy friends and have they things they had (birkin bags, nice clothes, vacations, etc.). She didn't need to live on the upper eastside.
  15. Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Glad to hear Louis is doing better and is eating after the anesthesia. They usually put artificial tears on the eyes once they are under anesthesia to prevent the eyes from becoming dry, so they can sometimes look a little wet after the procedure. That is awesome that you adopted an older cat and got his teeth taken care of - he knew you were good people when he picked you!